Innocent Wife No More

Written by First But Not Last / Oct 21, 2005


Innocent Wife No More

By: First But Not Last

My wife Michelle and I have been married for 12 fantastic years now and have two kids. Michelle stands 5'5", 120 lbs. with shoulder length brown hair and eyes. She has 36c breasts and is in pretty damn good shape. By the way, she keeps her pussy shaven smooth for me. Our sex life has always been pretty damn good and we have played some games and she has a couple of toys that I have bought her over the years. Well recently I bought this black extender sleeve that fits over my 7" cock making my cock nearly nine inches long and quite a bit thicker as well.

Well my wife went nuts, it took a while to work all 9 inches in her but once in she was like a woman possessed. My wife was moaning and whimpering like a wild woman as she fucked that black cock. I started talking to her as I fucked asking her if she liked that big black cock, "God yes!" she moaned back at me. Michelle came several times that night and every since then at least once a week she asked me to fuck her with the big black cock.

Well this past weekend I was heading to a Mustang show in Dallas, I just bought a 2006 mustang and was heading down with several buddies of mine. Pat, Bruce and Scott, who owns 2 mustangs himself, were all going down to spend the weekend down in Dallas. Scott was going to drive his down and I was going to drive mine. Pat, Bruce and Scott were all high school buddies of mine and we had played both basketball and football together. Just so you know Pat and Bruce are both black as well.

Well Friday night I was packing my bag when my wife?s cell phone rang, it was her sister in law and she was cancelling their planned trip to the casino because she had come down with the flu. My wife was all depressed; the kids were already gone to stay at her dad?s house for the weekend so she was all alone.

Well it was not long before she was hinting that she wanted to tag along with the guys. I told her we had one suite so you would have to share it with all four of us.

"I?ll be okay, please?" she begged.

"Alright baby I am sure the guys won?t mind."

Boy was I ever right about that.

The next morning we all headed out for Dallas and it was hotter than hell. We got to the hotel about noon and all decided to take a swim before heading over to the car show. The four guys quickly got dressed and headed for the pool and my wife said she would be along shortly. We were all swimming when my wife came walking out the door, Oh my lord did she look hot. She was wearing a skimpy white bikini that did little to hide her firm breast or her shapely ass.

Damn! I heard all three guys say as she put her stuff down on the lounge.

"Damn boy you are one lucky sob, let me tell you that!" Pat said as he continued to stare. The guys all started whistling and barking making my wife blush.

"Stop it, I am sure you have all seen better."

"I don?t think so Michelle, you are one fine woman and if you weren?t my buddies wife I would be doing all I could to introduce you to my 10 inch friend here."

I heard Pat speak up and say he would have to stay in the water for a while longer before he could get out.

I looked over at Scott and he was smiling ear to ear

"My lord she is gorgeous bud, I bet every guy out here wants her right now."

Well we all swam around and cooled off for awhile, but the guys never took thier eyes off Michelle for very long. Michelle and I headed up to the room to get dressed first and I told the guys I would call them when we were done. The minute we walked into the suite my wife began kissing me.

"God I am so horny" she whispered in my ear "Fuck me baby, please before I die!"

In no time she was lying naked on the bed rubbing her pussy begging for my cock. I did not waste any time and soon I was between her sexy legs thrusting in and out of her extremely hot and dripping wet pussy. I had never felt her pussy so wet before it was so slick and hot.

"God yes fuck me baby fuck me hard!" she begged.

I was pounding her pussy as hard as I could as she moaned and whimpered in pleasure and I guess that is why we never heard the door open.

I heard something move and looked up to find all three guys standing by the door watching with their cocks in their hands.

"Don?t stop for us," Pat said "give that hot babe what she needs!"

"Baby I think we have an audience." I told my wife

"Who cares just fuck me baby, I need to be fucked hard!"

I began pounding my wife harder and harder until I could not hold back anymore and I came filling her pussy full of my cum.

"Come on baby don?t stop I need to be fucked!" my wife grunted as she fingered herself. She then looked over and saw all three guys with thier hard cocks in their hands. She looked up at me and said "Baby it would be a shame to let all that cock go to waste, don?t you think?"

"That is up to you baby you do what you want." I told her.

My sweet innocent wife that was a virgin on our wedding night turned her head and said "Bruce, bring that big black cock over here and fuck me hard!" I slid out of the way and Bruce wasted no time stripping down and getting between my wife?s spread legs. Bruce?s cock was impressive much thicker than mine a at least 2 inches longer. He stared rubbing the enormous head of his cock up and down Michelle?s wet slit.

Michelle was bucking like a wild bronco now "Fuck me Bruce, Fuck me with that big black cock" she begged him. Bruce stopped the head of his cock at her pussy entrance and pushed forward several inches, "Ohhhhhh godddddddddd yesssssss" my wife whimpered. "Soooo fucking big, god it feels so big Bruce" Bruce began with slow strokes deepening his penetration with every other thrust.

"Ohhhhhhhhh goddddd, Ohhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddd yessssssssssss" my wife was moaning almost in delirium. It took several minutes but with one final thrust Bruce buried his long thick cock balls deep in my wife?s tightly stretched pussy. Well it did not take long before Bruce was fucking Michelle like he owned her. He was pounding her pussy without a bit of mercy. As Bruce continued to fuck Michelle he began talking to her.

"You like that big black cock don?t you baby" he asked "Oh god yes, Il love it so gooddddddd" she nearly screamed as she began cumming over and over again. Bruce?s body was covered in sweat as he put Michelle?s legs on his shoulders and began fucking her harder. "Ohhhhhhhhhh goddddddddd" my wife screamed "So deeeppppppppppp so goooddddddd" "Ohhhhhhhhh god cumming again"

Bruce continued a few more minutes then his entire body tensed and he began pumping his hot cum deep in my wife?s pussy. "Yessssss, Yessssssssss fill me full Bruce" she whimpered. Bruce held his cock deep in Michelle as she ground her hips milking every drop from his cock into her pussy. "That was amazing Bruce" she told him as she kissed him passionately.

Bruce slid out of my wife?s red swollen pussy and you could see a large wad of cum as it began leaking out of her pussy. That when my wife surprised me and got up on all fours and told Pat and Scott that she needed some more hard cock.

Well she did not have to ask twice soon Scott was getting his cock sucked and Pat and his rather large black cock were pounding my wife?s pussy. Both Pat and Scott were about my size and before long both had cum inside my wife?s mouth and pussy.

We never made it to the car show that day we spent the entire afternoon and night fucking my wife silly, my wife could not get enough of Bruce?s huge cock. She spent the night in his bed and I swear the fucked all night long. You could hear the bed bumping the wall and my wife moaning and whimpering all night long. I even woke up once and saw Bruce had my wife out on the balcony bent over the rail fucking her from behind.

I snuck up to the sliding glass door and watched and listened for awhile.

"Oh God Bruce my pussy is yours anytime, I love your big black cock baby..." I heard my wife say to Bruce.

"Michelle, I have some hung friends that would really enjoy fucking your hot pussy, you don?t mind if I bring some of then by some afternoon so we can have some fun do you baby?"

"No baby whatever you want I am all yours... and your friends too."

I could not believe this was the same innocent wife that I had left the house with this morning. I have a fear that this door now that it has been opened can never be shut.

To be continued
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