A Black Baby, Maybe?

Written by Deena / Sep 12, 2005



I have read messages where white males want to get their wives to accept sex with black males Here is what my husband did. . . . Melvin, his boss, was a black male in his early thirties, and he had ben at our house several times with my husband's poker group. He was very nice, always so cheerful and considerate. Our small sons, 3 and 5, really liked him. Every time he came to our house he played with the boys,.

Well, after one of the dinner dates my husband, Gary, laughingly smirked and said that Mel wanted to ?get into my panties.?. Over the next several days my husband made other remarks about Mel and hinted that he bet I would like to get in bed with him. I don?t think I ever replied to his remarks, but maybe I did.

Then one day my hubby told me that he was hoping to get promoted to office manager. Mel was co-owner of the company, and it would be his decision. He reiterated how Mel wanted to have sex with me, and if I would have sex with Mel, he would be a shoo-in for the job. I did not want to do such a thing. At first I refused to even discuss it, but Gary kept at me. He reminded me about our financial problems, and how his low-paying job was hurting us.. Eventually I relented, and listened to what he wanted me to do to help him secure his promotion. My husband seemed delighted, and the next day he informed me that he had arranged a date for me with his boss

The Big Event occurred a couple nights later. Mel took me out to dinner and Gary stayed home with our boys. After a wonderful dinner we went to Mel?s condo that he shared with his mother and sister. They were out of town. After a tour of the place and another glass of wine we went into Mel?s bedroom.

What a wonderful introduction to black sex. I was very nervous and tense, and Mel realized it. He suggested we shower together, but I just couldn?t do that. I did undress in front of him, and I watched him disrobe. I did want to see what I was getting into - or rather what was going to be getting into me. He had been a football player in college, and he had a great body. Gary , my husband, is six feet tall, and Mel was perhaps an inch taller. With his big broad shoulder he was probably thirty pounds heavier than Gary. I remember noticing how dark his genitals were. He was chocolate brown, but his penis was coal-black, a charcoal black.

At dinner Mel had told me rather crudely what he planned to do to me in bed, so I fully expected him to jump on me and treat me rather roughly, but I was wrong, way wrong. We lay there for at least 15minutes, with Mel gently exploring me with his fingers while we talked about everything but sex. I did not touch him until he took my hand and placed it on his penis. I could feel it gradually growing in my hand. And I could feel the excitement building in me, too. I think every woman likes to feel their lover?s penis growing in their hand, and realizing the sexual power we have over the male animal. Soon he began suckling tentatively on my breast, but not nearly the way I had feared. And in a few more minutes he had his face on my genitals. I soon realized that his tongue was larger than Gary?s - or at least he flitted it farther into my vagina. He soon had me squirming and writhing with pleasure. I did have to stop him when he used his tongue too hard on my clitoris. He apologized, telling me how eager he was to fill me with his penis. And I was ready for that, too.

I had wanted to feel Mel?s sex organ after it was fully erect, but I did not have the chance until he was ready to enter me. I did feel it while I guided him in. I realized that his tumescent organ was much fatter than my husband?s, and as soon as he slowly and gently pushed the swollen head of his engorged penis into my vagina I received some feelings like I had never felt before. And when he began slowly moving his member back and forth I was in heaven. It was better than any of my fantasies - better than anything I had ever felt in my vagina. He was killing me with pleasure, and when I felt his warm semen filling me I knew that this was the best insemination I had ever had. I seldom felt my husband?s ejaculation. Usually I only knew that he had ejaculated when his semen began leaking out of me later. But Mel let me know. He went ?Oh, oh, oh, my God_ Oh, oh, it is so good, so good. Oh, oh.? No doubt I was pleasing him.

But the best for me was yet to come. Mel was able to resume thrusting so gently after expelling all his semen. Feeling his ejaculation and knowing that I had given him so much pleasure, combined with the stimulation of his penile movements, brought me to having the most wonderful - and longest - orgasm I had ever had. And it was the very first time I had ever had a vaginal orgasm. My husband always had to use his fingers after he climaxed in order to stimulate me to an orgasm. I had heard and read so much about vaginal orgasms, but I had long ago decided it would never happen to me.

We had sex a second time before we left his bed, but I did not quite reach that wonderful plateau of pleasure again. I do know that I fulfilled my role as a sex partner, though, and that I gave Mel a great deal of pleasure.

I did pay a price for it, however. I had used my diaphragm for birth control, and whenever I use it I leak copiously afterward. By the time Mel had me back home my panty was drenched - and I am afraid that his car seat was very wet, too.

Of course my hubby had to know all the details, and of course I did not tell him everything. I wanted to know the length of Mel?s sex organ. All I could tell him was that it was about the same length as his. After some prodding, I admitted that Mel?s penis was fatter than his. Tried not to answer most of his intimate questions, although in the following days I did tell my husband more details of that sexual encounter.

