Wife's Black Master!

Written by TJ Ryder / Apr 27, 2005


Wife's Black Master! Chapter 1 TJ Ryder http://www.midnightx.com/ Illustrated Interracial Cuckold Stories!

When my luscious wife Tracey showed me her latest dress for work I should have been suspicious then, but maybe I even hoped for it. She is still a babe though! Top-heavy, mid thirties, still beautiful with two teen age kids in school and too much free time, I helped her start a little advertising business. She loved it from the start.

She liked working out of a little office on the southside, bringing in a modest amount for a year, giving her a place to go until the kids came home from school, and allowing her an excuse to be downtown and lunching with her old girlfriends who still worked for the insurance company I took her from to be my receptionist.

"It's kind of skimpy, honey," I smiled, as she held it up in front of her shapely curves in the bedroom.

"It is?"

"It shows some cleavage!"

She smiled at that, and bent forward, looking down at the deep cleavage. "But that's the idea, hon. I go into the manager's office and only have a few minutes to make an impression, so I lay the pamphlets on his desk, and lean over a little, and he looks down my dress. You should see them try to hide it. I think I got a couple orders just because they felt guilty!"

She loved to tease, no doubt about that at all! But I shrugged, after all it was bringing in some needed dough with my own business in a recession, and I felt what's the harm in getting some fat white exec in a lather. She sold these entertainment packages, mostly music and dance numbers, choreography routines, acts, staging, all related to the Las Vegas scene which was always hungry for it. She started with what she knew, polka and Lawrence Welk productions and pitched it to that demographic. And then she started jazz, all fronting for this main organization called the Starlite Entertainment Syndicate which supplied all the products.

And then one day she looked a little worried as she was dressing for work and looking critically at herself in another killer skimpy outfit!

"I don't know...!" she was saying to herself, biting her full lower lip.

"You look great, honey!"

"Thanks, but today I'm filling in for another salesgirl who quit! Taking over her territory maybe! I thought it was a big chance to move up too, but now, I don't know if I can sell like she could!"

My ears picked up at that. IF she doubled her income we'd be doing pretty good, and the techie recession was killing my business.

"Of course you can sell like she could!" I said, and she looked at me doubtfully.

"So you think I should try for it then?" she asked me.

"Is it a good shot at the money?"

She shrugged, "well, Tammy was making more than twice what I made last year! And she well, for some reason she just quit. I think there was some friction with her husband!"

"What friction?"

"I don't know, it's just office gossip. Her husband didn't want her to continue, and I'm pretty sure they ended up with her leaving for the west coast by herself, or maybe with someone other than her husband!"

I was curious at that. "Why would her husband want her to quit the territory she was making more money at?"

She shrugged, "you know, I can't get an answer to that either, but our clients never say if there's after hours or weekend work to do. I'm sure I don't want to work weekends or nights myself!" She was very firm about that and I just accepted it.

It was almost that same day that my business really tanked because a software company outsourced hundreds of techies like me to India. As soon as I read the headlines I knew we were in really big trouble. Sure we could move, but we had just bought our house, had no equity at all, and with that many people permanently laid off there would be a glut of them on the market anyway. If we left we'd leave without our credit rating and the clothes on our backs.

Tracey was worried over dinner the next night and trying not to show it. I was putting up a brave front that wasn't fooling her at all.

"Well, don't worry honey," I said, "I can train for something else, something they can't ship off to India, like plumbing or auto mechanics!"

She frowned, realizing that would take time and money, "I was thinking of getting a nursing degree, you know that has to be done in the states too!"

I groaned inwardly, that was a four year science degree for a girl who basically got through school on her face and figure.

"Um, what about the new territory, not working out?"

She grimaced a little between bites of her salad. "I haven't actually gone on calls yet. I guess I'll have to tomorrow cuz my clients are wondering!"

I smiled, "I'm sure you'll do fine!" She looked worried. She was kind of a tease anyway and felt very confident with the middle aged white males she'd lead along, but she somehow didn't feel the same about this new set of prospects!"

I shouldn't have worried, because the next night she was very happy, much more confident, humming a tune, over the phone, because she said she would be working late, having dinner with her new clients! I said I'd watch the kids. Turns out by the end of the week I was getting a little tired of it, because she as out late every night. But then, as she tiredly undressed for bed, she smiled and held up her commission check. Twice what she had ever made in one week!

