The Neighbor’s Kids

Written by Southboy / Mar 18, 2005


The Neighbor?s Kids

By: Southboy

Grace and Paul Gamenston lived in an upscale middle class neighborhood in Powder Gap, Georgia.. Powder Cap was in the southeastern part of the State having an urban population of approximately 25,000. Most of the residence worked in a near by metropolitan city and commuted the 26 miles one way daily.

Paul worked in the larger city for a large international company which took him out of town on business several times a year. Grace was a mother and housewife, active in the local Woman?s club and on the board of the Country Club. Their two sons, Ralph and Paul, Jr., were in high school. Paul, Jr. was a junior while Ralph was a freshman.

Grace was a truly classic southern beauty with long natural blond hair, sensual deep blue eyes, full red lips and a firm, mouthwatering 36DD-24-36 figure. Her youthful appearance and energy levels belied her actual 36 years of age. Her smooth skin seemed to glow and everywhere she went, even dressed conservatively, she would turn men?s heads in dumbstruck awe. Grace was a very faithful and loving wife and a wonderful mother to her two handsome boys. Fortunately, she had an extremely sensual nature to go with her beautiful, gorgeous looks. Without even trying she oozed sex appeal and a sense of desire.

Paul and Grace were products of the old south, traditional and very conservative in their beliefs and culture. Being both very devout Southern Baptist and claiming a long line of ancestors who fought for the confederacy they had never really accepted integration. Due to the times however, they lived with it reluctantly. To them both their wedding vows were sacred and being as they had both been virgins when they married, were very proud of having been true to one another.

Things were soon to change from the idyllic existence they had enjoyed for so many years together. They had finally been able to purchase their dream home with a pool and all the extras in a up scale neighborhood.

Knowing their bias and general derogatory attitude concerning ?negroes? it came as somewhat of blow when the house next door to theirs was purchased by a family of, what they referred to as, ?NIGGERS.? While there was nothing they could do about the situation they decided that they?d have to live with the situation.

The Baker?s were a relatively tolerant family of blacks who realized that living where they were and having lived in the north their entire life they?d be tested here in the deep south. Their two sons, Jason and Jerome, were also in high school, one a junior and the other a sophomore. Neither of the boys was very athletic and relatively slight of statue. They had both been told what to expect though they didn?t like it. They quickly discovered that for the most part it was the adults who were biased and prejudiced.

Paul, Jr. and Ralph hit it off right away causing Jason and Jerome to give a sigh of relief. When they met Grace they immediately realized that this beautiful, sexy mother of Ralph and Paul was indeed very prejudiced about blacks. They hoped to eventually overcome her prejudice because of their friendship with her two sons. During several conversations with Paul Jr. and Ralph they realized that both of their parents were the way they were and there wasn?t much that could be done.

Needless to say neither Paul nor Grace made any attempt to socialize with the Bakers. While not openly hostile, they would barely give them recognition, only nodding when confronted with them.

After several weeks, Jason and Jerome began to hatch a plan in order to get some respect and acknowledgement from Grace and Paul. While living up north Jason and Jerome had both learned about white women and their fantasies about black men. How white women wanted to find out about their sexual prowess; about the desire to find out if the myth about black cock size was true. They decided that should find a way to make, what they felt were Grace?s curiosity concerning blacks, come true. They knew that they had the proper equipment necessary to please any woman. Having made several conquests of white married women up north and seeing the results from the conquests they were sure that Grace would appreciate their huge black steel hard teenage cocks. Their slight frames belied the huge cocks that dangled between their teenage legs. The fact was that they were bigger than most men, having got the genetics from their father.

The two boys would peek through the fence while Grace would swim and sun herself. She was a lot sexier and prettier than any of the white women they?d fucked up north. They would get painful erections just thinking about fucking her.

During the summer when school was out, Paul Jr. and Ralph had jobs working at the local supermarket. This kept them away from the house for most of the day and Grace would spend most of the afternoon at the pool when she wasn?t doing something for her woman?s group. She would often have a cold glass of tea sitting next to her as she sunned herself. She often nodded off for a couple minutes. Jason and Jerome realized that the only was they?d be able to fuck the pretty married white woman would be to spike her tea; to turn her into a nymphomaniac. They didn?t realize that Grace was already a hairs breath away from being a nymphomaniac, but only around and with her husband. In fact, Paul had often called her that after one of their torrid sex bouts.

Mr. Baker was a veterinarian drug representative who kept some samples of the company?s drugs in their house. Both Jason and Jerome were pretty knowledgeable concerning the various drugs and their purpose, especially on a particular drug. The drug was used to stimulate livestock to breed, an aphrodisiac which was in liquid form. It was tasteless and usually given to the animal with its food or water. It only took about a table spoon to cause the desired effect. Jason decided that they would put some of the aphrodisiac into Graces? iced tea and wait for the sure fire results

Three days later they were to put their plan into affect. Mr.Gamenston was to be out of town for a few days on one of his business trips and the boys would be working. Everything was in readiness. Jason and Jerome put on their tight bathing suits that showed off their huge bulges to their best advantage. They were easy to shuck off quickly. Grace often wore, in the privacy of her own pool, a tiny string bikini that accented her ample and sexy firm white body.

