Cindy Gets Forced

Written by SeeShow / Jul 14, 2005


It started out as a wonderful vacation and it certainly ended in something very different. But maybe I should start by giving a little background on my wife and myself before describing that fateful day.

I am 28 and my wife is 26. We live in a nice suburban neighborhood and have been married for about 4 years now. My wife is a little flirty sometimes but I have never had any reason to doubt her loyalty to me. My wife, Cindy, works out regularly and her body shows it. Even though she?s only 5? tall and weighs in at 99 pounds she has very large breasts and her 36DDs are certainly attention grabbers. To tell the truth, I was a little peeved when she spent a good deal of our wedding money to have her perfectly nice breasts augmented to this size. I have to admit that it makes me a little jealous of all the attention those big breasts get from other men but they are real pleasing to me when we are behind closed doors. She is certainly a good-looking woman who frequently draws a discreet crowd when she lays out by the clubhouse pool and maybe this whole thing wouldn't have happened had she not had that operation. I also have to admit that our sex life had been very standard up to that point; straight sex two or three times a week, but nothing kinky. No anal sex, threesomes, swapping, etc. I've just never been the kind to be very adventurous where sex is concerned. Sometimes I got the feeling that Cindy would like me to be a ?take charge? kind of guy in the bedroom but that's just not me!

Our lives were changed completely on that vacation. I guess I should start at the beginning. We went to this swanky hotel right off the beach. On the first day of our vacation, we had the luxury of getting up very late and having a luxurious brunch at our hotel. By the time we got back and changed it was early afternoon and Cindy wanted to lay out and get some sun. A day of relaxing sun and water sounded good to me until I saw her new bathing suit. It was as skimpy as anything I'd ever seen on her. It was actually a one piece with two straps just barely covering the auroras of her nipples that then joined together down below her belly button and went together as one piece showing off her camel toe. In the back it went into the crack of her ass, showing off both of her full moon cheeks before again separating as two tiny ribbon strips to go over her shoulders and return over her top. I begged her not to wear anything that revealing but she insisted we were on vacation, no one we knew would see her and knowing that she might be giving some guys a hard-on was O.K. with her.

"After all, what difference does it make if I excite a few guys? You know I'm yours exclusively!" was her response. When she said it that way what could I do? As a matter of fact it made me want to spend the rest of the day with her in the hotel room instead of at the hotel pool. She wiggled away from my advance toward her and said, "We need to get out here before the sun gets away from us."

So off we went to the hotel pool where we laid out to soak up the sun?s rays. Needless to say, Cindy was also soaking up a lot of glances from the male guests at the hotel. I remember that there were three black guys who were particularly blatant about staring at her, even after I stared back at them. They knew I was annoyed but it didn?t seem to stop them. Aside from their ogling of my wife things went along nicely with me and her soaking up the rays and jumping into the pool on occasion to cool down.

That evening we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant not far from the hotel. It was around 10 p.m. on an ideal summer night, and the air had that had been so warm earlier was now crisp and we had opened the windows to let it blow through our room. We had retired to the bed, hopefully for a little late night loving before we drifted off to sleep.

After a few minutes of foreplay, we got into the missionary position and began to make love slowly. It seemed so quiet and peaceful we were hardly moving, both just slowly pressing against each other with our eyes closed, savoring the feeling of the breezes blowing across us and the feel of each other's bodies. We had been making love for about 5 or ten minutes when I heard a light knock at our door. When I went to the door a guy said, ?room service? and I figured that Cindy had ordered some dessert while I was in the bathroom. When I opened the door I suddenly had an incredibly strong hand reach around my head and clamp itself over my mouth. All of a sudden another guy who was right behind him rushed into our room and placed a hand over my wife's mouth as well.

I was dragged over close to the bed and at this point I got my first look at these intruders. Standing next to our bed were three of the largest black men I had ever met in my life. But they weren?t new to me. I recognized that these were the men who had been lusting after Cindy earlier in the day. Somehow they must have found out in what room we were staying.

