Training Your White Male

Written by JockSissy / Apr 2, 2005



Training Your White Male By Jocksissy

This is a reprint of a web page from an organization, The Society for the Domination of the Black Male, run by select group of white women and black men. The goal of the organization is the sissification of all white "males" and the liberation of all white women as sexual playthings of black men. The society has chapters in every major city and is growing everyday. The society believes in the logical inferiority of the white "male" and sexual fulfillment all women deserve by submitting to the black male. This excerpt is taken directly from a small part of the society's website.

White Sissy Instructional Videos

On this part of our website we offer training videos to help show and educate the liberated woman and dominant black male, the proper place and treatment of the white "male." Always remember that deep down the little dicked white loser will appreciate what you are doing for him, whether he realizes it or not. At their core the white "male" understands his inferiority. He just needs a steady hand to help him realize it. The stricter and harder you are on your little pansy, the better it is for him and you. Never give in and never feel sorry for him. By his very nature he is a very pitiful and pathetic creature. This is just who he is, in much the same way that the black male is inherently superior and strong. With this in mind, browse our listing and pick out a few to help expand your knowledge.

Marilyn's First Black Baby: Watch this exciting video as thirty two year old red head Marilyn Smith is visited by the society's baby making squad. As the hard-hitting gang arrives, Marilyn's husband Todd decked out in his recently pressed French maid's outfit greets them. The boys have fun pinching Todd's pantied ass as he respectfully asks each man to help impregnate his wife with their superior seed. A close up shows Todd showing off to the men his brand new tattoo on his left ass cheek. Bending over he proudly displays the words "Black Owned" permanently black inked on his ass. The men laugh and proceed to roughly slap around, tie up, and than throw Todd in the corner. Great scene for showing who's the boss! The ex marine takes his treatment like a good pantywaist and passively sits quietly in his corner. Handprints are clearly evident on his made up face. These men obviously feel the burning need for pussy, and have no time for sissies.

Next, we see Marilyn come down the large staircase to the family room where the men are waiting. Wearing a black see through lace dress that doesn't entirely cover her large well rounded ass, she sits on each of the six men's laps in turn, passionately French kissing and getting the men ready for their task ahead. The large well-muscled baby makers are getting impatient, and while Marilyn is kissing the fifth of the six men, things start to get nasty. WARNING THOSE UNACCOSTIMED TO THE PROPER TREATMENT OF WHITE PUSSY BY SOCIETY MEMBERS MIGHT GET A LITTLE SQUEMISH AT THIS POINT The men proceed to violently rip off Marilyn's dress leaving the shy housewife in her thong and heels, trembling before the show of force. The next two hours of the video show Marilyn getting black cocks shoved in every orifice over and over, and all loads being deposited directly in her very fertile womb. Every conceivable position is used to help with conception. The begging and pleading for the men's superior black seed is a perfect display of how lucky this woman knows she is. SIDE NOTE. What the viewer doesn't see is the preparation Marilyn went through for this almost holy ritual. The careful checking with her doctor to determine the perfect time of conception, and the long list of fertility drugs Marilyn had been taking months before hand. END SIDE NOTE. Marilyn thanks each man profusely by kissing the ass of each as they exit. After the men have left, we see Marilyn, with her ass lifted up on the sofa and legs above her head, giving the men's potent semen extra time with her eggs. A close up of sissy Todd show's him crying, and upon closer inspection, a wet spot where he had cum in his panties during his wife's impregnation. Pathetic as it is, it is good reminder that the sissified male always secretly enjoys what is happening to him.

Sissy Ashley's Coming Out Party: In this very provocative video, we show sissy Ashley coming out to friends and family as the micro weenied pansy his wife and lovers already knew he was. After calling all his friends and family over for a "barbeque", we see everyone wondering where "Lee" is.

Moments later, prancing down the stairs, we see Lee, long ago made Ashley, come down wearing a pink party dress with thick ruffles at the hem, neck and short sleeves. Adoring her legs are white stockings complimented by pink ballerina shoes. Very heavy make up and extra blush on her cheeks give the forty-year-old stockbroker a very sweet innocent look. The curly blonde wig fits the outfit perfectly. Everyone immediately starts laughing as they see Ashley, thinking it some sort of joke. Calling everyone together in the family room in her best high-pitched voice, Ashley obviously owes everyone an explanation. In a nervous, high-pitched, squeaky voice Ashley explains how his wife Ellen is upstairs with their black master Allen making love. He tells them since he is a little dicked panty wearing wimp, he has lost all sexual relations with his wife or any other female for that matter, and that now he is officially a sissy maid for superior black men and his wife. He proudly lifts up his cutesy dress and shows off his metal chastity belt, announcing he is no longer allowed to have an orgasm, ever again! We can see him having a hard time getting all this out and close-ups show his made up face a deeper red than before.