"WOW!" was all I could say.

"Isn't that great?" she smiled. "And I think I can do more too. A client today told me I should join all the same clubs and groups that Tammy belonged to for the business contacts!"

Uh-oh, I was thinking of country clubs with huge membership costs. "Will it cost a lot, cuz, well, you know, hon... wer'e broke!"

She shook her pretty head, "I don't think so, theyr'e like, kind of adult swinger groups or something, social things!" And then she laughed and blushed at the same time, "and you should see the new product line I'm pitching now that the clients seem to think I can handle the territory. Sex toys and everything! You wouldn't believe the stuff! I wouldn't know what most of it is for even! But you know, that doesn't seem to bother the clients at all!"

Sex toys and swinger clubs! I swallowed hard. "Your'e pitching sex stuff at the customers!"

"No, not really a pitch, I just make the calls, show my catalogues, and its just mostly socialising. The hours are late because the bruthas in the entertainment industry don't get up till late!"

"The bruthas!"

"Oh sure, blacks, you know!"

"Yes, I do know the expression, honey. Why just black guys?"

"Because that is the demographic the product line is aimed at, silly! Sex toys, sports and concert tickets, all kinds of interracial partying at the hotels. It's so organized now too, I had no idea. It's real big business, honey!"

I was kind of titillated by it, to tell the truth. "So last night, you were out till 10pm!"

"Yes, at the Chez Noir! And then we left to Sambo's for a late drink! By then I had sold a couple of lines too!"

"Sambo's, isn't that, like a dance club?"

"Yes, of course it is! And those guys like to dance too!"

Getting into bed with her, I thought I noticed a few pinch marks on her firm luscious white bottom, and a suck mark on the edge of her shoulder where her neck just met, a place I usually put my mouth myself when she allows me to take her from the back. Truth is I'm kind of small, I mean I'm small anyway, only 5'5 and 145 lbs, but my cock is I didn't think really small, 5 inches hard, but I wasn't crazy about her seeing black bucks.

The next week I was startled to see she had spent her first real commission checks on wardrobe, and it was scandalously daring for a woman who thought a little cleavage was topping it!

"Wow, honey," looking at it on a hangar as she got out of the shower, a tiny robe barely covering her pink luscious curves, and I held it up to the light. Wispy, almost see through in spots, very low cut and high hemline too.

"Like it dear?" she asked innocently, checking on her makeup at the dressing table in the bedroom.

"Where could you wear it?"

"Sambo's! I had to get something to compete with the other girls you know!"

I mentioned that you could see her bra through the new dress!

"But dear, Tyrone says I don't need a bra!"

"Who's Tyrone?"

"Didn't I tell you?" she replied nonchalantly, a little too much so.

I said no, and waited.

"Well," she finally said, "he's my first and biggest account. Starlite was so pleased when I brought in an order from him."


'Sure, you watch football, Tyrone Jackson, used to play for the bams or dams or something?"


'That's it! He's very nice, him and his whole entourage. I think they really like me too!"

"And he told you that you didn't need a bra? Um, how did he know you were wearing one?"

She smiled, "dancing, silly. He could feel it I guess; I mean you can feel it if we danced, couldn't you?"

"Oh," my heart thumped, seeing her grinding away with 6'5 inches of solid ex pro black muscle.

"And um," I continued, trying to be casual, although I had to hide my erection with my hand as I watched her lush body, her back mostly to me, still wearing that tiny towel, as she brushed her long blonde hair!

"How did he know you didn't need a bra?"

"Oh," she laughed, "he saw me at the pool party!" (giggle) "And I guess he liked what he saw!"

"I guess he did. I didn't even know you went to one, did you bring your bathing suit?"

'No, I didn't have one!" What did that mean? Then she turned as she stood up, and slipped off her towel, exposing her big still firm swaying white breasts near me! I licked my lips hungrily at the sight of those large reddish brown nipples!"

"I mean, honey," she said, looking at her reflection in her dressor mirror as she stood sideways, inhaling, arching her magnificent breasts out, "I don't really need a bra, do you think? I mean I do bounce a little I think it'll be okay, don't you?"

I swallowed, and she smiled at my hungry look and flushed face!

"You look super hot! Um, say what's this about not having a bathing suit?"

