Written by Mark Mirage / Apr 12, 2006


My wife and I recently went away for a weekend in a hotel to celebrate her birthday. She is 38 years old and in great shape. Size 12, 36D, very curvaceous, mid length dark hair and vey pretty. We were getting ready to go out for dinner when my surprise present arrived, although it was as much a surprise for me as her.

She had showered and done her hair, she was sitting at the dressing table in a short red kimino style dressing gown when there was a knock on the door. I am fairly fit and reasonably well endowed, but not very muscular. My wife often admires muscular men, so I had thought that I would get her a strippagram as a surprise. I had asked for a muscular, young "Bond-a-gram".

I opened the bedroom door and in walked a very muscular young black guy aged in his mid twenties, about 6 foot 3 tall, dressed in dinner suit and bow tie. Cheryl looked up as he approached. She did not know what was going on until he started singing "Happy Birthday" and presented her with a bottle of champagne with two glasses. She took the wine, laughing. Then he began to strip. She looked at me as if to say "what is going on?" and I just said "Happy Birthday". By now, he had his shirt off and I think it was the sight of his six pack that made her sit back on her stool to enjoy the show.

He took off his trousers and was stood near her, wearing only a pair of very tight briefs, he was obviously well built and you could see that he was semi hard, probably because of my wife's state of semi undress. Then he slid his briefs off to reveal a semi swollen, very large cock. It was obviously larger than mine and I could see Cheryl gazing at it. Next, he pulled her up by her hands and asked if she wanted to feel his muscles. "Go on, have a feel" I said. She started to run her hands over his chest upper arms and abdominal muscles and was obviously enjoying it. By now, I had grabbed the camera and asked her whether she wanted a picture as a memento. She said "yes" and posed next to him first with her arm around his back and then with his arms around her from behind. The guy was very good about posing and smiled on the photos. He didn't appear to mind posing naked, even though he had quite an erection after wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing into her from behind. For the next shot I said "Lets get one of you looking at his cock Cheryl, stop trying to pretend you are not impressed by it". She looked down at it, said "May I?" and wrapped her hand around the shaft. You could see his cock stiffen under her touch, which he obviously enjoyed, and she was loving the feeling of this great big strange cock in her hand.

I thought I would try to see if I could get things to go a bit further and said "open your dressing gown for the next picture", she didn't hesitate and opened it. I couldn?t believe my eyes, there was my beautiful wife virtually naked with a naked man looking very appreciatively at her full breasts with their large pink nipples and with his cock now extended, to her obvious excitement, to at least ten inches of hard, throbbing, black flesh.

"Put the camera away" said Cheryl. I put it down and she put one hand on his cock again, cupping his balls with the other. The guy couldnt believe his luck. I think he was used to being groped by gangs of pissed women in hen parties, but here was a beautiful sexy woman obviously impressed by his body and wanting more. "Can I suck it?" she asked, "it's so big, it's lovely" she kneeled down and looked up into his eyes as she stroked her tongue along his length. Then she kissed the head of his cock, then began sucking the tip, taking more and more of the head into her mouth until she had his whole cock-head swallowed and began to slide her mouth down the shaft. He was leaning back against the dressing table obviously enjoying my pretty wife sucking on his cock. Cheryl looked over at me, her mouth full of cock, she looked gorgeous.

After a few minutes of this , she stopped and looked over at me. I couldn't believe how fantastic she looked, my usually reserved, beautiful wife sitting, with her breasts exposed and her knickers off with his huge cock right in front of her face, glistening from her sucking. "Can I fuck him?" she asked. "If you want to" I said. She took her gown right off and he pushed her back onto the bed. She opened her legs and we could both see how wet and ready she was. He put the head of his cock against her vagina and began to ease it in. Cheryl always loves being entered and I love to watch her face as I slide into her. This guy's cock was bigger than what she had had before, it was gorgeous watching her gasp with pleasure as this strangers cock head slid into her, then moan as he pushed the whole length of the shaft into her. She was in heaven as he began to pump his cock in and out of her. She looked at me, my own wife enjoying being filled with another cock. She wrapped her long white legs around his dark body and began to talk to him, "oh yes, that's it, give it to me, oh fuck me harder, oh yes, oh my god...."

The guy was having a great time, telling her "oh yes baby, thats good, you like that?, oh yes, you're sweet....." and eventually he came, he shot his load right into her. Cheryl loves it when I come and when this new cock started to fill her it had the same effect. She also started to come and had a very noisy orgasm with his cock still inside her. After they had fucked, the guy left, but left us a copy of the agency's card with his mobile phone number written on the back.

The rest of our weekend was fantastic. That was two weeks ago. Initially we agreed that it was a one off experience, not to be repeated, but we kept his number. This evening, she has confessed that she wants to feel his cock again. She says she won't phone him unless I agree she can. What do you readers think I should do?
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