Peg Surprises Her Husband

Written by Peg69 / Dec 2, 2005


Peg Surprises Husband with a Gang Bang


Hi, my name is Peggy but everyone calls me Peg.?I am a 42 year old white wife and am proud to be a black man?s whore.?I love black cock and I do whatever my black man tells me to do.?My husband, WB, understands my need for black cocks to fuck me and now accepts his place as servant to me and my black lover.?It has not always been this way.?I had my first black lover a little over five years ago and never looked back.?At first, my husband would have me fuck several of his white friends or drinking buddies but after the first black guy I knew this is what I had to have.?Hubby didn?t know what he was in for, when he started letting me fuck other guys. I loved the way the black guys would take charge of both me and my husband and command us to do what they wanted.

My first black lover was James, a big man about six-four and 240 pounds with a very large cock.?I suggested to WB that we find a big black guy to fuck me and decide if we liked black cocks or not.?I knew after the first time with James that this was what I wanted.?We picked James from an ad that we had placed, and met him at a hotel.?WB and I invited James to our room and WB watched as James fucked me.?Afterwards, I told WB to come and taste my fucked pussy as he always does after I had been with white guys.?WB hesitated so James told him that he had better do as he was told.?I knew that WB was having second thoughts about me being black fucked, but James had just given me the best fuck I ever had.?I gave James our home phone number and told him if he wanted to fuck me again to call me.?This was a Friday night and James called Sunday wanting to come and fuck me.

When WB told me that I could fuck James as often or as much as I wanted, this was like offering candy to a baby.?For the next ten days, James came each day or night to fuck.?WB started leaving us alone so we had lots of time to fuck and talk.?James asked ?Have you ever had more that one guy at a time???I said ?Only with one of WB?s friends and then with WB.?WB had liked to suck me after each one had fucked me and then get sloppy seconds. James laughed and said ?I would like to bring a friend some time.??I said ?Maybe.??Later, James asked ?Have you ever had a gang bang?? I told him ?No but it sounds fun.??He told me that he could arrange it.?I said ?It would be ok with me but I?m not sure WB would go for it.??James said ?Let?s let it be a surprise for WB.??Not long after my first gang bang, WB wrote the story from his point of view.?I will now let him tell you about my first gang bang.

WB writes:

I came in on a Friday and found that my wife, Peg, had dinner cooked on the table and ready to eat.? Usually on Friday we go out to eat and then hit a few clubs.? I asked her why she had cooked and she said "Why don?t we just stay in tonight"??? I asked ?Is James coming over again tonight"?? Since we met James, a nice enough black guy, only two weeks ago, he has been here every night to fuck my wife.? Peg usually meets him at the door and they start hugging and kissing, their hands roaming all over each other?s bodies.? Sometimes they would sit and talk and sometime they would head straight to the bedroom to fuck.? Sometimes I would follow and watch and some of the time I left them alone.? I knew that Peg was becoming addicted to his big black dick and I had told her to fuck him as much as she wanted and she had.? Peg answered that he might be coming over tonight.

After we got through eating, Peg left me to clean the kitchen while she went to bathe. After I finished, I went into the bath room where Peg was shaving her pussy clean.?She knows that I love sucking a clean shaven pussy, so I though maybe she was doing this for me.?When I tried to get close to her and feel her tits, she told me ?Later.??I went back and started watching TV while she got dressed.?She only put on shorts and a halter top.?She sat in my lap and gave me a big kiss.?I ran my fingers up the leg of her shorts and found that she wasn?t wearing any panties.?My fingers found their way to her pussy which was already very wet.?Again I asked ?Is James coming over?? Her answer was ?Do you want him to???I answered ?You know I want you fucked. You like his big black dick, don?t you???She said ?It is a lot bigger than yours and it does feel really good.? As time passed, I noticed that she kept looking at the clock.

At about nine, I heard a car pull into the drive.?I got up and went to the front and peeked out the window and saw a black SUV like the one James drives, pulling in. Just the thought of James coming to fuck Peg and I started getting a hard on.?He rang the bell and Peg went to the door as usual.?When she opened the door and turned on the outside light I could see several black men standing there, Maybe half a dozen. James started coming in and the others behind him when I interceded.??Who are these guys and what is going on here???Peg already had her arms around James when I told the other guys that they couldn?t come in.?Peg said that it was ok, that we were going to have a party.?I said ?Not in our house.??James raised his voice and said ?If not here, then we will all go back to my place, it is up to you. ? Peg came to me and said that everything was ok and I should just go along and we would have fun.?After second thought, I decided that maybe this was the best place.?I could see that I had no choice.

The guys brought in two cases of beer. Peg had been shopping that day and had gotten chips and dips.?I got them out and passed a beer out to each one of the guys.?Peg sat next to James as usual and James did most of the talking.?He told the guys that Peg was the white bitch he had just met and had been fucking with her husband?s approval.??She tells me that she really likes black cocks and likes to be fucked.?She is ready for a gang bang but it is a surprise to her husband but I believe he is ok with it now.?WB, tell the guys that it is ok with you for each of them to fuck your wife.??I stuttered but finally got it out ?If Peg wants to fuck, then ok.?

