Black Stepdad

Written by Joe Cuckman / Feb 16, 2006



An original Joe Cuckman story

Note:? I originally wrote this in 1995 as the result of a conversation with younger cousin. It was first posted on AOL under the name CurvyAss.? This is her story.

Hi to everyone reading this:? This is a true story of my early sexual experiences.? It is not intended as advice, just a story.

I am a white woman, 28 years old, 5'5", 135 pounds, with red hair, light, freckled skin, brown eyes, large-breasted with a big, round bottom.? I love having sex with black men -- in fact, no white man has ever fucked me.

This story is about the first time I had sex, which was with my black stepfather. ??My father died when I was 16 years old, and my mother got married to Leonard two years later.? (I?m pretty sure they had been fucking before my dad died, actually.)

For the first six months or so, Leonard never touched me in a suggestive fashion, but he had gotten my mother pregnant right before they got married, so by the seventh month she was getting pretty big, and I guess she didn?t feel comfortable having sex with him.

I walked by their bedroom one night, on my way to bed,? and as I walked past their room I saw my pregnant mother on her knees on the bed giving Leonard a blowjob.? Now, I had given boys from school blowjobs before, but rather reluctantly to say the least.? My mother, on the other hand, seemed to really get off on sucking Leonard?s cock, moaning like a whore as she bobbed her head up and down, slobbering all over his huge piece of black fuckmeat.? I had never imagined that a human penis could be so large.

Anyway, just as Leonard was starting to shoot his cum into my mothers mouth, she looked up and saw me, and started choking.? She pulled her mouth off of his big, black dick, and he started laughing at the same time he sprayed her face with a *big* load of cum.? My mother started screaming at me to get out, but Leonard just laughed and told her to calm down.? Get your mother a towel, he said, and I ran off to the bathroom to get her one.

When I came back with the towel, my mother gave me a dirty look while she wiped her face clean, then asked how long I had been watching.? Not long, I said, but your door was open and I just wanted to ask if you wanted to pack my lunch tomorrow or if I could buy lunch at school.

Pack it! she shrieked, and I ran out of their room and down the hall to my own bedroom.

Lying in my bed, I could not stop thinking of how Leonards black skin contrasted with my mothers white skin, and how long and thick his black cock was.? I went to sleep with my pillow between my legs, rubbing against my pussy, imagining myself getting fucked by my black stepfather.

My mother worked at the hospital in one of the labs, and she always had to be at work by 7:00 am.? I normally got up at 6:30 to be at school by 8:45, and Leonard was normally up by 7:00 to be at his office by 9:00.

This morning, I got up and walked into the bathroom at my usual time, only to walk in on Leonard while he was taking a pee.? I just said, Oh, god, I'm sorry, and started to run out, but Leonard told me to relax, after all, it wasn't anything I had not seen before.? He asked me if I wanted to get a closer look, and I couldn't believe it was me who said Yes. ? Well, come on over here, baby doll! was Leonard?s reply.? I was wearing a sweatshirt and panties, with nothing else on, no bra, and I felt my nipples getting hard as I stepped closer to Leonard.? Leonard was wearing just a pair of pajama bottoms, with his huge cock sticking out through the hole, and his big, black, smooth chest and muscles were very exciting.? He was so dark and smooth.?? Anyway, as he turned toward me, I could tell he was getting excited by the situation, because his cock began to grow.? I just stood and stared at his huge penis, and felt my pussy start to get wet.? Leonard was quite tall, and his cock was just about at the level of my breasts, and as I got even closer to him, he reached out and pressed my body against him.? I could feel his cock getting even harder just under my tits.? Leonard bent down and kissed me right on the mouth, and I just put my arms around him and hugged him tight as his tongue probed my mouth.

Lets take a shower together, OK? Leonard asked.? All I could do was nod, and then I felt Leonard pulling my sweatshirt off over my head.? I had exceptionally large breasts, even at that age, and Leonard seemed to really enjoy squeezing them.? My ass has always been rather large as well, but Leonard did not seem to mind, as his cock was really pulsing as he squeezed my ass through my cotton panties while he stuck his tongue down my throat.

Leonard then broke away from me, and started the shower running.? He pulled back the curtain, and stepped into the steamy water.? I peeled off my panties, and joined him, walking into his welcoming embrace.? Leonard let me get under the water to get warm, then handed me the soap and asked me to soap him up.? I did so, spreading lather all over him, but once I started on his cock, I just could not stop.? After lathering his huge black cock for several minutes, and holding his heavy balls in my other hand, I finally rinsed him off and dropped to my knees.

