My wife with a black man

Written by Steve / Nov 10, 2005


My wife with a black man

By Steve

This is a copy of an e-mail my wife sent me while I was out of town. I hope you guys like it:

Hello honey, So you want to hear about my night with my black man? OK here it goes. Well I really wasn't going to play cards at my girlfriend?s house like I told you. I was just waiting for him to come home and to call. So he calls and I go over. I go in the house and put my purse down. He leads me straight to the bedroom where he is watching TV. We lie down on the bed and talk a little bit to relax some. Then we get tired of talking and he starts kissing me and pulls me in close to his body.

My hands are rubbing all over his body, His all over mine. I reach down to find his cock already hard. I sit up and take off my clothes and then reach down and take off his pants to expose his hard cock. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen. I never knew he was so big. I might have agreed to meet him months ago! I slowly rub my chest up his body over his cock and start kissing him and then his chest with a little nibble on his nipples, down to his stomach I go finding my way down to the pleasure waiting for me. I place his cock in my mouth and work up and down on it causing him to moan in pleasure. I continued sucking like I?ve never done before. You know I like to give head but this was different. The way I sucked that black cock wasn?t like the way I suck you. Baby, I just couldn?t get enough of it.

I didn?t want to stop sucking it but I knew I?d make him cum and I so wanted to feel it inside me. I sensually crawl back up his body kissing it the entire time until my hot wet pussy is right over his hard cock. I slide it in with much ease because of all my wetness. I began thrusting my hips up and down ensuring contact with my clit. He helps move my hips with his hands making it even hotter. I rode him for about 30 minutes I guess. I came sooo hard. He rolls me over onto my back and replaces his hard cock inside me. He takes my legs and pushes them back so he can see.

The position is perfect and I cum again in no time. He continued fucking me this way for a while. My god, he fucked me so hard. My pussy was so wet the juices were running down my ass. He pulled his cock out and made me get on my hands and knees. He started fucking me hard again. I was moaning so loudly and bucking my hips. You?ve never seen me act this way honey. I was talking pretty slutty the whole time. Yelling at him to fuck me hard. He fucked me as hard and deep as he could until he makes me cum again. WOW. He asked me if he could cum on me. At this point baby I wanted to let him do anything he wanted to me. He pulled his big black cock out of me and got off the bed. He told me to kneel in front of him. I knew exactly what he wanted. I know I?ve never let you cum in my mouth but this was something I just wanted to do.

I kneeled in front of him like he told me to. I started licking and sucking that beautiful black cock, stroking it in my hand at the same time. He started moaning loudly, I knew he was close so I sucked harder. I tried to pull it out but he exploded in my mouth before I could. My god, it was such a turn on. I tried to swallow it but I couldn?t get it all. He wants me to come over again this weekend. I want to go so bad. He said his cousin will be staying with him. Baby, if his cousin is anything like him I?d like to play with both of them like the movie you got. I hope you don?t mind. Well hope you liked it Baby. I did! Call me later, Honey.

Love you.....

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