The first man, holding his hand over my mouth, was at least six feet tall and fairly light-skinned. He was wearing jeans and a tight T-shirt that showed his well-muscled frame. The second man, who was holding my wife's mouth, was just a little shorter than the first, more compact and muscular, and wore the same type of jeans and T-shirt. The third fellow was standing by the foot of the bed with a slight smirk on his face.

This man was truly frightening, and not just because of the semi-automatic pistol he was holding. He was at least six and a half feet tall, probably about 250 pounds, and every ounce looked to be muscle. His skin was dark as coal and his head was shaved bald. He wore a tank top and a pair of baggy shorts, both white, which made him look even darker. In the brief moments before he spoke his size and hard look reminded me of an NFL linebacker.

"Well, boys, I think we interrupted their playtime!" he said.

"No shit, Leon, looks like its time for us to play!"

"You think the lady wants a REAL man, Jackson?"

"I think we need to find out, Nate," said the man holding my wife's mouth. "It sure looks like her man can't give her what she needs!"

They all started laughing as they pulled down my briefs and I realized it was my cock they were laughing at. While I am not small, just around six inches, and, according to my wife, thick, at this moment the fear in my belly was causing me to shrink up like I had been dunked in ice water.

Leon came around to my side of the bed and pressed the muzzle of his gun to my head. "Why don't we just move you out of the way, little man", he said as he dragged me off the bed by my hair and dropped me against the wall.

"Now before we get started, let's set some ground rules, you're going to take good care of us, bitch, make us real happy or your little man here gets a new hole in his head!? he snarled at my wife.

My wife just stared at him, her eyes wide with fear.

"Do you understand, bitch?" he almost whispered in a deadly voice.

My wife's eyes looked at me, and then at the ceiling and then at the floor. After a moment her head nodded a yes.

"Good, that's what I wanted to hear," Leon said, "now no screaming or yelling 'cause it will go bad for your hubby here."

He waved the gun at Jackson who was holding my wife down, and he slowly uncovered her mouth and released her.

"Jackson, you go first, then Nate," he said, "judging by what little her husband has, you'll need to get her ready."

They all laughed and my guts twisted a little as I hoped that didn't mean what I thought it did.

As my wife lay flat on the bed, Jackson began to strip off his T-shirt, revealing his rock hard chest and stomach muscles. Next he kicked off his shoes, and then undid the clasp of his jeans and slid them down his legs. When he stood back up his half hard cock sprang out.

At that moment I was afraid for my wife. Jackson's cock was only half-hard and was already as long as mine when fully hard. I could see Cindy just staring at his dick and as he reached for her she let out a slight whimper.

"Come here, baby," Jackson said as he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the bed in front of him. ?Look at those perfect tits would you, guys.? They didn?t need to be asked as each of them had his eyes glued to her chest. ?You been showing them titties off all afternoon, you little fuckin? tease and now it?s pay off time? he said as he began kneading my wife?s soft 36DD?s in his hands! Cindy had a far away look in her eyes like she wasn?t even present until he grabbed her by the arms and forced her onto her knees.

?Enough fun for you, slut, now it?s my turn to have some fun. Suck my dick!" he commanded.

I watched as my wife cast a fearful glance at his awesome cock then looked over at me.

"Now!" shouted Leon who pressed the gun harder against my head, "and do it good."

Cindy looked at me with pain in her eyes, but what could I do? She then turned back to that chocolate-colored flesh stick bouncing in front of her face. I watched with horror as her little hand moved slowly up to wrap around that cock. She leaned forward and opened her mouth slightly and began to suck on the massive head.

"Oh yeah, that's the way bitch," moaned Jackson, who's cock began to swell, growing to at least 8 terrifying inches and thickening even more in the process.

Cindy continued to suck on the head and began moving her small white hand back and forth slightly on that dark shaft. As she did Jackson reached his hands up and grabbed her head.

"You're going to have to do better than that!" Jackson grunted as he began to force his cock forward. Cindy tried to pull back but his hands held her head tightly, and that massive cock began to slide deeper into her mouth.

Jackson pushed almost two inches of cock into my wife while her mouth stretched wide and her lips slid down that long shaft.

He began to fuck in and out of her mouth, his now glistening shaft sliding deeper and deeper with each stroke until almost four inches was fucking in and out of my wife's mouth.

