Hung Coon: Part 2

Written by Stormbringer / Oct 2, 2005


Hung Coon: Part 2

A Shame the Gunslinger story

Copyright 2005 by Stormbringer

There were only two hours until the noon train arrived. Shame strolled down the dusty streets of San Mandingo with a purpose. Townsmen and cowboys watched him walk apparently without fear for on the noon train Jesse Adams and half a dozen gunmen were coming to kill the black man. Shame's eyes met the gazes of the townspeople looking for men who would fight beside him. They all quickly looked away.

Shame had a few friends in town. Well, friend wasn't exactly the right word. A few people didn't treat him with complete contempt or look at him like he was subhuman. One of those was Judge Grace.

Grace acted as San Madingo's mayor, lawyer, and judge. He had been cowed by Jesse Adams, but as soon as Shame had the outlaw beind bars, Judge Grace came forth to sentence the man. He stood beside Shame as the marshals came to take Adams away. Since then, the judge had tried and convicted other men Shame had locked up. An aquaintance of Judge Grace had recently sent him a wife.

Kelly Grace was one of the most beautiful women in the county and nearly thirty years her husband's junior. She had long blonde hair usually done up in a bun on her head. She wore bulky, shapeless dresses to hide a buxom, trim figure. She was a pacifist and a Mormon. Kelly Grace served San Mandingo as a school teacher for the growing population of children. Except the few black or Mexican children in town who she refused in her classroom.

Shame was thinking of the beautiful young wife as a bullet quickly scraped a red scar across Shame's left thigh. Shame jumped and looked up seeing a wild eyed woman on horseback racing towards him. The woman fired again, missing the black man by inches. Shame knew the woman and was thankful she'd opted to fire from unstable horseback. Becca Adams was an excellent shot.

Shame knew a trick or two. His right hand was pulling his revolver out and firing before he even had the gun up. The bullet sprayed up dust right at the charging horse's feet. The horse reared up just as Shame ran under it's hooves. He grabbed one of Becca's stirruped boots and pushed.

Becca Adams hit the ground with a surprised look on her face and the wind knocked out of her lungs. Her sidearm was kicked out of her reach by the large black man looming over her. The fiery sister of Jesse Adams looked stunned. She dressed like a cowboy, but it was no boy under her clothes. Large breasts strained at a shirt unbuttoned daringly low. Two buttons were missing lower on her shirt revealing her bellybutton centered on a tanned stomach. Her trousers tightly hugged the swell of her hips. Long reddish blonde hair spilled out from under her hat.

Shame reached down for the stunned woman. Becca suddenly kicked out with one foot, her boot catching Shame in the knee. "Bitch!" growled Shame.

Becca backed up, climbing to her feet. "Damn coon, you ain't gonna murder another one of my brothers." She turned racing for her gun.

Shame fell forwards and grabbed her leg, dropping Becca into the dust. "Damn fool brother of yours drew first, bitch. I shot him fair and square." Holding Becca was like holding a rabid wolverine. Shame had no choice but to punch the woman in the jaw. He held back the full force of his strength, the blow just stunning the woman.

Shame heard booing and looked around noticing a small crowd had watched the fight. The strong black man ignored the townspeople, easily lifting the stunned woman and throwing her over his shoulder. He turned and headed back towards the jail.

"Hot damn! Is that the Adams' bitch herself?" asked Kane rising to his feet.

Shame didn't answer the old man. He just opened the jail cell and dumped Becca in a heap on the floor. "Keep an eye on her," he told his deputy.

"Sho will, Sheriff. He He. How many more men ya got?"

"Just you and me so far, old timer. I'll be back with more soon."

This time the short walk to Judge Grace's was uneventful. Shame knocked on the door. "Hello Henry," said Shame. Judge Grace's face looked pale and ashen. He also seemed nervous.

"Sheriff," replied the judge, nodding.

"Can I come in?" Shame entered the home as Grace stepped aside. "I take it you've heard the news, Judge?"

"I have indeed, Sheriff."

"I'm deputizing men. Can I count on you?"

Judge Grace perked up. "Deputizing men. How many ya got?"

