Department Of Corrections

Written by Stormbringer / Mar 22, 2006


Department Of Corrections An E&I Enterprises story Copyright 2005 by Stormbringer

Ripley distanced himself from the men in the van as soon as it stopped on the side of the road. He took deep breaths of air to clear his head. The man he was teamed with stepped out of the passenger seat. Avery was a giant black man covered in muscles. Ripley had met him only an hour ago and was already totally intimidated. Ripley was a senior corrections officer and the black man was a lowly security guard with King security, but the black man exuded such power and authority that he was now clearly leader of the workforce. Riding beside him, Ripley had glanced over and noticed the guard was adjusting something in his pants. A huge swollen knob rested under the black man's pants up around his knee. Furthermore, the knob was attached to the shaft of what could only have been a huge penis.

Avery opened the back of the van and four other giant black youths in blue overalls with DOC written on the back jumped out. Another prisoner, a white man crawled out behind them. The white prisoner looked as shaky as Ripley was. He wasn't little by any means, but the muscular blacks dwarfed him. The black prisoners all had huge bulges in their crotches like Avery. Ripley didn't know what was going on. He'd worked in the prison for ten years. He had seen hundreds of naked black men and noticed no sizeable difference amongst the races. Avery put the prisoners to work clearing up the trash along the road.

The five prisoners were all members of the King Rehabilitaion centers. All were mostly in prison for minor drug offenses and not considered serious threats to society. They had been moved from the overcrowded prison to the rehab center where they were to undergo a rigorous mind and body program that was supposed to make them better citizens. Apparently it worked as only one in five returned to prison. Solomon King was currently pursuing government funding for his rehab centers and was expected to get it.

The prisoners had exchanged prison time for extended communtiy service. That was the reason Ripley was here. The men were still the state of New York's responsibility and a state correctional officer was required to be present whenever the men left the halfway house. The prisoners would be here all week collecting trash, trimming the trees back from the road, and digging a drainage ditch.

Ripley noticed a car coming along the road. He stood up and waved it past. The car was a convertible driven by a stunning raven-haired woman.

"Yo, cigarette!" One of the black youths yelled.

The woman in the car was startled, but drove on. She pulled her car on to the driveway of a nearby white ranch house.

"You really need a smoke?" asked another black prisoner.

"Nope, just habit."


Kelly Ann locked her door the second she got inside her house. She peered out the curtain at the blacks bagging trash along the road. What were prisoners doing on her street? She didn't like this at all. Not only didn't she feel safe in her house when her husband was away on business, but now she had to worry that criminals were outside her door. The men worked until dusk, then they boarded the van which drove off.

Kelly Ann told her husband about the prisoners when he called that night. He didn't sound too concerned explaining that dangerous men wouldn't be outside working and that they'd most likely be gone the next day.


Kelly Ann was horrified to see the same group of prisoners back working the next day as she returned home from work. She was taking three vacation days the rest of the week to sunbath and would be devastated if the men would be working near her house. She was looking forward to a little down time alone.

Kelly pulled up her driveway, but stopped the car. She got out to check her mail amidst several whistles from the black youths. Given her looks and figure, she was used to being stared at, but not from over muscled black criminals. In a huff, she turned and marched towards the black guard. "What's the meaning of this?"

"Just doing some work for the state, maam."

Kelly Ann read the man's nametag. "Avery is it? Well, how long do you intend to be out here working?" She knew before he answered it would be days yet. The men had just started enlarging the drainage ditch.

"Until the end of the week, maam."

"Oh no," moaned Kelly, her week ruined. "I don't want criminals outside my house Avery."

"Nothing you can do about it. But these aren't dangerous criminals. These are former juvenile offenders do to be freed soon. Hey yo, Hadrian, get over here."

Hadrian appeared to be the biggest and blackest of the bunch. He looked closer to seven feet tall then six feet. "Yes, sir?" His eyes glanced at Kelly Ann, hungrily.

