My Lovely Wife

Written by Heck / Jul 28, 2005


Jenny, my wife, walked into the house from the gym one evening last December whilst I was watching the game on Monday night and said, "I want to see those websites you?ve been on about.? I knew straight away what she meant but I was so surprised that all I could say was, "Which websites?? Jenny said, "About men watching their wives with other men.?

I was still so surprised, I?d fantasised about it, wanted it for years, and spoke to her about it in the bedroom and when we were drunk but she?d always been totally against it. I said,? I?m watching the game, what?s brought this on anyway?? She replied, "Karen and I have been talking, Pete?s been on at her the same as you and they?ve started going out to places where she dances with men whilst Pete watches but she won?t go any further. Well we want to know more about it.?

Karen is one of her best friends from the gym. I said,? O.K. but I?m watching the game, I?ll show you later in the week.? She stomped off upstairs.

Half an hour later she came back down stairs and I had to take my eyes off the screen because she was wearing her high heels, stockings and suspenders and a g-string, nothing else. She?d done her hair and make up and looked gorgeous.

Jenny is 35, slim, 34b tits, lovely big nipples, very slim and fit, works out at the gym every day, long brunette hair, simply gorgeous. She gets better with age. I?m 49, considered good looking but having to watch my weight. She posed against the door frame and said,? Now, do you want other guy?s to use me or not?? I stood up; I had difficulty in arranging my tackle in my shorts as my cock was rock hard. I said,? Wow, I?m not ready for this, what have you and Karen been saying? She said,? We can?t understand why you and Pete want us to go with other men, it seems disgusting, so we want to know more about it, then we?ll talk again and see what we?re going to do if anything.? I said,? I can?t believe you?ll do anything, you?ve always been so much against it.? She replied,? Well one thing Karen said is true, we?ve both only ever been with one man so it does make us curious about other men.? I said,? Come on then, I?ll see what we can find on the web.?

She sat in front of the computer whilst I showed her some web sites and groups. She looked at the images and read some forums and stories then said,? This is for real; you really want me to have another man?? She looked at my cock straining against my shorts and laughed, she said,? This really turns you on doesn?t it?? She continued to look at the images and read some more. She asked me,? What about this, this man goes down on his wife and licks her whilst there?s another guys cum in her.? I said,? Some of them like that, I don?t think I would but if you wanted me too I might.? She said,? This guy is helping the other guy to get his cock into the wife.? I said,? Now, that is something I?d like to do.? She said,? You?d touch another mans cock?? I said,? Only in those circumstances, if he couldn?t get it in.? She asked,? Steve, are you gay?? I said,? No, it just turns me on the thought of guiding another mans cock into my wife?s cunt. It?s just so deliciously naughty.? She said,? What?s all this about black men?? I said,? It?s a bit of a myth that?s built up about the size of black men?s cocks; really I think it?s just the contrast of black against white.?

I could see her nipples were sticking out and I felt her breasts, she sighed and turned to me, we kissed. I put my hand down to her pussy, she opened her legs and I slid two fingers into her and worked them in and out. She moaned and we kissed passionately. She then said, ?I just want to read a bit more.? I said,? What about a chat room?? She said,? OK?

We logged into a chat room and were soon in touch with some one but she didn?t like him, he was too coarse. Another guy was more to her liking and he asked her why we were chatting and what we were looking for. Jenny typed (My husband wants me to go with other men). He asked her, (Are you going to). She typed (I might). He asked her, was she going to take men?s cocks into her mouth and pussy. She typed (I might). He asked her, was she going to let her husband watch or just make him wait and tell him about it afterwards. She typed (I haven?t given it that much thought. I?m not even sure I could go through with it). He said, well give it a try see if you like it, he offered his services. She declined his offer and we logged out.

It was all getting too much for me and I had to have her, she was in complete agreement; we fucked there and then on the study floor. She asked, ?Are you imagining another man between my legs, fucking me like this?? I panted,? Oh, yes.? It didn?t last long but it was really satisfying. Afterwards I said,? So what do you think now then?? She said,? I?m not sure, I?m going to phone Karen? I showered and a while later she came and sat next to me and said, ? Well, Pete?s still up for it so I?m going out with Karen next Wednesday night.? I asked,? What about me? Aren?t me and Pete in on this?? She said,? We want to go out on our own this first time, we?d be more relaxed, not feel pressured; if you and Pete were there we?d feel embarrassed.? I said,? I?m not happy, I wanted this to be a shared thing.? She said,? I know, darling, I?m only trying this for you; if I manage to do it this time then we can see about what happens next time.? I said,? I don?t know, where are you going anyway?? She said,? A hotel near the airport, that?s where Pete?s been taking Karen, there?s music and a dance floor and always lots of men.? I asked,? So how far has Karen gone then?? She said,? Not as far as Pete wanted her to, she kissed a few men and let them feel her boobs.? I asked,? While Pete watched?? She said,? Yes, they?ve always had great sex afterwards.? I said,? but you don?t want us watching this time?? She said,? No, darling, I?m sorry but if a guys hitting on me and I see you, I know I couldn?t go through with it, my marriage vows would be too close; lets just see how it goes.?