"Well... I appear to be having a little trouble finding help. So far it's just me and old Kane and you of course."

Judge Grace stumbled backwards and sat heavily on his couch. He reached into his vest and pulled out a handkerchief, using it to wipe his sweaty brow. "I haven't lifted a gun in years, Sheriff. I'm... I'm not as strong as I once was."

Shame snorted. He would never have called the judge strong, even if he were twenty years younger. "You won't help me?"

The front door burst open with a loud bang. Shame had fallen into a crouch as he spun around. His gun was on the way up when he saw it was just Grace's wife.

"Is... is... it true," gasped Kelly. She had sent the children home from school and raced back to her home when she heard the news. "Is Adams on the noon train?"

"I'm afraid so, ma'am," said Shame taking off his hat in the presence of a lady. "I'm here asking for your husband's help stopping Adam's."

"And I was just telling Shame, that I'm too old for gunfighting."

"Henry, you must help the sheriff. For the children. For our child."

Judge Grace sat up, watching his young wife place her hand over her flat stomach. "Child?"

"I believe I'm pregnant, my darling." Kelly had regurgitated this morning and last.

"My god! I'm gonna be a father." Henry Grace was shocked. He and his wife rarely had intercourse. He couldn't even remember when the last time they had sex was. Erections were rare for him. His last had been some ten days ago which unfortunately corresponded with his wife's bleeding cycle. In fact, he couldn't quite remember having intercourse with his wife during the last three months.

Kelly was just as naive. Her mother had given her some instruction on the evils of fornication. "Just lie still and let the man do his business. It doesn't last long and you'll take no pleasure in it. It's a necessary evil for procreation." Those three sentences were Kelly's entire instructions on marital relations. And so far, they were dead on correct. A minor stomach bug had upset her stomach recently. In reality, the pretty young school teacher were at her most fertile time of the month.

"Without aid, I reckon I might just have to saddle up and leave town. I suggest you do the same, Grace."

"Gawd Damn it, Sheriff, you know I sold my horse. That damn noon train's my only way out of town."

"Henry! Please watch your language," pleaded Kelly. "What do you mean your only way out of town?"

"I'm sorry, dear. I, of course, meant our only way out of town."

"That being said, Sheriff," continued Kelly. "You're duty bound to protect us."

"And you're forgetting Mrs Grace, that I'm not the sheriff any more. You'll both just have to take your chances with Jesse Adams. Good day."

Shame turned and left the house. He waited on the porch a few minutes listening to the Graces arguing inside. Kelly had preached against the evils of violence since she'd come to town. Now she was calling her husband a coward for not helping Shame. It's amazing how much being with child could change one's perspective. The judge suddenly spoke up loudly, "There's only one gawd damn thing a black coon like Shame would want from us."

"Then he'll get it." Kelly opened the door and seemed startled to see the black man still standing there. "Did you hear all that, Mr Shame?"

"I did, Mrs Grace."

"My appologies for myself and my husband. I've never seen him this rattled before."

"Jesse Adams was a monster, ma'am." Shame could see the judge listening through the window.

"My husband said there was one thing you'd accept to help us, Shame?"

"He assumes all black men would do anything for a white woman. He meant you, Mrs Grace."

"Is he right?" Kelly was startled to hear that.

"In my case, yes."

"But adultery is a sin, as is miscegenation."

"The bible says nothing about miscegenation. Adultery is a sin. So I'll accept a blow job as payment."

"I'm afraid I don't understand, sir?"

"You wrap your lips around my cock and suck it till I cum."

"Your cock?"

"My penis."

"Oh... OH! That's disgusting. Isn't that sodomy?"

"It is, but a lesser sin. It's a bigger sin not to do whatever it takes to protect your child. If you do this, I will stay and fight Adams, even if I have to do it alone."

"Then I really don't have much of a choice. Though it pains me to do this with a..."

"Black man?"

"A gun for hire, a killer. The world would be a better place without men like you, Shame."

"You might be right, ma'am. Now let's go inside and get this over with. I'm a bit short on time, you know."

