The Right Thing To Do Part 2

Written by Scipio / Jan 8, 2006


Kelly woke up the next morning with a cold sweat. David was already gone to work and Kelly had overslept about one hour. She heard the shower going and realized Kevin must be still in the house. As soon as she started thinking about Kevin her breathing doubled and her heart began to race. ?Gotta get out of here? she said to herself. Kelly threw on some jeans and a shirt and decided to go get coffee some place. In the garage Kelly started her Yukon and then realized she had forgotten her purse. ?Shit!? she said out loud. Going back inside Kelly ran to a counter where she kept some money and grabbed a few bucks.

As she turned around Kevin was standing in the doorway. ?What?s for breakfast?? he asked with a shit-eating grin on his face. He enjoyed looking down at the trembling white girl.

After a few seconds of staring at his chest Kelly responded. ?I uh uh ummmmm, I got gotta go.?

?Okay? said Kevin. ?Just make me some eggs first.?

?Uh, I I am, uh ok? squeeked Kelly as she brushed by Kevin on her way to the kitchen.

?Why is he only wearing a towel again!? Kelly asked herself. ?It?s not fair!? Truth be known she was mad because she wanted to rip that towel off.

After a few minutes of cooking Shaun came into the kitchen wearing his school clothes and sat at the table. While he was not in the room the guilty wife had decided to tell him that what happened last night can not happen again and that she loves her husband too much. Before she said a word Kevin came up behind her and smacked her on the ass.

?Ouch!? exclaimed the white wife. As she turned around Kevin started rubbing her shoulders and before long kissing her neck. Kelly was frozen and moaning inside of 20 seconds.

?Stop, it?s nnnot right.? Mumbled Kelly.

?Ppplease stop.? Whispered Kelly.

?Ask nice and say my name girl? said Kevin as he rubbed harder and grinded his cock into her ass.

?S s ss stop! Pleeeeeasee, pres stopppp B Big? Right when she said stop ?Big,? Kevin moved his hands around and down to her breasts.

?Ungh!? came the reply as Kelly ground her ass back on to the cock behind her. ?Shiiiit bitch, I thought you wanted me to stop?? Kevin asked. ?

Okay? he said as he walked off to the living room. ?Bring my food? he called out to the panting women.

Both her hands gripped the counter because her knees were giving way under her weight. Her eyes finally opened and after a few seconds she got her senses and then got mad at herself for caving so easily. She marched into the living room and started to yell at Kevin about not touching her without permission. Kevin quickly turned around and told her to shut up. She did. ?

Get my fuckin food!? Kevin yelled. The beauty was not used to this and she turned around quickly to run back to the kitchen.

A few minutes later and Kevin was eating at the coffee table. He told Kelly to sit on the floor by his feet. When he finished eating he had Kelly sit on the couch next to him and then he turned on the TV.

?What the fuck!? Exclaimed Kelly.

It was a very clear shot of Kelly in her own kitchen with Kevin?s cock in her mouth. Her mouth was agape as she watched this. She was in such shock that she did not notice Kevin start to rub her thigh with one hand. A few minutes later and the shot cut to her in a close-up while wearing the same outfit and telling the camera how much fun she had and that she liked it. By this time Kevin was squeezing one of her tits and her hand was unconsciously between her widening legs. He was soon kissing on her neck and ear while her other hand slid across to his lap. The picture had gone to static and Kelly was still rubbing and moaning when she realized what was going on. She quickly pulled away and asked Kevin where this had come from.

?I need that tape, did you make that without my knowledge?? Kelly asked.

As she asked this Kevin had unzipped his pants and sprung his cock free. Kelly felt like there was a magnet in her hand drawing itself to his meat.

?Well, you had fun right?? asked Kevin.

You said on the tape you had fun. Just then Kelly jumped up and grabbed the tape out of the VCR.

?Keep it, I got copies? said Kevin to the crestfallen wife. ?Come sit down again? ordered Kevin. Kelly put down the tape and sat down after looking at the floor for a few minutes.

?What are you going to do?? asked Kelly.

?Nothing girl, we is just gonna have a little fun, that?s all.? Kevin said as he grabbed Kelly?s hand and moved it towards his cock. At the last second Kelly moved her hand back. But her eyes had moved up and had not lost their connection with the hard 9-inch cock. She was still amazed at its size and hardness.

?Touch the cock Kelly.? said Kevin.

?N no? whispered Kelly with her eyes still fixed. Images were flashing in her mind of cock in her mouth. ?It would be a shame if David found one of these tapes, wouldn?t it??