'Oh, Tyrone's cousin Kaleem promised me he would send over a Ponghill bikini before the next pool party, so look for it, will you honey?"

"Yes, sure, and...!"

"And," she said, slipping on her dress, just wearing skimpy bikini panties underneath, "I might be really late tonight, dear! Don't wait up!"

"How late?"

"And it doesn't really matter how late, because as long as Starlite is getting orders they don't mind if I never come into the office, isn't that great?"

'Yes, but," as she put her feet into stiletto pumps, new shoes.

"Now, let me see, please stand up, honey, I want to check the height here!" I stood up in front of her, and she put her hands as if to dance, and now she was almost 4 inches taller than me in my stocking feet.

"Mmmmm, if you were wearing dress shoes, you'd be a couple inches taller I think, so Tyrone is at least a head taller, and sooo much bigger, I think this will work!"

"Um, dear, maybe this isn't the time, but are you, well, I mean, are you and Tyrone, um...?"

"Are we having an affair, Walter, is that what your'e asking me?" she asked seriously.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to know the answer. She paused, biting her lip.

"Well, there has been some heavy flirting around, dear. If you want me to stop, well, I'll have to give up my territory, and Starlite won't be happy at all, but if you want me to, I will!" She had me and she knew it! She watched it in my face, knowing what the answer was!

'I-I don't know, honey! I know we need the money, and this is a big break in your career! Are you okay about it?"

She nodded and smiled, "at first I was really afraid some ugly abusive pig would try to force me, but, theyr'e all so nice, and theyr'e not making me do anything that, well, I don't feel like doing!" She put a hand on my wrist and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, "it's sweet your'e worried about me, dear, but really, I'm just having a wonderful time!"

"And your'e attracted to, someone special?"

She gave a shrug that told me everything. "Tyrone is, well, very attractive. He's so, I mean not just big, huge," she smiled, " but so well, forceful. I just go soft all over when he dances close with me, dear, I can't help it!"

'Would you, well, um, go out with him?"

"Well," she paused, looking at her reflection, touching up her eyeliner, "would you mind, honey? You know, a lot of wives in this town have black boyfriends! Their hubbies don't seem to mind at all; some even like it!" She smiled, looking pointedly at my little bulge in my pants, "can you seriously tell me the idea doesn't excite you a little, dear?"

I blushed, she knew me so well. "If I do anything, would you want to hear about it, all the little details," she asked? I sat there stunned and she continued.

"Darla's husband George just loves to hear all the details, but she won't tell him!" I laughed along with her. Darla was a neighbor wife, very stunning blonde, and I had no idea George was like that.

"How do you know?"

"I saw her at Sambo's, with her big and very black lover! We talked in the ladies room for a bit! And you know, we talked a little bit about her and George and her lovers, and she right out of the blue said she thought you'd probably make a good, well, you won't probably like the expression but she meant it as a compliment!"

"What expression is that?" I wanted to ask, but she looked at her watch and said she had to be going!

When she came in the next morning just as I was getting ready to shower, she looked tired and maybe worn is a better description. But as she sighed as she sat on the edge of the bed she also had a serene satisfied indefinable attitude.

"Wow, some night, huh?" I said, a little bitter and jealous. She just nodded, and collapsed back on the bed, her flimsy dress riding up, and I looked, shocked, because she had no panties on! She smiled tiredly at me and nodded again, yawned, and stretched luxuriously.

"Mmmmmm," she yawned, "yes, honey, it was just, oooh, wonderful!"

"Um, ah, you seem to have lost your panties too, dear!"

Her eyes opened wide and she blushed a little, so I made it easy for her.

"Don't tell me you went swimming again?"

'Um, oh yes, honey, I must have lost them in the, ah, dressing room! But," she smiled, "I think a pair of panties is a small price for my biggest sale yet! Just think honey, another month and we can catch up on our taxes for last year!"

That shut my mouth up, but I couldn't turn off the thoughts running through my head. And naturally it made me so horney, so when she lay down on the bed, I slipped up besides her, but she put a restraining finger on my chin.

"No dear, not now, I-I'm just too, tired!"

I groaned, "just let me please you then!"

"Oooh, (sigh) I suppose, if you must...!" she said reluctantly. I could always entice her with my mouth. She smiled, pulling her shapely bare legs up around my shoulders, arching out her lovemound.

Putting her hand on my head, she smiled smugly, as I gaped at her swampy pussy and crack.