"Come then." Kelly turned and entered her house. There was no sign of her husband. "Henry," she called. There was no answer. "He must of left out the side door. Is here fine for our sinning?"

"No. Upstairs. In your marital bed. Lead the way." Shame followed Kelly up the steps to the home's second floor. The Grace's bedroom was well furnished with a large luxurious bed. Sunlight streamed through a tree's branches illuminating the room. A large wooden closet covered the one wall without a window. "Nice. I'll need you to strip nekkid."

"You mean you want me to remove my clothes?"

"Of course."

"But it's daylight? Let me get my nightshirt."

"No. Strip nekkid now or I'm leaving this town and Henry can protect you and the baby." Shame watched Grace raise a trembling hand to her collar and she began to undo the buttons. "Don't tell me you don't let anyone see you nekkid?"

"Of course I don't. We always have the lights out and wear our night clothes. Nudity shamed Adam and Eve. It's unnatural."

"Then how come we are born that way, ma'am?" Shame started undressing. His hands came up to his own shirt. His cock was stirring as Grace was pushing her skirt down over her hips. Her undergarmets were plain and unassuming, an outfit in their own right.

"We are born nude because children are born innocent." Grace paused to admire the hardness of Shame's chest. His arms and torso were massive and as hard as bricks. So different from the soft flabbiness of her own husband. Kelly turned away from the black man as she removed her undergarmets.

Shame's hand immediately headed for his gun as his keen ears picked up a noise from the closet. He relaxed when he realized what it was. "Today's your lucky day, Mrs Kelly. I just had me my first bath in months just an hour ago." Shame pulled his trousers down, his cock sprang up. "Turn around."

Kelly was quivering with shame at her nudity. Her arms were crossed tightly across her breasts. She was bending forward in an attempt to hide her womanhood between her thighs. Unfortunately, this thrust her rear end out towards the black man. No doubt he was staring intently at it.

Shame was staring intently at her ass when she turned around. "Well, well, Mrs Grace. I see you've been hiding a very sinful body under all those baggy dresses. Arms down. Stand up straight."

Kelly forced herself to stand up straight, but she wasn't about to uncover her breasts. As she stood, she looked up and saw the thing between the black man's legs. Her hands flew to her mouth inadvertently uncovering herself as she gasped in shock. Seeing her nude even seemed to make his huge penis grow bigger and harder. The sight of her breasts made the monster extend even farther out and start to rise until it angled upwards. "You expect me to suck on that?"

"I do."

"It's too big." The monster was the size of one of her foot long rulers in her classroom. Though she had never seen it, Henry's penis couldn't have been a third as large as the black man both in length and thickness. Henry's had never seemed all that hard to her either. The black man's- what had he called it?- cock, yes the black man's cock was simply massive.

"Do your best. I'll help you. I haven't met a woman who couldn't suck on at least half of it."

"You mean other women have done this to you before?"

"Many. They all liked doing it too. But then they was mostly all whores. Not a classy wife like you, Mrs Kelly."

Grace didn''t feel all that classy at the moment. Both her nipples had swollen to the point they ached. Though the room wasn't too hot, she was also perspiring heavily between her legs. The moisture was so bad, she feared it might run down her thighs at any moment. "How do I do this?"

"Well you can start by touching it. You act like you aint never seen a man's penis before."

"I haven't really. Not like this and in a lit room." Kelly held out her hand and tentatively touched the large black cock. Kelly wrapped her hand around the head and squeezed. It was like shaking the hand of a small child. "It's so hard!" Most of the time, sex with her husband consisted of her reaching down to help guide him inside her. Often, Kelly needed to squeeze his shaft to make it hard enough to enter her. Shame didn't have that problem.

The black sheriff, glanced at a clock on the nightstand. Being pressed for time, he grabbed the base of his cock and guided the tip towards Kelly's mouth. Kelly didn't back away from the inevitable. She didn't open her mouth until the third time he pushed it against her lips. Then Shame fed the huge round head into her mouth. "Hurry up and start sucking." Shame rested one huge hand upon her blonde head and made bobbing motions with his hand.