After that little speech, James got Peg to stand up and remove her top to expose her tits to the six black guys.?James said ?Aren?t those tits nice???The guys started clapping and said ?Really nice!? James unhooked her shorts and Peg lets them drop to the floor.?Now she is standing before the guys naked in all of her glory.?I could tell that the guys liked what they were seeing and I felt proud that they could find my wife attractive and desirable.?By now it was time for me to serve another round of beer.

James took some of the guys to our spare bedroom and removed the mattress from the bed and brought it back to the den and put it down in the middle of the floor.?The guys then started shedding their clothes.?I watched eagerly as they removed their shorts and I saw their erect black dicks for the first time.?Two dicks were uncut and four were cut ranging from sizes seven or eight inches up to maybe ten or twelve.?I could see why Peg loves black men?s cocks.?I was learning to appreciate hard black dicks myself. James led Peg to the mattress and she gets down on her back and James motions one of the men to get on her.?He has no trouble sliding his black dick into her white pussy.?She is so wet and ready to be fucked.?Two other guys knelt down at her head.?Peg reached out to their dicks and stroked them and drew them to her mouth.?She takes turns sucking one and then the other.?The other three men watched at first while stroking their own cocks.

As James was starting to undress, he told me to undress as well. Even though I had a hardon watching Peg getting fucked, I knew I couldn?t compare to any of the black cocks.?When I was just down to my socks, I heard James say get down on all fours.?I said something that I don?t remember so James said it again.?I tried to protest but nothing came out right.?Peg looked over at me and said ?Honey, you better do as they say.??Reluctantly, I did as I was told.?One of the guys came up behind me and started beating his cock in my butt.?Then he positioned his dick at my anus and shoves in hard.?At that time, I was thinking that is going to hurt but I can?t show it.?Thank goodness, it was one of the smaller dicks.?Another one of the guys gets in front of me and indicates that he wants me to suck his cock.?I was told to open my mouth as he strives to fuck my throat. Here Peg has three cocks and I have two going in me.?Before I even realize it, I am pressing back each time the guy behind me is thrusting into me.?Why am I helping him??I feel a slight sting at my own dick and look down to see white cum at the tip.?Then I knew that the dick that is in me is pressing on my prostate and pressing fluid out.?The dick in my ass was starting to feel good.?The dick in my mouth really wasn?t that bad.?The head was nice and round and firm and my lips fit around it nicely.?Peg loves sucking cock and maybe I was finding out why.

There was a lot of talk going on between Peg and the guys while they are fucking.?One would say ?Watch this bitch suck cock!" or "suck this cock you bitch!? The other guy would say ?Watch me fuck this white pussy. James has made a whore out of this white bitch.??One asked ?How does the pussy feel????Man, this is really fine white pussy? answered another. ?After we have fucked this bitch, she will never go back to a tiny white dick again.? They would ask Peg how she liked having black dicks and she always answered that she really liked black dicks.?The guy who was fucking my ass hole said ?I have made another pussy over here!? He asked me ?Are you a pussy?? and all I could do was nod and say ?Yes?.

The guys fucking Peg?s pussy had finished and had creamed in her pussy.?One of the guys that she was sucking had also lost his load in her mouth.?There was cum leaking from both her mouth and her pussy.?I love seeing cum ooze from her sex holes.?James told me that Peg needed a cleaning so I went over to her and licked the cum from her face and then went down and licked and sucked as much of the mixture of love juices from her pussy as I could.?The guys really liked to see me eating their cum out of Peg.?It was like having a cheering squad.?The guy that she was sucking got on his back and Peg straddled him.?James told the guy who was fucking me to enter Peg from the back.?Now Peg had one dick in her pussy and one in her ass.?The other two guys moved to her head for her to suck their dicks. Peg took the cum of all six guys in a little over two hours. While Peg was fucking the guys, James had me suck his cock.?I was on my knees while he stood before me.?He informed me that from then on my job was to suck the black dicks to show respect for them and to get the black dicks hard for my wife's pussy.?Also, cleaning up their cum afterwards shows your approval of them fucking your wife.

James then told the guys to take his SUV and come back tomorrow for him. As they left, each guy thanked Peg for a really good time and said that they hoped it was as good for her as it was for them.?She assured them that she also enjoyed it.?James then took Peg to the bathroom where the two of them showered together.?They came out of the bathroom naked and returned to the den where they hugged and kissed together and talked about her first gang bang and how proud he was of her performance.?He even told me that he believed that I added something to it.

I was informed that James would be staying the night. He and Peg would be sleeping together. The mattress that was on the floor was returned to the guest bed before the guys left, and I was told to sleep there. Beside the thoughts of what had been done on that mattress, I had to hear the giggling, groaning and moaning coming from our bed as James fucked Peg several times during the night.

This was just the beginning of a long time relationship between Peg and black men and I am now obligated to being the dutiful husband.
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