Part 2

The next few days were very exciting and we had more sex than usual, Jenny bought a few new outfits and modelled them for me. The first couple I said weren?t sexy enough and I encouraged her to buy shorter skirts and more revealing tops.

Eventually Wednesday evening came and when I got in from work she was getting ready. After she?d showered she was starting to trim her bush, I asked if I could do it. So I shaved her pussy and left only a small strip of hair above her slit. I said,? I wonder if my handy work will be seen by anyone else tonight.? She said,? Well the way Karen?s talking she definitely decided to go through with it; Pete really wants her to do it.? I said,? I?ve never been as excited as I have this week; the thought that another guy will be pushing his cock in here later tonight is just such a brilliant thought. As long as you?re happy, just enjoy it. I love you so much and knowing that you can turn other men on just makes me proud and happy.?

I left her to get dressed and went to my study where I began to keep a journal entry, on my computer, called,? Jenny, her other life.? I wanted to keep as complete a record as I could of these events and conversations.

When Jenny eventually walked in she looked gorgeous. All in black, a black leather skirt that was very short indeed and black high heeled shoes, which showed her fabulous legs off to perfection, and a black, off the shoulder bask that, gave her lots of cleavage. No stockings but her tanned legs were just incredible. She did a twirl. She was wearing a black g-string. I said,? I?d like you to go out without your g-string.? She said,? No, my skirt is too short.? I said,? It would turn me on, the thought of you doing a Sharon Stone.? She said,? I?d look like a slut.? I said,? No, just hot.? She sighed and took them off; then did another twirl. I could just see her pussy; I said,? Perfect.? She laughed. She said,? Did you get me the rubbers?? I said,? No, I don?t want you to use a rubber tonight.? Jenny said,? No. That?s too dangerous.? I said,? I?m sure you?ll be careful about who you choose.? She asked,? But what if I get pregnant?? I said,? We?ll worry about that if it happens but tonight I want you to feel a bare cock and pussy full of cum? She laughed,? You really want the whole thing don?t you. God it?s making me wet just thinking about it now.? I pushed my index finger into her pussy; she was nice and juicy. She pushed my hand away and said,? Not now, cuckold, I?m saving that for another man?s cock tonight.? I said,? Wow, you?re really getting into it, but you haven?t made me a cuckold yet.? We had a couple of glasses of wine whilst waiting for Karen to arrive in the taxi. When she did I let her in whilst Jenny did a couple of girly things. I said,? You look gorgeous.? She smiled and said,? Thanks.? She was wearing a skirt that was just as short as Jenny?s and a blouse that was almost see-through; I could just about see her nipples; just to make sure her buttons were well undone to show off a fabulous cleavage to her magnificent 36c boobs. I gave her a glass of wine and when she sat down I saw she was wearing knickers.

I asked,? What?s Pete doing?? She replied,? Just watching TV.? I said,? I would never have thought he was like this.? She replied,? He said the same about you but from what I?ve been reading; lots of men are but just daren?t admit it. I said,? Well, it?s good for you and Karen.? She said,? I?ll tell you after tonight whether I like it or not. It seems really weird to Jenny and I.? I said,? I thought you?d already tried it.? She said,? Not all the way just a few gropes, it was kind of exciting and Pete loved watching but I was never sure; anyway this is a whole new ball game; we?ll see.? Karen came in and they gave each other hug and said how nice the other looked. They were ready to go, Karen kissed me and said goodbye. I said,? Try and call to let me know how you?re getting on.? I watched them tottering out to the cab in their skimpy outfits and high heels; I thought,? the guys are in for real treat when they see them tonight.?

Part 3 I continued my journal entry but my cock was rock hard as I wondered what Jenny was doing. How many men were looking at her, wanting her? How would she flirt with them? This was all just so good.

I watched TV for a while and eventually fell asleep on our bed. I was awakened by the telephone, I looked at the clock, it was 2 30 in the morning. I answered it; it was Karen,? Jenny asked me to ring you and let you know that you have got what you wished for.? I asked,? but why hasn?t she rung me herself.? Karen replied,? Because her mouths rather full at present.? I asked,? What with.? She replied,? She?s sucking on a large black cock.? I said,? My god, she?s doing it right now.? She said,? She?s being a very naughty girl; she?s on a bed with a guy fucking her whilst she sucks his friends cock.? I felt breathless and I could only say,?Oh my, oh my. That?s not naughty that?s very good? Karen said,? Jenny rang Pete whilst I was busy so I?m returning the favour.? I asked,? Did you pull a guy each?? She said,? Oh, no, there?s five guys here, two that Jenny pulled and three that I met.? I said,? My god, this is your first night, you said you were unsure about doing anything, I never really believed Jenny would.?? She replied,? The guys were so nice it?s been really easy; especially knowing it?s what you and Pete wanted us to do. I?m going to have to go because there are two large black cocks being waved about in my face; I think they?re getting impatient. Jenny had them a while ago and now they?re ready again. Anyway she?s enjoying herself and you?ve got your wish.? I said,? Are they all black guys?? She didn?t answer for a while; then she said,? Sorry, Dave, I just had to suck those two cocks to keep them happy; yes, they are all black guys, look I?m going, see you later.? After she?d gone I lay there panting with excitement, feeling dizzy and light headed; imagining what Jenny was doing. Those two men fucking my wife; two black cocks fucking her, using her. But it wasn?t just two men; I couldn?t believe it, five men using my wife?s pussy and mouth.