Jackson was breathing harder and my wife was making low, almost grunting noises as his cock hit the back of her throat. I watched with disbelief as my wife took that massive member in her mouth, thinking about the few times she had done that for me. Cindy likes oral but if she gives it to me she also wants it in return and frankly it isn?t something I?m fond of doing. As Jackson fucked my wife's mouth he began to take small steps backwards until Cindy was leaning forward on her knees and would have fallen on her face were she not impaled by his shaft. Jackson pulled his cock almost completely out of her mouth and pushed it forward again, this time with force. When his cock hit my wife's throat he kept pushing and it began to slide even deeper.

Cindy began to struggle as she felt his cock start into her throat, making choking noises and trying to push him away with her small hands. But that cock kept coming, and kept sliding in until only an inch of Jackson's eight-inch cock was still outside of Cindy's mouth.

"Man, your wife sure can suck cock!" Jackson mocked, looking at me and ignoring my struggling wife. ?Maybe I?ll give you an opportunity to see if you can do any better, later on? He laughed as he said it and as bad as this was for Cindy I hoped that he wasn?t going to force me as well as my wife.

I felt almost sick as I watched, knowing that my wife always had said she couldn't deep throat me because it just gagged her. And here she was with eight inches of black cock down her throat.

Jackson began to pull out again, allowing Cindy a gasping breath before he shoved it back again. He established a rhythm, literally fucking my wife's face with his black cock sliding in and out of her throat. He began to pant, his thrusts becoming more rapid, his massive cock pumping in and out of my wife who knelt almost passively now, her eyes closed, saliva dripping from her bottom lip.

"Oh god, I gonna cum! Swallow it all, bitch!" he shouted, and forced his dick into my wife all the way, the last two inches sliding into her mouth and her nose pressed into his scrubby pubic hair. He shuddered and I could tell he was shooting his load down Cindy's throat. As if on cue, I could see her throat begin swallowing, trying to take all his spunk before she drowned in it.

Jackson continued to cum for almost 30 seconds, his cock buried to the hilt in my wife's mouth, until at last he shuddered and slowly pulled it out. As his cock left her throat Cindy took one shuddering gasp and collapsed onto the floor, panting and choking.

"No bitch ever sucked my cock like that! You are one lucky dude!" Jackson laughed, winking at me as he pulled his clothes back on.

As he dressed, Nate went around the bed and grabbed Cindy's collapsed body and easily lifted her and threw her onto the bed on her back. She just laid there in a daze as he stripped off his clothes, pulling down his pants to reveal a cock the equal of Jackson's in length but probably three inches in width. Underneath that impossibly large cock were a set of balls that had to be seen to be believed. They swung low in his sack and looked like two extra large eggs swinging back a forth as he moved.

?Maybe I should titty fuck this bitch,? Nate said as he got onto the bed. ?She?s got the perfect boobs for it! But I think I?ll just get right into that tight pussy instead!? With that, he got onto the bed and walked on his knees over to Cindy and grabbed one of her tiny ankles in each massive hand. He yanked her legs apart and pushed them back until they were directly above her shoulders, her ass lifted slightly off the bed and her pussy lips parted and her tight, puckered anus winking below. Looking between her legs, I could see that she was glistening with wetness despite the fifteen minutes she had spent with Jackson or maybe because of it. I couldn?t be sure. At first, I thought she was wet from the sex we were about to have but then it hit me. Maybe she actually got turned on by sucking Jackson. I couldn?t be sure.

"Look, she's wet and ready!" said Nate, "Guess she likes it from real men!" he said, leering at me.

As I looked at that huge black fuck stick pointing at my wife's pussy I was almost glad she was wet, but part of me wondered why.

Nate moved forward and pressed the massive head of his black cock against my wife's pussy and pressed forward, but it slipped away, unable to gain entry. He tried twice more without success.

"Jackson, hold her legs for me, this is a two-hander", he called out.

Jackson, who had dressed by now, crawled onto the bed and knelt by my wife's head, taking her legs from Nate and holding them wide.