I hope you like to suck black cock as much as your mother does, he said.? ?I didnt say a word, but just started licking and sucking his fat black fuckpole with abandon.? Just open your mouth, baby, he said, and when I complied, he began slowly fucking my face.? I reached between my legs and rubbed my pussy, getting very turned on and excited by what was happening to me.? I diddled my clit while he continued to fuck my mouth, going deeper and deeper with each stroke.? Soon, I was gagging as his cock went down my throat, but I did not want him to stop.? I started rubbing his swollen black nut sack with both hands, and very soon his thick black dick erupted, squirting his hot semen into the back of my throat.? This was the first time I had let a man come in my mouth, and I started choking almost immediately.? Leonard let out a huge groan, and pulled his dick out and started pumping it by hand.?? I felt his hot cum hit my face, and heard him tell me to open my mouth again, which I did without hesitation, even though I was still choking. He must have sprayed my face with a quart of cum that first time in the shower, and I'll never forget the feeling.

We got out of the shower and got dried off, then Leonard took me by the hand and led me, giggling, to the bed he and my mother shared.? He picked up the phone from the nightstand and called information, asking for the number of my school.? He then called the school and told them that I was sick, and would not be in, after which he called his office and told them he was sick.? Now we have the whole day to ourselves, baby doll, he told me.? I?m really going to break you in good today.

I couldn't believe what I was doing, lying naked in bed with my mothers husband, waiting for him to fuck me, but I certainly wasn't ready for it to end.? My pussy was throbbing and swollen, and I felt it was time that my cherry was finally taken.? Apparently, Leonard felt the same way, because he started kissing me again, then sucked on my big titties, and put his hand between my legs.? Leonard?s fingers were bigger than any of the schoolboys cocks I had sucked before, and he slowly worked the middle finger of his left hand into my tight, young pussy.

I can still hear my own squeals of pleasure.? Leonard took at least an hour to get me ready, and fingered me through four orgasms.? I felt like I was constantly coming, but the feeling was nothing compared to when he finally stuck me with that big, black prong. ? Like I said, I've always had a pretty big behind, and Leonard seemed to appreciate it, so for my first-ever fuck, Leonard put me on my hands and knees.? Put your chest down on the bed, baby, he said, and stick your ass up for Leonard.? I did as I was told, and Leonard began teasing me with his fat cockhead.? He rubbed it up and down my dripping slit, and I lay there whimpering with my ass up, pushing back at him, begging for him to fuck me.? Oh, god, please, Leonard, put it in.? Please!? Fuck me!? I can't take this anymore, oh god, oh please, oh come on, please stop teasing, please fuck me!

Fuck me now!

Leonard just took his time, but he did start pushing in slowly.? I guess he didn?t want to hurt me, but I doubt that he could have in the state I was in.? I was absolutely and totally ready, and when he finally pulled out a little and gave one last hard thrust, I came in a wave of pleasure and pain, feeling his huge, fat cock completely buried in my young cunt.

I can not describe the fullness of his fuck, the way he totally possessed me that morning in my mothers bed.? I came and came and came, crying into the pillows, begging for more.? Leonard fucked me for over an hour, like some kind of fucking machine.? I could not believe how it felt.

I wasn't even worried about getting pregnant, and apparently, Leonard wasn't either.? When he got ready to come, he pushed his fat black pussywrecker as deep inside me as it would go and pumped my little white pussy full of his thick, creamy black baby sauce.? We rested, then fucked again twice more that day, and each time he filled my young pussy with his potent seed.? When my mother came home, we heard her car pull up, and I ran back to my own room with his thick cum running down my legs.? After that day, we never fucked in my mothers room again, but Leonard did come to my room a lot? -- and I was often late for school for the rest of my senior year.

When Leonard finally got me pregnant, which I guess was inevitable, I suppose it was fortunate that I miscarried.? My mother never knew, but Leonard took me to the clinic and got me on birth control pills.? After that, whenever we fucked, he would either come in my face or deep in my pussy.? I learned to love to eat and swallow come from his black dick, and have ever since been a real slut for any large, handsome, big-cocked black man that wants me, and even though Leonard and my mother have long since divorced, I still get together with him to get some of his big black cock now and then.
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