Avery drew his pistol and handed it to Hadrian. The prisoner took it and held it until Avery held his hand out to take it. "See, no threat. These men broke the law when they were young and dumb and now they're working off the last bit of their debt to society."

Kelly Ann had turned pale when the prisoner took the gun. Now she realized how foolish she was. "I guess you're right. Sorry if I bothered you."

"Not at all maam. By the way, it's supposed to be very hot the rest of the week. May we fill our water bottles from your outside spigot?"

"Of course, help yourself." Kelly Ann didn't really want the men in her yard, but she agreed anyway. She returned to her car and drove off.

"Fuck, but that was a fine piece of white ass."

"You're telling me, Hadrian."

"Boss, if I don't get some pussy soon, I'm gonna die. You know what I'm saying?" Some other blacks nearby agreed.

"I know all right." Avery laughed. "Get used to it boys, your gonna need a lot of pussy from now on. You'll learn to control it, but that need will always be there. Normally, we'd have some sluts here servicing you, but for the damn state keeping a guard at the home.

"Well whitey over there is starting to look good."

The white prisoner paled when he heard Hadrian's comment.

"Patience boy. Good things come to those who wait." Avery noticed Ripley was staring at them from further up the road. He waved at the white corrections officer. "Now get to work."


"AAAAYYEEEE!" Kelly Ann clamped her palm over her mouth to stifle the scream. The big dark skinned black prisoner was in her yard filling some water bottles. The scream didn't even startle him. He just calmly looked up. His eyes went wide at the sight of Kelly's bikini top tightly hugging her big breasts. She was wearing low hanging sweat pants over her panties. The straps of her bottoms showed over the edge of the sweats.

"You alright?" he asked.

"Fine, you just startled me." Kelly Ann turned red under Hadrian's gaze. There wasn't a straight man in the world who wouldn't have ogled her, but the dark black man's stare looked like he was ready to eat her. "My face is up higher, mister."

"Sorry. It's just been so long. I haven't been this close to a woman in five years."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Kelly Ann felt sympathy for the black youth. She loved sex and got cranky if she didn't get it once a week and her husband had been gone two weeks now.

"The fact that you're just about the hottest woman I ever seen doesn't help."

"Thanks I guess." Kelly Ann really was feeling sorry for Hadrian.

"Would you let me see you in the rest of your bikini?"

"What?" Kelly was startled by the question.

"Sorry. It's just been so long. I haven't seen a real live woman in a bikini in more then five years. I'd give anythin if you'd take those sweats off."

Kelly Ann felt a thrill flow through her body. She had never had any qualms about showing off her body, but no man had ever asked her to expose herself except her husband. When they were dating, he had asked her to strip for him once on his birthday. Kelly put on her sexiest lingerie and did her best. It must have worked for a week latter she had a ring on her finger.

In truth, Kelly Ann dressed a bit sluttily. No one could ever accuse her of being a slut. In a few months she would turn thirty and she had only been with three men. She was actually rather conservative, but she just dressed tackily. In her early twenties, she had partied a lot in beach bars wearing halters and mini skirts or bikini tops. She was always one of the most scantily dressed women in the bars. She'd even participated in and won several bikini contests. It came as no great embarrassment for her to slide her sweat pants down so she did.

"Ok real quickly," said Kelly stepping out of her pants. "Just get a good look and leave." This particular bikini had won her three bikini contests. It was tacky and slutty, and men couldn't take their eyes off it. The bikini was cheetah print like she was wearing an animal skin. It was tight since she had gained a few pounds in the last few years. The bottoms were a snug fit and forced her to shave closely. The rear was a g-string with a loincloth like flap covering her perfectly rounded ass. "W-what are you doiing?" asked Kelly as Hadrian fumbled with his pants.

"I gotta get off." Hadrian had a week to make this his first white woman though her skin was so tanned, she was practiclly light brown. She looked to be of Italian heritage as evidenced by her tan, ample bosom and ass. Her navel was also studded with a diamond which he found very sexy. He fished his already rock hard cock out of his prison jump suit.