He was eager to get me in bed after I finished washing. I knew that he wanted sex, and I knew that I could not refuse him, although that was the last thing I wanted that night. It turned out all right for me, but not so good for my poor husband. He tried so hard, but he could not attain an erection. I even tried to help, but to no avail. That had never happened before. I felt sorry for him, but I found it amusing. I was able to go to sleep quickly, and I was all too aware that Mel?s generous deposits were still seeping out of me.

In the days following my tryst with Mel I thought about him constantly. I guess my husband did, too. He kept repeatedly asking almost the same questions about that wonderful night. I admitted to him that I had enjoyed the evening in Mel?s bed. I also admitted that Mel had ejaculated into me twice. I told him that he had given me anorgasm, but I did not tell him the details. I think that would have been too great a blow to his ego.

Mel attended the next poker game at our house. I was afraid that he might make some revealing remarks about me, but as far as I know nothing was ever said. I do know that he did smile at me whenever I was around, which was not very often. The men helped themselves to coffee and soft drinks. They never drank during their games.

The next day Gary came home from work to tell me he was now the office manager, with a hefty raise in pay. He thanked me for the ?sacrifice? I had made for us. I sensed that he had more to say, but he did not say it until the boys were in bed. ?I hate to ask another big favor of you, Dee, but Mel wants to get into your ?pussy? again,? said Gary, shifting his gaze to my face. ?I hate to ask you to do it again, but I am grateful for the job, and I guess you are, too.?

Before Gary had finished talking I think my juices were already flowing. I was hoping such a situation would arise, but I had no idea how to initiate it. I wanted very badly to have sex with Mel, but I could not let my hubby know that. I pretended that I was very reluctant to cuckold my husband again. After some tender hugging and pleading I finally agreed to do it. It was good for my husband?s ego, too. We had some good sex that night, probably because I was more receptive and eager to please him.

The next day Gary gave me the details for my next tryst. Mel could not bring me to his condo, so Gary had suggested coming to our house the next Wednesday. Mel would come for dinner. Gary would leave soon after for his poker game, but Mel would stay. Gary never returned rom his poker games until after midnight, and it was agreed that Mel would leave before then. I was thrilled. I could hardly wait for Wednesday to come.

Mel arrived in time for dinner the next Wednesday. He had brought me flowers and a toy for each boy. I wanted to give him a nice kiss, but not in front of the boys. Instead I settled with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I feared that it would be awkward to have my two lovers dining with me, but I was wrong. They chatted at the table so amicably, and never once mentioned me or what was going to happen later. After Gary left for his card game Mel insisted on helping me in the kitchen before he played with the boys. They really liked him, and they wore him out. I did not like that too well. I wanted him for myself

Mel helped me put the boys to bed, which took longer than I had expected. Then I finally had Mel to myself. We stayed in the living room, talking, kissing and hugging until the boys were asleep before we went into the bedroom. Mel again asked me to shower with him, and that time I assented. We took our time washing and fondling each other. I fondled him to a nice erection and then spent some time admiring it. His penis was much thicker than Gary?s, but I think they were about equal in length. I guess I was fondling his thick organ a little to much, for suddenly Mel exclaimed. ?I gotta get you into that bed before I ?pop my nuts.?? As soon as I turned off the shower Mel picked me up and carried me into the bedroom -both of us dripping wet. I made him carry me back to retrieve our towels. We could not get the bed so wet so soon.

We were both so aroused that Mel spent very little time in foreplay. Again I had to stop him from tonguing my clitoris. His tongue was too rough. I knew I did not have to guide his organ to its goal, but I loved to feel it. That big head on his penis felt like it was too big for my opening. Of course it wasn?t. I loved having him enter me so slowly, teasing me in the process. I cannot explain it, but his penis gave me feelings that my husband never did. When he would withdraw very slowly all the way out, then push in so gently it drove me crazy. I have read stories where some women like rough sex, but I am not one of them.

Mel brought me to a raging orgasm just after I felt his semen spurting into me. And he kept spurting and spurting and I kept shaking and shaking in a colossal orgasm. It was truly divine. I had to stop him from further thrusting. I was too sensitive to the movement of his swollen penis..

We lay together in bed for about an hour. I enjoyed cuddling so close to him, and feeling all of him. His skin was so smooth, probably because he had very little body hair. He had a little chest hair, and some pubic hair above his sex organ, and that was about it. My husband even had hair on the base of his penis, but Mel didn?t? have any there or on his scrotum. I kneaded each of his precious testicles as hard as I dared. I concluded they were larger than my husband?s, but I think that testicles sometimes change in size. I know I have felt Gary?s, and sometimes they felt larger. When I was fondling his potent penis, which was pretty hard by then, I thought of my boys. The older son had a penis slimmer than his little brother?s, but it had a longer head. I think the younger boy is going to have a fatter organ with a bigger head. Just like Mel?s. I hope so. I think he will be able to give his wife more pleasure.

