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I am writing this account as part of my current obsession with the whole cuckold scene. Until awhile ago I never really thought about such things, and had not discovered the intense sexual arousal that some men at least find at seeing their wife as the sexual slave of another man. For nine months my wife and I lived in the house of the man who blackmailed us, and treated my wife as if he were her rightful husband. It was intended that I be wholly humiliated by acting as witness and participant. I am still trying to determine if that humiliation was in fact a major reason why I was so deeply sexually aroused virtually the entire time, a fact that was obvious to everyone. Was it also just the fact of seeing the woman I loved forced to strip away her normal inhibitions and morality and become simply a body? There was also the intense pride I felt in my wife that another man also found her so sexy and desirable, that I was married to a woman who gave other men erections, made other men want to breed with her simply because of her body. I don?t know all the reasons, but I fell even more in love with her as a result, and this story is part of my journey to try and understand what happened to me as much as to my wife.

In passing, I am not much of a writer, as you will see, and not very good at all with reporting or writing dialogue. So forgive this wandering account.

My Story

When people in our church group see Lisa and I enter with our two children, they smile upon us as pillars of respectability and charity. They see our oldest girl, aged 2, as a beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed Caucasian, just like her mother. And they assume the cute little Asian baby boy is our adopted son, a sign of our willingness to take on a poor helpless orphan for the glory of God.

If they only knew the truth?

Little Samuel is not adopted, but a biological son of Lisa?s. I was going to say a natural son, but there was nothing natural in the way he was conceived.

About a year ago I was given a one year transfer from my place of business in Australia to a subsidiary company in Vietnam, where I was to install and troubleshoot some financial and accounting software. We did not want to be apart for that long, especially having a new baby to share. And we both thought that Lisa could pick up some alternative cultural experiences. She did, but not in the way we had anticipated.

Let me begin by saying that at the time, Lisa was 35 years old. She is a buxom, mature blonde with wide, child-bearing hips and a meaty ass. With her light green eyes and fine features, she has always been a very attractive woman. Nonetheless she was a modest, sexually inexperienced woman, a church-goer and dedicated wife and mother. I was 45 at the time, an average kind of guy, very flattered to have married such a good looking woman, but as I said rather na?ve about the sexual interest she could arouse in men.

I found this to be particularly true in Vietnam, where her white skin and ample body were obvious features of interest to every male we met. Lisa was stared at and pawed and approached on many occasions, and she was both amused and alarmed by it all. We settled into a small flat in a large block of apartments, and the first few months flew by with work and some social engagements, mainly with other white Australians and Americans in the same business.

My boss, Mr Thuy, was in his early fifties, and unlike many Vietnamese men he was somewhat overweight and balding. He was unmarried. I noticed he took an immediate interest in my wife.

(I found out a lot more about Thuy later on, as this story will reveal, but if you want to know more about him and his views on white women, my email address is at the end of this story).

He often invited us over for social occasions, and kept taking her hand and eyeing her off and talking to her, and encouraging her to bring the baby along. I wondered at this until I realized he was hoping to see Lisa breastfeeding in his view. At any rate, Lisa did not pay too much attention to his advances, except to be friendly and a little aloof, and she definitely did not breastfeed in his presence.

This story really begins when we had been in Vietnam for about two months. Lisa and I plus a few other couples were invited to a cocktail party at Thuy?s house. We were just thinking of saying our farewells and going home when Thuy came up and stated that he thought it would be best if Lisa and I stayed on a little while longer, as there was an important legal matter he needed to talk to us about. His face was rather stern and unfriendly when he was talking to me, and I began to wonder if there was some problem.

Once we were alone with Thuy he firmly told us to sit down, and pulled out a file from his desk in the office he had at home. He told me that, according to his accountants, his firm was short by over $US 500,000, that the money was missing from my section, and that he was turning the matter over to the police. He accused me of embezzling that sum, and that he had already had our passports and visas impounded. While we listened in a stunned silence he went on to give a long grim picture of the legal realities in Vietnam, about the probable months I would spend in custody while the case was being investigated. He told me that the penalty for embezzlement of such a large sum was a possible twenty year sentence.