"mmmm, honey, you always know how to please me, and I love it so after a heavy night of partying so!"

I licked up her crack, making her moan. The fragrance made me dizzy and my hardon throb.

"I want you to please me, dear! I like that! Darla has George do it after all her dates too,(giggle)!" Having her practically admit her pussy and butthole were pumped full of negroe sperm made my face blush, but I still couldn't help myself, as I covered her seeping raw pussy with my mouth, sucking in her juice, making her moan and pinch her own thick nipples.

"Mmmmm, yess, that's a good boy, eat me,...oooohhh yess!" She arched her pussy into my face, holding my head with her hand. Soon she was cumming and that pushed more and more rivulets of sperm into my eager gulping mouth, as I swallowed and gulped and licked and kissed. Panting and writhing, her face red, she sighed, relaxing back on the bed, as she pushed my mouth from her too sensitive cunt, my face smeared with cum and red with her bush stubble.

"Mmmmm, that's niiiice! mmm, remember our deal, darling. You would just please me!"

Moaning, I nodded, my hand on my erect dripping penis as she looked at it with a little smug expression. "Aw, honey...!"

"A deal's a deal, honey! You can use my used panties to jack off into again!"

"But you lost your panties!"

She laughed, "oh yes, well, use your hand then and put it in the toilet. Now don't make a mess, dear!"

Totally defeated, with my wife giggling, I knelt over the toilet hopper where she could see me from her reclining position on the bed, and masturbated, and she smiled smugly as I jetted a hot thick spray of sperm into the toilet.

"Don't forget to flush, dear!"


A few nights later I got a call from her on the cell saying if anyone comes by or delivers anything I should just accept it without question.

When I got home our teenage daughter Heather asked me who sent the flowers to mom! who was this Tyrone! Was she being cute I wondered, a little irritated. Half smiling, looking so much like her mother now, in the current trend of slut fashions. I just replied it was a business thing, and she just giggled and rolled her eyes.

That night, the flowers in a vase by the entrance, along with Tyrone's note for all to see, I tried to broach the subject once again with Tracey, who for a change didn't have a social function that night.

She was just changing to a short robe and I was anxious to have her to myself that night when she frowned, "what are you doing, dear?" I was kind of setting the scene and had rented some movies and brought in a bottle of wine to the bedroom. "What do you think?"

"Oh no, dear! Not again!"

Again, I thought! "B-but...!"

"Oh, I see, and I suppose you are getting horney with me hardly ever around!"

"Well, yes, and so I thought that...!"

"Wait, honey. Before you go on," she put her brush down, and turned with her beautiful big firm breasts peeking out of the top of her sheer peignoir "we need to talk!"

I gulped, and sat on the bed, feeling very vulnerable now in my little bulge in my underpants.

"I guess it isn't fair, dear, but you did say you would be supportive of my career!"

"Well, yes, b-but...!"

"And, you know I have to party with black men to do my career!"

"Yes, b-but...!"

"And, well, I know we should have talked this out earlier, but I had no idea that... well, I-I have a special relationship with Tyrone! There, Iv'e said it!"

"Y-you mean, you and he a-are...!"

She smiled, "yes, honey, we have sex together. I really did try to keep business and pleasure separate, dear, but it just wasn't possible. He needs me, and I, well, I need him too, so much!"

"So, well, wh-what do we do now!" I was afraid to ask this but had to.

"I don't know, honestly. Tyrone wants to be my master, and I want him to. But I like our life here too. Darla says the only way is her way, and I have thought of that, but I don't know if, well,...!" I was still taking in her earlier comment about this master business. "Wait, Tyrone would be your master?"

She giggled, "yes, of course. I mean, well, he has to be! He already is, dear. I mean he's, well, he's just soo huge! And so demanding too. He treats me like his personal slut.... oh, I'm sorry dear, but it's true!"

She knew her words were getting to me also, seeing my little bulge. "And he wants more now too, dear. Could you be supportive of me seeing him, more regularly now? We both need it!" She knew it was hard for me to deny her anything.

"I, I d-don't know...!"

"You should learn more about Obeah, honey. It would help you understand. And with Tyrone pushing for more of a commitment and you asking for more of my time, I wasn't sure what to tell him."

"W-what did you tell him, about well, us?"