We had sex again. It was very good. I really enjoyed Mel?s penis in me. He did not bring me to an orgasm that time, but he tried. After he had again flooded me with more of his fecundating fluid he tried his best to continue. He softened and fell out, apologizing that he had not brought me to another orgasm. I kept repeatedly trying to reassure him that it was not his fault. I just was not built for multiple orgasms. I reiterated that he gave me so much pleasure just having his penis in me that I was more than satisfied.

Poor Mel. He did feel bad about it. Right before eleven ?he whispered that he was going to try again to ?please me like a woman should be pleased.? He entered me once again, but that time he did thrust quicker, pushing in extra hard on each stroke. It felt very good at first, but soon it began to hurt a little. He realized that I was not enjoying it that much, and he reluctantly withdrew. I wanted him to have another ejaculation, mainly just to see if he could. I have heard that men can have multiple ejaculations, but I had never seen more than 2 in one evening. My husband had done theat a few times when we were first married. I would have tried to masturbate him to an ejaculation, but I had to go to the toilet.

Mel was already dressed when I came back. I lay back on the bed, totally exhausted; and when Mel returned from the bathroom he gave me a long kiss. ?You stay in bed. I can let myself out,? he whispered. I was so glad. I wanted to go to sleep.

Before Mel reached the living room I heard the door open and my husband?s voice. My husband never returned from a card game so early. It was only half-past eleven. He and Mel stood at the door talking for a few minutes. All I could hear were muted words and lots of laughter. The sheet was soaked with our love juices, and I debated whether to change it, but I was too exhausted. I pretended to be asleep when Gary came into the bedroom. He knew I wasn?t. He gave me a kiss on my forehead before asking me if I had a good time. I weakly replied , ?It was okay. He didn?t hurt me.? I fully expected him to try to have sex with me, but he didn?t. I had put on my nightgown and a panty, and he did reach over and feel the washcloth in my panty. That was all. He let me go to sleep in peace.


The next morning I barely heard the alarm. Gary had to shake me. I had truly slept like a baby. I wanted badly to shower before preparing breakfast, but I had to defer to my husband. I had expected a barrage of questions at the breakfast table, but my husband remained remarkably mute. He did ask why I had not used my diaphragm. I explained that I was ?safe?, my period having ended 3 days earlier, and it was not necessary. He gave me a dour look and said, ?If you ever have sex with Mel or any other black guy again you better use your diaphragm. I?ll be damned if I want to support a black baby.? I only used my diaphragm between the tenth and nineteenth days of my cycle. That was the instructions my doctor had given me when she fitted me with it.

Before I showered I took out my diary from its hiding place and wrote for about ten minutes. I had stopped writing in my diary a couple years earlier after my husband had read some of it which I did not want.

I barely finished my shower when my son called me to the phone. It was Mel. He asked me if I had found his wristwatch, which I had not. He explained that he had placed it on my dresser before we had showered, and he neglected to retrieve it before leaving. It was still there. I told him I would make sure my husband took it to work the next day, but Mel told me that he would be over in about an hour to get it. I liked that much better. Instead of dressing I put on my nicest housecoat, but left off my panty and bra. Perhaps I could get a rise out of Mel. No sex, just a little play. My son was there to keep things decent.

What I received from Mel was far removed from what I expected. It made me very angry. The first words that Mel uttered after I poured him coffee ruined my day. ?Gosh, Dee, that 50 dollar fuck last night was better than the 100 dollar fuck.? I guess he saw the puzzled look on my face.

I did not know what to say, so there was a long moment of silence before I said, ?What are you talking about??

Mel studied my fac before he replied, ?you mean you don?t know how much I paid to get into your pussy?? Then I realized my husband must have made money off my sex acts. He had made a whore out of me_ Mel realized I was an innocent pawn in the transaction. He then explained that he had made some remarks to my husband about wanting to get me in bed, and that Gary had told him that I wanted to have sex with a black man, and that he would try to arrange it. The next day he told Mel that I had agreed to do it for $100. Last week he had told Mel that he would try to get me to do it for $50. ?Your are well worth every penny,?? said Mel. ?I?ll pay that any time for you.? That explained why Mel had told me in bed the previous night that he might as well ?empty his ?nuts?? in me another time, since he was paying plenty for the privilege.

I was so upset that any thought of cozying up to Mel for some hugs and kisses evaporated. Mel was aware that I was very angry and upset, and he left right away. I went into my bedroom and had a g good cry. My small son did his best to console me.

That afternoon a florist brought me some flowers with a nice card from Mel, apologizing for ever thinking that I was behind the scheme to charge him money for sex. Soon after Mel called in person to apologize. In reply I told Mel how genuinely sorry I was, and I was very angry at my husband. I don?t know who suggested it, but we both decided we liked each other, and that we would like to have sex again. ?You can have me for free, and my husband does not need to know,? I told him. ?I?ll make him sorry he ever made a prostitute out of me.? I offered to meet with Mel at my house the next Wednesday when my husband was away playing poker. Mel said that he was hosting the next week?s poker game, so we arranged it for the following week..