"Just don't come any closer...Oh My God!"

Hadrian grinned as her eyes focused on his exposed cock. "Bet you haven't seen one like mine before?"

"" Kelly couldn't believe how big the man's penis was. It probably was over a foot long with testicals as big as her fists. The black monster was more then twice as big as her husband and probably three times as thick. Her view disappeared when he took it in his meaty black hand and started stroking. Kelly felt dissapointed. She wanted to examine it up close, but she cried, "Stay where you are," when he took a step towards her. "You can jerk off, but don't come any closer. She liked the prisoner where he was, ten feet away.

Kelly liked her men fit, but not overly muscled. Like many women she found muscle men ugly. Her husband had been fit, but was developing a growing paunch and his chin was starting to double. Hadrian puled off his top with his free hand. He could have competed in a body sculpting competition. He wasn't attractive, but there was something about his size that made her fall to her knees. She didn't know why and latter that day pretended her legs had grown tired. Kelly just fell to her knees in the grass and arched her back so that her breasts thrust out.

"Fuck! Your body is built for big black cock."

Crude, thought Kelly. She was aroused though. Her nipples were poking out and her panties were wet. Plus, no husband to come home latter and take care of her. Kelly and her husband had, sometimes great sex, but after seeeing Hadrian's big black cock she felt that her husband couldn't take care of her.

Hadrian had been stroking his cock rapidly now for near fifteen minutes and still hadn't orgasmed. His face strained and glistened with sweat. With a grunt, his cock exploded. Ten feet away and his orgasm made a valiant attempt to hit her. At first, it was like turning on a hose or a stream from a squirt gun. The white stream hit the ground just three feet from her. Lesser streams shot out from the spasming cock and then pellets of sperm. His orgasm lasted nearly two minutes.

"Jesus!" Kelly stared at the cum on the grass. A near perfect white line extended seven feet from his cock. "How long has it been?"

"Jerked off this morning. I gotta take care of this thing at least three times a day."

"Do you always cum so much?" Her husband's orgasm filled maybe a tea spoon, but Hadrian's might fill half a can of soda.

"Every time."

She looked at his huge balls and believed him. "You should get going." Kelly stood as Hadrian winked at her. He pulled up his pants, retrieved his water and walked away. Kelly walked to her hose and grimaced as she stepped in a large wad of sperm. Kelly lifted and turned on her hose. It swelled in her hand a powerful stream of water shooting from the tip. She sprayed some on her to cool off, then turned the hose on the sperm coating her grass.

Latter that day. "Fuck!" "Gawd damn!" "I'm gonna bust a nut." "Fucking tease."

Foul language and crude, but Kelly Ann enjoyed the reaction. "I brought you boys some jugs," she said holding the pitchers up by her breasts. She winked at Hadrian who grinned back. "One is ice tea and one is lemonaide." Kelly turned and bent down to put the pitchers on the ground by her mail box. The loincloth rode up exposing her ass. She smirked at the comments and groans from the black men. She stood back up and waved at the group. "Have a nice day." She couldn't help noticing how the black prisoners and guard completely dwarfed the two whites in the group. Kelly let her hips sway as she walked away from the group.

That night, Kelly dreamed she was in her yard wearing her bikini. She was hot, she she stood and walked over to her garden hose. Her normally green hose was dark black and the round end was now sepentine shaped. She aimed the head at her breasts and turned the water on. The hose swelled until it was hard and straight. The head sputtered before coating her body in hot white liquid.


Kelly looked out her window and the prisoners working on the ditch. A thrill went through her body at the thought of teasing them again, but she decided it was wrong, cruel even. Most of those men could never dream about touching someone like her. The image of Hadrian's nearly nude body flashed in her mind again. It was an image she found hard to supress from her thoughts. "I can't believe I did that," she said out loud.