?What? snapped Kelly, ?No! he can?t, that can?t happen!? whimpered Kelly.

She had unconsciously moved a few inches closer to him when she said this. ?You should be alright, just give it a kiss and I will make sure of it.?

?Wha what, uh, you mean all you want is me to kiss it and I can have all the tapes?? asked Kelly.

?Come here!? yelled Kevin as one hand went behind her neck and pulled her head into his lap. ?Now kiss bitch!? yelled Kevin.

On her way down Kelly had let out a tiny little whimper of total submission. Her natural reaction was to open her mouth. A split second later and she was kissing all over his cock while he held her neck tightly. Moving her face down he would cock slap her face and make Kelly ask permission to kiss it again.

?Ppplease, ccccan I kkiss your cock Big? asked the wife.

?Open your mouth!? he said to the girl whose mouth was already open.

?Alggghh? was all that escaped her noise hole when the cock was shoved in. She desperately hit against his chest to let her go but it was no use. With his right hand on her neck Kevin was basically using her head to jerk-off with. He smacked away her hand and continued to use her mouth. Every few minutes he would pause and watch her struggle to get the cock back in her mouth.

?Take your clothes off? came his order in a few more minutes. He kept her head in his lap while the white girl struggled to undo her jeans. After laughing for a few minutes he let her go and took off his own clothes. A minute later and Mrs. Williams was standing naked in front of this kid. Kevin grabbed the phone and sat down. Kelly started to sit and he told her to stand up. Standing there being stared at Kelly had no idea what he was doing. He dialed a number and handed her the phone.

?Tell em I am sick? Kelly realized it was his school when a lady answered.

?Uh, hi, this is Kelly Williams and I am calling about Kevin, my uh step-son. Yeah, he is sick today.? Inside Kelly was getting really turned on by this and there was a dirty part of her that loved the bad nature of calling this place naked.

?Good girl? Kevin said as she hung up the phone. ?Turn around? Kevin told Kelly. He smiled when she complied. Kelly was now unconsciously walking in place as her pussy dripped. Kevin started to massage the wonderful ass of this hot girl.

?Bend over? he told her. She complied without thinking. Next thing she knew Kelly was feeling fingers brushing against her pussy. Her stance widened and the moans got louder and louder. She put her hands on the couch for support.

?Wait, we can?t have sex, I can?t cheat on my husband!? said Kelly. She was shocked to see Kevin still sitting down. Then she realized he was using a finger to enter her with. ?Oh my God!? Kelly exclaimed as the digit snaked its way around her cunt.

?Damn girl, shit is tight? exclaimed Kevin. ?I needs to cum!? he told the wife.

?No sex!?

?You sucked it already, that aint cheatin! So there is no problem. Besides, I am gonna fuck yo tits.?

?What?s that?? Kelly asked.

?Get some lotion and I?ll show you.?

Fifteen minutes later and the pretty wife was lying on the floor squeezing her big tits together around a large black cock. Kevin was moaning along with Kelly who had two of Kevin?s fingers sloshing around her pussy.

?Shit biatch, gonna make me cum!? exclaimed Kevin.

She could not be sure why but Kelly wanted the cum in her mouth. She let go of her tits and tried to guide the cock to her mouth. Kevin smacked away her hands and proceeded to baptize his ho in sperm. Several blasts later and Kevin had to laugh at the site of his new mom on the floor with her face totally saturated by his cum. He loved the site of her trying to catch the shots in her mouth. Rapidly moving her head around with each jet, like some carnival game or something.

Kelly felt wonderfully dirty, as she had never experienced cum shooting in her face before. All too quickly the nice wife was wiping cum from her face into her waiting mouth. All of a sudden Kevin started to play with her pussy again and this got an instant reaction from the super-horny women. Kevin?s cock started to harden again and he smacked her face with it in order to get her attention. She was beside herself with the concept of his dick being hard again. David could never get it up twice in one day. She did not think that a penis could do that from a physiological point of view.

Her hips were now bucking up into Kevin?s hand as he jammed two fingers into her cunt. Kevin then made his way down to her pussy, kissing the whole way down. Kelly had let go of his cock and started to play with her tits. She never did this with David, but around Kevin her body acted totally different to touch. She came 6 seconds after his tongue started to play with her clit. She had only screamed a few times during sex in her life. This was louder than all the other times put together. Kevin kept at her clit while jamming his fingers up her pussy hole in a sawing motion. Twenty minutes later and she had cum two more times. Her mind was literally in a sex haze and she felt as if she was floating.