That night I did have to endure a spate of questions from my husband about the sexual activity of the previous night. I tried not to lie, but I did bend the truth. He asked me again if I still believed that his penis was bigger than Mel?s. In reply I told him that they were about the same length, but that his was probably a little longer. He did not ask anything about penis girth, so I did not fib. I did admit that I did enjoy the sex with Mel very much. When he asked if I would like to do it again I did not answer him right away. After more prodding I told him that it was a nice thought. I ended the subject by saying I did not want to talk about such things anymore, and I snuggled up to him for a little loving.

After my first sex experience with Mel I had told Gary that Mel remained hard for at least a couple minutes after his ejaculation, and that I had liked that. So Mel had bought some Viagra on the internet, and it had arrived that day. Mel took a pill that evening, and it did help him. He did remain hard enough to continue penile movement after he ejaculated. He still was unable to bring me to a climax, but I did enjoy the nice feelings.. I really did feel sorry for him. I used to think it was all my fault, but after experiencing sex with Mel I realized that it was not all my fault.

On the morning of our date Mel called me to confirm it. I suggested that he not come until 8 o?clock. Gary always left before that time. Well, promptly at eight Mel rang the doorbell. The boys were ready for bed, but they were delighted to see Mel. He played with them until I finally made him quit. Mel had brought me a couple pairs of expensive thong panties. It is something I would never wear, but I put on a pair so Mel could see them. It pleased him very much, especially when I let him remove them for our shower together.

I was a daring girl that evening, and I fondled and kissed Mel?s magnificent manhood while we were showering. He liked it, and I think he wanted me to take him in my mouth, but I stopped short of doing that. After showering and drying each other Mel did something different. He lifted me up and placed me on his very erect sex organ. I did not think I was that juicy, but he was able to enter me and carry me on his penis to the bed.

I was glad that Mel had not come over the week before. This week I did not need my diaphragm. When I use my diaphragm I always smell so bad the next morning. I don?t know why, but I guess it?s a combination of spermicide, my vaginal juices and the semen that don?t get along too well. Thanks to Mel?s potent sex organ I had another ?first? that evening. Mel brought me to a raging orgasm just before he ejaculated. Then, feeling his semen spurting into my very receptive vagina excited me even more; and when he resumed his sexual movements he caused me to climax again. It was wonderful; wonderful to be a woman.

Mel also had another ?first? that night. The third time that Mel entered me I wrapped my legs around him and I would not let him pull out. Taking the cue, he continued until he ejaculated for the third time that evening. I was satisfied. Now I knew a man could really do it three times in one evening.

Mel had planned to leave by eleven, but it was almost half-past when he hurriedly dressed and departed. I lay there, sated, satisfied and glowing from our activity. Mel?s love again was all over me and the sheet, and I knew I had to change that sheet before my husband came home. I did think about the events of the evening. I was glad that I did not have to use my diaphragm. Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed that I could feel Mel?s ejaculations more intensely without the diaphragm in there. I concluded that Mel?s semen spurting against my bare cervix is what led to the greater intensity of feeling. And I suppose the volume of semen might also have something to do with it. I thought that sometime I would like to masturbate Mel into a cup so I could see for myself how much he ejaculated. Each of his ejaculations seemed equally intense, but I am sure the volume of semen must be less each time. I think that when a woman knows her partner is genuinely enjoying the sex act by words, hugs and kisses and caresses it enhances her pleasure and leads to more intense orgasms. It does for me. After Mel has his ejaculation and withdraws he always gives me so much love with his kisses, caresses, hugs and words that I really feel I have pleased him. And Mel always thanked me for giving him so much pleasure. The male animal needs the appreciative woman as much as the woman needs him.

I was able to change the sheet and shower before Gary arrived. In fact I was asleep. I noticed it was almost 2 AM. He kissed me and put his hand on my butt. I had my legs tightly together so he could not feel my genitals. I was glad he did not try.


Gary did very little talking the next morning. Did he know what his cheating wife had done last night? He usually talked about his poker game, but that morning he was so silent. I had to make small talk. Even his goodbye kiss that morning was weaker than usual.

Later that morning Mel called me again to thank me for allowing him in my bed, and giving him so much pleasure. ?You really emptied my ?balls? last night,? he gushed. ?I have never shot so much juice into a woman in my life. You?ve got one hell of a pussy.? I don?t usually care to hear that kind of talk, but coming from Mel it was okay. I liked it. I knew that I was a woman, a sexual woman.

Then the inevitable happened. Mel asked if he could see me again. I had already decided that we had to see each other again. The following Wednesday Gary was the host for the card game, so that day was out. We agreed to have a date the following Wednesday. Just thinking about it excited me. I could hardly wait.

That afternoon a florist delivered a beautiful potted plant. Mel had enclosed a card with a note thanking me again for our evening together. I had to destroy the note, but the potted plant served as a wonderful reminder for a couple years after.