Kelly pulled her bikini on and grabbed a book. She walked out to her back yard and reclined on her cot. She picked up a nearby bottle of suntan lotion and began slowly rubbing all over her body. She closed her eyes as her hand rubbed over her tanned, flat stomach that could have belonged on a teenager. Her hand moved up to coat the exposed areas of her breasts when she opened her eyes. "Aaah," she screamed seeing Hadrian standing over her.

Hadrian was shirtless and his pants were down around his ankles. He stood some five feet from the foot of her cot looking up her body. He was slowly stroking his cock. "Your just so fucking hot, I couldn't help myself," he said. Empty jugs for water lay at his feet.

"Well go ahead, just hurry up." Kelly hadn't planed on letting him do this again.

"Keep rubbing that shit into your skin."

Kelly Ann grinned and squeezed the bottle over her chest and belly again. Her hands ran over her torso slowly rubbing the lotion into her skin. "Ooo, that feels so good," she moaned.

Hadrian moaned with her. He took a step closer. His hand picked up speed as it stroked his cock. "Run your hands under your top."

Kelly Ann let one slick hand slide under her bikini top. She tingled when her hand flicked over a hard nipple. Her other hand moved up to her shoulder and untied the strap. She rubbed lotion along her exposed shoulder before untying the other shoulder strap. Her cheetah print top now rested loosely over her heaving bosom. Both hands slid under the material and massaged her breasts. The top slid off.

"Show me them titties," ordered Hadrian. Her hands were covering her breasts. Kelly lowered them, cupping her breasts. Her lotion covered nipples glistened in the sunlight. They were hard and swollen. The first pink nipples Hadrian had seen in the flesh and he loved them. The area around them was milky white in direct contrast to her brown tanned body.

Kelly hefted her breasts and teased her nipples some more. "Stand back," she cried when he took another step towards her. His cock was swollen and angry looking. The head was a dark black knob larger then a golf ball. With little warning it spit at her.

The sperm was still hot when it splattered on her cheek, chin, neck, chest, breasts, and belly. He hadn't been lying about the amount. He came as much as yesterday. Sperm rained down on her nipples. It coated her belly, pooling around the stud in her navel. Semen splattered her thighs. A huge glob the size of her fist splattered right down on the material covering her pubic hair. "Get out," she cried horrified, the second his cock quit raining sperm down on her.

Kelly sprang to her feet and ran over to her hose. She turned the hose on herself and the water on. She was covered in nasty semen. Worse, the smell was getting to her. It smelled erotic and manly. The sperm turned stringy under the water and even harder to get off, but it masked that powerful scent.

"I told you to get out," she said seeing Hadrian still standing there. He'd pulled his pants up, but she could see he was still hard. Small wonder, she was dressed only in skimpy bikini bottoms under a hose.

Hadrian grinned and shrugged, holding up the empty jugs. She stepped back so he could fill them. "You should lay out like that to go for the all around tan," he said filling the last jug. He started walking away. "Tomorrow I want you nude," was the last thing he said.

Kelly Ann had another dream that night. She was tanning topless on her cot. She picked up her bottle of suntan lotion. It was shaped like a large back dildo. She aimed the bottle and her chest and squeezed. Hot white lotion covered her breasts. She dropped the dildo and rubbed the lotion all over her body. She grabbed the dildo several times covering her body with the hot liquid. It never seemed to empty, but she couldn't get enough. She scooped up a large wad of lotion with one hand and brought it up to her nose, inhaling the wonderful scent. Then all at once, she brought it down to her mouth and slurped it out of her hand. Meanwhile the hand holding the dildo had moved between her legs. She pushed the head between her legs and squeezed. Hot lotion filled her pussy.

Kelly woke up with both hands shoved under her pajamas and between her legs. She was so horny that for the first time since she was a teenager, she masturbated. One finger teased her clit while she pressed several fingers into her pussy. When she orgasmed it was the biggest of her life, but it didn't satisfy her. She kept masturbating until she came again.


