How I Got My Mom To Start Cheating

Written by Mkarl / Feb 26, 2006



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An exercise by Mkarl

I want to write my story to share so that maybe some others can take this chance too. I was reading stories here on the Internet for a couple years and I could never tell what was real. My favorite stories are all where a white mother would get to cheat on her husband to start having sex with some black men. I think it is just the dirtiest sex that I can imagine.

My own mom is named Leta Karlstrom and I always knew she was really sexy. It was not that she would act like a slut around me though. My mom really was always too careful not to show me anything. I could still tell what a great body she had underneath the clothing though... and I could tell that she would be a really hot fuck too if she could just lose her control.

Once I got interested in the idea of seeing the contrast of some dominant black nigger stud giving a proper breeding to a cheating cunt slut wife, I just started to dream of any way possible that it could be my mother to be the bitch being fucked that way.

It did not end up being so hard to make happen. That is what is the news I want people to know.

What I did was to just make friends with Derrick at school. He looks great. His cock is nice and huge too. It was just slightly embarrassing the first time I started to talk to him about what I wanted for my mother, but believe me that he was so quick to love the idea himself. Then he started trying to think of ways with me that he could fuck her good.

It was Derrick who told me that we just needed to take the big chance. At first I did think it was too crazy, but ultimately we both realized that the worst thing that could happen would be that Mom would not agree to submit to our desire. She would still be my mother so either she would start cheating on my dad with Derrick the way I wanted or she wouldn't... but I just had to try to get her to do it.

Just to try to make a little game of it for protection, we decided to pretend to hypnotise my mother. I know that you can never make anyone do anything against their real will. That was not the important thing. What we wanted was just a good way to get to tell Mom what we wanted from her that she could agree to more easily if there was any chance she'd say yes at all.

We pretended that the assignment was for school and then got Mom on a day when Dad was away to work for the whole time. Mom was perfect. Maybe she could even suspect what we were thinking to do right from the start herself? I bet Derrick was even hornier than I was since he would be the one getting to fuck her. My own cock was rock hard as we played at putting Mom under our control.

Then the second that she was supposed to be hypnotised I just said it as easily as I could explain to her that from now on she would feel incredibly horny whenever Derrick was with her. She would not care anymore that she was promised to be faithful to my father. Mom's biggest pleasure would be to cheat on her marriage and get Derrick to fuck her as much as would be possible. Mom would have to be extremely submissive to Derrick and agree to have any type of sex he wanted at anytime and at any place he demanded it. Best of all for me, was that Mom could not even be embarrassed if I was there to watch. It would make her the horniest of all if she could show other people that she now loved to have sex with Derrick the most of all.

At any second as I programmed my mother, I did expect that maybe she would stop us from getting her this way... but instead she just continued to be under our control until I could finish explaining everything we wanted from her. After that, I could barely remember to keep the act up and let her come back to conscious. I had used the code word 'NIGGERCUNT' to be the one that would activate Mom for sex from then on.

When Mom was brought back to her consciousness, she said something to me like asking if she was even hypnotised at all and I think I just told her right to her fact that she was now a totally hypnotised NIGGERCUNT totally ready for her first breeding.

It was a real big chance to just do it that way, but it all paid off so great. Maybe other guys wouldn't have to be so strightforward like I was, but I am telling you that the first time you see your mother going black will make any risk you take totally worth the while.

Mom loved it when we gave her the opportunity. Soon as I told her that she was now a NIGGECUNT she just got really sexy. Mom might have been slightly nervous too cause for a couple seconds she just was moaning a bit silly like... but Derrick was ready to jump her and got the action better for us. He said to Mom that she better get her white ass over to the chair he was sitting and show him how she could suck a cock now.

Mom called him Master for the first time as she agreed to his first order and went to Derrick right with me watching. I had to quickly scamper around so her back would not be to me as she knelt there and got Derrick's cock out. I wanted to see clear the first time it would go into her mouth.

Mom told Derrick it was delicious. The way she sucked on it so passionate, I bet that his black cock did taste really great to her. The sight of how big it was going into her mouth was just like I had imagined it for so long. I didn't want to risk trying to take a picture of Mom's first time with Derrick in case she'd get too uptight about it... but it is an image in my mind I can never forget now to just remember how Mom tried so hard to get all of his long, thick cock into her mouth at one time.

Before Mom could quite deepthroat Derrick's cock though, he had to fuck her or else he was too close to cumming that soon.

We all went right to her bedroom and Derrick just took my mother's pants and panties off of her, leaving her shirt on for the first time to save the time to make sure I guess that he'd actually get his cock into her cunt before he'd waste the load. I better say that both Derrick and I had discussed several times whether we'd protect Mom from being made pregnant at this point with the use of a condom or anything before... and ultimately it was decided that he wouldn't care if he did breed her. I had never been the one that wanted Mom to be protected anyhow... so once Derrick had agreed that he would enjoy himelf to impregnate her, that was the official plan then.

To this day, Mom is always coy about things. To be honest, this fucking of her is now going on for just over a month as I write this accounting. She has been made pregnant and we are absolutely positive it is from Derrick's black cock, which is very exciting, of course to me. The thing where Mom is coy about it is, that she always has acted like the hypnotism is the only thing that makes her agree to being with Derrick at all. When Mom isn't under the influence of her 'NIGGERCUNT' code, she spends all the rest of the time around me not even talking the slightest bit about anything I am making her do with Derrick.