Nate, his hands free, reached one hand down, aiming his cock at my wife's tiny hole, and pressed forward. Cindy's pussy lips were mashed to the side and the head of that cock moved forward, seeking entry. Once he had the tip of his cock lodged in her, Nate took his hand away, leaned over my wife, and mercilessly shoved forward with all his strength.

Cindy, who until this point had lay on the bed as if unconscious, suddenly came to life. Her eyes flew open and her mouth opened but she said nothing. I couldn?t tell if she was in pain or what she was feeling at the time. Nate laughed, drew back, and shoved forward again, now forcing six inches of his cock into my wife.

From my vantage point I could see his cock sticking out of Cindy's pussy like a baseball bat. Her pussy lips had been forced inside of her by the size of cock and her thighs were quivering.

Nate began to stroke his cock in and out of Cindy's pussy, going slightly deeper with each stroke. Cindy was now whimpering and tossing her head side to side as he fucked her.

I watched for the next two minutes as that huge black cock slid in and out of her, now coated by her juices, going deeper with each stroke until all nine inches were buried in her. Nate's huge balls were slapping against my wife's asshole as he deep stroked her, pulling his cock out until I could see the head, then slamming it back in to the hilt. The scene was unbelievable. My wife, who had always said my cock was as big as she could handle, was taking this black man's huge cock completely into her body.

What was truly incredible though was what happened next. Cindy stopped whimpering, and then, very quietly began moaning! She was being raped by this horse cock and I swear she was enjoying it!

Nate waved to Jackson, who let Cindy's legs go. Nate then leaned all the way over her body with her feet trapped on his massive shoulders. "Guess she needed a real man after all!" Nate said, looking over at me with a big smile.

Then he went to work, pile-driving that huge cock of his in and out of Cindy's doubled over body. The only sound in the room was Nate's panting, the slapping of his huge balls against her asshole, and my wife's increasing moans.

I couldn?t believe it but soon I had no doubt that she was enjoying it as my wife began to thrust her hips back up to meet his thrusts, their bodies slamming together violently, his huge cock forcing itself in and out of her widely stretched pussy. And then Cindy began to cum; a low, continuous moan that built to a scream issued from her open mouth. Her arms reached up and tried to wrap around Nate?s body but she could only barely touch his back.

I could see my wife's pussy begin to pulse and the added lubrication allowed Nate's cock to slide even faster in and out of her. I watched, horrified, as Nate's balls tightened up as he prepared to cum. I was horrified for several reasons. First my wife was not on the pill and he was certainly about ready to cum deep into my wife?s womb ? deeper than I had ever been for sure. And secondly, I was horrified at the willingness my wife was showing in performing sex with this huge black man. He leaned down and pressed his black lips over my wife's mouth, and with a deepening sickness I watched her. Not only did she not reject his lips; she willingly sucked his tongue into her mouth.

This seemed to be all Nate could take and he slammed into her one last time, buried his cock to the hilt, and held it there as he shot his load. Cindy, who had had at least two orgasms by this time, screamed out as she felt his hot sperm shoot into her, and began to cum again, thrashing and moaning, her little white body squirming, pinned underneath this huge black man.

They lay like that with Nate's cock buried to the hilt in my wife for almost a minute and then he leaned up and began to slide that cock from her pussy. Unbelievably to me, as he began removing it, Cindy whimpered for him to keep it in, ?Please, Nate, just a little longer.? But he continued to pull it out until the head left her pussy with a soft pop.

I was sick to my stomach realizing that her fear and dread of these men had been turned into pleasure and unadulterated lust. I almost threw up right there as I looked between her legs at her pussy, stretched, and gaping wide, thick globs of sperm flowing out and dripping across her asshole onto the bed.

Everyone was silent, except for Cindy who continued to moan quietly, as Nate got off the bed. Finally Leon broke the silence. "Jackson, come here and keep an eye on this guy, it's time for the main event!"

They traded the gun, and while Jackson kept it pressed to my head, Leon knelt in front of me.

"Seems like your wife likes a little dark meat, doesn't she?" he said, his teeth flashing in a big smile. "Guess you just haven't been man enough for your little lady."