The telephone rang again, this time it was Pete, he said,? Dave, how you doing?? I said,? Fine, yourself?? He replied,? Good, Jenny rang me, have you heard what they?re doing?? I said,? Yes, Karen just rang me and said Jenny was busy with a guy at each end.? Pete said,? Jenny rang me and told me what Karen was doing, it was my greatest fantasy; she was taking three guys on at once? I said,? Three?? He said,?Yeah, you know; one up the ass as well as pussy and mouth.? I said,? Wow; I thought they only did that in porn; I?ve read about it but never really believed it; I wonder if Jenny will do that now she seen Karen at it? That?s one thing I never fantasised about? He said,? I bet she will; have you been stroking yourself.? I said,? No, I wouldn?t last a second if I touched myself.? He said, ?How can you not touch yourself when you know you?re wife is in a hotel room with five guys getting her brains fucked out. Go on man; stroke yourself. Dave, I?ve cum twice thinking about Karen and I?m still hard.? I didn?t take much convincing my cock was soon in my hand and I pumped it fast. I said, ?God that?s good.? He said, ?I told you so. It?s funny isn?t it I never thought you and I would be sitting alone and wanking whilst talking about our wives getting fucked by a gang of black men.? He was panting from the effort of his stroking but he continued talking, ?You know Dave, I wish I?d known before about you wanting to watch Jenny because I?ve wanted to fuck her for years. We?ll have to get together to see if she?ll let me. Do you want to fuck Karen?? I gasped back to him,? I?ve always wanted to wrap her tits round my cock and fuck her tits until I shot my load all over them? He was panting hard and said,? Oh, nice one, I?d love to see that.? I said, ?Jesus? I?m cumming.? I then blew off all over my belly. Pete said,? I bet you?re still hard.? I said,? Not just now, but I think I soon will be: I?ll speak to you later.? I hung up. I cleaned myself up and lay on the bed.

Part 4

When I woke up at 9 30, Jenny was asleep in bed next to me, I was late for work so I didn?t get chance to speak to her until that evening. I said,? Well, you seemed to enjoy yourself, are you glad I talked you into it?? She kissed me and said,? Are you happy I did it?? I replied,? Of course I am, the thought of you in that hotel room with five guys has kept me hard all day. I need you now.? I reached my hand under her skirt and my fingers found her pussy and worked them in and out then pulled her knickers to one side and I buried my face in her pussy and pushed my tongue into her. I pulled away a moment and said, ?So you had five cocks in here then.? She said,? No, it was seven; I do feel such a slut, that?s what they kept calling us.? I said,? Karen said it was five.? She replied, ? The hotel had a complaint about the noise coming from our room and two security guards came up, they thought we were hookers and were going to throw us out; they guys convinced them that we were just sluts and offered them a go with us, so they stayed and did us as well.?

I buried my face in her pussy again and slurped away. She asked,? So you really don?t mind that you?re married to a slut?? I said,? You?ve made me a very happy man and how many married man can say that? Were the guys nice to you?? She replied,? Yes, I suppose so, the way they talked to us took a bit of getting used to; they kept saying, suck on this bitch or open your mouth, slut; you know stuff like that.? I said,? That?s not too bad; and Pete says that Karen took on three at once, I wondered if you had as well?? She replied,? Karen looked as though she enjoyed it but I wasn?t sure, the guys were a bit rough with me about that, the first one in my ass really hurt for a while, it made me make a lot of noise, and they guys were cheering him on; I think that?s when the security were called; but after a while I began to get used to it, I can?t say its my favourite though.? I said,? So you had a cock in your pussy, a cock in your ass and a cock in your mouth? I had never fantasised about that. I didn?t really think normal people did that, only the porn people. Was it easy to do?? She replied,? Not really especially when sometimes there were two or three guys with their cocks in my face wanting me to blow them.? I said,? You must have been covered in cum? She said,? I had a couple of showers to freshen up.? I asked,? what was it like then, the first cock you had last night, how did you feel??

She grinned,? I was so hot that I just pulled it into me, he was big and so hard and he fucked me like his life depended on it. I climaxed really quickly. As soon as he finished another one started fucking me; that kept happening all night. I can?t remember how many times I did it.? I said,? My god, fantastic; I wish I could have seen it.? She said,? Well if you still want me to do these things; I think I?d like you to see me doing it.?

