She Wants It!

Written by Lauren's Lover / Sep 22, 2005


She Wants It by Laurens Lover? Author's Note: As denoted by the category, this is an Interracial story. If you don't like black on white, this is not the story for you. If you DO, then go for it =)


Whip grumbled when he got home, some stupid bitch was passed out on his front lawn. The big black man got out of his car, angrily stalking to the drunken slut and turning her over. Even before he saw her face he could tell that she'd been out clubbing or something... her skirt was barely covering her ass and she was wearing a g-string... and no bra that he could see. Still, she did have a fine body to be showing off, not that he wanted it on his front lawn though. Brushing her short hair out of her face he jerked back in surprise. He knew her.

Her name was Lauren and she was one hell of a bitch. They'd graduated high school together just two years ago... she must be home on summer break. Hell, he even knew where she lived if he wanted to take her home. Not that he did. In fact, it was hard not to submit to the intense urge to dump the bitch in the middle of the street... it was late enough, no one would know that he had. She had been an ice queen even to the guys that she dated - him, she completely ignored. No, one uncertain black boy was certainly not enough to come up on her radar. If ever there was a WASP it was her; snobby, prudish and thinking that she owned the world just cuz Daddy bought her anything she wanted. His mouth curled up in a sneer as he looked down at her. He wondered if Daddy knew where she'd been out to tonight. Probably not.

Looking her over he started as she opened her eyes, drunkenly smiling at him, "Hey big boy... we home now? Come on... fuck me good... just make sure we're back before dawn... Daddy can't find out his little Princess is running around with a black man..." she giggled and closed her eyes again, legs spreading wide. With his eye brows raised he realized that he could take her inside and fuck her... leave her at the end of her parent's driveway - their house was way back in the woods - and no one would ever know.

Sneering again, he realized that Daddy's little white princess must have a craving for black cock. Probably some kind of stupid rebellion against her socialite parents... well he could definitely take advantage of that! He'd fuck her silly, get a little of his own back, and no one would ever even know that it was him!

Excited now, at the prospect of some payback, he looked around and picked her up, taking her inside.


Laying Lauren out on his bed he began to strip her, enjoying looking over her pale body, seeing the assets that she'd hidden from all the guys in high school. They were pretty damn fine assets too, he ran his hands over them, liking the way his dark skin looked against the little socialite. Leaning down he kissed her, she tasted like alcohol... not the most pleasant taste in the world but he had wanted to kiss her before getting started. Running his hands over her naked body, he caressed her breasts, pinching on the pink nipples and squeezing her globes; watching ivory flesh spill out between his black fingers. Her shaved pink pussy was the best part though, he opened up the folds and blew gently on the heated flesh, listening to her moan.

"Mmm... where's your big black cock... give it to me..." she murmured, her head lolling. Grinning widely he decided to give it to her in her mouth first. Pulling her to the edge of the bed he let her head fall backwards off, putting her mouth right at fucking height. Grabbing onto her breasts he began to push his dick between her pink lips, groaning as her tongue glided over his head and she began to suck on him. Tugging on her nipples, he pushed his way further into her mouth, feeling her gag a little he pulled back and then pushed in again. Slowly he actually started to work his dick into her throat, pressing deeper every time and looking down so he could watch as he mauled her breasts and she sucked his dick. He kinda wished that he could see her eyes as she sucked him, but she was in no state to actually give good head. Just fucking her mouth was going to feel much better.

Her moans vibrated his dick, and she sucked on him like he was a lollipop, slavering over his cock even as she was gagging... he wondered who had gotten her so drunk and who it was she had originally gone home with. Who really cared anyway though?

Pinching her nipples harder, he watched her body writhe as he fucked his dick down her throat, the tight muscles convulsing around him. With all the excitement of the night it didn't take very long before he was cumming, but that was why he had chosen to put his dick in her mouth first anyway. Now he'd have more stamina for when he took her pussy.

Putting her back onto the bed, he even put a pillow under her head to be considerate. Staring at him with glazed eyes she licked her lips, her tongue swiping up some of the cum that she hadn't managed to swallow. Leaning down he started sucking on one of her nipples, kneading her breasts with his hands... in her drunken haze all she could see was a dark figure bending over her, sending pleasure shooting through her body. Lifting her hand and putting it on his shoulder was a lot of effort, but even with her glazed eyes she could see the pretty color combination. As she moaned he worked his way down her body, slowly getting harder as he touched her all over, rubbing his fingers up and down her slit and listening to her moan. Putting his lips to her pussy, he began to suck and nibble, licking up and down the wet slit. She was sweet and musky, the aroma filling his nose made his dick start to perk up.

