Wife Chloe Gets Knocked Up

Written by Joe Cuckman / Feb 14, 2006


Wife Chloe Gets Knocked Up

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An original Joe Cuckman story

My wife Chloe was curled up against Harold on the sofa, tongue kissing him, as I knelt on the floor. His pants were around his ankles as I bobbed my head up and down on his huge black cock, sucking him nice and stiff for her. He grabbed my hair and forced my head down to lick his balls as he pushed my wife's head down to suck his cock. After a few minutes of using this married couple as his personal oral fuck slaves, he pulled Chloe back up to kiss her and pulled me back up and pushed his cock into my mouth. With one powerful hand he grabbed the back of my head, pushing me all the way down his big cock. I gagged and choked until his cock was all the way down my throat, literally choking me to the point where I could not breathe at all. His rough pubic hair scraped my lips as they pressed against the base of his cock. The world faded away as I passed out from lack of air.

When I came to, I was lying on my back on our living room floor with Chloe on all fours over me, her pussy only inches from my face as Harold mounted her. His big black balls rested on my forehead and I watched in awe as he began working his huge black pussy wrecker into my wife's tight fuckhole. She moaned softly as he worked more and more of that huge black fuckpole up inside of her, stretching her out like I never could and reaching parts of her cunt that only he had ever touched.

My wife wriggled her ass, pushing back insistently, trying to get more cock inside. "Oh, god, fuck me, Harold! I want it all! Please, give it to me! I can take it... FUCK ME with your big black cock! Shove it all the way in and fill my womb with your cum!"

He pulled out his big dick and slapped me in the face with it. "You hear that, punk? Your wife really wants me to knock her up. What do you think of that?"

"I don't blame her, sir! Your cock is so much bigger than mine and you obviously are physically superior to me. I believe she deserves better than what I can offer, and I beg you to honor us by giving her your child today."

"Good answer, boy! Now you may have the honor of sucking my balls as I impregnate your wife!" With that, he grabbed Chloe by her hips, lined his big cock up with her pussy, and slammed in to the balls in one stroke. Chloe screamed in ecstasy as his giant black meatpole filled her dripping fuck tunnel. He pumped her hard and deep, power fucking her from behind, slamming his huge black cock in and out of her slippery wet cunt, only inches from my face. I was licking and sucking his giant black balls as my wife orgasmed over and over again on his superior fuckstick.

"I'm coming bitch!"

"Oh, yeah... Oh, Harold, I love you! I love your black cock! Please fuck a black baby up my cunt! Shoot me full of your powerful African baby batter and let it drip on my punk-ass husband's face!"

They were stuck together like mating animals as he pumped my wife's fertile, unprotected womb full of his thick, creamy, black baby juice. I licked his big balls as he continued pumping his superior African seed into my black cock loving wife, and I could feel them twitching as they emptied their life-giving contents into my white wife's cum-hungry fuckhole. I knew he was knocking my wife up at this moment. She was at her most fertile time, and his huge cock was pressed tight against her cervix as he pumped his thick load of millions of black baby makers deep into her womb. Her pussy squelched obscenely, spraying my face with their fuck sauce with each thrust of his giant black dick.

"Ooh, yeah, fuck me full of your cum, black daddy! Show him how a real man does it! Fuck a black baby up me! Give it to me black daddy! Knock your little white bitch up right here on her husband's face! I want your black baby! Give it all to me! Ooooohh...FUCK ME! PLEASE KEEP FUCKING MEEEEE!"

Then she said to me, "Feel his nuts moving in your mouth? He's fucking all that black baby batter into me! I can feel it squirting deep into my womb! He owns my pussy, and he's impregnating me!!!"

I can't describe what an honor and a privilege it was for me to be right there, lying underneath my wife with her black lover's balls in my mouth as he filled her with the potent black semen that would give her their first child! What better way could there ever be to show the world that my wife is a black cock loving slut than for her to bear a black baby?

He kept pumping her as her tight pussy spasmed and milked his black fuckstick and she continued to orgasm on my face. When her pussy finally released him, his black dick fell on my face with a wet plop, and of course I greedily sucked his cock and balls clean of their combined fuck juices, swallowing as much of his tasty nut sauce as possible. That huge black dick never really went soft, and the more I sucked and licked it, the harder it got. After about five minutes of fucking my mouth, he told me, "Stick your ass up for me, pussy boy. We gonna make a real bitch outta you now!"

"Are you really going to fuck him in the ass?" I heard my wife ask. "Yeah, baby... trust me... it puts them in their place real fast!"

I rolled onto my belly, and felt his huge black hands pulling me up by my hips. "Oh, yeah, I'm gonna fuck this white ass real good! I'm about to turn you out, bitch! When I'm done with you, you won't even be thinking about pussy any more. All you're gonna want is big, black cocks! I'm gonna make a sissy faggot out of you!" he said. I bit my lip in fear as I submitted to him. My wife smeared lube all over his giant cock. He pushed my chest down and pulled my ass up, and I felt his hard cock as he lined it up against my virgin asshole. I gasped as he shoved his cock into me, forcing all the air out of me... it hurt like hell for just a second, but as his giant dickhead pushed further up my ass, I felt a sensation of pleasure like nothing I had ever felt in my life. His big black cock was buried deep inside me, and I pushed back at him, working my ass for him like a bitch. I wanted to be a good fuck for him. My wife watched, masturbating, as her lover fucked my ass. She laughed as I moaned and begged for more cock, and he said, "Woman, this boy here's not gonna be much use to you any more! Look how he's taken to black dick! We've made a bitch out of him!"

With that, he slapped my ass and asked, "Who's yo daddy? Huh bitch?"

