What have I done?

Written by First But Not Last / Oct 26, 2005


What have I done?

By: First but not last

For the last several months I have been telling my wife Michelle how much I would love to watch her fuck a well hung black man. We would be having sex and I would whisper in her ear about how she would enjoy a big thick black cock to satisfy her. Now my wife always told me I was all she needed, I noticed she sure would get awful wet and excited when I talked about it.

Well about 3 weeks ago I bought a black sleeve that fits over my cock. It took my cock from about 7 inches to nearly 9-1/2 inches and increased my girth as well. That Saturday night after the kids had gone to bed we began fooling around; I ate my wife?s pussy until she was about to cum. Then I told her I had a surprise for her, I went to the closet and came back with the sleeve and some warming lubricant.

Well I slid the extension on and then poured some lubricant all over my wife?s pussy. My wife was stroking the cock and she had this hungry look on her face. I rubbed the huge head of this cock up and down her slit until she begged me to fuck her. I ask her what she really wanted and she said ?I want you to fuck me baby? no what do you really want ?I want a big black cock to fuck me? she said as she moaned.

I slowly began sliding inside my wife, she was moaning and whimpering like crazy. ?Go slow baby? she said, slowly inch by inch that long thick black cock disappeared inside her hungry pussy. ?Oh god yes? she moaned as I worked the cock in and out of her. Then with one strong thrust I buried all 9-1/2 inches in her. ?Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk? she whimpered as she grabbed my ass and held me deep inside her ?I?m cumming? she mumbled.

After my wife had come down from her orgasm she told me to fuck her hard. I began thrusting all 9-1/2 inches in and out of her as hard as I could. She was fucking me back like never before, moaning and whimpering like a wild animal. ?God yes, fuck me, fuck me hard? she moaned. Then I started talking to her whispering to her, you like that big black cock don?t you baby? ?Oh fuck yessssssss, I love this big black cock? she answered.

We fucked till late in the night with my wife Michelle cumming numerous times, she could not get enough of this big cock. The next morning my wife called me at work to tell me how much she had enjoyed the night and to tell me she was a little sore. Well that night after the kids had gone to bed I came into the bedroom and me wife had the sleeve and the lubricant out and wanted to know if I was in the mood for some fun, I quickly shot the bedroom door and we went at it again.

This went on for the entire week and on Friday night as we prepared to go at it again I discovered my wife had shaved her pussy smooth. I ask her why she had done that and she said because that is how all the women she keeps reading about on the Dark wanderer keep their pussy. I had shown my wife this site several months ago, but she did not show any interest at the time.

I found out later that every since that first night she had been getting on there reading the stories and also looking at pictures of well hung black men. Well this continued on for about another 2 weeks until this past Friday night. My wife called and said the kids were going to be staying at her Dads house for the night and I needed to get home because she needed me.

Well I got home about 6:30 and headed in the house was full of candles and soft music, I headed thru the kitchen and living room to the bedroom door which was shut. I opened the door and nearly passed out from what I saw. My wife was seating on the edge of the bed naked and in her hands and mouth was the biggest black cock I had ever seen.

?Hope you enjoyed your surprise baby? she said with a smile, ?I meant Greg here online and just knew you would love to watch him fuck me?. Greg was built like a middle linebacker easily 6-4 245 lbs of solid muscle and as black as coal. ?Hope you don?t mind bud, your wife here says you wanted to watch her with a well hung man, so I told her I was willing to do my part? I said I was cool with it and just sat down to watch the show.

Greg?s cock had to have been 10-1/2 to 11 inches long and very thick with huge veins sticking out all over it. The head of Greg?s cock was also huge and my wife was straining to get it in her mouth. I watched as she used both her hands and her mouth to suck his cock, Greg had his hands on my wife?s head fucking her mouth ?That?s it baby suck that big black cock? From where I was sitting I could see my wife?s pussy glistening with her juices, she was dripping wet.