Instinct took over and Kelly relaxed her jaw as the thick shaft slid deeper between her lips. Shame was forceful, but he was gentle. When she started to gag, her released his grip on her head until she recovered. Kelly grew used to the sausage-thick shaft sliding between her lips, the head plowing deep into her throat. She gagged less and less. Shame released the base of his shaft and Kelly's fist replaced his hand. She jerked her hand rapidly as she sucked on his black cock. She almost gagged again as the shaft swelled up.

"That's it whore. Suck that black cock. Here it comes."

Kelly looked up at the black man. Half his cock was buried in her mouth. She looked up his hard, flat stomach and chest bulging with muscles. He was sneering down at her, sweat glistening on his brow. She shuddered with forbidden lust. Kelly objected to being called a whore, but at that moment she sure felt like one and though her mind rebeled at the thought, her body trembled.

The first blow of sperm shot down her throat and filled her mouth. Kelly tried to back off his shaft, but Shame's hand had slid down her head and was holding her in place. Kelly was forced to swallow. The hotness of his seed surprised her as continuous spurts filled her mouth with more. Then it quit shooting, though the shaft still jerked every second or so. Shame reached down and squeezed forwards up his shaft, until another small shot of seed splattered on her tongue.

It hadn't been nearly as bad as Kelly thought it would be. A part of her had even enjoyed the challenge and a part had enjoyed feeling like a whore. "Are we done?" she asked.

Shame glanced at the clock. "I got some time and I want to suck on them titties a bit. Get up on the bed."

Shame lifted Kelly up off the floor. Massive black hands gripped her thin waist. Their touch made her shiver and she felt powerless in his grip. He steered her towads the bed and forced her to sit down on the edge. She scooted back a bit as the black man held her legs open. He looked down betwen her legs getting a better view of her then anyone had ever seen. Kelly felt as if she were on display like a prize cow at a farmer's market. Once again her mind was sickened, but her instincts made her part her legs even wider. Shame seemed to approve for his still swollen cock stiffened again.

Shame hunched over Kelly as she laid back. He rested on one elbow, his right hand grabbing and squeezing her right breast. She felt his breath on her left breast. It heated her nipple. Her nipple was already erect, but it swelled up even more, inching it's way toward Shame's mouth. His lips clamped down over her entire areola and he sucked the nipple inward. Kellly gasped with a surge of pleasure. His tongue flickered back and forth over her left nipple while he twirled the right one between his thumb and finger. Shame then switched nipples.

Kelly Grace's body began writhing on the bed. Her nipples had always been sensitive and she'd even allowed her husband to play with them. The judge was fascinated with her big bosom, but his attention had never elicted the response her body was giving the back man.

Kelly couldn't help arching her back and moaning. She raised her hips and something hard pressed against her womanhood. It ran down her labia, pushing into the hot wetness. Her body felt a powerful shock of pleasure at it's touch. She liked the feel of it and raised her hips even more until the fat head of his shaft pushed inside her. "Jesus, no," she moaned grinding her hips around the head. "I can't commit adultery."

Shame pressed down forcing several inches of thick black cock into her needy pussy. "It's only adultery if I cum in you," he whispered taking his mouth off her nipple. "I'll never be able to do it again after just cumming. Let's just see how much black cock your white pussy can take. My guess is it's not much more then a few inches." "Not adultery?" moaned Kelly wriggling her hips. Shame made a lot of sense. Her husband could only cum maybe once each week. "Yes, put it in." "Does it feel good?" Shame asked as he straightened his back.

"Uh huh," moaned Kelly finding her face covered by his hard chest. His giant body was enveloping her now. "It's so big, Sheriff." Her legs wrapped around his waist. "I want more." The black man obliged her. "Ah ah, yes, so big, so good. Is that the whole thing?"

Shame chuckled. "Nope. That's only about half, little lady.

"What!" Kelly was stunned. Her pussy felt completely stuffed. "I don't believe it."

"Believe it," growled Shame slamming his cock forward.