"Oh," she smiled, "well, I did describe you, a little. You know, after, well, after he just pumped me and stretched me and well, he could tell I'd never had a real big black man before!"

"W-what," my face was flushed, my cock hard, imagining that! "I told him you were rather small, but very sweet, which is true!" She put her soft hand on my arm then, "but as I became totally addicted to him and what he did for me, and needed to please him so much like a white woman should do for a black man, he told me about Tammy's role as his slave! He pretty much said I had to take over for Tammy to not only keep the business, but to continue seeing him!"

"So, wow, what were you going to do?"

"I don't know. Now we not only need the money, but I need Tyrone to be my Master, like Tammy did I guess!" She paused, squeezing my hand, "could you help me, honey?"


"Well, for one thing, be my pantyboy, what Darla calls you guys! Wouldn't you like that anyway, dear? You love to jack off in my panties!"


"Black Masters like Tyrone love having white pantyboy husbands around at their parties too. I could get you a job as poolboy at the next party and you could get some great tips! It's part of the Black Man ruling the whole white family, isn't that sweet?"

"B-but, ...!"

"And just think how happy I will be, how satisfied and fulfilled Iv'e been since Iv'e been with Tyrone and his friends! Don't you want me to be content and happy, dear?"

"W-well, y-yes, but...!"

"And if we can make some money too, it would be just perfect."

"I don't know...!"

"Here," she said, standing up and slipping off her used panties and handing them to me, "let's just try, together, honey! Slip them on like I like you to, while I look at your movies!"

Gasping, I did slip them on, a little damp and warm, and my hardon was even more turgid now. She picked up the one movie I knew, feared and also hoped she would.

"Mmmmm, interracial, how nice! Oooh, you look so nice in your panties, dear! Now, this is how Darla advises it, are you going to be supportive sweetie?"

"Yes," I croaked.

"Good, now, let's see, I think there's some twine someplace," and soon she had tied my wrists behind my back, and then we were on the bed, and kind of making out while the movie began. As soon as the giant black man dropped his pants before the luscious white girl, she sighed, and giggled, especially as her soft hands and mouth worked him to full dripping erection!

"Oooh, I wish I was her now!"

"mmmmmm," she smiled, licking her full lips, "you know, even though he's huge, I do think Tyrone is even bigger, dear. I can't wait until you see him naked!" She put her soft hand on my bulging lump in my panties.

"Oooooh," she sighed as he slipped his huge cock into the actress's tight cunt. "You see, dear, how I just had to go black, don't you?"

"Y-yes, honey!"

"I'm so pleased. I just had to, oooh, I know I'm going to need to cum watching this, and I want you to please me, dear, you know, orally." Her big breasts were brushing my chest as we reclined, watching the movie, her cheeks getting more pink.

"And you can see why I don't want your little white penis in me, can't you dear? All the white wives who've gone black are like that. But we love our hubbies loving mouths, especially after being with big black men!"

"Y-yes, "I croaked. She smiled and squeezed my hardon tighter then as a reward.

"And you will be respectful to Tyrone, won't you dear? Call him Sir! Be more than polite. Be submissive, because he is after all a real man, you know. I mean," she smiled, "if a man is your superior, you should be submissive to him, shouldn't you?"

"Y-yes, honey!"

"And," she giggled, squeezing my cock, "I can tell you he certainly is your superior dear, (chuckle) that's for sure!"

I swallowed hard at that, but I licked my lips as we watched the movie and I also gazed at my luscious wife massaging her own nipples. Finally, she moved backwards to straddle my face, and smiled down at me.

"mmmmm, this movie got me so hot, dear. I'm going to rewind it, but this time with a little different seating arrangement. You don't mind, do you?" she asked with a smirk.

"N-no,(gasp) honey!"

"I didn't think you would!" she said smugly, and when the movie started from the beginning, she slowly spread her bottom, and descended onto my eager face. Moaning and smothered, intoxicated by her scent, I could barely hear the movie, but could feel her stroking herself, her pussy and crack covering my face, her juices beginning to flow, and finally after several minutes, she began to grind herself more, as I ate more and more of her cuntcream. She came several times, and then rested, still covering my face, and continued watching the movie. After an hour, she came again, again flooding my mouth with her cream as i gobbled and licked and worshipped, and in between she liked my tongue deeply impaling her puffy anus.