The shock of the room is palpable, and we see people running outside to grab their kid's and leave. A few shots of several women in the room show a knowing smile as they shoot glances at each other and laugh to themselves. Within twenty minutes Ashley gets denounced and officially kicked out of the family by his father. Afterwards, a few women remain and shyly want to know a little more about what happened to Ashley and how it all happened. You can be rest assured Ashley won't be the only sissy in the family for long!

Danni Gets Loaned Out: Wonderfully lush scenery is the backdrop for the beginning of this very unique video. We see a gorgeous beach with a very pale woman frolicking in the waves with a very good-looking black stud. The removal of the woman's bathing suit quickly follows, and very soon after the two are passionately making out on the beach. The woman mounting her man and riding him to an earth shattering orgasm follows this. The sky blue skies and crystal clear Jamaican water are a perfect canvas for the two lovers. Holding hands they casually walk the beach together, planning what the two will do for the rest of the honeymoon. Yes that's right, the honeymoon! The shy Rachel is clearly enjoying her glorious newlywed bliss, only the man she is with isn't her husband, it's her lover Dantrell!

Cut to back in the states, where we see a very nervous Daniel show up to a studio apartment on a drab January day. Only married the day before to his lovely fianc?e Rachel, he most definitely is not in the same state of horny happiness as his wife. Wearing a most humiliating outfit of tight fitting orange boy shorts and a matching orange t-shirt, with the words "My Wife Sleeps With Other Men" he demurely knocks on the door. What a sight to see, as the door is thrown open, and two very butch and very lesbian lovers drag Daniel, soon to be sweet Danni, into their dungeon. The two women clearly hate men in all their shapes and forms, and hold a special place in their heart for hurting pansified white "males." Having Danni for two weeks, while his wife is on her honeymoon, they know they have all the time in the world to help train this dainty wimp to accept any and all forms of punishment. Over this extra long six-hour video we see the woman start by making poor Danni use a pair of tweezers to pull every hair out of his body, one by one. The process is time consuming but the woman motivates the new husband by brutally whipping his balls every hour on the hour. We cut to the day after and see now totally denuded Danni in all of his now hairless glory. The video than cuts to different scenes of absolute depravity, as the women over the two weeks keep him in continual bondage and shoot a variety of videos (NOTE: These videos will soon be available to own. The delay was caused due to the editing process, which was very time consuming.) showing them hurting and "playing" with our sissy heroine.

At the end of the video we see Rachel come to pick Danni up, showing off her brand new tan and looking refreshed and relaxed. Seeming almost disappointed at having to endure the limp wrested wimp she helped create, she knows that deep down she will enjoy having him around as her houseboy and nanny.

Mom Do I Have To: In this very educational video we meet the Tinsley family. Melissa and her two sons, Matthew and Aaron, aged fourteen and sixteen respectively, live in a very quiet all white suburb of Chicago.

As the Camera pans the living room, we see thirty three year old blonde haired Melissa come into the room on the arm of a black man in his late fifties. Wearing a very short shirt and halter top with spiked heels, she sits with James, the name of the man on who she is hanging all over, across from the boys. The boys clearly are surprised and even more so when Melissa tells them he is the boy's new daddy. Having never known their real father, the boys are shocked and outraged at this new development. The boy's spout very offensive things at their new stepfather James, who sits very calmly through the tirade. We all know the propensity teenagers have for drama and over reacting! A close up of Melissa's heavily made up face shows a tinge of fear.

The next part of the video is heavily edited due to legal reasons but we hear some crying that seems to be originating from the boys. Next we see the boys, now very calm, sitting quietly while James tells them how they will be living as girls from now on. Aaron has a bruise on his face and Matthew's nose is bleeding. Melissa sits expressionless. He explains in detail the correct place for white boys, and tells them they are very lucky they are learning this at such a young age.

Next we see the teenagers at school being ridiculed in their cute matching dresses and sandals. They are sobbing very loudly at one point. Having had their names officially changed to Katrina and Missy, the days at school are very tough for the boys. Fast forward to James and Melissa's wedding day; we see the two "girls" changing into their bridesmaids' dresses. We clearly see the glint of medal that signifies the boy's submission, shining under their pretty white panties. Both boys have been fitted with permanent chastity cages welded shut.

In an interview with James, he logically explains how it's really unfair to the boys to let them have the illusion that they could ever satisfy a woman with their small and now very hairless penises, so he has helped them by making sure they will remain virgins for the rest of their lives. Well he laughs,virgins in that sense you see. In other way's they will be quite experienced. We learn James's friend owns a video company that specializes in hardcore videos of sissified boys and older men. When the boy's turn eighteen their new careers will begin! The video ends with the two "boys" told they won't be going to their regular school again. Instead they will be enrolling in a local finishing school for young ladies. How exciting for them!