The boys watched through the fence. They watcher her swim a few laps, their huge teenage cocks throbbing in anticipation of what was to come. They watched her stretch out in the lounge chair and soon nod off to sleep. Jason quickly climbed over the fence and taking an eye dropper full of the potent aphrodisiac he squeezed several drops into her iced tea. Then he scampered back over the fence and they watched and waited. Several minutes later Grace reached over to take the glass of iced tea and took several large gulps and then several more until the glass was drained. Being as the boys didn?t know what the dosage should be they gave her a little more than she needed to do the job. The results were that she became over stimulated to the point of causing her to be groggy.

Tyrone and Jason watched intently as the beautiful mother of their friend got up to go into the house. She was staggering from side to side. Not knowing that this wasn?t normal they entered into the yard and rushed over to help Grace enter the house.

Grace had no idea as to what was happening to her and who was helping her into the house. She realized that there was a burning, raging fire that seemed to be centered between her long sexy white legs. It was an itching, a desirous throbbing that emanated from her blond married pussy. She?d never felt so horny, so sexually aroused in her entire life. Grace kept clamping her thighs together trying to relieve the consuming itch to no avail. Jason and Tyrone smiled at each other as they escorted the beautiful white mother, the mother who was so bigoted, so intolerant of them because they were black. Knowing the layout of the house they led her to the master bedroom.

Upon entering Jason and Tyrone helped her over to the king sized bed and laid her upon it. The two young nigger boys quickly stripped themselves and Grace. Licking their lips at the beautiful white woman lying on her back on the bed she had only shared with her husband, they quickly climbed up on the bed. Their huge black teenage cocks rock hard, throbbing with a need to be inserted inside this beautiful married white neighbor woman.

Grace, although in some what of a disoriented state, was aware of what was happening but it was like a dream and she was unable to think straight. Her beautiful deep sensual blue eyes looked at the two teenage niggers who were on her marital bed, at their slender black teenage bodies. Her eyes went down to the two enormously large black cocks that were about to penetrate her married blond pussy. She couldn?t believe what she was seeing, they were so big, and to be just young teenage high school kids was unbelievable.

God they were bigger than her husband she realized. She was awed by their length and thickness as Jason positioned himself between her spread sexy white married thighs. Fear immediately shown in her blue eyes as she realized that she was about to have a young high school black ?nigger? junior shove his black monster teenage cock up into her fertile married white pussy. For the first time in her life someone other than her husband was going to put his manhood inside her. Her mind was jumble of confused thoughts wanting to flee yet her super heated desirous white body wanted to feel him inside her. Mentally she compared this young teenage nigger?s huge black cock to her husbands. God she thought, he?s twice as thick and at least one and a half time longer. Again fear raced though her fevered lust filled mind, she wondered if he?d impregnate her.. She felt that he?d kill her, rip her apart with his big black monster. Her blond pussy was sopping wet with her juices caused by the aphrodisiac.

Tyrone watched his older brother rub his black cock head up and down her slick blond married slit. He smiled lustfully as he realized that soon they?d both be fucking the beautiful married white neighbor who?d been so cold to them. Maybe they?d knock her up with a black baby; the idea made him smile. He grasped his equally huge black teenage cock holding it and being careful not to overly stimulate himself. He wanted to save his hot load of black teenage virile cum for her married pussy. He wanted to shoot his load up into her snooty biased southern bigoted married white pussy and knock her up with a nigger baby. He smiled just thinking of how she?d explain that to her husband.

Jason, the more experienced of the two bothers, slowly let his massive black teenage cock push aside the blond lips of her puffy white pussy until the huge bulbous black tip was seated between them. Shoving his black hips forward he sent his long black teenage cock up into Grace with a continuous movement until his entire length was fully inserted and his heavy cum filled black balls rested against her blond pussy hair.

?Ahhhhieeeeeeeee?..god?..god???toooooo bbbbbiggggggg??oooooohhhhhh,? Grace yelled as she felt the huge black teenage cock stretching her beyond belief, her blue eyes opening wide in shock, her beautiful white face contorted in a grimace of unwanted discomfort.

?Mmmmmmmmmm?Ms Gamerston?.yo? sho? is tight?mmmmmm hot tight white married pussy?..sssssssss?.gonna fucks yo? snooty white ass good?.wit? dis big nigger cock?.ooohhh yea..yea..,? Jason hissed as he began thrusting his black ass back and forth driving his massive black teenage cock into the squirming married white mother of his friend.

?Please?ooohhhh?.pleaseeeeee?.I..I?m married??nooooo?don?t..oohhhh,? Grace moaned loudly as the young teenage nigger lustfully fucked her white pussy there on she and her husband?s marital bed, her drugged sensual and hot white body beginning to betray her. Her sexy white hips began to rise and fall as she clutched Jason to her and her long sexy white legs wrapped themselves around his black ass pulling him deeper into her on his inward thrusts.