After that, she sighed, feeling very refreshed, and moved off of my face, and I gaped at her naked swaying breasts, and then there was a knock on the door, Tracey was wanting to come in.

"Wait,dear," she said, and tired her nightie together in front, but I was still on my back, my hands tied behind me, my face red, and above all, wearing her used panties with a hardon pushing them out.

"No, wait, honey," I protested, "look at me!'

She smiled at my bulge and damp panties, "I like you this way, dear, and your'e covered. In any case you can't be a pantyboy if you don't wear panties, and Tracey is going to find out anyway!" Then she said it was okay for her to come in.

"B-but...!" however Heather did come in, also wearing a tiny little slip, and giggled right away when she saw us.

"What are you guys doing?" she smiled.

"Your'e in our bedroom, darling, after all. Do you need something?"

"But, oh, well I heard you playing a movie, can I watch too?"

I cleared my throat, tried to sound fatherly, "I don't think it would be, um, appropriate, Tracey!"

"Why not," she said, and picked up the CD box with the picture of a huge black cock sliding into a white girl's anus! "Oooh, I'd love to watch this!"

"No, dear, perhaps another time, wev'e, well,(smile) Iv'e finished for tonight!"

"Ooh, poo, next time you rent something like this, let me know, please?"

"All right, darling, if you like!"

"And, um, daddy is wearing panties! Why is he wearing your panties, mom?"

"I like him in panties, if you must know, dear. Doesn't he look cute in them?"

(Giggle) "Actually he does, oooh, he has a hardon too so I guess you must like them, daddy!"

"Now, Heather," I stammered, blushing heavily, even as my wife got her out reluctantly.

"Now honey," she smiled, "if I release you, are you going to be a good pantyboy and masturbate for me?"

I groaned, but my cock was so swollen, my balls so full, I just had to get off now! I nodded, and soon she was supervising my masturbation into my panties, sometimes catching a strand of goo on her finger and making me licking them, cum from my own penis, and I thought I heard giggling from outside the bedroom door, but it didn't matter, I just jacked off and soon my wife squealed with delight as I just filled her panties up by spraying my gism into them. Panting and sweating, red faced, she stopped me from peeling them off as I moved off the bed.

"No, keep them on dear, as a reminder. After all you should be proud that your'e now a real pantyboy! Now, promise to Wash them out by hand in the morning!"

(groan) "Y-yes dear!" She gave me a peck on the cheek.

A few days later she was giving me more housework orders before she went out and I began to resent it but said nothing.

"But, honey, what about Heather? She isn't doing anything!"

"Now dear," she smiled, adjusting her makeup in the mirror, "haven't you read the OBEAH handbook Iv'e left out? Heather has! My master Tyrone and our main account by the way insists we practice the OBEAH lifestyle, and you promised to be a good pantyboy!" In truth I hadn't glanced at it although I winced when she said Heather was reading it. She saw my look and put down her lipstick, pursed her full lips, and sighed and turned my way, her bare legs under the robe distracting me.

"You haven't read it, have you dear?"

"Um, actually, well...!

"Either you help me or we can kiss this account off, dear, and we need the money, and well, you know I need Tyrone as well!"

"Y-yes, b-but...!"

"And it's impossible to keep Tracey from being part of it. OBEAH and Tyrone want the whole family to be Black Owned, like it should be!"

I groaned, blushing, but my hardon also stirred in my panties under my pants.

"I know what to do," she said, smiling, "you strip to your panties and I'll change into the new bikini Tyrone sent over for me to wear to his next BlackMaster pool party!"

I was looking forward to seeing her in it and she knew it, and went into the bathroom. Soon, I was standing in her day old bikini panties, and she came out wearing a beach robe and heels, and opened the door, and smiled, "I want Heather to attend, darling, after all she might as well be more involved!"

Heather came in with a smile, wearing a tiny low cut smock over her short skirt, apparently having been studying and listening in.

"I want you to see my latest present from Tyrone!"

"Oooh, that heavenly big black hunk!" How did she know, I wondered!

'Yes dear, you might like to see my new thong?"

"Oooh yes," she giggled.

My lovely wife smiled, and slipped the robe off, and I sucked in my breath and Heather gasped, gushing with excitement. Her big breasts were covered by the tiniest wisps, her nipples stuck out, but her butt was just a slim thong, and the front, covering just her inner lips of her cunt, was a tiny triangle.