I said,? Of course I want you to do it again and by the way Pete phoned whilst you two were busy and he desperately wants to fuck you.? She said,? but you always said you didn?t want me to fuck your friends, just strangers from outside our circle.? I said,? Pete?s different because he knows about our new lifestyle; he and Karen are the same as us.? She said,? and I suppose you want to fuck Karen; well you deserve a treat, shall I invite them over tonight.? I said,? Not just yet.? I fucked her there and then on the lounge floor. Part 5

At ten that evening Pete and Karen came around, I let them in; Karen was dressed in a tiny skirt and skimpy top. I said to her, ?you look fabulous.? She laughed and said,? Pete tells me you?ve got plans for these.? She lifted her top to flash me her tits. I gasped and looked at Pete, he nodded, and I reached out for them and filled my hands with her fabulous tits. I caressed them and held her nipples, rolling them gently. I had a severe hard-on. I then heard Jenny,? It didn?t take you three long to get started.? I turned and saw that she was wearing red high heeled shoes, red stockings and suspenders, a red g-string; nothing else. My cock got even harder.

Pete said,? Jesus Christ, Jenny you look fantastic.? He walked over to her and kissed her on the lips, and then each of her breasts then got down on his knees to bury his face between her legs. Jenny said,? Slow down, lets have a drink and I want talk to Karen.? I poured the drinks whilst the two girls chatted. They asked how the other felt, whether they were sore and ached. Pete asked them,? What do you think of me and Dave now.? Karen said,? I still can?t understand why you?re not jealous, why you want to be cuckolds, but you still love us and you don?t seem to want the same freedom yourselves; alright you want Jenny and Dave wants me, I can live with that but not much more. I can go ahead and do more things like that? it was exciting and very enjoyable; all right most people would think I was a slut but we don?t care, they just don?t understand. So Karen and I will continue to fuck other guys; for as long as you want us to.? Pete asked,? Which bit did you like best.? Jenny said,? Lots of it, but when we were dancing the guys found out I wasn?t wearing any knickers, as they danced with me they started fingering my pussy; I came right there on the dance floor so many times. Then in the hotel room, just seeing all those naked men with their hard cocks waggling about, knowing they all wanted me.? I asked,? How big were their cocks??

Karen said,? The two lads that Jenny pulled were really gorgeous with big cocks; the three I pulled were older and married, not so fit but with good big cocks. Jenny said,? The two security guards were both about sixty and we were a real treat for them; they both blew off nearly straight away. Then they took ages to get hard again, they had to watch the others doing us first.? Pete said,? What was your best bit, Karen.? She said,? I didn?t want to go out dressed the way Pete asked me to dress but once we got to the club and all the men gathered round us, saying how gorgeous we were, I really enjoyed it. They groped my tits loads of times and yes I was fingered on the dance floor a few times as well. Other than that I enjoyed sucking on those lovely cocks and having them cum in my mouth.?

I asked,? How many orgasms did you have?? Jenny replied,? Not that many, I had one right at the beginning, then I had to wait ages for the second. The guys were all cumming too quickly. I was just really comfortable and happy being fucked so much.? Karen said,? I had a few cums but not as many as you would think; we were being fucked more or less non stop for nearly 2 hours.? Pete said,? My god, I?m ready for a fuck, are you ladies ready to mess about a bit now.? Karen said,? Jenny, has your cuckold told you what these two did last night?? Jenny said,? What do you mean?? Karen said,? About the phone call?? Jenny,? He said, Pete phoned.? Karen said,? They both wanked whilst they talked about what we were doing.? Jenny looked at me and said,? You were that turned on?? I said,? Absolutely.?

Karen laughed and said,? Well Jenny shall we try out each others cuckold for a change?? Jenny walked over to Pete and sat next to him, they kissed. My cock was fit to burst out of my pants as I watched my wife with another man; I watched his hands feeling her tits. Then Karen said,? Come on then Dave we?re wasting time.?

She took her top off, then her skirt and g-string. I slipped out of my clothes and my cock stood up, hard. She laughed, now where does that want to go. She wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled it towards her mouth; she slid her lips up and down it, I was in ecstasy. I glanced over and saw Jenny?s naked ass in the air as she sucked Pete?s cock. Pete grinned at me and said,? Now this is the life, don?t you think?? I said,? It?s not bad is it.? I pulled my cock from Karen?s mouth and positioned her so that I could put it between her tits; she folded them around it and said,? Is that what you want?? I nodded and fucked my cock between her tits. I was just so ready and I could only last a few strokes; I gasped and said,? I?m sorry I can?t wait.? She panted,? Just do it, just cum; cover my tits with your cum.? That was it then, I blew off and cum sprayed all over her tits and face and into her hair. I just let out a deep breath and said,? That was fantastic.? I leaned forward and we kissed; my cum being spread around our faces as we did so. She panted,? That was pretty exciting. Pete?s never done that.? I looked over and saw that Jenny was on top of Pete and she was sliding her pussy up and down on his cock. For the first time I was watching my wife fuck another guy. I had always fantasised about seeing Jenny from behind in this position watching another man?s cock moving in and out of her pussy; I loved seeing her like this. Pete?s hands gripped her ass as he timed his pushes with Jenny?s movements.