Kevin moved his cock up to her pussy and started to rub the head on her hole. She had some idea as to what was gonna happen and she wanted to tell him to stop. She could not. The only thing that came out of her mouth was ?ah ah ah nnnnn ah ah ah nnnAAAAAA FUUUCKKKK? as Kevin pushed 6 inches into her sloppy cunt. Her legs and arms instantly latched onto him as he slowly pushed in and out of his new toy. ?Nice pusssyy bitch? he spat in her face. The mix of pain and pleasure was too much for her and Kelly started to zone out.

?Wants me ta f fuck you Kel?? Kevin asked.

?Ah ah ah nnnn ah cheat, ah nnn can ah ah t.?

BOOM, Kevin slammed all nine inches into her and Kelly snapped up in pain. She had never been penetrated like this before. Kevin slowly banged her for a few minutes with his whole cock in her pussy.

?Still want me to stop?? he asked the confused wife.

?Nno, stop sss stop, pl p please.? Kelly gasped.

?Okay? said Kevin as he pulled out of her pussy with a poping sound. About one second later and Kelly felt empty.

?Wait, wait, you can?t, make me cum, cum in me, wait, can?t cum in me? said the breathless beauty.

?So, you want it in you?? asked Kevin.

?Please, use it to make me cum, I need to have sex ssso bad!? exclaimed the white wife.

?What do you want me to put back in Kel?? ?Ask in a nice sentence now? said Kevin as he teased his bitch. ?

Put, put you cock inside me Big, make me cum please.?

?You want me to fuck you then?? asked Kevin.

?Yessss, fuck, fuck me!? exclaimed Kelly behind gritting teeth.

That was all she wrote for this innocent wife. Kevin first slid in a few inches and then slammed forward with all his might. He pounded this bitch in the missionary position for about fifteen minutes and gave her another orgasm. Over the next hour Kevin manhandled his new mom in a bevy of sexual positions. She had no idea when she was and was not cumming. Kevin loved watching her tits bounce as he fucked her from behind. As he had her back to the wall while she was impaled on his cock Kevin felt he was about to cum. Literally throwing her onto a couch Kevin grabbed her by the hair as he shot his load right into her begging mouth. He had made her do a lot of begging during the last hour, so why stop now.

Next Kevin made Kelly wash him in the shower and she spent particular attention to cleaning his cock and ass crack. For the next six hours or so all Kelly did was cook and get fucked. She had no idea how many times she came and how many new positions she tried. One thing was sure though, she wanted to try them again. They fucked or sucked in every room of the house. Even once in her car in the garage. They layed out naked by the pool as Kelly would run inside for beers as Kevin relaxed. Kevin enjoyed drinking beer from the tits and pussy of his new toy, almost as much as he enjoyed watching her drink from his cock. She was made to rub lotion all over his body and beg for his cock again. He made her wait while he finished her beer.

Probably the most fulfilling for Kevin was either when he made her do some of his homework as he went thru her underwear drawer throwing out things he did not like. Or when he made her go to the bank down the street and withdraw him three hundred in cash. He made her go in black heels, a short jean skirt and a t-shirt that he ripped in several places (no bra or panties). When Kelly got home Kevin had her put on some nice lingerie that David had bought her. It consisted of a red lacy bra with matching thong and red thigh-high stockings. Capped off with a pair of red five-inch pumps Kelly was made to model for Kevin while he called her names like??white fuck pig? and ?Kevin?s closet slut?. She then got the three hundred from her purse and counted it out for him. All of this was caught on the camera that Kevin had put on the bookstand. He did not even bother to hide it. The camera got a great shot of the red clad bride getting on her knees to suck the black cock of her new son. Within thirty minutes the bra had been ripped off while the torn panties dangled from her right root. Her left foot was on the other end of an obscene V shape. Kevin was in the middle of this and pounding at his new bitch.

?You had better hurry up slut!?

?What do you mean?? asked Kelly with a happy smile from her last cock induced orgasm.

?Well, David will be home soon and you gotta clean the place up.? Said Kevin as he wiped his cock with her red panties.

?Oh, shit!? called out Kelly. What time is it??

?About six.? Was all Kevin said.

He always comes home around 6:30. Kelly took the worlds fastest shower and began running around the house picking things up and ripping sheets off of beds. Ripped clothes were hidden along with all other evidence. Kelly was good at this. She had been able to remember everything that needed cleaning and gotten it done in about twenty minutes. As she ran around Kevin went to the gym.