"Ooh," I moaned, erecting fully, wishing Heather wasn't there to see it in my panties, "that's just scandalous, honey. Your'e not going to wear it surely?"

"Of course I am, Tyrone would be insulted if I didn't. What do you think, Heather?

'Ooooh, it's so lovely, mom! You look so beautiful in it! Can I get one like it?"

To my surprise as I was about to say 'certainly not' she merely said perhaps, and held up a little silver medallion around her neck that was almost hidden in her lush cleavage. It said "Black Property!"

"Only if you wear this with it, darling!"

To my surprise, Heather seemed delighted, "Oooh, how nice, mom, Tyrone is your master now! Isn't that great daddy? We should have a little celebration!"

"H-how, how did you know that your mother... um!"

"Oh, silly," Tracey smiled, "unlike you, Heather has read the OBEAH lifestyle handbook and wants to follow it herself!"

"Y-you do?"

"Of course, daddy. I want a big black hunky master like mom has!"

"And I'm sure you'll find one, honey, black men just adore cute blondes! but for the time being, I think you should just be going out with black boys your own age, don't you dear?"

Stammering, I just nodded, and Tracey smiled at me. "Thank you daddy. I do have a couple of black boyfriends already!" I just blushed.

"You should have them over sometime, honey, for us to meet!"

"Can I borrow your medallion sometime, mom?"

"No, not this one dear. This is only for when you have a Black Master like I have. But you can wear this one Iv'e been wearing if you like!"

She took her old medallion from the jewelry box, "Black ONLY!"

"OoOh, thank you, mom, daddy would you please attach it!" With that she moved her shapely bottom against my front, and I tried to focus on attaching the tiny clasp in the back of her neck, trying not to look down at her deep cleavage as it slipped down into her breasts.

"No dear, too low!"

"I know, after all, daddy, I want all the black boys to see it!"

I swallowed, adjusted the links, and she finally was satisfied as it rested at the junction of her cleavage, but I thought her blouses would be too low for school, and both women laughed.

"Oh, daddy, all the cute girls dress like this anyway, especially if they want black boys to hit on them!"

"You look lovely, darling! Doesn't she dear?"

"Y-yes, honey, you do, dear!"

"And now, since Heather is getting with the program, dear, it's time you should too. Iv'e told her your'e in training to be a pantyboy and when I'm not here she said she'll be happy to help!"

"B-but, well, ...!"

"And don't you want to contribute to the household as a towelboy at Tyrone's next pool party dear? I mean you haven't brought in much money lately!" She knew I was dying to watch the scene, with her and other luscious blackowned wives in thongs, so I just blushed and nodded, and she smiled, "so we have a lot of work to do, don't we!"

"And don't worry, daddy, I'll help!"

"But first, oh my, in OBEAH, the black man is on top, naturally!"

"OF course,' Heather gushed.

"And then the white women, and finally, the white males. So daddy must get used to being on the bottom now, honey. So we need to call him something else, like, I don't know...!"

They talked about several humiliating possibilities, but agreed on one finally, Prissy!

"Prissy?" I echoed.

"Yes, it's a nice name, kind of neutral. Now when Heather calls you Prissy you will know she is helping to train you!"

"Oh, and tonight I need some ironing done, Prissy!"

"Iv'e already given him a list of chores, honey!"

"I think Prissy should wear a little uniform, like our maid! that would be so cute!"

"Yes, excellent," my wife smiled, and rooted around and came up with a little lace maid's cap and tiny lace apron.

"N-now, wait a minute," I said, putting my palms up, as both luscious women turned to me to put the accessories on.

"Now dear," my wife frowned, her mouth tight. "In Obeah the women do not put up with disobedience from their pantyboys!" I looked to see if she was serious, and her expression didn't change.

"Prissy is going to be good," Heather smiled, and I realized my smallish, slender almost-naked body was very vulnerable before these two luscious healthy women, "but if she isn't good, maybe she should be punished!"

The first nights I just did my best at housework, but it gradually moved to being their personal servant, and they started doing some other touches, like lip gloss and a little rouge. One Heather giggled as I took a phone call from Tyrone and I was so humble with him as I took down his instructions for my wife to meet him later.

"That's very good, prissy," she said, patting my cheek, "I can tell mom you know your place with your superiors! I can't wait until mom says I can bring my boyfriends over!"