I was hard again, I reached for Karen and lay her down, I got between her legs and began to fuck her. I was so turned on by seeing Jenny fucking Pete that I was soon ready to cum again. I had to stop looking towards Jenny so that I could control myself. I had to wait for Karen to cum first. I fucked her as hard as I could but I had to keep pausing. After a few minutes she started to say,? I?m cumming; I?m cumming. Keep going.? I increased my speed; I was gasping for air and sweating. At last she shuddered, screeched and climaxed; I relaxed and my cock pulsed it?s cum into her pussy.? I fell off her and lay back and gasped for air. She lay next to me panting. I looked over to where Pete and Jenny had been. Pete was sitting on the couch watching us, wanking and smiling. Jenny wasn?t in the room. Pete said,? You looked as though you enjoyed fucking my wife, buddy.? I said,? Very, very nice. Where?s Jenny?? He said,? She?s just gone to clean herself up.? Karen stood up and went to the bathroom as well. Pete said,? I loved seeing Karen?s tits bounce around whilst you did her.? Pete said,? Did it turn you on watching me fuck Jenny?? I replied,? I loved seeing her like that, did you cum in her pussy?? He said,? Filled it right up, my friend; over flowing.? The two girls returned and Karen said,? Come on Pete its late we?d better go.? Pete said,? Look I?ve been asked by my company to sort out entertainment for some guys who are flying in from Europe. I?m supposed to get them some girls in a lap dancing bar.? He continued,? I?ve tried to get some tables but every where?s booked there?s a new club opening but the manager is short of girls; he?s still re-cruiting. Do you girls want to be in on it?? Jenny said,? How many are there, what will we be expected to do?? Pete said,? As far as I know there are four directors and some of their technical and sales staff, about twelve in all, and a few from our side, so maybe fifteen to twenty. So you?d dance and flash your tits. I told him I?d try and find some more girls; he said he?d think about it, he needs to be able to trust you.? Karen said,?I need to think about it but anyway won?t your people recognise me?? He said,? They don?t know you that well, they?ve only met you once at the ?do? last year and they won?t expect to see you there. By the time you?ve got your stage make up on I don?t think any one will know you.? Jenny said,? I don?t mind as long as its only dancing, will we get any lessons and costumes.? Pete said,? That?s an idea, I?ll sort that out.?

Part 6

After they?d gone Jenny said,? Pete and Karen have invited those two young guys who I pulled last night, round to their house for tomorrow so that he can video them fucking her.? I said,? Nice one, what do you want to do?? She said,? Haven?t we done enough this week?? I said,? Well, I still want to see you with a new guy. There?s a club which has got quite a reputation for hot women; I thought we might go there tomorrow night.? She smiled and said,? I don?t mind, it could be fun.? The next night we booked into a hotel near the club and she dressed In a short white skirt and sexy silk blouse; no under-wear, and we went to the club. There were lots of men and a fair few women, some of them young and single; some of them middle aged but not with men; others obviously couples. Jenny and I stood at the bar until a guy came over and asked her to dance, she went off with him and she was soon dancing in a sexy way with him. They danced for a while then a slow dance came on and they moved close together; they wrapped their arms around each other and his hands rested on her bum.

They kissed. My cock was rock hard. I was startled when a guy next to me said,? They look good together.? I saw a good looking black guy about my age, I said,? I?m sorry?? He laughed and said,? Don?t worry I?m in the same situation; that?s my wife in the yellow dress dancing next to your wife.? I looked and saw that his wife was the gorgeous black woman I?d noticed; she was kissing a young white guy. I said,? She?s beautiful? He said,? I haven?t seen you here before is this is your first time here. ? I asked,? Yes, it is.? He asked,? What?s your situation?? I said,? I?m sorry?? He said,? You seem to be enjoying watching your wife with that young guy; so is she hot.? I answered,? I?ve only just met you.? He laughed and said,? Look, My name is Jack and my wife is Helen.? We shook hands whilst I told him our names. I smiled back at him. He continued,? We?ve been coming here and other places like it for a couple of years. I think you?ll understand what I mean when I say that Helen is a hot wife.? I said,? Yes.? He said,? So all I?m asking is, is Jenny a hot wife?? I said,? Only just.? He grinned and asked,? What does that mean?? I felt confident enough to reply,? She went out two nights ago and cuckolded me.? He said,? that obviously made you happy, or else you wouldn?t be here now; so who?s idea was it??

I answered,? I?ve been at her to try it for a few years; it was only when she found out one of her best friends had been pestered by her husband as well that she agreed to try it.? I asked,? Does it still give you pleasure being a cuckold?? He replied,? I never tire of it, whether I watch her or hear about it afterwards; so what did your wife do last Wednesday?? I answered,? She and her friend went out together and had some fun.? He asked,? Fun?? I said,? They ended up in a hotel room with five guys.? He said,? Nice way to start.? I said,? I couldn?t believe she?d actually done it with one guy, never mind five.? He laughed,? Your wife is very attractive she?ll get plenty of offers.. Most of the women in this place are married and out looking for ?fun?.? He then said,? The guys come here because there?s so much available pussy.? I asked,? How do you get treated; I mean because you?re a cuckold? You let your wife do what she wants with other men; most people would say it was a bit weird.? He replied,? You get the occasional ignorant obnoxious man who thinks he can treat me like shit but mostly they want to be nice so they can get between Helen?s legs.? His wife came back first with the young guy and I was introduced to them; we stood chatting as I watched Jenny still dancing and kissing the guy on the dance floor. Helen asked,? does it make you hard watching her doing that? Jack loves watching me with other guys in public places.? I said,? I?m new to this but yes, I?m rock hard.? She laughed and said,? You men are amazing.? Jenny came back with her young man and introductions were made all around.