Our next date began with our shower together. Then again Mel carried me on his penis to the bed. But then we did something different. We did our usual kissing and caressing, but Mel did very little touching of my genitals. I did play with his solid erection and the rest of him down there, but he did not reciprocate. I was beginning to think that something was the matter. Then, after moving onto me and giving me a long kiss, Mel looked into my eyes and whispered, :Dee can I put my ?love muscle? in your mouth? I want you to suck the juice out of my ?nuts?.?

I had feared that such a thing would happen on one of our dates. My husband had wanted the same thing soon after we were married. I had done it during the final weeks of my pregnancy. Gary would always withdraw his penis from my mouth and ejaculate on my breasts. I just could not get myself to permit him to squirt in my mouth. Late in my second pregnancy I fellated him again a few times, but one day he did not take his organ out of my mouth, and I ended up with his semen. I spit it out, and I never let him put his penis in my mouth again.

Mel had such a pleading look in his eyes and I did want to please him, but..... Finally I said that if he would lie on his back I would do it, but not with his penis hovering over me like that. I did not want his semen in my mouth. Mel promptly moved off me and I moved over him. It took longer than I had expected. All the time he kept telling me how good it felt, and thanking me for being such a good sport. He told me that he would move his penis from my mouth before ejaculating, but that he preferred not to. I did not say anything, but when he was ready to ?shoot? I gripped his penis tightly and said, ?It?s okay.? Most of his semen ran out of my mouth and down the shaft of his turgid penis. Most of the rest I spit into the towel. I wiped the semen from Mel?s pubic hair and his penis before lying down again.

We had regular sex that night, and I had two huge orgasms. Mel also had two more. We lay in bed the last hour just enjoying the closeness and planning our next date. I told him that I thought we should limit our trysts to about twice a month. I think he wanted to bed me more often, but I reminded him I had a husband, too. He needed me as much as Mel. Before Mel left we agreed to meet in two weeks.

During that next tryst I had to use my diaphragm. Sex was definitely much better with out it. In addition to the more intense feelings with the unprotected sex I think that the idea that I was tempting fate - the possibility of a pregnancy - enhanced the pleasure. I don?t know.

Something happened on our next date that bothered me very much. We always keep our bedroom door partially open at night. Ryan, our older son, has asthma, and we have to be able to hear him if he has an asthma attack That particular evening we were having sex when we had an interruption. Mel had just emptied himself into me after giving me a wonderful orgasm when Ian, my younger son, came into the bedroom. I saw the door moving open, but I did not see Ian right away. ?Momma, I don?t feel good,? he said. Immediately I tried to get out from under Me. In turn Mel rolled off me and tried to shield me from my son. I grabbed my robe while Mel picked up Ian. Well, that was the end of our lovemaking for that night. I took Ian into the bathroom to remove his pajamas and clean him. Mel hurriedly dressed and went out to the kitchen. After I had Ian back in bed I joined Mel. We mutually decided to call it quits for the evening.

When I talked to my son the next morning he never mentioned Mel. I don?t think he was aware that Mel was the man who had picked him up. I think he thought it was his father. Anyway, he never mentioned it.

The next time Mel and I had sex my husband found that I was cuckolding him. He left his poker game early because of a splitting headache, and when he came home he spotted Mel?s car. Later he claimed that he sat in his car until Mel came out and drove away. I thought that he was not telling the whole truth, but I never said anything. He quietly entered the house and caught me in the bathroom washing out Mel?s contributions to our love making .

He had a right to be angry, but he did not yell at me or do anything to hurt me physically. We did lie in bed - but far apart - for a long time talking it over. He said that he suspected I was having sex with Mel. He told me that he did not mind my having sex with Mel, but he did not want it done behind his back. I admitted to him that it was wrong, and that I would never do it again without his knowledge and permission. I knew that sex with Mel would never be quite so good again. Being daring and doing the forbidden is always more thrilling. Gary suggested one thing that night that I just could not do. He wanted to watch Mel making love to me. I just could not agree to that. There was no way that I could have sex with my lover in front of my husband. Gary thought that having sex with Mel about twice a month was not too much. Before I started having sex with Mel I was having sex with my husband a little less than once a week. I would have preferred more intimacy, but not necessarily intercourse. After Mel became my lover my husband did want sex a little more often, and he started spending more time in love play. The sex that followed was better sex, too. Gary knew that he could have me almost any time he wanted. I never refused him, even if I did not have the desire.

Although some of the thrill of illicit sex was not gone, it did have some good consequences. A couple times on Gary?s poker nights Mel would take me out to dinner, bringing me home just in time for Gary to leave for his game. Although I would never allow my husband to watch me in bed with my lover, I did start kissing Mel openly in front of him. Sometimes Mel went a little farther than merely kissing, and my husband seemed to approve. He would even utter words to Mel, egging him on. I did tell my husband a couple times to watch his language. I did not care for his words and expressions.

One Saturday night Mel took me out to dinner After attending a play at the university , which Gary would never do, Mel planned to sneak me into his condo. His sister was gone, but his mother was in her room. We kept our voices down, and Mel made much less noise while we were having sex than he usually did at my house.