"You're my daddy! Fuck me daddy! I'm your little bitch!" was my response. My wife laughed. "You're such a pussy!"

He continued pumping my ass hard for about 20 minutes, and I was in ecstasy the whole time as he buttfucked me in front of my wife. When he started thrusting faster, I reached under us and rubbed his big balls, then I felt his huge cock twitching inside me. I shot a wad of cum on the carpet as he blew a huge load of semen up my tight hole. It was an awesome experience!

Sitting down on the sofa afterwards, Harold noticed a photo of our 18 year old daughter. "Is this your girl?" he asked.

We told him it was, and she'd be off to college in the fall. He wanted to know if she was a virgin, and we answered that we were pretty sure she was. "Well, it seems to me that she needs to be broken in. We wouldn't want her young pussy getting contaminated by some little white pee pee, now would we? Have her ready for me next Saturday evening at 7:00."

The next Saturday afternoon, we told her we had a surprise for her and Chloe took her shopping. Mandy is a well-developed young woman, with wide hips, a beautiful round ass, and big tits like her mother's -- perfect black cock breeding stock, the kind of white girl that black men just love to fuck, again, just like her horny, fertile mother. When they came home from shopping, Chloe had her take a nice bath and helped her with her makeup and dressed her up in a beautiful white bustier, garter, and stockings. She then brought her to our bedroom, where Harold was stretched out nude on the bed with me lying beside him, my head on his belly, lazily sucking and licking his black dick. Mandy gasped to see me happily blowing the big black man. Chloe said, "Now Mandy, you're a woman now, and it is time you discovered the joy of black cock. Your daddy's just getting Harold ready for us."

Mandy was in shock as I continued sucking his cock, more urgently now, wanting to make him come in my mouth but knowing that he'd want to fuck the girls first. "You see, Mandy, your mom and dad are my bitches. You're going to be my bitch, too. Come here." said Harold.

She crossed the room and climbed on the bed with Harold. She stared in awe at his big dick. "First, you will watch me fuck your mother, then your father. Then it will be your turn."

Chloe eagerly got on the bed and stuck her ass up in the air. Mandy could only stare as she watched the giant black man mount her mother and fuck her as I sat jacking off. As always, Chloe had one orgasm after another as Harold fucked the shit out of her in front of us. "Its so beautiful, honey!" Chloe told Mandy, as Harold pumped a thick load into her. "OHHH, God, that's soooo fucking good! I love it when he cums inside me! Trust mama, you don't need to waste your time on little white dicks... black cock is so good!"

"That's what white men are good for," said Chloe as I sucked his big cock clean, getting it ready for my ass. "Cleaning up after you and your black lovers!" When Harold was ready, he had me assume the position, then he fucked me in front of my daughter while Chloe ate her out.

After he shot his load up my ass, we had the privilege of watching Harold pop our little girl's cherry. For her very first fuck, he took her doggy style. She was apprehensive at first -- she cried out in pain when his dickhead tore her hymen -- but once his black cock was buried in her, she took to it just like her mother and I had done, clawing the sheets and working her ass on his dick, moaning in ecstasy as one orgasm after another racked her young body. Just as I had done with Chloe, I sucked and licked his giant black balls as he filled my little girl with his baby batter. We were proud to see blood on the sheets and know that we had given Harold a real virgin. We spent the rest of that night teaching our daughter how to please black cocks, and Harold fucked each of us several times. He even had Mandy sit on my face when he shoved his huge penis up her tight butthole. You should have heard her squeal! My daughter actually sucked my cock while he buttfucked her, and I came in her mouth.

The next weekend, Harold brought six buddies over to watch a football game, and during half time they gave our little girl her first black gangbang! We were so proud of her! We all got fucked over and over again, and we had cum everywhere. I even got to eat a load of cum straight from my daughter's pussy!

Now, it isn't just my wife who can't get enough black cock... Chloe, Mandy, and I now service all of Black Daddy's black friends together, and you'd be surprised how many get off on fucking a white male slut in front of his wife and daughter! He pimps us out through his escort service. As you can imagine, our Mandy is quite popular with his clients!

She's been his number one money making bitch for the past three months straight! He was right about me, too -- I don't care a thing about pussy any more! All I want is cock. Big, black cock. I'm happy to report that Harold keeps me pretty well supplied on that front. He often drops by just to fuck me in the ass on his way to the office, and he pimps me out enough that I am always pretty well fucked.

Both my wife and daughter now have swelled bellies as Harold's babies grow inside them. Harold knocked up my wife and my daughter, both in one try -- and I'm happy to say that I was licking his balls when he blew his nuts up my wife AND my daughter and knocked them up! I guess it should come as no surprise that strong African sperm shot directly into their fertile wombs would impregnate them, but I am nevertheless very impressed!

White men, face the facts... white women were made to be fucked by black men and to bear their black children, and white men were made to suck their black cocks, take their giant black dicks up your asses, and serve them as pussified punk-ass slaves, cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, changing the dirty diapers of your wives' black babies and entertaining your black masters' guests as a white male slut.

There is no greater joy than surrendering your white wife or daughter to a black bull, and seeing the ecstasy on her face as she receives his huge black cock and is truly fucked for the first time, and is injected with his potent African semen! There is no gourmet dish in this world more delicious than potent black semen eaten from your white wife's gaping, freshly-fucked pussy or directly from your master's giant black cock! There is nothing more beautiful to see than your wife's black babies being born or to eat your own daughter's pussy as your black grandchildren suck milk from her tits as their father buttfucks you! There is no physical sensation more delightful than having your white asshole treated as a pussy by a huge black cock and having your own orgasm while feeling your black master's giant cock throb as it spurts his sticky semen into your clenching rectum!

Take your place at their feet, serving your wives and their black lovers.
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