Jenny and Helen then went off to the dance floor again; the two young guys hung around us obviously not willing to give up hope on our wives. The two girls were trying to out dance each other in the sexy stakes and were really very horny indeed.

The girls were then joined by two black guys and danced with them for a while; they were soon involved in some heavy kissing. Jenny and her guy went to a side of the dance floor against a wall. I could see, as could everyone else who cared to look that his hands were busy under her tiny skirt. During the next hour Jenny and Helen danced with several men whilst Jack and I got to know each other; he pointed out to me several men in the room who had fucked his wife. He also introduced me to some of the other hot wives who were friends of his and Helen?s.

When it came time to leave they invited us to their hotel room for a party with some of the guys; Jack said,? Helen?s in a serious mood for fucking, she?s pulled two of the bouncers she?s been interested in for a while she could do with some help from Jenny with the other guys for a while.?

When we got to the hotel Helen and the two bouncers disappeared into the bedroom; leaving Jenny with Jack and the five young men. Jenny wasn?t fazed at all and laughed as she was stripped naked; she looked over at me and pouted a kiss. She then got down on her knees as six hard cocks surrounded her; taking the first one into her mouth she reached out to take another into each hand. She sucked each of the cocks in turn until Jack said,? Come on I?m ready for a fuck; I?ll take her cunt first, you guys decide who has her ass.?

Jack lay down and Jenny lowered her pussy onto his cock, when he was fully in one of the other guys pushed into her ass; the other four guys stood near her face so that she could suck them. I was sitting on the couch, with my trousers round my ankles as I masturbated. This was more than all my fantasies, I loved it.? Jenny worked the guy?s cocks; they were gasping, grunting and groaning as they pushed into her and neared their climax. Jenny was panting and saying,? Come on you bastards, fuck me, make me cum.? After about ten to fifteen minutes the two bouncers walked naked back into the room; my eyes noticed their heavy cocks and balls slapping against their legs. A couple of minutes later they were followed by Helen who was also naked; she had her high heeled shoes on. She looked incredible, one of the most beautiful women I?ve ever seen in my life. She sat on the couch next to me and took my cock into her hand and worked it up and down as she watched her husband with my wife. I put my arm around her and fondled her tits. Jack on seeing her panted and wiped the sweat from his face,? Did you have a good time darling?? Helen grinned and replied,? Excellent.? He panted,? They didn?t take long.? She said,? I didn?t give them chance, I needed it hard and fast.? The guys rocked in and out of my wife until the guy in her ass pumped his cream into her; once he?d pulled out Jack increased his efforts and he quickly followed up by pumping his jiz into my wife?s pussy.

One of the men who she had been blowing then rolled her over and pushed his cock into her; Jenny put her legs up and over his shoulders, he fucked her hard but he didn?t last long and a third deposit of spunk was pumped into my wife after only a couple of minutes. The fourth man, who I had noticed had a very long cock then pushed into Jenny and she again wrapped her legs around his shoulders, he was a powerful guy and her body was pushed back as he rammed his big cock into her. Jenny was moaning and grunting as he fucked her. Despite his power and strength, Jenny was too much for him he too fucked her for only a minute before cumming into her. It was all getting too much for me, I was close to cumming; Helen leant over and took my cock into her mouth working it for a few seconds then took a load of my cum into her mouth and swallowed it all. Jack stood holding her hand, smiling as he watched her. I relaxed and sat back.

The two remaining guys then positioned Jenny on her hands and knees; one lay down so that Jenny could lower herself onto his large black cock and once she was fully loaded in her cunt the guy pushed his hard black cock into her arse and tried to get into a rhythm. The two bouncers couldn?t wait any longer, one of then said,? This slut is hot; I?ve got to have some of this.? He pushed his massive black cock into Jenny?s mouth and the other stood next to him pushing his black hard-on into her face and smearing the pre-cum on her cheek. They were fit, healthy young men but Jenny was too much for them; they were just too turned on and she soon had them panting to completion. The guy in her pussy slammed into her as he came; the other guy pushed hard at her he too climaxed into her. The bouncer then pushed his cock into Jenny?s pussy almost in desperation as he came almost immediately with a long sigh of contentment. Finally in this phase the last guy pushed into her cunt and pounded away for a few minutes until he too with a tremendous grunt climaxed into her.