I really just wanted to crawl away and die at this point. My wife was acting like a slut. She was being raped by three hugely hung black men and loving it and there was nothing I could do about it. At this point it was evident that my wife wouldn?t have wanted me to do anything about it, either!

"Well, like I said, time for the main event," said Leon,

"After this your little lady won't be able to sit for a week."

It took a moment for me to realize what he meant. He was going to fuck my precious little wife in the ASS!

Standing right in front of me, Leon began to strip off his clothes. I could see from the bulge in front of his shorts that he was already hard. Unfortunately for my wife I was wrong.

When he pulled down his shorts, a coal black cock sprang out and almost hit me in the face. Leon was hung like a porn star. His cock was as big as Jackson's was when hard, and Leon was only just now beginning to swell. I could barely tear my eyes away from it and look up at his face.

Leon could see the fear in my eyes and laughed. "Hope your little wife is ready for this, because if she isn't, I'm going to split her in two," he said, turning away from me and kneeling on the bed.

While everyone was busy Cindy had laid sprawled on the bed; her hand now buried between her legs, busily frigging her clit while she gasped, oblivious to what was coming next.

"Nate, come over her and hold her!", Leon commanded.

Nate got back on the bed by Cindy's head and Leon handed her legs to him. He stretched them back until her knees were touching the outside of her shoulders, her ass lifting off the bed. Bent like this her asshole winked at me, lifted up and pointed right at Leon.

Leon paused for a moment, pulling on his shaft as it hardened and lengthened to at least 10 inches and thickened until it looked to be about 3" inches across. He then spit on his hand and rubbed it on the head, coating it. Looking at me, he winked, then moved forward.

As I watched I almost yelled a warning to Cindy, who was busily trying to catch Nate's still slimy cock in her mouth. Watching her slutty actions I knew she was going to get what she wanted and maybe a whole lot more.

Leon settled in front of Cindy's ass, and brought the head of that massive cock up and pressed it against her asshole. Finally Cindy realized what was happening and looked down at Leon and the massive jet-black cock about to sodomize her.

"NO! Not that! STOP IT!, I'll do anything you want!", she began to babble. ?Just not this?

"That's right, lady, you?ll do anything I want and right now this is what I want!" replied Leon coldly.

Cindy continued to beg him not to do it, so Leon calmly took one hand and placed it over her mouth and with the other he steadied that cock and began to press forward.

As he pressed against her sphincter, Leon's cock seemed to do nothing but press her asshole away from him, that whole area of her body pressing inward without any penetration. Leon pressed harder, and still nothing.

"Guess you're not much of a backdoor man, are you?", Leon said to me. "She's still tighter than shit!? He was right about that because I had never had Cindy in the rear. Leon, continued, ?Jackson, go into the bathroom and get something to grease her up with, he ain't going to move. Are you, little man?"

What could I say? I just looked down at the carpet, nodded my head and said, ?No, sir.?

Jackson stuck the gun into his pants and walked into the bathroom where I could hear him rummaging around. While we waited, Leon just stared at me and I listened to Cindy struggle and her muffled pleading.

When Jackson returned he had a small container of baby oil that Cindy had been using while sunbathing earlier in the day. He tossed it to Leon and returned to guarding me. Leon caught the jar with one hand, leaving the other on Cindy's mouth, and placed it on the bed beside him.

"Just what the doctor ordered", grunted Leon.

He sprayed some onto his hands and coated his now throbbing member with lots of oil. He sprayed some more onto his fingers again, coating them up, then leaned back. Sticking his hand out, he placed a single oily finger against Cindy's asshole and turned to look at me as he suddenly shoved it all the way in.

Cindy let out a muffled scream that Leon ignored as he pulled his finger out and shoved it right back in, wiggling it to grease up her asshole. He then pulled out and sprayed some more oil directly into her asshole, then placed two fingers against her asshole and jammed them in without warning. Again Cindy screamed, though with less conviction this time.

After working his fingers in and out of her anus for a few seconds, Leon removed them and moved forward again to press his cock against her asshole. "Get ready, honey, cause here it comes!" he said to Cindy with a viscous grin on his face.