Kelly was half asleep on the cot when Hadrian trotted into her yard. "Nice," he said seeing her sunbathing topless. Her Italian heritage aleady had the white area around her nipples darkening to match the rest of her skin. Hadrian walked right up to the cot and pulled his cock out.

"What are you doing?"

"This is our thing, baby. Just a few more days and I'm gone."

"Well try not to get any on me this time."

"Sure baby. You gonna take them panties off?"

"I don't think so."

"Fine then." Hadrian started jerking off standing right over her cot. "Your body is just amazing, Mrs..."

"Kelly Ann or just Kelly. I'm happy to help give you some release. And... I've never seen one like yours."

"One what?"

"A... cock. Your cock is just so big and..."



"This big black cock comes in just under thirteen inch...aargh."

"Are you alright?" Kelly sat up a little bringing her head closer to his huge throbbing shaft. Hadrian had released it and his hands were clutched like they were in pain. This close to his cock, without him touching it, she could see how big it truly was.

"Hands are cramped from all that digging on the street." Hadrian winced. "They hurt, but not as much as my cock. God, it hurts. I really need to cum."

"Is there anything I can do?" Kelly asked thinking she could get some Ben Gay for his hands or an aspirin or something.

"Yeah there is something." Hadrian reached down for her hand and brought it up to his cock. "You can get me off. I really appreciate this." Kelly stared at her hand wrapped around the thick shaft. It was so thick her fingers didn't meet. Her wedding ring glistened in the sunlight. "Wow!" she said.

"Never touched a cock like that I bet. Start stroking."

"Let me squirt some lotion on it."

"No, just spit in your hand for now."

Kelly crinkled her nose. "You really want me to do that?"

"Yeah. I don't want no lotion on it." Hadrian wanted her smelling the pheromones. "It won't take much. You'll see, this thing practically lubricates itself."

He was right. Kelly spit in her hand and started stroking the thick black cock. Each time her hand neared the tip, fluid squirted out. The fluid was an excellent lubricant. Soon her fist glided along the shaft. Kelly stared at it mezmorized. Her free hand cupped his balls, amazed at the weight of his scrotum.

"Like it?"

Kelly looked up to see Hadrian grinning at her. "It's fascinating," she told him. It was more then fascinating, she loved this cock. She wasn't doing a favor for a lucky black prisoner. She was the lucky one. She was stroking off a black criminal twelve years her junior and she felt grateful to him. Thank him, said the voice in her head. Fuck him. Suck his cock. Obey your master.

Kelly shook her head to clear it of her dark thoughts. Thankfully, the monster was growing. He was getting close. She could hold out another minute. Kelly pulled his cock down just in time. His cum would of splattered her face, but instead it coated her breasts again. "What?" she cried when Hadrian grabbed her head. "Mmmphh!" He shoved his still squiritng cock into her mouth.

"You didn't want to get any on you." Hadrian held her head still until she relaxed her jaw and took more in her mouth.

Sperm filled Kelly's mouth and she gulped it greedily. She had never tasted anything better. Hadrian's hand helped guide her head. She bobbed her head over the tip sucking out every last drop of cum. She stopped when the well ran dry, but Hadrian's hand urged her to keep sucking on it.

Kelly moaned in the back of her throat as she took more of his shaft down her throat. The big black cock never softened. It stayed rock hard as she sucked on six or seven inches. "Ooo not bad. With some practice you could be a first class black cock sucker."

Kelly found his words encouraging and she started bobbing her head more rapidly while taking several more inches down her throat. Hadrian even removed the hand from her head she was so enthusiastic. His balls grew closer and closer until they were slapping at her chin.

"Get ready for it."

Kelly pulled her head back just in time. She needed to taste his seed again and his cock erupted the second the head left her throat. The first blast filled her mouth with so much cum, it squirted out the sides of her mouth. Once again she sucked every drop of his semen out.

Hadrian pulled his cock out of her mouth and Kelly swore he could have gone a third time. "Tell him that you love him," said the black man.

"I love your big black cock," she said without hesitating.

Hadrian winked at her and left her yard.