It was in vain that I pleaded ignorance and innocence. He told me that, even if I was proven innocent, the process would take many months, would cost me an enormous sum in legal fees, and that I had best prepare for a rather intimidating police interview in the morning.

?But I am prepared to find a way to settle this matter out of court,? he said, rising from behind his desk for the first time and moving to stand next to a weeping Lisa. He looked down at her and then over at me. ?That amount of money represents a substantial proportion of my firm?s business, Paul. I will drop the matter here and now if you and Lisa agree to me becoming Lisa?s lover, taking your place as her husband for the time remaining before you leave the country.?

I rose to my feet to protest in anger, but he simply turned away. ?I?ll leave you alone for a few minutes to talk it over. Consider the alternatives closely, Paul. With you in jail, I promise I will do all in my power to be given custodial rights over Lisa at any rate. And if I fail at that, I will leave it to your imagination as to whose hands she may end up in here in Vietnam. She might even have to go to a detainee camp, where I have no doubt she will be raped violently, and with impunity.?

With that he left the room. I took Lisa in my arms, but there was little need for words, we both knew we had no real choice in the matter. Which is what we told Thuy on his return, and it was clear he had expected nothing else. He simply nodded and walked up to Lisa and put an arm around her waist, then spoke to both of us.

?You will move into my house tomorrow, bring everything, you will not be returning to your flat again. Make arrangements to start your baby on a bottle, no more breastfeeding of her, Lisa, from this moment all your milk belongs to me alone. ?

He turned and looked her in the eyes. ?From this moment you are to think of me as your second, true husband, and of yourself as my true wife. You will treat me as a wife treats her husband here in Vietnam, with love and obedience. You will deny me nothing and offer me everything. You are to please me, entertain me and satisfy me in every way. I do not like to mar this moment with threats, but I warn you, Lisa. Never show me the slightest sign of unhappiness or displeasure or unwillingness to submit to me. Never show me anything but what a loving wife shows the husband she adores.?

With those words our new life began.

This story gets a little more incoherent from here, as you will see, but let me give you some of the main features of our new life, and some insights into Thuy as a male.

First of all, he knew Lisa was not going to become a loving wife overnight, no one could act so convincingly no matter what the pressure. For the first month he was demanding but forgiving. But from the first day of our lives together, he assisted the process with what he called his pleasure pills. These were pills about the size of a pea, made from hashish oil rolled in with a grain or two of opium. We all took them, at least one every day, sometimes two if Thuy was in a particularly randy mood. They heightened our senses and calmed our nerves and helped Lisa to relax. They also seemed to release a lot of her inhibitions, so she could more easily behave towards Thuy in the manner he expected.

Secondly, I don?t know if he had been before we moved in with him, but from the first day Thuy insisted we live as nudists while at home. He and I never wore a stitch in the house, though he let Lisa sometimes wear something obscene for him. He turned out to be a real exhibitionist too, insisting that we both look at and admire his flabby, overweight, aging body. Unlike most of the stories I have read on this site and others since then, my dick was in fact longer than Thuy?s five inches, though his was very fat and uncut, unlike my thinner circumcised one. He was inordinately proud of it, however, and was always drawing our attention to it, and getting Lisa in particular to admire its length and thickness and colour and smell and taste and texture, in detail. Except for a thick cluster of straight black hair around his balls and penis, his body was smooth and hairless.

His exhibitionism extended to having me watch his every violation, rape, and use of my wife. He admitted freely to us both that using her in front of me made him incredibly randy. For that reason, and because he never wanted me to be alone with Lisa, I never left his side the entire time. When we went to work in the mornings, he ensured I went straight to my own office area, and collected me from there at night. At lunch time, I was often called into his private office, where I had to masturbate him while he talked to Lisa on the phone. Until I became more skilled at that job, he calmly directed me on how to stroke and rub and massage his thick penis while he was talking to my wife about her body and how he was looking forward to using it that night.

(I would be happy to describe one of these lunch time sessions in more detail to anyone who wants to email me about them.)