He pressed his cock forward, and this time Cindy's anus began to open as his well-oiled cock began to force its way in. Leon continued to press in until half of the head of his cock had spread open Cindy's clenching anus. Cindy was crying and thrashing and had managed to work her hands down and was futilely pushing against Leon's muscled stomach.

"Relax, honey, once you get used to it you're going to enjoy this!" he said. Then with a flex of his huge buttocks he speared into Cindy's asshole. My stomach flipped as Cindy let out a long muffled scream, her hands and body twitching. Leon paused for a moment and I could see the head of his cock lodged in my wife's asshole, the remaining eight inches looking like a long black log sticking out of her.

Leon scooted his knees forward, then with another flex, shoved another four inches of massive cock into Cindy's bowels to the accompaniment of another muffled scream. He brutally ignored her and began to saw in and out of her ass, slowly working another two inches of cock in. By this time he was working up a sweat.

"Man, busting your wife's ass cherry is hard work!" Leon said to me with a grin. "This would have been a lot easier if you had been doing your job." With that he turned back to Cindy, whipped his cock completely from her ass then plowed back in to the hilt. Cindy screamed as if she were dying and seemed to faint, going completely limp.

Leon took advantage of this and removed his hand from her mouth, steadied himself on both hands and began to brutally saw in and out of Cindy's ass. He used full strokes of his massive cock, pulling out until only the head was in, then slamming back in to the hilt, pressing his balls against her flesh.

He continued to piston her ass for almost two minutes before Cindy began to move again. Her hands, which had been laying limp at her sides, began to move up across her body, one hand grasping her left breast and the other moving down to her empty pussy. As Leon brutally sodomized her she began to pinch her nipple and frig her clit, small gasps coming from her mouth each time Leon slammed it home.

I watched transfixed, as my wife was assfucked, sodomized by this strange black man's massive cock, and loved it! She began to grunt words as he assfucked her.

"Fuck my ass! Fuck me in the ass! Yes, just like that!"

I couldn't believe it. I had no idea she liked it in the ass. Of course, that was my fault, as I had never even tried to do it to her. It was obvious that she loved it because here she was getting off on it from a stranger with the cock the size of a horse.

"Looks like your wife is a real ass slut. I think she loves having a Hershey ride!" grunted Leon as he continued to ass-fuck my wife.

He was now pulling his cock completely out of her ass before slamming it home, forcing her sphincter open with each stroke. And Cindy loved every inch of it.

She began to moan that she was cumming, which were the only intelligible sounds coming from her mouth. Leon picked up the pace even more, his glistening jet-black cock a blur as he pistoned it in and out of my wife's asshole.

Finally, after ten minutes of this, during which Cindy came almost continuously, Leon's strokes began to get erratic and his balls tightened.

"I'm busting my nut in your wife's ass!" he panted and buried it to the hilt and held it. I could see the base of his cock start to pulse as he shot his load into my wife's bowels.

"Oh yessss. You're cumming in my ass! Shoot your cum in my ass!", Cindy managed to gasp out and then her whole body was racked by another orgasm.

It was over and Leon leaned up, and suddenly whipped his cock out of Cindy's ass.

"Look at this, little man, I'd let you do her now, but I don't even think you'd touch the sides!" he laughed at me, still holding Cindy's legs so I could see her asshole. Her asshole was gaping hugely open, Leon's cum flowing freely out of it and running down to stain our bed.

Leaving Cindy lying on the bed in a heap, they dressed, took all the cash we had brought on our vacation and left. They tied us up very loosely and so we were able to untie ourselves but by the time we did and called the police they were long gone. Seems they weren?t even registered at the hotel and had snuck into the pool area earlier in the day without being guests of the hotel.

The next day, Cindy didn't say anything about her reaction to her brutal assault and how it had turned her on. I never knew Cindy desired anal and forced sex until I saw her reaction to it that night. All of this happened over a year ago and fortunately she did not get pregnant. Our sex life has returned to being mundane, except when we talk about what happened that night. Whenever we talk about it right before we go to bed she definitely gets turned on and it?s the only way I can get her to have an orgasm.

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