Kelly stood under the shower and let the hot water cascade over her hair. She had more dreams last night. Black men came to her from miles around to get their cocks sucked. She was like a high class prostitute only she refused money. What she did, she did for love.

Kelly was disappointed to see that the day was cloudy and windy. Not a good day for tanning. She glanced out her window and saw the black men working. She sighed assuming that there would be no Hadrian today.

Kelly was wrong. Hadrian rang her doorbell at the time he usually trotted into her yard. "Oh hello," she greeted surprised, but happy to see him.

"Didn't think a little bad weather would keep me from seeing you did you?" Hadrian reached for Kelly's waist and pulled her robe open. She was nude underneath. Her golden brown tan was now uniform, but for a small white strip along her pubic hair. He reached out and carressed her breasts, tugging at her nipples. Kelly stepped out of the way so that he could step inside.

Hadrian continued to play with one tit while he used his free hand to push the robe off her shoulders. He was pleased to see Kelly's hands go to the buttons on his pants. "I want to suck you again," she said pulling his cock out.

"No argument from me. Lead the way to your bedroom."

Kelly pulled him by his shaft towards her bedroom. He pulled off the rest of his cltohes while she sat on the bed and took his cock in her mouth. It didn't take long for his cock to swell to it's full potential. Kelly groaned when Hadrian took a step back. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, baby. What's the rush? I'd love to get a taste of those big red nipples. Lie back." Hadrian pushed Kelly down on the bed.

Kelly spread her legs as Hadrian worked his body between them. He hunched over and sucked one engorged nipple between his lips. Kelly gasped at the sudden surge of pleasure. Her pleasure increased when something hard poked at her slick labia. "Ah ah Hadrian, I ah oh think your ah cock might be pushing Aaeeee." The last word was screamed as Hadrian's cockhead pushed past her pussy lips. "So big. Jesus, we can't fuck. My husband. Oh it's so big. I can't believe you're in me."

"Lets just see what you can take. We won't fuck.

"Yes, I ah want to kn-Oh-w how much will fit." Kelly gasped and moaned as Hadrian slowly worked his cock inside her. He seemed to have some trouble at the halfway point, but with a grunt he pushed his cock in deeper then her husband had ever been. "There's no stopping it is there?"

"Not when he gets like this. It goes where it wants."

Kelly's body was helping him. She was raising her hips into his thrusting cock and her legs were squeezed around his hips. She had a large orgasm just before a stab of pain had her screaming, "Ow! It just hit my cervix. No more."

"Oh, there's still several inches to go, baby. Here's the rest."

"Aargh!" Kelly gasped as Hadrian forced her cervix open and the rest of his cock straight into her womb. His balls slapped her thighs as he held his cock buried inside her. It hurt, but the pain quickly faded. "I'm so full," she moaned. Kelly's entire body spasmed with pleasure as Hadrian made his cock jerk. A giant orgasm was building as he kept making his cock leap. "Don't stop that. Gonna cum. Big one. Oh god, move it around a little. Fuck me. Fuck me hard, Hadrian." Hadrian obliged her.

"You like this big black cock better then hubby's little dick, dontcha?" Hadrian was slamming his ass up and down hard giving her the rough fucking she had begged for.

"Uh huh," agreed Kelly Ann as the orgasm broke. "I love your black cock." After that, it was like a flood gate broke and the orgasms kept coming.

After a good fifteen minutes or so, Hadrian's cock slipped out and he pulled back. Kelly looked at his rampant slick cock. It looked even bigger then a foot this engorged. "Turn over," he ordered.

Kelly barely had the strength to obey, but she rolled over and got on all fours. She lowered her head to the bed so that just her ass was thrust up as he entered her from behind. He buried his cock again before he started fucking her. Kelly felt pressure on her anus which slowly opened as his thumb pushed down on it. It felt strange, but her body reacted by squeezing down on both his thumb and his cock. The resulting orgasms were her most intense yet.

