Son & Dad Share

Written by Merrie / May 9, 2006


Son & Dad Share

I rush home from work, run in the house to take a quick shower and dress for a night out on the town with friends. As I walk into Joe?s Bar & Grill I see my two friends. So here we are 3 white chicks in a bar drinking and laughing and talking about the past week. My friends want to go to another bar as this one does not seem to have any good action going on. I tell them to go on, that I?ll have another drink then I'll be off for home to rest over the weekend.

I rub my neck and temples because I feel a headache coming on. I then feel strong hands and the fingers are working magic on my neck. I groan as that feels good, so much better than I could have done. My eyes close and next thing I know those hands move down and rub and squeeze my breast and I feel him kissing my neck. I open my eyes and notice that those strong hands are very black. I look into his eyes and he tells me his name is Paul. Paul stops and sits next to me holding my hand in his. Paul says that if I will accompany him home that he will give me a message. He can tell I?m tossing the idea around, so he leans over and gives me a kiss as he tweaks my tits. I melt and he knows it. I drink up the last of my beer and Paul takes my hand and leads me out to his car.

I tell Paul that I'd never been with a black man and he laughs.

?Honey, it?s a good thing old Paul here came alone cause I?m gonna teach you and take you places you've never been. When this old snake gets through with you all you will want is black cock.?

He takes my left hand and places it over his cock. As he rubs my hand down the shaft I think it must be very long. I wonder if I?m doing the right thing. For the first time I notice that Paul looks old.

I look at Paul and ask how old he is. He tells me he?s 56 with the cock of an 18 year old. We must look ridiculous, him 56 and me 24.

As we walk into his house he pulls me to him and runs his tongue over my face and into my mouth. He then leads me into his family room and hands me a shot of Crown Royal.

?Drink this honey causes it will help you to relax so I can fuck your womb.?

I tell Paul ?Hey man, I don?t know if I can do this. I?ve never been with a black man and the biggest cock I?ve had was about 6 inches and not very thick, more like a pencil come to think of it. I think you are too big, please, take me back to get my car.?

?No way bitch, you came to fuck and fuck we will. Now get your ass up and let?s go to my bedroom where I know we will be more comfortable.?

A few hours later as I lay in a big ass bed with a big ass cock plugging up my pussy as my new man sleeps, I look back on the best sex I?ve ever had. Paul had gotten down and chewed and sucked my pussy till I screamed. Then he did it again. Paul then pulled me up and kissed me as I felt his hot rod poking and trying to find its new home.

?Oh you?re my new bitch now aren?t you? Feel that head trying to get in? Oh baby you feel so tight I can?t wait till I can drink milk from these tits baby. Just think after tonight you will have to move in with old Paul, Hey I know bitch, you can call me your Daddy, cause after tonight I will be not only your Daddy but this little one that I fixin to breed into your snow white tummy.?

"SSSSTTTTTOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP Daddy that hurts, please stop your will rip me apart. I can?t take you. Stop you old Man I?m not your breeding bitch.?

Paul fell down on top of me and kisses me while I get used to his cock. He shoved that thing in on three strokes and it didn?t stop till it was in my womb. He kissed my tears away as he whisper nasty things in my ear.

?Oh yea, you?re a tight one bitch, feel my snake slut? It?s going to bite your womb and send it?s venom into your breeding ground. Oh yea bitch feel it start to shake and swell, When I shoot its gonna plug you to hold my seed in girly. I waited a long time to breed a bitch.?

Paul starts to shoot and rams his tongue deep down my throat. As his balls slap me, I can feel them constricting while shooting his sperm into me. We roll on our side, and as we spoon Daddy rubs and squeezes by breast has he gives a few last thrust in my pussy before falling to sleep.

4 months later

I had already quit my job as a law associate and moved my things in Daddy?s house weeks ago. Today we?re getting married. We are getting married at the court house and the Judge who is marrying us is an old friend of Daddy?s. As the Judge pronounces us man and wife, Daddy leans over and kisses me then kisses my bulging tummy. Daddy had me to wear a short, short tight dress. He likes taking me around town and showing my tummy off with his black seed growing. I love Paul, I never thought I would love and older man much less a black one.

Daddy takes good care of me and tells me he will keep me pregnant as he wants at least 6 kids. My family hardly talks to me now, but that?s ok because I now have Paul?s family to love. Paul will sometimes send his Dad in to fuck me as a treat for his Dad. Paul?s dad is 83 and still fucks like an 18 year old. Paul Sr. has asked daddy if he can impregnate me next. While my tummy is still kinda small, Paul Sr. will fuck my pussy while Daddy fucks my ass. When they are through and both are asleep my pussy and ass still feels like they are fucking me. Both will stay hard while we sleep, sometimes they even fuck me softly while they sleep and nurse on my tits.

Here I sit at the shopping mall breast feeding my baby boy. James is a tit man just like his Daddy. He loves to suck on my tits even when he?s not hungry. One day I know he will make some girl happy because his ball sack is on the large scale so I know he will have horse cock like his Daddy and Granddaddy. Paul walks up and smiles at me:

?Damn bitch, I love watching you feed my boy in public. I bought you something, put your leg up and let me put this ankle bracelet on.?

Then he leans over James and gives me a kiss running his tongue around my lips before dipping in my mouth.

?Come on bitch let?s get out of here so you can suck my cock while my Daddy breeds you another half breed baby. Damn I hope you get pregnant tonight. I love watching your tummy stretched to the gills with a black baby busting to get out and suck on those nipples. I?m so hard I may have to take a dip in that pussy if Dad?s doesn?t show up soon?

I shared my milk with all three of my men that weekend, and I rode Paul Sr. cock till I was raw and he fucked and fucked me like a bitch in heat all weekend. Sometimes Paul Sr. fucked me like a dog while James laid under me sucking my tits while his Daddy fucked my mouth and shot his seed down my throat.

What a life I have.

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