Obviously, I don't believe it. I think Mom knows exactly all the time everything what she is doing with my huge-dicked teenaged best friend now. I don't really care myself. The only important thing for me is that Mom continues to be fucked so slutty behind my dad's back each and every day this way now. The more she cheats and grows bigger with Derrick's baby too until her delivery... the better everything is. Absolutely, I want this baby carried to full term and to be given to Dad by Mom too. My hope is the baby will be as black as black can be. Even if the kid is born a bit more whitish, it will just be so fun to watch Dad and Mom's reactions as it darkens up those first few days while nursing at my mother's white tits.

Anyhow, Derrick was not going for one himself at all and Mom never asked for any condom to be used either as she submitted down nice and easily for the first fuck. If getting pregnant was or was not agreeable to her as a concept before that point, I don't think she was really considering it at all while laying for her first nigger cocking that very second. When Derrick just pushed Mom onto the bed, he was really eager to get his cock into her, so everything was about making her spread her legs and submit herself for penetration.

Then I imagine the next moments were all about the pleasure.

Dad does have a very small penis from how I know when I seen it. Derrick jammed Mom hard right from the start to just begin screwing her right there in her own marital bed. Mom wrapped up tight with Derrick crossing her legs behind him and grabbing at his back as he plowed her. The fuck was as simply intense as anything I had ever seen in a porn video.

It was only just as Derrick was ready to breed my mother full of his nigger seed, that he had the presence of mind to tease her with the reality of the situation. It was like he asked her to beg for the baby I guess. Something like that. I think maybe it was only when Derrick told Mom that she was about to have a nigger baby planted into her, that she thought about it herself. Even though Mom was supposed to be totally hypnotised to obey anything Derrick wanted... she actually didn't beg immediately for getting pregnant. She said for Derrick to wait...

I guess it was not the easiest situation for my mother to be in that second. Derrick was way too close to cumming though for anything to go wrong at that point. He wasn't waiting. He said a few more things to Mom that I wish I could remember. It was mostly about how she was getting bred and how he wanted her to beg for it. From where I watched, Mom did nothing to actually try to get Derrick out of her in those last few seconds of thrusting... and I did here her finally beg that she wanted Derrick to knock her up.

Then it happened.

That is true too. Maybe people won't believe me. I can't promise that every mother will agree so nice as my own did. Some Mom's might freak out if you ask them to become nigger sluts and begin cuckolding your father to one of your huge cocked classmates. Even if your Mom won't agree to it though... what is the real harm just asking? Your Mom might think you are a freak, but at least she will start knowing what you want. It will play on her mind some anyhow. Maybe she will agree to it like my mother did.

I tell you the chance of it happening is so worth the risk. When Derrick finally pulled out of my mother after her first breeding the room was just so perfect. Mom seemed to be in her glory to be laying there naked and exposed to me with Derrick's seed planted in her. I am sure at some level she was feeling a huge humiliation, but also the whole thing was made so natural too.

People say humans are very close related to animals. In a tribe of baboons, or whatever; offspring will always be close enough to watch as their mothers take subsequent breedings in future years.

I don't know if watching a baboon mother get gang-fucked can be as exciting to their cubs as watching my own mother get her first niggering was to me... but I like to think it might be.

I really had to masturbate myself.

I wasn't ashamed of that at all either. Mom and Derrick were doing kissing already getting ready for the second fucking of her and I just took mine out and jerked it until I could cum onto her feet. Mom made no resistence to pull away.

She was really that great about everything. We just kept fucking her and fucking her right until Dad got home that night. I say we even though Derrick was the only one to ever penetrate any of her three holes. I have cum onto her body all over now this past month several times... but always only from masturbation. I love having my mother fucking Derrick for me, but I do think Incest is still wrong if that doesn't seem too weird a split of hairs for you all to get around.

It's just so beautiful to see the black on white contrast of my mother's naked body with Derrick screwing her anyhow.

Mom is pregnant as I said. We are sure of that. We plan to keep her getting fucked right through the pregnancy and then depending how Dad handles it when we get Mom to confess that she was 'raped' to him, Derrick will breed her again asap when she is ready to take it again.

We've begun serious training with Mom to learn to be a proper submissive. We got her to go out to the sex shops and get all the proper BDSM equipment necessary to really make her a proper slave. Mom cries too quick when she is taking a whipping for now... but she gets a bit more endurance each session she gets in the dungeon.

Unfortunately Mom can't hold Derrick's piss down. Neither Derrick nor I enjoy watching her vomit... so I can't be certain that we can get her trained to be a toilet for him at this point.

Breeding Mom with the dog was a bit of a disappointment too. I don't want to complain too much considering all the success we've had with her, but I am trying to share as much as I think people could be interested in. Having a dog fuck a girl is way harder than you might think. Mom ended up with some deep scratches on her that I am sure are really risky for Dad to question about. I would not recommend having a dog fuck your mother if you take my advise and get her cheating on your dad for you at all.

The dog's dick never did get hung up in her. Very disappointing if you ask me. Very overrated.

Just stick to the basics. My mother seems to love everything about getting this opportunity to be submissive to Derrick and be his NIGGERCUNT. There is no shame at all that I am with her. I bet it makes her feel safer. Mom is not forced to admit that she is a 'bad' girl at all. From her point of view she is only doing what she is 'forced too.' I do think playing that she is hypnotised was the smart way to go with her... but you can decide that much for yourself depending how your mother is and whether you think she would be so ready to go submissive.

Guess that's all I have to say for now. Hope it was worth the time it took to write. It is Saturday and Derrick will be here in under an hour. I better go wake Mom up so she can shower and clean up in time before we dirty the fuck out of her again all day long. Shit, life is great.
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