Hadrian grabbed her ass cheeks while keeping his thumb buried. She was his now and he just wanted to send the first of many loads of cum into her womb. He fucked her as fast as he could without slowing.

Kelly was in a daze from the continuous orgasms, but the thought occured to her that he wasn't wearing protection. "Don't cum... pull out... preg... protect..." she manged to get out.

"What?" growled Hadrian as he buried his cock just before it spurted it's first big load into her womb.

"Oh gawd, so hot... I love it." Kelly came each time a jet of seed struck her womb.

Hadrian's orgasm lasted minutes and when he was finally finished, he pulled out leaving Kelly feeling empty. He was tired to and he rolled over to collapse on the bed. Kelly knew she needed to go clean his sperm out of her, but she was too exhausted to move. She kept her ass thrust up holding his sperm in her womb until her cervix closed back up trapping most of it inside.

Kelly moved after a good half hour. She took a quick shower to clean up. Hadrian was still lying on her bed when she returned. She climbed in beside him. She grabbed his long shaft. "This thing is amazing," she said feeling it stiffen in her grasp.

"Climb aboard." Hadrian pulled her on top on him.

Kelly sat up and squatted over his shaft. She felt whole again as she lowered herself over the head. She didn't think she would have the strength to fuck him like this or to orgasm any more, but she was wrong on both counts.


"It's not mine," I swear.

"Take this maggot back to prison," growled Avery. "I'll see that we finish up here."

Ripley wanted to tell Avery that it was against the rules to leave him alone with the other prisoners, but he found it hard to disobey the giant black man. Ripley grabbed the only white prisoner. "Come on loser. You know the rules. If you're caught with drugs, it's back to prison."

"But it's not mine, I tells ya," pleaded the white prisoner. "Fuck it, take me back to prison." He was happy to get away from the blacks. He swore that their muscles were getting bigger and their cocks were growing. They were starting to mock his little penis in the showers and some were hinting that he might use his mouth to help them with their suffering. He'd showered with dozens of blacks in prison and none came close to these men in rehab.

"Well boss?" asked Hadrian.

"Go ahead," sighed Avery. "Hurry up, that storms gonna break any minute."

Hadrian grinned and headed for Kelly Ann's house.

"I'm getting sick and tired of this mother fucker getting pussy when we ain't getting none," growled one of the prisoners.

"Settle down. You'll get yours soon enough."


Kelly Ann moaned into her pillow as Hadrian filled her womb with his hot seed. "I can't give this cock up, Hadrian."

"We'll work something out, baby." Hadrian felt a certain affection for Kelly. His first piece of pussy as an enhanced. It was like he had lost his virginity all over again. He'd never forget this week, but he was already feeling the need to cum in another pussy. Hadrian pulled his still spurting cock out of Kelly's pussy and brought it up to her ass. There was still one bit of territory his cock hadn't explored.

"Ah, what are you doing?" asked Kelly feeling pressure on his anus.

"Getting ready to fuck your ass. You got a problem with that? Want me to leave?"

"N-no, anything you want. Just go easy."

Luckily, his cock was slick with their combined juices. He pressed down hard against her rosebud. It reluctantly opened and his fat cockhead disappeared inside. Kelly jerked and grunted. She tried to pull away from his invading cock and he could hear her crying into her pillow. Eventually, instead of pulling away, her ass started pushing back into his thrusts. Kelly raised herself up and started fucking him back with gusto.

Hadrian filled her bowels with another large load of semen. He pulled his cock out of her ass and watched fascinated as his sperm bubbled out of her anus.

Hadrian and Kelly were both startled by a loud bang. Bangs started striking the house rapidly. Hadrian got up to look out the window. "Hail," he stated. "Large hail."

There came a hard pounding on the door. Kelly tied her robe on and went to open her door. The large black security guard was standing in her doorway with the prisoners behind him. They were covering their heads from the storm. The wind had really picked up.

