Lauren's First Black

Written by Lauren's Lover / Sep 23, 2005


Lauren's First Black

by Laurens Lover ?

Besides the desire to watch my wife with another man, it has also been a fantasy of mine to see her with a black man, a well endowed black man. It is also something that she had a curiosity about but was always very hesitant to admit it. It always made her feel like she was prejudiced or racist to have color be a fascination. I could tell that it was a strong fascination by how wet and horny it made her when she watched Sean Michaels in action in a porn video.

After our initial introduction into sharing Lauren with other men (see "Lauren Says Yes"), I persuaded her to at least look at some ads of several nearby black men from an online personals site that we had subscribed to. With some coaxing she had agreed to contact a guy by the name of Carl who boasted a nice thick 8" cock. After several email exchanges we set up a meeting at a crowded sports bar where neither he nor us felt we would be noticed talking to one another other than just casual conversation. Nothing happened after this meeting but Lauren had agreed to meet again because she found him attractive and non-threatening. She also admitted that her curiosity about sucking on a black cock had been aroused.

The next time we met it was with the intention of going further and was in a hotel lounge. After a few drinks and some more conversation with Carl, Lauren asked whether I was going to go get a room or were we going to just sit and talk all night? I made a bee line to the front desk and was back with a room key in short order.

Carl did not have a lot of experience screwing a woman while the husband watched but was still very willing to go through with it. He found Lauren very exciting which was evident by the bulge in his pants when he stood up to head to the room.

To try and give them a little time to get comfortable with each other, I took them up to the room and let them in and then I went back down to the lounge for another drink. After about a half and hour I went back up and let myself in.

As I quietly opened the door I could hear Carl softly moaning and the room was dimly lit by a bedside lamp. When the bed finally came into view I calmly and quietly walked past and found a seat in a comfortable chair in the dark recesses of the room. Both were totally naked with Carl on his back and Lauren kneeling between his legs giving him some of her best head. He was every bit as big as he had said. Lauren's hand which when wrapped around my cock her thumb and middle finger easily come together but wrapped around Carl's cock, there looked to be almost an inch gap.

She slowly worked her hand up and down his shaft while tonguing and sucking no more that half of his cock. A couple of times she would try to open her mouth wider in order to get more of his shaft in her mouth with the same result, only half of it in her mouth.

At this point I was naked and stroking myself and snapping a few pictures which he had agreed I could do. I remember vividly how shiny the skin of his cock got when Lauren moved her hand down his shaft stretching his skin and how erotic it looked to see her working that shiny head in her mouth.

After a few minutes of this Carl laid Lauren on her back and began working his tongue on her wet pussy. She had been so wet that as she had been kneeling earlier there was a gossamer strand of vaginal juice that extended from her pussy to the sheets below her. As he went down on her she pinched her hard nipples, closed her eyes, and rolled her head. It didn't take long for her to have a nice little orgasm.

Somewhere in our conversations with Carl we had revealed to him that Lauren had never been with a black man before and as he rose up to his knees after her orgasm he stated, " So you have never been with a black man before" to which Lauren replied "No, not yet" Carl then responded by saying, "Let me be your teacher"

Carl then grasped his cock and rubbed it up and down her drenched pussy lips as Lauren reached over her head and grabbed to fists full of sheets in preparation of the forthcoming penetration. She also was not timid about rotating her hips into Carl's cock as he rubbed it in her slit.

Finally Carl stopped moving his cock up and down and centered it in her opening and began pushing forward. He must have been thicker that I thought because his rigid cock really flexed as he pushed forward even as wet as Lauren was. Lauren on the other hand did not stop the gyrations of her hips until his cock started sliding in. His first stroke in was about 3/4s of his cock. Then as he laid himself over her supporting his weight on his elbows, he pushed the whole way into his balls. This caused Lauren to tense up and squeeze the sheets pretty hard. He whispered to her that he would go slowly and asked if she was she ok. Her reply was a moan of "unhun". Next she started to mover her hips again rotating the in a circular motion and also back and forth while Carl held still inside her.

Carl took this as a sign that she was ready for him to continue and began withdrawing and thrusting inward slowly. A time or two he must have really hit a sensitive spot because Lauren really grabbed the sheets and drew in a sharp breath while stopping her hip movement. As this continued for the next couple of minutes Lauren finally told Carl "A little more!" and Carl responded by picking up the pace a little. The next thing I know Lauren's arms are around Carl's neck and back and her legs are angled up in the air and she is rocking as hard as she can under his weight, trying to force herself against him as much as she can.

Then all of a sudden she stops moving and a guttural grunting is coming from her as she has another orgasm. When is subsides she tells him that she wants on top. Slicker that anything they roll toward the center of the bed and she is not on top with his cock never having left her pussy. Once on top she moves to a squatting position and begins to move herself up and down on his wet shiny shaft. With each downward thrust she flexes his cock before it completely disappears within her.

When she finally gets down to business she is now sitting with all of her weight on him and fully impaled on his cock rocking back and forth on him. When her next orgasm comes she leans forward with her tits swinging in Carl's face and grabs two more hands full of sheet and pushes herself back into his cock as hard as she could writhing in ecstasy as her body violently shakes through the waves of carnal pleasure.

In all of this time Carl had not orgasmed yet and was really ready to do so. He pushed Lauren off of him, picked her off the bed and laid her on the desk where he could stand to fuck her and after pounding her pussy with each deep ball slapping stroke he quietly shoved his cock as deeply as he could in her and flooded her pussy with his sperm.

As soon as he caught his breath and pulled out of her Lauren said to me, "It's your turn." I led her to the bed again and sank my 5/12 inches into her hot, stretched, and sloppy pussy and unloaded my seed in her within a dozen strokes or so.

We continued fucking for another hour or so and as in the first story I wrote, when finished we just kind of lay there resting and chatting with Lauren playing with Carl's cock and balls the entire time.
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