Watching her writhe above him, he wished that her daddy could see her now, mashing her cunt all over a black man's face and begging for more. Going at her pussy with gusto, he watched as she thrashed above him, her breasts jiggling all over the place. Reaching up, he grabbed one flopping teat and began to maul it with his hand, pinching the little pink nipple as his mouth found the little pink bud in her pussy. Lauren shrieked with ecstasy as he sucked her clit into his mouth, her entire body practically levitating on the bed as she rode out her orgasm.

Whip was now more than ready to continue plundering her body, without even waiting for her to finish her orgasm he got into position and pushed his dick into her pussy.

"OH GOD YES! GIVE IT TO ME YOU BLACK STUD! FUCK ME WITH YOUR LONG BLACK COCK!" Privately Whip thought that the girl had watched too many bad porno movies, but he just ignored her slutty diatribe as he started to royally fuck her. Lifting her pale legs onto his shoulders he really pressed deep into her pussy, a little impressed at the tightness and the way her pussy muscles played over his shaft. She gripped and released, making it feel like he was being milked by her pussy... it was fantastic.

Using his hands like suction cups over her boobs, he pounded into her, her body bent nearly in half underneath him as he leaned forward and pressed her legs towards her chest. Her pink pussy was split open by his long black dick, making it slick with her juices as he plunged in and out of her, practically crushing her with each brutal thrust. Clutching at the sheets next to her head, Lauren's face was screwed up with ecstatic pleasure as her pussy was stretched, thrashing back and forth underneath him she moaned and pleaded, begging for more, begging for it harder. As he fucked her she came twice, shrieking and convulsing each time. His body was slick with sweat as she began her second orgasm and he came, cum gushing into her open pussy, filling her up with his sticky whiteness.

The slut was still moaning when pulled out of her, her head lolling to the side and her eyes half closed. Snorting he went to the bathroom to relieve himself, leaving her there with a reddened pussy and cum leaking out of it. Taking the time to take a shower, when he returned she had rolled over and her ass was sticking straight out at him. His dick twitched as he had an interesting thought... she'd been such a pain in the ass to him in high school, why not give her a pain in the ass now?

His dick was already hard at the thought, and he got onto the bed behind her and pressed his dick into her sloppy pussy to get it wet. Moaning, Lauren pushed back at him, her ass cheeks pressing against his groin as she wiggled.

"Give it to me again baby," she murmured, her eyes were totally closed, "I can't get enough of that big black cock."

Grinning, Whip pulled out and began to press into her ass, feeling the resistance and the sudden jerk as she came awake. With a muffled scream she tried to figure out what was going on and why her ass was burning, feeling something shoved into her tightest and most private hole. When she tried to buck him off, all she succeeded in doing was thrusting his dick farther into her body and she screamed again. Impatient, Whip pushed her head down and continued the long glide into her tight hole, groaning as he pressed into her struggling body. It was a very tight fit, and from her reaction he had no doubt that this was virgin territory. That just made it even better for him, knowing that her was Daddy's Princess with a big black cock up her ass.

Reaching around, he began to rub her pussy as he fucked her ass, using long slow strokes so that she could get used to the new proportion of her anal cavity. It took a little bit, but slowly her sobs and struggles dissipated and then she began moaning in a different way... once she started to push back against him a little he really started pounding away at her. His fingers pushed into her pussy and he could feel them through the thin lining of the walls; using the heel of his hand rub her clit he tried to make sure that she was getting some pleasure out of this. It was only fair with the fantastic ride he was getting out of her tight ass.

Fucking her harder and harder he was delighted when she really started pushing back against him, her ass cheeks pressing into his groin as she accepted the hard thrusts. Her body wriggled underneath him and her ass gripped him hard, almost as though she was tightening and loosening it on purpose. Groaning, he grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to pull her back, her back arching and her head coming back towards him. It was incredibly sexy and he started to rub her clit harder, his fingers nudging against her g-spot.

This time when she came she was the loudest yet, "OH!! OH!!!!!!!! FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR BLACK COCK!!!! OH GOD I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING WITH A BLACK COCK UP MY ASS!!!! OH YES!!! YES!!!"

For the first time that night, what she was saying actually turned him on more and he plundered her ass roughly, his final thrust actually forcing her face down onto the bed, unable to hold herself up against his onslaught. He could feel her shaking underneath him in orgasm, feel the way her ass gripped the base of his dick so tightly so that each spurt of cum practically had to force its way past. Sighing in completion, he felt his body relax.

Not long afterwards he left Lauren at the end of her driveway, cum leaking from her pussy and her ass... her clothes were mostly back on. He left one breast hanging out of her shirt, and her skirt hiked up so that whoever found her would be able to see exactly what she'd been up to the night before. Even when he left her she was moaning about black cock, asking for more. Shaking his head he drove away, pretty content with himself and the night. Hell, she'd asked for it.

Later he heard that she had a black baby, and that her parents were getting a little more open-minded. Despite their early anger, they couldn't help but love their half-black grandson, he really was a darling. Whip always wondered who was the father; him or the guy that had dumped her on his lawn.
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