Kelly didn't want to let them in. They were staring a the robe wrapped tightly around her body. They knew what she and Hadrian had been doing. Hadrian helped rub it in by coming up behind her wearing only his pants.

"We need shelter, Mrs," said Avery.

"Go to my garage." Kelly closed the door.

She walked through to her kitchen and the garage door. She hit the button for the car port. The black men rushed in as it opened. "Thanks," said Avery. "The other guard took our van and won't be back for hours."

"You can stay here. I'll leave the kitchen door open if you need water and there are some chips on the fridge."

"Thanks maam."

"I'll be in my room." Kelly turned and whispered to Hadrian. "I'm gonna take a shower. Keep an eye on them will you?"

Hadrian winked.

Kelly soaped herself up as best she could in the shower. She had to squat in the tub and swore the semen in her ass would never quit flowing out. She dried herself and put her robe back on. Hadrian was in the kitchen with another prisoner. "All clean," she stated. Her hair was wet and hung sexily down her back.

"Lets get you dirty again then." Hadrian looked hungrily at her breasts pushing out the robe. The other prisoner growled in frustration.

Kelly was a little scared of the big brute. "Meet me in my room."

Hadrian moved to follow her, but the other prisoner grabbed his arm.


Kelly laid down on the bed, but kept her robe on. Only an hour after getting her pussy and ass fucked and Kelly wanted Hadrian's cock in her again. I bet that scary looing black guy has a big cock, she thought. She was wondering how big all the prisoners were and the guard when the lights went out. Her alarm wasn't lit up either. The power had gone out. With the storm outside, it was nearly pitch dark in her room.

She heard Hadrian enter her room. He fumbled around blindly for the bed. His hand grasped her leg and felt the robe. He undid her robe and pulled it open. Hadrian was rushed, as eager as she was to fuck again. He was already naked, his hard cock zeroing in on her wet slit. Kelly gasped when he entered her. He felt thicker and his hands roughly grabbed her tits, squeezing and tugging the nipples. Her body didn't mind the agressiveness, she was cumming the moment he pentrated her cervix.

The black man pulled out after his cock had quit pumping semen. He stood and exited through her open bedroom door. He reentered almost immediately and Kelly was surprised to feel his hard cock poking at her pussy again. Hadrian entered her, this time rolling over so that she was on top.

The bed bent as if someone had climbed onto it. The smell of hard cock filled her nostrils. Kelly reached out and felt the hard head of another cock. She pulled down and felt a foreskin pull down with her. This man was uncircumcized. He grabbed her cheeks and guided his cock to her mouth. Kelly had no will to resist and took him down her throat.

The masculine smell that she had first noticed on Hadrian grew so overwhelming in the room that she completely submitted to it. At that moment Kelly Ann became a complete slut for any black man that wanted her. Indeed, as a third cock penerated her ass, she wasn't sure if just one black cock would satisfy her. Her left wrist was grabbed and brought up to grasp a fourth cock.

In the garage, Hadrian flipped the breakers and went to join the gangbang.

When the lights came on, Kelly first found herself looking up at the scary black prisoner as he shoved his cock in and out of her throat. Another prisoner was in her pussy and one in her ass. She was stroking the guard's foot long cock in her left hand. Hadrian entered the room and her right hand reached out to grab it.

Three hours latter, the men filed out. Each cock had cum at least five times. Each man had fucked her pussy, her ass, and cum in her belly. Some grew impatient and jerked off on her. The scary one had been the last. He fucked her tanned tits, squirting sperm in her mouth and all over her face as his cock erupted. Drained of sperm, he stood and pissed all over her belly and tits and Kelly didn't care. He was rough and nasty, but if he came back tomorrow she would give her body to him. They left her lying on sheets stained and ruined by semen and urine.


Kelly Ann's husband hadn't liked the idea, but she told him in no uncertain terms, he had no choice in the matter. She was doing this as charity work. It had been Avery's suggestion.

Kelly Ann parked in front of the house with the King Rehabilitation Center sign.

The black youths were thrilled with their new house mother.

The End

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