Thirdly, while he was masterful and demanding towards Lisa, he was not brutal or sadistic. He genuinely wanted her to enjoy sex with him and kept doing whatever he could to make her cum on him and with him during their frequent fucks. The drugs helped, but he also insisted I play with her clit and nipples while he fucked her, and he kept her well stimulated with vibrators and dildos and Benewah balls. He insisted too that she frequently masturbate to orgasm while he watched, his face inches from her groin or staring into her eyes. After a few weeks I was convinced that these self-induced orgasms were no fakes and that Lisa was really cumming while wanking for Thuy?s voyeuristic pleasure. This was especially erotic for me because I knew how Lisa had always thought of masturbation as a dirty, male act. Yet here she was, stark naked, thighs wide spread, rubbing her clit and finger fucking herself to a strong wet orgasm in the face of a virtual stranger, and verbally encouraging him to see everything, hear every sound, smell every odor, and taste every juice that sprayed from her. She spent hours squatting over his face and fingering her cunt to one orgasm after another, dripping onto his face or into his open mouth.

One aspect of our new life that Lisa found particularly distressing was her total lack of privacy. Every moment that Thuy was home he spent in her presence. He watched her shave her legs. They showered together, during which Lisa basically washed him with her soaped up tits and nipples. They then dried each other. He watched as she brushed her hair or put on makeup. She acted as his body servant, dressing and undressing him. She dressed him before work, and then stripped him nude the minute he returned home. Although Thuy was not interested in scat, he did have an intense interest in urination, so Lisa and he shared the toilet too.

(Urine games were a common aspect of their sex life, but as many of you might find that not to your taste, I will save my descriptions of them to emails.)

Thuy was deeply obsessed with my wife?s body for the entire time we were together. He never tired of it in the least, and it may even be true his lust for her only increased as the months went by. He drank in the sight of her nudity with obscene relish. He ran his hands over her like a blind man touching a woman for the first time. He fingered her and groped her and massaged her nudity all the time. He loved her pubic and inner thigh hairs, and insisted she stop shaving her armpits, which were soon filled with a lush growth of long, fine blonde hairs. He felt that Lisa?s body odors were natural pheromones, and could often be found with his face buried in underarms, groin, or butt crack, simply smelling and sniffing like a beast. He literally could not keep his eyes or hands or mouth off her, and he went over her naked body daily with his eyes, nose and mouth, fingering, sniffing, feeling, kissing every inch of her from the soles of her feet to her scalp.

But three areas of Lisa?s body got his main attention. First of all, her face. He could not stop staring at her face, and kissing all over it, licking it like a dog, and subjecting it to long sordid dick-spankings and dick-massages. Thuy loved to feel her face with his dick, and he loved to French kiss her. He played with her tongue for hours, fingering it and kissing it and sucking on it and scraping over her taste buds with his teeth. Many, many times a day he would pull her face to his for a long series of wet, slobbery open-mouth French kisses. I had to watch closely as they kissed like long-separated lovers deeply in lust with each other. Lisa would greet him on his return from the office with a long mouth kiss and facial licking that left his face wet with her mumbling into his mouth how much she had missed him, how much she needed him, and how badly in heat she was for him.

Secondly, her chest. Lisa?s heavy, white, lactating tits drove Thuy mad with lust, and he used them in every obscene was imaginable. He drank from them, and had Lisa spray him all over before licking her own milk from his nudity. He tit-fucked her often, wallowed in the sweaty cleavage, groped and felt and kneaded them ceaselessly. Weaning the baby had no effect on her milk, as Thuy more than made up for what the baby might have had. He nursed at Lisa, milked her and even got an electric breast pump and drained her. He became an expert in finding ways of getting the milk to spew and spray from her fat tits, which seemed to get heavier and more pendulous every month. Thuy insisted that Lisa display her chest to him in every way possible, so she had to stand nude in front of him and hold them out on her palms and offer them to him for his inspection, describing her own breasts to him like they were objects for his entertainment. She had to set them in obscene motion for him too, making them wobble and bounce and sway and judder in his face, even slapping them together hard enough to make the milk gush in one strong heavy spray after another into his face or onto his erection. He came to know her nipples in complete detail, could tell them apart in the dark by feel and texture. The milk baths she gave him, the lactation displays, the tit shows, the way she would use her own tits as washrags to rub, wipe and grind her milk into his cock and balls and ass.