?That?s good baby now lay back and let me show what this 11 inch black cock can do for you? My wife crawled back in the bed and spread her legs wide as Greg slid in between them. I could see Greg rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit, as my wife moaned and groaned from his stimulation. My wife?s hands were exploring Greg?s hard body as she looked deep in his eyes. ?Oh good Greg fuck me, my pussy is on fire I need your big black cock so bad? my wife said.

Slowly Greg began to penetrate my wife?s pussy, ?Oh god so bigggggggg? my wife moaned as the enormous head of Greg?s cock popped inside her tight pussy. My wife soft white hands were grabbing Greg?s firm black ass as he began working his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. I had never seen my wife this way she was whimpering and moaning like wild, begging for more of his cock. ?Yesssssssss, god yesssssssss Greg I love your fucking cock, so big so goodddddddd, oh my god I love your cock, fuck me baby, fuck me? she rambled on.

I could see Greg?s cock was covered in my wife?s white creaming juices as he worked it in and out of her tightly stretched pussy. My god her lips were stretched paper thin around his huge cock as he slid in and out of her. Greg had managed to get all but maybe 2 inches inside my wife now and she was going fucking nuts. She had cum several times already and both there bodies were dripping with sweat and glistened in the candle light.

Then Greg kissed my wife and I watched as their tongues explored each others mouth and Greg thrust forward and buried the entire length of his huge cock into my once na?ve wife. ?OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK? my wife screamed, as she came so hard she nearly hyperventilated. Greg held his cock balls deep until Michelle had got her breath. ?You ready for some fucking now baby?? Greg said with a smile. ?Yes anything you want Greg, I am all yours baby? my wife answered.

Greg started slowly withdrawing his cock then slid it back in slowly, my wife was going nuts clawing his ass and back. Slowly Greg picked up the pace fucking her harder and harder, soon Greg was slamming his cock with all his might in and out of my wife stretched pussy. ?Oh fuck? my wife screamed ?I can?t stop cumming, god Greg I love you baby? she grunted. ?This is my pussy now ain?t it Michelle?? Greg said ?Yes whatever you want baby, I am all yours?

Both Greg and my wife?s bodies were covered in sweat as they thrust their hips back and forth at each other. The contrast of my wife?s long whit legs wrapped around Greg?s ass was amazing. Greg rolled of my wife and got on his back and told my wife to ride his cock. Greg picked up my wife and sat her on his cock facing away from him. My god what a sight his enormous cock pounding her red swollen pussy right in front of me.

Greg began thrusting his cock in and out of her like a jackhammer destroying concrete, my wife was like a rag doll as he grabbed her hips and just destroyed her pussy with his huge cock. You could see her juices covering his cock, as their bodies slapped together over and over again. My wife?s 36c tits were bouncing like crazy as he continued to pound my wife helpless pussy. Here it comes baby Greg grunted, ?Oh god fill my pussy Greg fill it with your cum baby please?. ?Who?s pussy is this Michelle?? Greg grunted, ?All yours baby, all yours and your big black cock? my wife moaned.

Greg?s whole body tensed and he thrust with all his might and held his cock deep as he emptied his huge load into my wife?s waiting pussy. I was sitting there watching as the only other man besides myself filling her pussy with cum. My wife let out this groan as she said she was cumming again. ?Oh goddddddddd, yesssssssss fill me baby, I can feel your cock squirting inside, Oh fuck cumming again? Greg held his cock deep inside her as my wife milked every last drop of cum from his cock. ?Oh my god that was fantastic Greg, the best sex I have ever had you can fuck me anytime baby? she told him as she ground her pussy on his cock.

Greg and Michelle spent the rest of the night fucking in every position you can imagine, I slept on the couch and listened to the moans all night long. My wife says she is hooked and she can not live without fucking Greg. So whenever he calls she is gone off to fuck him or as I found out this past weekend his buddies. You see he had a little football watching party with 3 of his good friends, all black this past weekend well guess who was the halftime entertainment?

Michelle said she fucked every one of them at least twice and even let them record the whole thing on video. What have I done, my wife is turned into a complete slut.

By the way I am supposed to get a copy of the video next week, cannot wait to see that.

The end
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