Black Bred Daughter

Written by Peg69 / Apr 24, 2006


Peg's Daughter Gets Black Bred

By: Peg69

My daughter Mary has been fucking black guys since her high school days. She is married to a white guy who from the beginning has known that she had to have black cocks to be satisfied. He had told her that she could continue to date and fuck blacks even after they were married. His name is Paul and not long after they were married, Mary gave birth to a beautiful black baby boy. They named him Jake after Mary's high school lover and the person that introduced her to black fucking. Little Jake is nearly two years old and Mary and Paul had decided it was time to have another child. They wanted the very best genes possible and had decided that a black would father this child also.

Mary called me and announced that she was pregnant and asked that I come for a visit. I arrived on a Friday and had planned to stay for several days. After arriving in the evening and getting unpacked, we were all sitting in the den when Mary told me about how she was black impregnated. She had asked her black lover William to give her a baby but he didn't think that was a good idea. So he told her that it would be best if the father was unknown. He said that once she was off of the pill, he would bring guys over to fill her with their seed and make a baby. She said that he never brought less that three guys and Mary said that she really enjoyed receiving each of them. Paul commented that he thought the black guys really worked hard in order to get Mary knocked up. Mary said that she had her period at the end of the first month but they had decided to keep trying as long as it took. Paul mentioned that he enjoyed seeing five or six black guys naked with Mary and waiting their turn to plant their seed inside her pussy. We appreciated what they were doing for us. All of the men had really nice cocks. Mary added and they really knew how to use them. At the end of the second month, Mary missed her period and believed that she was pregnant but her and Paul decided to continue for another month just to be sure. The black men were very cooperative after all this was good pussy for them and Mary was getting her fill of black cocks.

It was a little after nine that evening that a car pulled into the drive. Mary said that will be William. William owns the company where Paul works and is Mary's lover. Mary says that he has a key to the house and comes by whenever he wants. Mary gets up and meets him as he come into the den. William takes Mary into his arms and they kiss. His hands roam over her butt as he pulls her close to him and he fondles her breast as they continue to kiss. This must be his way of showing that this is his woman. He turns Mary around and cups his hands under her pregnant belly and asked how is our little black baby doing. Mary says just fine and then introduces William to me and me to William. He says nice to meet you and you sure have raised a fine daughter. I felt a little proud that he felt that way.

Mary took William by the hand and led him over to the couch where they sat together. My presence didn't seem to deter William from doing whatever he wanted to do with Mary. They continued to kiss and it didn't bother Mary for him to start removing her clothes. Paul said don't they make a nice couple. I admired Paul for letting a black man come into his house and make love to his wife. As William continues to undress Mary, Mary reaches for William's zipper and undoes his pants and takes out a very stout looking black cock. Mary says mom, don't you think that William has a beautiful cock. I had to agree that it really was a beautiful cock and I was getting hot just admiring it. Mary went down on his cock and started making load sucking sounds as she sucked it. I really enjoyed seeing my daughter receiving such satisfaction from this man's black cock. As she came up, she turned to Paul and told him to show mom how he could also suck a black cock. Paul went over to William and got on his knees in front of him and proceeded to bend down and take William's cock into his mouth. Mary commented that Paul was such a good cock sucker and the black men liked for Paul to help get them ready to fuck. William placed his hand behind Paul's head and forced his cock deep into Paul's throat. Paul chocked for a moment and then he relaxed his throat and took all of the cock into his mouth. As he came up for air, William told him to lick the head and to suck his balls. I could see that Paul was enjoying doing all of these things for Mary and her lover. He is so good to Mary and is such a wonderful husband. William stood up and removed the rest of his clothes and took Mary by the hand and led her up to her bedroom. While William was fucking Mary up in the bedroom, Paul and I went into the kitchen where he poured me a wine and he got a beer. Paul was at ease talking to me about all of the different black men that came to fuck Mary and that it was a compliment to him that they found Mary so desirable.

William and Mary came back downstairs after they had finished fucking. Mary had slipped on a robe but William was still naked as he had left his clothes downstairs. Even with a half hard on, William's cock still looked very inviting. Mary told William that she thought I would enjoy meeting one of William's friends if he could bring one over tomorrow. William said that he would get Uncle Willie. He said you remember Willie, he was the man that you said had the largest dick that you had ever seen. Mary grinned as she said, yes I remember Willie and if this baby is a boy I had hoped that Willie is the father. Even though Willie is William's uncle, he is only about eight years older. That is another story that maybe I can write about later. Neither Mary or I are willing to stop devoting our bodies to the satisfaction of black men. We give them what they want and they give us what we want. If I were able to have more children, I like Mary would want to be black impregnated. I know that the thought of a black seed growing inside Mary excites her and I am proud to announce to all that I am proud of my black grandchildren. This is our way of announcing to the world that we like to fuck black men.

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