And of course, her cunt. He loved the fact that Lisa had given birth, that her cunt was, as he said, birth-stretched and fuck loose. He loved everything about it, the hairs, the texture, the size, the smell, the taste, the shape. He loved both the outside and the inside and spent hours with his face in it. He kissed it and licked it and fingered it and played crude, dirty games with it. He told her that it was the most beautiful cunt in the world, and that he was going to worship it with his face, fingers, and dick. Of course he fucked it many, many times, at least once a day, usually more, and most of the time he came inside her.

Yes, Thuy was very clear about how badly he wanted to impregnate my wife. It was not just lust, but part of a strange racial theory that had obsessed him for years, ever since the Vietnam War. They would be sitting on the couch together, naked of course, their arms around each other and kissing. He would have his right hand in her cunt to the wrist, holding her uterus in his wet palm, gently squeezing and stroking it. With his left hand he would be playing with her tits, lazily lactating her off onto his chest and belly. He would pull his tongue from her mouth, and while Lisa licked his entire face, he would talk to us about it.

?Evolution has chosen the Asian male and the Caucasian female for the future of the human race. The male Asian mind is clearly the most intelligent and powerful, and is meant to dominate the others. The male Asian body clearly responds to the white female body by choosing it to carry the Asian genes into the future race. Lisa?s body has evolved over hundreds of thousands of generations to sexually excite the Asian male. It?s only true purpose is to find such a male, please it, and arouse it enough to ensure it can continue to mate with her as long and often as possible. Lisa?s body is specifically designed to harden the male penis, and being a woman she does not understand how important it is that she choose the right mate for breeding with. In the future, white women like Lisa will be selected out and given to Asian males as their breeding mates.?

Since she was breastfeeding, I felt it was very unlikely that Lisa would fall pregnant to Thuy. But weaning our own baby must have had some psychosomatic effect, because within two months her periods started again, and three months after that she was pregnant. When we left to return to Australia, Lisa was 4 months along.

Thuy gave Lisa?s cunt a rest until we were sure that the pregnancy was going ahead as normal. After that, he allowed himself the luxury of cumming outside her cunt more than he ever had before. Lisa was often sprayed and splashed with his seed as he masturbated his penis to climax using every part of her nudity. I was allowed now to masturbate him to orgasm over Lisa, rather than just hardening him for her cunt. He loved to rub his dick on her belly until he soaked her tummy with sperm, rubbing it in to her white flesh, telling her it was finding its way to his unborn child and strengthening it. This act slightly compensated him for the fact that the pregnancy was slowly drying up Lisa?s milk. He nursed her right up to the end, but often said the best part of it must be going into his child.

On many Saturday nights before her pregnancy, Thuy took Lisa with him to an expensive, rather exclusive night club. They prepared for this evening out by first machine milking Lisa, draining her tits fully so she could go out without a bra and not wet her dress with leaking nipples. Lisa would stand by the kitchen table, nude, while Thuy attached the plastic suction cups to each nipple, fitting it on with obvious lechery. He then sat on a chair by the table, and Lisa would sit on his erection with her back to him, so he could reach under her arms and hold her breasts in his hands. At a nod from him I would switch on the machine, and we all three would watch as it sucked on Lisa?s fat nipples, pulling them down deep into the plastic sleeve before a gush of white milk would be ejected. Rather than be deeply ashamed for Lisa, I was hard from seeing her naked body being milked like a female animal while she was being fucked. Thuy would talk to us about how he could feel Lisa?s tits literally deflating in his hands, the changes in weight and firmness. I could easily see my wife?s breasts getting softer and more pendulous as they emptied in front of us, their flaccid weight sinking more heavily into his hands.

