Blackfucking - A White Woman's Duty

Written by Believer / Apr 2, 2005


Blackfucking - A White Woman's Duty

by Believer

There is no greater symbol of power than a throbbing, black cock pushing itself inside white pussy. A beautiful image, it represents sexual energy, dominance, and control. And there is no greater act of sacrifice when a white woman surrenders her pride and self-respect submittng to the Black Man's needs. The world is a better place when deserving black men are sexing white women.

Blackfucking is absolutely essential in achieving racial harmony. All ladies from the barely legal young to the sexually mature are obligated to lay down with as many Black lovers as possible. Bringing the races together through sex is the only sincere way to show the white race is serious about tolerence and atonement. Only after when the Black Man knows who he can spill his black baby making cum into can we acheive true racial harmony.

There are many racists, typically while men, who refuse to believe and accept Blackfucking as a method of atonement. Such ideals are such:

Black men are entitled to white pussy. Yes, for purposes for atonement but simply Black men are sexually superior. They have much larger cocks and larger, heavier balls which hang lower delivering higher doses of semen. Their semen, some say, has addictive properties and somewhat narcotic. Virility and physical stamina aside, they are more confident, dominating and more capable of treating a woman correctly as a sexual submissive. When sexually aroused, women have an opportunity to receive pleasure and emotional liberation, as long as she conducts herself necessary to standards demanded by Black Men by actingas a slut and whore. A Black Man with a large 10 inch cock deserves any pussy he desires with his anxious need to spread his seed.

Every day more white women fall for black cock and are getting addicted to it. Women, married and single, are getting involved in furthering racial understanding themselves by finding Black Men to fuck them. Once introduced, they quickly realize the power of Black Cock and the true nature of their own female body made for sex. Made to please the entire Black Male race.

Even the most reserved, conservative woman desires getting fucked and being controlled physically and emotionally. They crave "real men" to use them sexually. Even a monogomous wife is helpless when she stares up close, a hard, Black Cock. You may think your wife and daughter would shy away from a Black Cock that have penetrated so many countless white pussy. Wrong! They would stand in line to be with a man with such experience and virility. They'll be willing to be converted into a slut to experience the sexual bliss so many before her.

Monogamy is selfish. Too many married women are getting black dick to use monogamy as an excuse not to lay down with Black. It doesnt' work and will make you look racist. Black men don't believe in monogamy why should you? A woman's body is made for sex. She can please several lover's one at a time or many at one time. Just as no Black Man should be denied his needs, no white woman should deny herself such sexual pleasure that brings harmony to herself, her lovers, and society.

So what can you do to spread racial harmony? If you're a white woman who is currently blackfucking, recruit others. Your married friend, your sister, even your (legal) daughter. Explain how important it is to the Black Man and to herself and how easy and simple it is. Tell her she needs to open her mind and body and please these men who deserve her pussy. Be stern if need be and lecture her obligation to let Black Men sex her. If you're a curious woman, not yet started to blackfuck, find a Black Man. Explain to him you're thinking about offering your pussy for interracial relations. You will start slow but soon you'll discover how quick and pleasurable it is! And support interracial adult videos and websites that promote women submitting to Black Cock. Look for titles that feature young women and wives who desire Black Men and their big, Black Cocks. Remember, both white women and Black Men desire each other. Blackfucking is not only essential, it is sucessfully popular with everyday more are converted into sluts or whores pimped out by their Black Masters.
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