Several nights after Tyrone came over to the house to pick up my wife, Heather smiling and giggling at him, him openly admiring her luscious body even before he took my wife in his huge arms as they tongue kissed in front of me, I was furiously embarassed, but also somehow gratified that he complimented us as a family, seeing the blackonly medallions, and of course myself in panties, apron and maid's cap, after all that it was once again Wednesday night, and Tracey was home again, and I was looking forward to the same bedroom events as before, having brought home a couple of Interracial videos, but this time, Tracey was being more assertive. It had been brewing all week so I should have expected it but it was still a shock.

"Now dear, I'm just not turning on the movie until we get through all this!"

"Aarrrghhh!" I moaned. "At least take the clamps off!"

"Oh, no," she smiled, wearing only panties now, lying on the bed besides me as the cdrom still was unplayed on the TV at the end of the big bed.

"we have to adjust these, and wer'e almost there too!"

My hands tied behind my back were what I expected, even the chastity vacuum tube wasn't so bad. My testicles in a ring wasn't that bad, and the truth is I didn't mind the black rubber phallus in my butt at all any more. I kind of enjoyed having it in me when I did my housework and I know Tracey and Heather loved seeing me with it. But my nips felt like fire! They were both pierced by rings and my wife had put on a spring-loaded stetching device around each, pulling them out. It hurt so bad I was trying not to start crying again!

"Come on, honey, please...!"

"Nope, honey, no! Your'e almost there and I'm sure a little more suffering and this will be it!"

Then I heard a knock on the door, Heather wanted to come in!

I gasped, "you didn't invite her in!"

"Why not," she smiled, "she wants to watch the movies too!"

"B-but, I-I'm...!"

"Oh, she doesn't mind, I'm sure! Come on in dear!"

As soon as she came in she put her hand over her mouth, hiding her smile, but I couldn't help even though I was in pain to see her only wearing a tiny robe, and of course, we all wore Black rule medallions now.

"What are you doing to Prissy?"

"Stetching his nipples out, honey! And he's being a complete sissy about it too!"

"Wow, I meant to ask about that!"

"It's recommended in OBEAH that the white males have one inch nipples and of course ringed."

"I never read that!"

Tracey smiled, "well, Tyrone insists on it. I'm having my nipples ringed next week, and the tongue studs for both of us too!" I said nothing.

"Can I have one, mom? All the girls have tongue studs!"

If I wasn't in such a ridiculous position I would have stepped in, but as soon as Heather plumped down on the bed, shaking it, making me writhe as both my rubber dildoe slip deeper and my nipple clamps bounce I cried out.

"What a sissy!" Heather giggled, but then, the movie caught their attention, and soon I was hard myself, but the girls' eyes were on the giant black cock standing straight up, and the small white hand fondling it!

"Mmmmm" Heather sighed, and Tracey agreed. AFter fifteen minutes, Heather moved her thighs, absently touching herself, and Tracey began fingering her thick nipples.

"Look, honey," my wife said, as the film starlet was massaging the underside of the giant black phallus, her silver tongue stud pressing against his cockhead.

"OOOh, I'd love to be that girl now! But, yes, I see her stud, and I think the black guys expect us to wear them at school now!"

"Do you think it really makes a difference!"

"To the guys, I don't know; my friend Teresa has a tongue stud, and her boyfriend Jamahl still uses her mouth as much as he did before! But she likes to display it to black guys so much cuz its like saying I want your big black cock in my mouth!"

"Yes, isn't it?" my wife smiled. "I just love displaying my medallion to strange black males, and giving them a soft submissive smile, and watch their reaction!"

"Mmmmm, look, ooooh! Oh mom, I need big black cock tonight!"

"I do too, honey, but you have a school night and Tyrone is busy I guess! But you can use sissy here to sit on like I do!"

I gasped, wanted to protest, but my rigid cock was straight up in the crazy painful vacuum tube.

Heather looked over at me and smiled, "why are you stretching his cock, mom? Don't tell me you want his little white cock again?"

"Of course not, honey. It's just that Tyrone likes his pantyboys sometimes in chastity cages or little rings keeping them from being totally erect for his parties. He says it looks better if they have bigger cocks, of course not as big as black cocks!"

"Oooh, I'd love to be invited to one of his parties!"

"I'm working on it, honey!"


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