Then showering together, after which Lisa dressed him from socks to suit jacket. He would then sit and watch her, still naked, do her hair and put her make up on. Lisa would then put a small black cocktail dress on her otherwise nude body. It came no more than half way down her white legs, and was cut low enough that half of her boobs were on display. It was loose enough on her chest so that her braless tits wobbled freely and openly, but tight on her hips and waist to show her mature curves well. With her high heels on she would have given an erection to the pope.

Lisa had to act like they were on their honeymoon, starting from the cab ride there. Once at the club she spent her time with her bare feet in his lap, leaning forward to allow him to stare down her cleavage to her nipples. They danced together, holding each other close and acting like lovers on the dance floor, and she ground her hip into his hardon every chance she got. They held hands and kissed openly.

When they got back home, they would go straight to the bedroom, where Lisa would first strip him nude, then sit naked on his dick and thank him for a lovely evening while fucking him.

On most other evenings, we stayed home. After Lisa cooked a meal and served it to us, totally naked the entire time, we would all three go into the lounge room. Some nights Thuy would insist we all three took one of his pleasure pills, some nights it was just fine whiskey or wine. On most nights Thuy would sprawl back comfortably nude on the couch, his fat legs spread. I would sit in the floor at his feet and masturbate him. Lisa would dance for him. There is a certain Celine Dion album I will never forget, listening to it in the background as my wife danced in the nude for Thuy while I played with his dick for him. On the many slow romantic ballads, Lisa stood directly in front of him and simply moved to the music, displaying her body and all its movements to him in detail. These dances were opportunities to display herself to Thuy, to entertain and arouse him with the magnificent sight of a stark naked woman dancing like a harem slave. On the more up tempo songs, Lisa would dance as if she were a groupie at a rock concert.

Lisa would dance for him for over an hour, ending up hot and sweaty. The whole time Thuy would direct my prolonged, crude wanking of his fat short organ, and talk explicitly to me about my wife?s body. Whenever Lisa was dancing in profile to us, Thuy would comment on Lisa?s out-thrust tits and ass. Lisa knew to keep raising her arms over her head while she danced so he could see deep into her underarms too, and he would comment on the sight.

?Look how sweaty her armpits are, you can see it running down her sides and soaking her whole front. This is how women dance to show a male that they are on heat and need to be mated with. Do you know why Lisa is opening her underarms to me? She is hoping that the odors of her sweaty armpits will act as a female sex pheromone, informing me that she is ready for mating and breeding. She is hoping that her dancing and her odors will stiffen my penis for copulating with her.

Look, see how she shakes her udders in my face, showing me the milk spurting from her lactating nipples. She is not only offering me her milk to drink and her udders to use, but showing me that she is a fertile breeder and milker, fully capable of getting pregnant and then feeding a child.

When she waves her butt around in front of my face like that, even spreading the crack to show me her anus, she is trying to saturate my lungs and brain with the intense odors of her anal crack, using them to try and lure me into mounting her and fucking her.?

On and on he would go, until at last he would stand up and take Lisa in his arms and rub and wipe her sweaty nudity against him while kissing her. Then we would go to the bedroom and they would have a night of fucking and sucking and obscenities.

To end this rambling account. We left without any trouble from Thuy, and we moved to another city where Lisa had the baby in a private clinic. Everyone here suspects we simply adopted him, so there is no social issue with that. My feelings towards the baby are problematical, though Lisa acts as if he were just one of the families. She seems to have coped with it in some ways better than me, and so far she has never confronted me with the fact that I was so clearly getting off over her situation with Thuy. She is much more likely to stroll around the house nude now, and our sex play is more open and uninhibited. But we never talk about those days.

Until the other night, when she asked me while we lying in bed how I would feel if Thuy ever wanted to see his son. I have no idea if Thuy knows about Samuel, though there are people we know through work that have contacts with him. They might have told him, especially if he had made any quite enquiries about us through them. I had no idea how to answer, but did say I would want to think about it. Lisa surprised me a little by saying that Thuy did have some rights as the biological father, and that if he did get in touch it would be hard to deny him that right. We left it at that.

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