My husband had induced Mel to take some nude pictures of us together nude.. I had agreed, but I did not expect Mel to take such intimate pictures as he did. First Mel took some snapshots of me lying on the bed; and then I took some photos of him. Next came some close-ups of my pudendum. Contrary to my wishes he took some photos of his penis in my vagina. The most disgusting photos were taken with me on my hands and knees, with Mel?s semen leaking out of me. I was sorry I ever agreed to be photographed, but I guess I did owe it to my husband.

Mel did not bring me home until well past midnight. My husband seemed happy that I had such a wonderful evening, and he said that he could hardly wait to see the pictures of Mel?s sex organ penetrating me. Contrarily, I hoped that something would happen to Mel?s camera, and that he would be unable to download them onto his computer. As usual, Gary wanted all the details of my night out, and I never lied to him. But I did not tell him everything, either.

The next time Mel came over her brought copies of the pictures he had taken in his bedroom. Mot of them were too disgusting, but I did like the full-body picture of Mel. My husband let me keep that picture for myself.

I did get upset over comments my husband made at one of his poker games. I had been having sex with my lover for about eight months when the wife of one of the card players visited me. She told me that at a recent card game at her house my husband had told the players that I had a black lover who came over every Wednesday to make love to me. I did not know what to say. I had known the woman for several years, but we were not close friends. She went on to tell me about an affair she had with a black man when she was in college, and how she liked it so much. I admitted that I had a black lover, but I told her very little. I did yell at my husband that evening for shooting of his mouth. He only laughed, and said he did not think it was any big deal. ?Every guy at the games says their wife has screwed some other guy. I?m different. My wife only fucks blacks,? he smirked. I thought it was very crude and callous to air such intimate details of our sex life. I would never dream of telling stories about my perfidy to any acquaintances.

I told Mel what that woman told me. He assured me that he had never mentioned our relationship to anyone. After we talked about it he did admit that he had mentioned to acquaintances that he was ?fucking a married white cunt? with her husband?s permission. He insisted he never mentioned any names, and that he never would. I wanted to believe him, but I know how men like to brag.

I had been having sex with my lover for almost a year when I heard something that almost caused me to break off our relationship. One evening when Mel came over he played with my boys as usual before chaperoning them to bed. He had barely put his arm around me before Ryan called out for him. Mel headed for the bedroom, and I followed behind. Ryan said as he giggled,?Ian wants to ask you something, Uncle Mel. It is secret. He doesn?t want our mother to hear.? That was followed with more giggles. When he said that it was secret I was very curious, so I stayed outside the room and listened.

Both boys were now giggling loudly. Then I heard Ian say, ?Are you going to fuck our mommy tonight?? Then the giggling really got loud.

?Well, do you want me to?? was Mel?s reply.

?Yes_? Two voices shouted in unison. Mel hugged each of the boys again, then came out with a big grin on his face.

?Well, now I have the whole family?s approval to screw you,? he remarked with a big grin. I think I gave him a disdainful look. I told him that Ryan must have told Ian to say that. I am sure that Ian, who had just turn four, had no idea of the meaning of the ?f? word.

That night, for the first time, Mel brought up the dreaded word - PREGNANCY. He had used that word a few times, but it was especially disconcerting to me that night. It was the eighteenth day of my cycle. I should have put in my diaphragm, but I had decided to be daring. Anyway, Mel brought up the subject by saying that maybe he should help my sons get a baby sister. ?I am sure they would approve if I ?knocked you up,?? he said. ?They have given me approval to put my seed in you. It would all be part of the family.?

We did talk about pregnancy for quite a while. Gary and I had been talking for several months about trying to have another baby. We both wanted a girl to complete our family. And we now felt we could afford another baby. We had tentatively decided that after Ian started school we would try to have another baby. Of course, Mel would not be in the picture for that.

I did not want to tell my husband about Ian using the ?F? word that way, but I decided I better. It did not bother Gary nearly so much as it had me. We did make one change, though. Instead of coming at eight o?clock, he began arriving at nine. A couple times he was still there when Gary returned, but usually he was gone long before midnight.

CHAPTER 4 One Thursday morning Mel called me with some intriguing news. He always called me the day after we had sex to thank me and tell me how much he appreciated me. He never said he loved me except when we were having sex. He said that he had a three-night vacation package for two to Las Vegas, He wanted to take me, and he said he would ask Gary at work that day if I could go - that is if I wanted to go. Of course I did. So Mel got together with my husband, and my husband was agreeable. I really did not expect my husband to agree to my spending three nights with my lover, but he let me know that evening that he did not mind if I wanted to go. We had to go the following week, so Mel made the arrangements to leave Tuesday. Gary volunteered to take his vacation time to stay at home, but my sister agreed to take my boys for the four days.