?Oh..yea?yea baby?yo?s likin? it?yo?s likin? dis nigger cock in yo white pusssieee,? Jason hissed smiling down into Graces flushed white face, ?..yo likes it an? yo wants it to makes yo white ass cum?..don?ts yo bitch?.don?t yo..yo fuckin? white ho??..??

Ohhhh?god?yessssss?yesssss?.,? a reluctant yet fully participating white Grace moaned lustfully as she felt the building of a massive climax like none she?d ever had before. All she knew was that she wanted this young teenage nigger to keep fucking her. Never had her husband been able to take her to such heights sexually; never had she every experienced such pleasure before.

Faster and faster Jasons?s thrusts became as he felt his massive cock prepared to fill this hot, sexy, married white woman?s womb with his enormous load of virile black semen. Ever since he?d first realized what a bigot and southern prude he?d wanted to humiliate her southern white, married ass. Now she was his, she was begging him to fill her with his nigger seed.

?God?god?fuck meeeeeeee??fuck meeeeeee?you damn nigger?,? Grace moaned loudly as she pushed up to help him penetrate her even deeper, feeling his massive pleasure giving black teenage cock expanding, ?yesssss?.yesssss?.baby cummmm in meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??ahhhhhhieeeeeeee,,,,sooooooo good?.ssssssss?.fill me with your nigger cummmmmmmm??so goooooodddddd?.sssss yessss?..?

Tyrone watched the beautiful married white woman as she thrashed around on her martial bed in the throes of erotic, sexual bliss begging his brother to fill her with his nigger cum. He saw the glistening sheen of her white skin caused by the heat generated by her and his brother as they passionately and lustfully fucked. He saw the shining black cock as it would appear and then suddenly disappear up into her blond married pussy repeatedly. He saw the beautiful white woman kissing his brother passionately as the white and black bodies slammed together in lustful, jungle animal sex. Each racing for the final release each desired, the culminating act so desperately desired.

Suddenly Jason thrust forward with all his might, his black ass taunt as he buried his massive black teenage cock completely up into the beautiful married white neighbor, his massive black cock pulsing and throbbing as his huge black cum filled ball began to pump forth a torrent of his hot thick virile nigger cum. Quickly he was inundating the beautiful married white woman?s womb with his hot, potent nigger cum. Grace was clutching him tightly to her lust filled married white body, her own powerful climax rocketing through her needing white body. She?d never experienced anything like what she was now feeling. She felt the hot young teenage boys? nigger cum spewing up into her in powerful jets, splattering up against the walls of her sensitive womb. Her whole body was being lifted to heights she could only have imagined before.

For several minutes Jason and Grace lay tightly locked together as his huge black teenage cock continue to throb and shoot globs of nigger cum up into her flushed married white body. Finally, a temporarily spent Jason slowly let his huge black teenage cock slip, with an auditable ?pop?, from between Graces? blond pussy lips. A rivulet of his black sperm flowed down onto the sheets of the bed creating a small puddle.

Grace, long sexy white legs spread obscenely open, her breathing labored and heavy, lay there on the bed. Her blue eyes glazed over in a kind of confused yet lusty stare. She saw that the other brother was in the process of positioning himself between her married white legs. She watched, her blue eyes locked on the second massive black cock of the next door teenage high school freshman, as he shoved his huge black cock up into her lubricated married white pussy. He immediately began fucking her hard. She wrapped her white arms around him and her long white legs as she shoved herself up to fuck him back.

?Ooohhhh?yesss?yessss?want you to fuck meeeee?toooo?.ooooohhhhh..yess baby that?s it ?fuck me with your big black cock?.mmmmmmmmmm,? a thoroughly aroused, sexually wanting and needing Grace hissed opening her white arms and reaching up to pull his teenage black body tight against her firm white tits.

Tyrone was in paradise as he hotly fucked the beautiful married white next door neighbor, the one who?d be so prejudiced, so standoffish to he and his brother just because they were black. Now the uppity Mrs.Gamenston was lying here on her martial bed with him and his older brother in the ecstasy of sexual bliss. Their gigantic black teenage cocks giving her something her husband had been unable to provide. He knew that from now on Mrs. Gamenston would be at their beck and call. Anytime they wanted a hot fuck, the beautiful married white southern Mrs. Gamenston would be gladly available.

That afternoon Jason and Tyrone both fucked Grace several times. They always fucked Grace bareback, filling her married white womb with their nigger seed.

Jason even taught Grace to do something she?d always considered nasty. He taught he to suck his big black nigger cock which she did with relish, loving it and drink his massive load of hot nigger cum. Jason had bought a digital camera with him and had taken several pictures of Grace with Jerome?s huge black cock in her stretched married white pussy, of the hot looks on her white flushed with desire face. Jerome took several pictures of Grace fucking and sucking Jason?s huge black cock. They were to later use the photographs to get Grace to meet them out at the Lover?s Lane make out spot where they would fuck her. They bought along several of their black high school friends each time and they?d all fuck her. One time she fucked and sucked 20 young high school niggers and loved every minute of the gangbang.
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