When he got back David was home on the couch and sitting with Kelly. Coming into the room Kevin could tell how awkward Kelly was right away. And rightly so, after all he had made her tell him several times that day that she was his bitch now. Kevin chit-chatted for a few minutes and then said out loud.

?Oh, forgot something? as he got up and grabbed a tape from the top of the VCR.

Kelly let out an audible gasp as she realized it was the tape of her on her knees from earlier.

?Holy Christ!? she thought to herself. What if David had put that tape in! Her heart might have been beating harder then than any time earlier in the day.

?What?s that Kev?? asked David. ?Oh, it?s nothing, just some game tape of some bitch I am gonna make mine?on the court.?

David frowned at the language but just laughed it off and then asked to see it. Kelly was about to fake a seizure in order to get away from this situation.

?Would?nt ya know, the tape is blank, must of gotten a bad one. Don?t worry Dave, I?s gonna get me a lot more tapes of this weak-ass ho.?

While Kelly was cooking dinner and David unwound in his study. Kevin was busy watching how his most recent tape had worked out. He could not of been happier with the shots of his little bitch in her red underwear. This got his cock stirring so he decided to go play with his new girl. Grabbing his camera Kevin made a little note that said something in marker on. He then went into the kitchen and took a shot of Kelly while she was cooking. The flash startled her and she turned around to see what was going on. Kelly was wearing a light blue skirt and black blouse with 3 inch black pumps.

?Go away!? Kelly said as loud as she dared.

The kid closed the distance between the two in point five seconds grabbed her arm while twisting very hard. Kelly could only hold back her whimpers as she started to fall to the floor.

?Bitch, you do not tell me what to do? Kevin said I an angry whisper.

?Ah, ah ok ok, please Big, I am sorry, let go please?? Kelly whimpered out to him with pleading puppy dog eyes. He let go of her arm and smacked her across the face with his palm. A tear ran down her cheek as her pussy got wet.

?Stand up!? said Kevin to the girl who?s hand was grabbing for the cock behind his jeans in an attempt to make him happy. He handed her the note as he stepped back. Kelly read it and looked up.

?Please Big, pretty please, not with David here!? Kelly said in her best little girl voice. That always worked on David!

?Bitch now!? said Kevin under his breath. Kelly let out a sigh and let her head drop to the floor.

?Okay? she whispered. A second later and Kelly had handed her bra to Kevin and was lifting her shirt up to flash her tits at him.

?Stay still, fuckin smile!? Kevin said as he got out his camera and started to flash a couple of pics as he posed her indifferent positions. With her skirt up and bent over, licking her nipples, mouth open and tongue out. About ten pictures in total. Kevin then made her give him a deep slobbering kiss. All of this with her husband in the other room doing some paperwork.

As Kelly sat with the two men eating dinner she could not help but feel a little angry at David for bringing this on her. She was also up set that he was not catching on in a way. How could he not of heard her sucking cock the other night. Could he not tell that her tits were flopping around right now as Kevin had her bra in his pocket? ?Stupid ass? she thought to herself.

A few minutes later and David excused himself to go to the restroom. About a minute later and Kevin told Kelly to get the note he gave her out of her pocket. He told her to read it aloud. Kelly did not even try to resist this time.


?Do it!? he said. With a wicked grin Kelly exposed one and then the other tit for the smiling Kevin.

?Hold up the note? he told her as he took out his camera. There was this pretty housewife with her huge white tits showing and holding a sign that left little to the imagination. She smiled for the camera while her husband took a leak in the other room. David came back into the room a few seconds later. Right about the time her left tit was put away. Due to the rush the note was now stuck under her shirt.

?Let?s have desert?? David said.

?I have an idea? said Kevin. ?How about a photo? as he put the camera with a timer on a shelf facing them. Kevin quickly grabbed Kelly?s hand and stood her behind David who did not get out of his seat. Kevin stood next to Kelly as the timer beeped down. He grabbed her ass with one hand while the shocked Kelly latched her arms onto David?s shoulders for support. As the beeps drew near Kevin got an idea. With his other hand he grabbed her shirt and lifted the front up to expose her left tit. The petrified beauty was too scared to do anything and then the flash went. Kevin had to smirk later when he showed the picture on the digital camera to Kelly while she did dishes.

A stupid grin on David?s face along with a big toothy smile from Kevin. Kelly was staring off into space as Kevin?s fingers fondled her ass and her exposed tit hung over her trusting husband?s head.
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