"Aaaa!" Kelly found herself impaled on the huge cock. Shame's balls stung her thighs as the slapped against them. He didn't wait until she grew used to having him inside her. Time was precious so he just started thrusting hard and fast. "Aaaa!" she cried. "Aaaa Aaaa Aaaa Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh Yes Ohhh Yes Oh God Yes." Her pussy went crazy. The first orgasm in Kelly's life would also be the biggest. Her nails dug into Shame's back as her body shook with pleasure beneath him. Shame paused while she caught her breath. "I didn't know fornicating could feel so good," she gasped.

"Call it fucking," growled Shame starting up on his thrusts again.

"Oh god, oh god, fuck me, Shame," she cried just before cumming again. "Fuck me with that big black cock." Kelly Grace found herself cumming again and again. Large orgasms came continously as Shame increased the speed of his thrusts. He was grunting like a bull now. Kelly found herself writhing beneath him from an orgasm nearly as big as her first when a strong wave of semen struck her womb. The orgasm seemed to last forever as jet after jet of Shame's hot seed filled her pussy. The intensity of it all left Kelly stunned.

Shame pulled out and climbed up off the bed. "Hmm, looks like I can cum twice in a row and looks like you're an adulterer."

"I don't care. Fucking you was incredible. At least I can't get pregnant." Kelly giggled a little as she sat up. If she hadn't been pregnant, the sheer amount of Shame's sperm would surely of left her with child tonight.

"Here, lick it clean. I don't want my bath to go to waste." Shame held his dick in her face and Kelly dutifully started licking his shaft. Even semi-plump, he looked huge.

Sometimes, Shame impressed even himself. He watched her beautiful head nuzzling his cock and he started plumping up again. "Looks like I can go another round."

"I love your black cock, but there's no way I could take that thing again this soon."

"Hmm, turn over and get on all fours then."

Kelly did as she was told. Her pussy left a huge wet mess on the bed where she had been sitting on the edge. She felt like an animal as she got on her hands and knees with her ass pointed at him. "I'm sorry, but I really don't think I could take it again," said Kelly repeating herself as Shame rubbed his cock along her pussy lips. Kelly was thankful, but she almost regreted that he pulled his cock off her. Then something pressed against her sphincter. "Ah Sheriff, what are you doing?"

"I just giving you a proper breaking in there, missy." Fuck having a clean cock, thought Shame as he pushed forwards against her asshole.

Kelly went white as a ghost and tears formed in her eyes as the thick knobby head of Shame's cock pushed into her ass. It hurt like hell, but she did nothing. He worked his cock around pushing it a little deeper. As the pain faded, she was shocked to find she was enjoying it. "Oh my god," she cried. "I'm a sodomite! I'm a sodomite whore."

"Yes, and you're good at it," said Shame pushing his cock in deeper. His hour was nearly up, so he just started fucking her ass hard.

"Sodomize my ass. Fuck your whore. Fuck my ass, Shame." Kelly loved being used and taken like this. "Fuck your white whore's ass," screamed the pretty school teacher. Shame willed himself to cum as he slid his cock swiftly between her tight anus. Soon he was filling her rectum up with another large load of semen.

Shame pulled out and started dressing quickly. Kelly looked up at him. He didn't look afraid, nor had fear affected his performance. Maybe it had heightened his performance? "Good luck, Sheriff. If you last past noon, we can do this again sometime. Henry can never know. This would ruin me.""

Shame belted his gun belt around his hips. "Henry already knows," said Shame as he opened the large closet door.

Judge Henry Grace fell out through the door. A cocked colt revolver fell at his feet. Shame kicked the gun out of the man's reach. Henry sobbed. "I was gonna shoot this black bastard before he ruined you." Henry started crying. His pants were around his ankles. His little penis had shrunk into his scrotum. "I couldn't stop him. I couldn't do anything."

Kelly noticed a small wad of semen sliding down the door of the closet. "Coward," she yelled. "If you're a man, you'll take up that gun and go help that real man meet the noon train."

Shame didn't wait for an answer. His cock was worn out after fucking both Inez and Kelly over the last two hours. Then he thought about the beautiful Becca Adams resting in his jail cell and his cock twitched.

Shame left Judge Grace's house with a glance at the clock on the wall. It was exactly eleven.

Shame had one hour until noon.
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