I will never forget my Las Vegas trip. I already knew that Mel was a very potent male, and on that trip he gave me more of himself than I rally wanted. As soon as we reached our room that afternoon we had sex. Mel had already told me that he was going to pump so much semen into me that it would be squirting out my ears. Well, he certainly tried. I think we had sex ten times, but it might have been more.

After dinner that first day we went down to the casino. Mel gave me fifty dollars to gamble away. We both played blackjack for a couple hours. I doubled my money, then spent the rest of the time playing the quarter slot machines. By ten o?clock I was broke, and Mel had lost a lot of money, too.

What a wonderful night_ After our shower and sex Mel had me so sated I wanted only to sleep. I fell asleep joined to Mel by his beautiful penis, lying cuddled closely, with my back against his belly. About an hour later I awakened to the pleasant feelings of his penis moving slowly back and forth. That culminated in another flood of semen into me. It felt good, and I squeezed Mel?s hand to acknowledge his deed.

In the morning I awakened before Mel. I had long dreamed of sleeping all night with Mel. Now my dream had come true. Lying there waiting for Mel to awaken I thought about my darling husband. I was grateful that I had a husband who was willing to allow his wife to have such extramarital pleasure. I loved him even more for his sacrifices.

After lovemaking and breakfast we did more gambling. That morning Mel gave me more money, and I was able to more than double it. Mel won some money, too, at the blackjack tables. After lunch and more sex we went shopping. We were planning to go to a club that Mel had visited on an earlier trip. I think he was anxious to take me there to display his ?trophy? to the lusting men there. We found a beautiful evening dress, but the price was too much. Well, Mel bought it anyway, in spite of my protests..

We took a cab to the nightclub after dinner. I was not exactly thrilled with it. There were a few black males with their white wives or girlfriends, but I never saw one white male. Two of the white women were obviously pregnant. One of them looked so sad and tired. I shuddered just thinking about it. Most of the white women were plump and I would say slovenly.

Mel was not a good dancer, but he tried. He did allow me to dance with other men. In fact he encouraged me. I must have danced with at least six different partners, all good dancers. Their mouths were another matter. The language they used and the comments they made were revolting. Most of the guys had to tell me how large their male member was, and what they could do to me with it. It made me sick. Why do men think that all women enjoy such filth?

Back in our room we had wonderful sex again. After our lovemaking Mel went downstairs and played poker, returning about four hours later. He was so excited, and he told me that he had won over $400 playing poker. He wanted sex again. I compromised, allowing him to put his penis in me before I turned my back to him, cuddling tightly, and went back to sleep. When I finally felt him preparing for his climax it was almost six o?clock. While he slept I showered and had breakfast.

That last evening we went to a big floor show. Mel did not like it ,but I did. We were back in our room by eleven. It was the tenth day of my menstrual cycle, and I told Mel that there would be no more sex after that night. I had not brought my diaphragm. We again had some great sex before Mel went back downstairs to play cards. He did not return until five o-clock. He wanted to go to sleep joined with me. I reluctantly agreed after he promised not to ejaculate in me. I did not go back to sleep after we were joined. When Mel though I was asleep he began slowly pumping his penis in me. It felt goo, and I did not stop him until I figured he was about ready to ejaculate. Then I moved away and got out of bed. Mel was disappointed, claiming that he would have pulled out. I did not trust him.

Mel did not go down for breakfast with me. While eating I bought a keno ticket, and I won $120. I felt so lucky I played the slot machines for about an hour. I decided I better stay downstairs as long as possible. I was afraid that I would abandon my common sense and have sex with Mel, which I know he wanted.

When I returned to our room Mel was showering. I began changing into my slacks for the plane ride home, but just when I was undressed Mel came out of the shower. He grabbed me, threw me on the bed, and began making love to me. In five minutes he was inside me with his manhood, and very soon he was filling me with his potent semen. He stayed on me for another five minutes before he finally could not continue. I rushed into the bathroom to wash out as much of him as I could. This was my eleventh day. I did not want those sperm cells swimming up in me.

Gary had just returned with our sons when Mel brought me home. I was glad that Mel did not stay. Gary was very cordial to Mel, but I an sure there was a lot of resentment. It was best they stay apart for a few days. I was glad that my husband did not want all the details about my sex activity. I did tell him that I had a wonderful time, and I gave him a lot of hugs and kisses, and thanked him for letting me go with Mel. And I told him about all our other activities, including the shopping and purchase of the expensive evening dress Mel had purchased for m. Later I put it on for Gary to see.

One thing happened soon after I returned that I will never forget, and it turned out to be an omen of things to come. I was hugging my son when Ian turned to me and asked, ?Did you get ?knocked up,?Mommy?? he asked me so innocently. At first I did not think I had heard him correctly, but I knew I had.

?Where did you hear anything like that? I asked him. ?Daddy told Aunt Thelma that he was afraid you might get ?knocked up? on your trip,? said my son. Then he put his arm around me and said, ?I?m glad you didn?t, Mommy.? Of course he had no idea what the words meant. He was only parroting what he had heard. I hoped that Ryan had not heard his dad say those words, He might know more about such things than I thought he did.