I had never before seen another man cum into my wife (I hadn?t seen Pete finish) now in the space of about fifteen minutes I had watched eight men pump their jiz into her. Jenny and I went to the bathroom. I said to her,?You were incredible. I love you so much.? We kissed. She said,? I want to get freshened up then make an entrance like the one Helen did; where she walked in looking gorgeous.? I said?Yeah, but no-one took any notice of her, they were all too intent on you. Every one of those guys is younger than you but none of them could control their cocks around you.? She said,? It?s a bit disappointing; I haven?t cum yet. I want another go at those guys, there?s some real hunks out there, those two Helen had, have got fabulous cocks, I want them in me.? She continued,? What about you, have you enjoyed it; or are you having any doubts about being a cuckold with a slut wife?? I answered,? None at all; I can?t tell you how good it is watching you being fucked.? She said,? It?s shocking to think how much I?ve changed in the last three days; I used to be a normal happy house wife and mother, now look at me. I hope the kids never find out what a slut their mother is.? I said,? Why should they. But yes, things have changed, for the better, that?s sixteen men you?ve fucked in three days; I don?t know how many times you?ve been fucked or how many blow jobs or how many men have had their fingers in your pussy. Sixteen men have had their cocks in you; excellent.? She laughed and said,? I have been busy; now go away, cuckold, whilst I freshen up.?

I went back through to the lounge and saw that Helen was on her knees, with all the three white guys around as she sucked their cocks in turn. She wasn?t being gentle with them and was slurping away noisily. Jack was sat at the corner bar with a drink, the three other guys, all black, with him. Jack asked me,? Where?s Jenny? Is she coming out as you can see, we need her.? All five guys were displaying significant erections, which they were idly stroking. My own cock immediately became hard on seeing them. They were hard because they wanted to fuck my wife; I was hard because I wanted to see them do it.

I said,? She?s cleaning herself up.? Jack said,? She?s really hot, I was a bit surprised she took our cocks so easily; she?s not been used to cocks this size. What do you think if these then?? He indicated the assembled black erections. I said,? Impressive, size isn?t everything though, Jenny hasn?t cum yet, despite your big cocks, so she?s not satisfied; and Helen looks happy with those three guys.? Helen was by now sitting on one guy riding his cock whilst the other two vied for the attention of her mouth. Her beautiful breasts bouncing around as she rode him. Jack took hold of Roger?s cock and held it, rubbing it and said,? Here Dave, feel this, feel what Karen is gonna be getting in a few minutes.? I replied,? No thanks, I?ll take your word for it.? Jack said,? Dave don?t be such a wimp, we?re all in the same boat here; Roger?s wife met two guys at the club, she?s in a hotel with them; Simon, what?s Suzie doing.?

Simon replied,? She?s stripping tonight at a frat party.? Jack said,? Just stripping?? Simon replied,? I doubt it she usually likes to fuck a few guys at those do?s.? I asked,? Is she on her own?? He replied,? No, there?ll be two or three girls.? I asked,? Are they all married?? He replied,? A lot of the girls are, quite a few are from the club. Why do you think Jenny will be interested?? I replied,? I?m not sure.? Mike said,? Alison?s away for the week-end with one of her regular bulls and three of his friends.? Andy said,? Sharon met a guy at the club she?s gone with him.? I said,? Jesus, I had no idea, so you?re all cuckolds.? Jack said,? No, you?re a cucky, you just want to watch, we just want as much pussy as we can get and we don?t mind what our wives do as long as we get what we want.? I said,? but you get pleasure from watching Helen in action.? He replied,? Yes, of course that?s only natural.? I wasn?t convinced by his argument that they weren?t cuckolds but it was only a small point and not worth worrying about; at the end of the day their wives fucked other men. Jack said,? Dave, have a feel of this.?

I placed my hand around Rogers cock, at least I tried to but my hand wasn?t big enough. I then realised what a prodigious feat it had been for Jenny to get it into her mouth and pussy. I found myself rubbing Rogers?s cock getting used to its warmth. Simon said,? Here, try mine.? I found that I could encompass his cock but that it was a couple of inches longer than Rogers. So there I was standing in a group of black men rubbing each of their cocks in turn; getting used to their size and movement and heat. After a couple of minutes of wanking them I?d had enough but my own cock was fit to burst at the thought of seeing these five men with their large cocks doing my wife again. I love her so much and I needed to see her being fucked by these superb penises. I sipped my drink as I watched Helen in action. Jack was smiling as he watched his wife sucking and fucking the three young white guys. Simon said,? I wish Jenny would hurry up, I need a fuck; who?s gonna do her first. We can?t be fighting over her.? Jack said,? I?ll have her first as I?ve provided the other pussy tonight.? Roger said,? I don?t mind, I think she?s so beautiful that I want to decorate her face with my jizz.? Mike said,? I like that idea, I?d like to see her face covered in cum.? Andy said,? It?s been a while since I?ve seen that so I?ll do that as well.? Jack said,? O.K. then, you three can cream her face whilst Simon and I fuck her; just try not to get too much on me.?

