The Christmas Party

Written by Jay Albert / Mar 30, 2006


The Christmas Party

My wife and I were going to my company?s annual Christmas party. It was held at a country club near our home. My wife wore a beautiful, sexy red dress. Her 36c tits were pushing up at top of her dress. The dress was tight on her 5? 125lb frame and showed off her sexy Latina ass.

We arrived around 8:30pm and the party had already begun. We had a few drinks and socialized with my coworkers and their spouses. We began chatting with the vice president, George, and I could tell he was taking a liking to my wife. George is a Lebanese man, 5? 10?, 225 lbs. He was a marine and was still in very good shape for a 40 year old. My wife was really enjoying herself and had several more drinks. George was divorced and had not brought a date. He wanted to dance and asked if it was okay for him to dance with my wife. I always allow my wife to dance with other men because she loves to dance and I do not know how. I told him that it was fine with me and they headed to the dance floor. They danced to a couple of songs and returned to the table we were at. Soon after another coworker named Duane came over to our table. Duane is in his mid thirties, 6?2?, 225 lbs. and black. He bought my wife a drink and asked if he could dance with her also. They both headed to the dance floor while George and I talked. I mentioned to George that we lived on the other side of the golf course.

My wife returned with Duane and we all drank some more. It was getting late and it was last call at the bar. My wife suggested that we go to our house for a night cap. George and Duane agreed and we headed to the parking lot. George did not want to drive so he decided to ride with Duane to our house. My wife said that she wanted to ride with them so they would not get lost. I said that it was fine and I saw them head toward Duane?s SUV. I was surprised when I saw my wife climb into the back seat with George as Duane drove.

It was a quick ten minute drive to our house as I pulled into the drive way with Duane right behind me. I got out of the car a walked over the Duane?s window. He lowered it and told me to have a look in the back seat. I opened the back door and had a huge surprise. My wife was on her knees on the floor of the truck with George?s big fat cock in her mouth. She pulled his dick out of her mouth to tell me she felt their cocks while they were dancing and she just had to have them. I could see why, George?s cock was so fat that her tiny fingers could not fit all the way around it. It was circumcised, at least 8 inches long and shinning with her saliva.

I told them lets continue this inside. We headed to the door and George did not even bother to zip up his pants. He just held them up by his waist band as we walked in. My wife told me to make them some drinks while they got started. They walked into the living room and began to undress. I was in the kitchen which was open to the living room so I could see everything. Once they were naked, my wife was put her on her knees and she sucked on their cocks. I brought our drinks to the living room and handed them to George and Duane. I set my wife?s drink on the coffee table and sat on the couch to get a good view of the action.

My wife was about 4 feet in front of me, eagerly sucking each cock as deep as she could while stroking the other in her free hand. George had a huge cock but Duane was even bigger. His cock was about 10 inches long and almost as fat as George?s. She could get about 6 inches down her throat before she would gag. They stood in front of my wife sipping their drinks while she continued to suck their cocks. They would laugh and tell me that my wife was a great cock sucker and how they were going to fuck her silly.

Duane was the first to slide in her pussy. He put her on the couch on her knees facing the back of the couch. Her nice round ass was in the air and George stood at her head and she began to suck him again. It took Duane a couple of minutes to get his cock in her pussy. Slowly he pushed the head pass her pussy lips. He said that she was tight and George laughed and said, ?Not for long.? Finally she began to adjust to his size and they got a rhythm going. Duane had his hands on her hips and began to fuck my wife harder. George was grabbing the back of her head and fucking her mouth. I could hear her trying to moan around George?s fat cock. Duane fucked her for about 20 minutes as she had her third orgasm. Duane shoved all of his huge black cock into my wife and filled her up with his cum.

George came around the couch to have his turn in my wife?s pussy. When he got behind her said, ?damn this bitch is open.? I moved next to George and saw my wife?s red swollen pussy leaking a large amount of cum out of her. I felt hands on the back of my neck, pushing my face toward her well-stretched pussy. A large amount of cum began to ooze out of her opening and I covered the opening with my mouth. I could feel the slimy cum running into my mouth as I sucked it all out. I began to lick her clit when I was pulled off of her. ?Step aside,? said George. He walked right up behind her and sunk his cock all the way in her in one thrust. Her put his hands on her ass and fucked her silly. Furiously he slammed his cock into my wife for about ten minutes.

Finally he pulled out and told my wife to get on her knees. Quickly she knelt in front of George with her mouth open as he began shooting his load in her face. The first shot hit her hard right on her nose. Then the next one went straight to the back of her throat, then another in her mouth. The last few spurts hit her chin and ran down on her breast.

Duane was already dressed and ready to leave. My wife asked them both to stay but Duane had to leave. George said he would stay if we could take him to pick up his car later. My wife quickly answered yes. They continued to fuck right in front of me for the next hour. It was around 5 am when George was ready to leave. My wife volunteered to drive him home so I could sleep. I was really tired and feel asleep on the couch. I woke up around 6 pm but my wife was nowhere to be found. I was worried so I called her cell phone. She answered and sounded out of breath. I asked her where she was and she said she went with George to his house. ?I?ll be home in about and hour, he is fucking me right now,? said my wife. I heard George yell out, ?Make that two hours.?

Finally she came home around 10 pm. She went straight to the bedroom and went to sleep. The next morning she told me all about what happened at George?s house. I'll tell that story next time. Please send comments to
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