The next day Mel sent me flowers with a nice thank-you note. He also sent me a gift certificate for a local department store. I did not realize he had won over $800 playing cards down there. The gift certificate was in gratitude for giving him such good luck.


I soon had another problem. My period did not start on time. I was seldom more that a day late, unless I had been sick. I did worry this time. I had sex with Mel that last time in Las Vegas on the eleventh day of my cycle. My husband had sex with me that evening, also. I had sex with my husband four days later, but I had used my diaphragm that time. I hoped I was late for some reason other than pregnancy.

When my period was a week late I began to suspect I was pregnant. I did not say anything to anyone. Maybe, but not very likely, I would just skip a month. It had never happened to me since I was thirteen. but I know women who have occasionally missed periods. Well, a week before my next period was due I bought a kit. It tested positive. I waited another ten days before going to my doctor. I was pregnant.

That same day I told my husband that I was pregnant.. Either my husband or my lover could be the father. What should we do? I did not want an abortion, but if my husband insisted I probably would have followed his wish. I know it was hard on Gary. He agreed that I should have the baby. Regardless of paternity, he would treat the child as his own. After all, it was not the baby?s fault. Gary admitted that he bore some of the blame if it were Mel?s baby. He had been responsible for initiating my sexual activity with Mel. He had permitted me to go to Las Vegas with Mel. My fault lay in my not using my diaphragm the final days we had sex.

The next time Mel spent an evening in my bed I gave him the bad news. I told him what Gary had said, and he agreed with that. He also promised to help us financially if it were his child. He fervently hoped that we could remain good friends and lovers. I told him frankly that I did not want a black baby, but I would love it and cherish it like any other baby that I would have.

By the end of my third month I was beginning to show. I was definitely larger than I had been with the other two babies. I did not want to tell my husband, but I was certain that Mel was the father. I had mixed feelings. I worried about my sons, and how they would feel. There was no way that I could ever live with Mel. I lost a lot of sleep over the dilemma.

Four months after I became pregnant Mel called me one evening with a request. His sister who lived with him had to go to the hospital for surgery the next day. Normally his mother would care for her toddler daughter, but she was physically unable to do it for more than a few hours. He wondered if I would be willing to care for the baby for at least two days, and maybe three. He would pay me, of course. I talked to the mother before committing myself, and I also asked my husband. He had no objections. So I agreed.

Mel and his sister brought the toddler over a day later. She was a darling girl, eighteen months old. My boys were ecstatic. They loved her so much. The first time I changed her diaper I let them watch. They were all eyes. Ian giggled a little, but Ryan shushed him. That evening Patrice wanted to get in the tub with the boys, so I let her. I stepped out for a moment, and when I came back her diaper was off. The boys said it fell off. It didn?t matter.

Having Patrice in our house for three days helped me immensely. I loved her and the boys loved her. Holding and cuddling that darling black baby, convinced me that I wanted one, too. I did not say anything to Gary, but I secretly hoped my baby would be black.

When I was in my fifth month Mel made me unhappy. He had driven me to the doctor?s office twice before , but he remained in the car. With Ian. That day we did not have Ian with us, so Mel went into the clinic with me. He held my hand, and then sat with his arm around me in that crowded clinic waiting room. I could feel the women, all white, staring and glaring at me. I had to keep my head down. How would people react when I took my black baby out in public?

To compound my embarrassment we stopped at the pharmacy. Two black male friends o Mel?s were there, along with two of their teenage sons. After introducing me as his girlfriend, Mel patted my pregnant belly and said, ?I got a little boy growing in there.? Everybody laughed but me.

Those nude photos that I had let Mel take in his bedroom almost a year ago came back to haunt me. I allowed my husband to take pictures of me in my underwear every couple weeks to chart the progress of my pregnancy. Unknown to me he took his most recent photo , as well as the pictures that Mel had taken, to one of his poker games. He showed them to the men, The wife of one of the men wrote me a letter to tell me about it. That was a low blow, and I would not let my husband touch me for at least a week.

Mel no longer came over for sex after the fifth month. He did call me occasionally. I did not want to believe my husband when he told me that Mel was seen around the business almost every day with a white woman. The next time I called Mel I asked him if he had another girlfriend. He laughed, but he finally admitted it. ?I got needs, Dee,? he laughed. ?After our baby gets out of there so I can get back in things will be like they were.? That hurt.

I did not tell my doctor that there was a possibility that my baby might be biracial until my ninth month. She smiled and said that it happens all the time, and she thanked me for letting her know. I already knew that the baby was a girl, but she said we would not know any more until the delivery.

After six hours of labor I delivered my baby girl. My doctor looked at me and smiled, saying, ?Your husband will be relieved. She is a beautiful little blonde baby.? When I was being wheeled to my room. The nurse whispered, ?You are in luck. Your baby does not have any Negroid features.? My doctor had obviously been talking.

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