Prissy's Sissy Maid Service: A wide-angle shot shows a nice middle class, mainly black, neighborhood in the suburbs of Cincinnati. We see people mowing their lawns and children playing in the streets. What is shocking about the beginning of the video is the contrast of normal vs. bizarre as we see our heroine Prissy come mincing down the street, carrying her purse on one arm and a large bag with cleaning supplies on the other. Wearing a pretty yellow flowery dress with stockings and Mary Janes, Prissy is clearly very nervous.

A quick flashback show's video of the former college rugby player's playing days. A nice contrast to the now prim and primped sissy she has become since being introduced to the society by her wife.

Prissy than shyly goes up to first house on the block and offer's her free maid service to the occupants. We see in great detail as a small black woman literally throws Prissy off her property by her cute pigtails.

Not deterred by the reasonable actions of the woman Prissy continues from house to house, offering his free sissy maid service to all the block's occupants.

At one point we see a group of local teenagers lifting up Prissy's dress and laughing, and than one of the boy's spitting right into Prissy's face. Smiling, she continues on her nancy way knowing very well the physical repercussions if she doesn't continue.

Another quick flash back shows Prissy being brutally whipped by a society member on his very small and hopelessly inadequate penis. We hear Prissy's wife laughing in the background.

Finally on the last house he meets elderly gentlemen whom doesn't quite have his wits about him and is wearing thick glasses. We find later out he thinks Prissy is a girl. An hour later we see Prissy emerge looking a bit ruffled with smeared lipstick. The man thanks him for cleaning his pipes and slams the door in her face.

Upon reaching the street we see a police car waiting for Prissy. Apparently someone had called the police and reported a gay man, matcthing Prissys description, propositioning kid in the area.

With handcuffs on, he's led into the back of the squad car. Panning left, the group of kid's is laughing loudly and pointing. Those pranksters! Of course no one will show up to bail Prissy out. What a hit he will be with the boys in jail as he awaits his day in court!

Comparison Shopping In this very popular video we see a large meeting room with a raised stage and podium. We see a large group of white woman, a few with their husbands along, sitting in the rows of seats below. Soon a striking woman in her late fifties comes out, dressed to kill, in a black leather skirt and leather patent heels, and stands on the podium before a microphone.

What we are witnessing is a society-recruiting event played out in countless cities across the nation every week. The woman asks for a volunteer and a very shy man in his mid thirties approaches the stage, at the harsh insistence of his wife. Making the man very nervous with her dismissive attitude, she has him stand, arms at side in the center of the stage.

Immediately afterward there is a stunned awe as a tall, very well defined black man comes out on stage buck-naked. All eyes are drawn to his glorious physique and of course his monster cock! It is easily six inches soft and as thick as the white "males" wrist, he is know standing next to.

The speaker, whom we learn goes by Mistress Jane than orders the white "male" to strip. After repeatedly slapping the man across his face, he finally acquiesces and soon we see him naked with his hands over his crotch. Producing a riding crop, Mistress Jane viciously snaps it on his hands, and what a sight he uncovers. His shriveled up micro dicklet is now clearly on display, for all to view and laugh at. What a contrast! The women in the audience gasp in shock!

Many had probably listened to the white "male"propaganda about there not being a difference in size among the races. The truth is staring them right in the face, literally.

Soon Mistress Jane puts a rubber glove on and starts fondling the boyish little thing. No reaction! He's much too intimated by the presence of the superior black cock! Amazingly and almost impossibly to seems so shrink even more. She lectures for a few moments on the inadequacy of the white penis. Laughing, she walks over and getting on her knees, fellates the much larger black man's cock with her mouth until it reaches its impressive ten inches. She doesn't want to stop, but a delicate tap on her shoulder by her feminized assistant gets her back to her senses.

Next we see the white male putting on a pair of very cute little girls pink panties with the word's tiny written across the front, at Mistress Jane's insistence. Putting the rubber glove back on she pulls down the small panties, revealing what passes for an erection underneath. Not able to gain erection by female stimulation alone, panties seem to have done the trick! The room gasps again, this time in amusement. It's small and barely visible but clearly hard. This proves one of her lecture points about white boys and panties. Every white boy has a sissy underneath she tells him, pointing to the evidence with her riding crop, or lack of evidence in this case. All are inherent cocksuckers as well, she continues.

The rest of the lecture continues as Mistress Jane proves over and over the inadequacy of the white "male." At the end we see the "man's" who had been the test subject's wife disappear in the back with the superiorly endowed black male he was competing against. Looks like he lost. Another convert!

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The End

Written by Jocksissy

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