My god how I loved this, having men talk about my wife in this way; this was more than I?d ever dreamed about. Only last Monday night, five nights ago she?d never had any other cock than mine, now she was a fabulous cock slut. Brilliant. Jenny walked back into the room, naked apart from her jewellery and her six-inch high-heeled shoes. She looked gorgeous; in my opinion the most beautiful of the three naked women I?d seen in the last two nights. Yes, both Karen and Helen had bigger boobs but Jenny had the long legs, long body, perfect physique and cover girl looks that set her apart. The five men around me muttered appreciatively. Jenny laughed as their cocks waved at her. She said,? My, my, what are you boys going to do with those?? Simon reached for her boobs and groped them. Andy slid his hand between her legs and Roger kissed her. Jenny pulled away and said,? Slow down, boys, I need a drink first.? Jack poured her drink as she leant against the bar. Andy was still feeling between her legs, he obviously hit the spot because she moaned and squirmed and then turned and kissed him; full on with her hands around his neck.

Jack moved behind her and probed her arse with his cock. She reached back and took hold of it, wanking him. Jack turned her around so that she leant against the bar and then placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt; or at least he tried to but he couldn?t get it in. He was beginning to lose his erection in frustration. It was getting tense. She said,? You?re rushing me, I?m still a bit dry; Dave, darling, come and help me out, get down and lick me so that Jack can fuck me.? I was conscious of all eyes on me as I got down in front of her and then began to lick my wife?s cunt. Jack was still pushing at her and his cock was nudging my face; Jenny began to feel moist and squirmed on my tongue, Jack kept probing away and his bell end moved to my lips, I licked the end of it. He pushed forward, into my mouth; I gagged and pulled away.

Jack was rock hard again and I held his cock and guided him into my wife?s cunt. He immediately went in to the balls and I was there, right there, as his cock slid in and out of her against my face. Jenny held my head against her pussy and I could feel Jacks cock inside her. I felt her adjust position, she was leaning on my shoulders so that she could bend forward more and when I looked up I saw that Roger was sitting on a bar stool behind me and pushing his cock into her mouth. Jack continued fucking her hard and fast. At last for the first time that night Jenny had an orgasm, panting in pleasure as she reached her climax. Jack wasn?t far behind her and he grunted as he came. Jenny held my head and said,? stay there my sweet cuckold.? Then Jacks cum dribbled out her pussy and onto my face, I knew what she wanted me to do; I licked away all the surplus juice until she was clean. She went back to sucking Rogers?s cock. Simon then took over and positioned her on the floor with some cushions under her head. He pushed his cock into her pussy whilst Roger, Mike and Andy knelt on the floor next to her face wanking and pushing their cocks in turn into her mouth.

I watched Simon?s muscular buttocks as he thrust his cock in and out of Jenny; she put her legs over his shoulders and grunted with the force of his fucking and she had her second orgasm of the night. The three men around her face were masturbating furiously as they sought their climax and their wish to see my wife?s face covered with their jizz. It all began to happen at once; Simon quickened his pace as he reached his climax, slamming into her as he pumped his cum into her pussy. He collapsed onto her but then at the shouted warnings of the other three he got out of the just as they spurted their jizz onto Jenny?s face. There was a moment?s surprised look on her face but then she closed her eyes, as her face was deluged with cum. There was an ocean of it. It covered her face and hair. It was in her eyes. Some of it ran down her chin onto her neck; some of it sprayed onto her breasts, as the guy?s aim was less accurate in the final pulses. They all sighed with contentment and continued wanking until their cocks were finally empty. Roger said,? Now that is one beautiful slut.? Mike said,? One of the best I?ve seen.? Jenny was wiping cum from her eyes and trying to open them. She said,? Where?s my husband, come here and help me out, I can?t open my eyes.?

I wiped spunk from her with my fingers and then licked my fingers clean but then decided to just drink it from her face. I licked around her eyes so that she could open them. She looked at me and laughed. She said,? That was amazing, don?t take it all off yet I want to see myself.? We went to the bathroom together and she looked at herself in the mirror. She laughed again. She said,? I loved all of that, even you drinking the spunk to help me get clean. Now, cuckold, get down and clean my pussy whilst I do my face.? I licked Simon?s juice from her pussy until it was clean. My own cock was fit to burst. Jenny said,? I suppose you want me to get rid of that for you.? I said,? Yes, please.? She said,? OK, then I?ll blow you before I do my make-up.? She sucked me but I didn?t last long and quickly spurted cum into her mouth. She sucked me clean. Jenny started doing her make up. She said,? I think that?s enough for tonight, we?ll go back to our hotel now.?

On entering the other room I saw that Helen had also finished and was getting dressed, the party was breaking up. I exchanged phone numbers with Jack and the others. I also mentioned to Jack about Pete?s need for some girls to do a show. Jack simply said he?d sort it all out; Simon also expressed an interest in it for his wife. Jenny came out looking gorgeous again. We went down to the hotel lobby, it was 3 30am but there were still a lot of people about and the groups of men eyed my wife with lust in their eyes. I couldn?t get enough of it.

(I?ve been meaning to send these events for ages but never got around to it, there is more; when I?ve tidied it up and finalised the wording. I may get around to it.)
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