Enslaved Wife, Now Husband Believes

Written by Dr. Bone / Mar 6, 2006


Enslaved Wife, Now Husband Believes

By Dr. Bone who sez: Ya gotta be an adult to read the below story.

?Yes master.? said my redheaded wife as she held her big fat tits out for her black master. ?You called me a fraud in your paper. You said my mystical powers were a fraud, now do you believe?? I struggled to say something but the same spell that held my wife a slave did not let me move or speak. I was stuck in the chair watching this strange sexual drama unfold.

?Remove your blouse and bra my dear. You are about to pay for your husband?s disbelief.? He said and she did. He sucked on her fat tits as she again, obediently held them up for him. He took out his dick. When I say it was huge I am not talking about porn star vs. regular guy huge, I am talking about over a foot and a half of thick black dick.

?Worship it white woman.? my wife got on her knees and started to suck him off stretching her jaw to its limit to try and get that fat black stick in her mouth. Like a machine she sucked and sucked and sucked his cock as he smiled down at her with that evil smile of his.

He took from a pouch a vial and poured the fluid onto his dick, as she sucked off the liquid her nipples grew harder and she began to rub her pussy as if it was on fire. Her breathing got more rapid. ?Oh please fuck me master, fuck me now.?

?How can I turn down suck an obedient little white girl? I am not a cruel man.? He ordered her to pull down her pants and get on top of the couch. He went behind her and you could hear the sigh of relief as his big cock slid into her pussy.

He fucked her for nearly a half hour and then he put his finger into another vial and started to message and penetrate her anus with the ointment on his finger.

Disbelief showed in my eyes as he plunged his cock into my wife?s asshole. She came and came and came.

He finished by coating her face with a prodigious amount of sperm.

?How long will it take you to print a retraction? You may speak.? I told him a week. Well then your wife will be my guest until then.? He said gesturing her to leave.

A long two weeks later (it would take time for my paper to appear in his country) she came back as if nothing had happened. She handed me an envelope. In it was a picture I would jerk off about for the rest of my life, it showed my wife in some jungle somewhere, she was jerking off, sucking off and getting fucked in all holes by a group of black men. I guess I do believe.
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