Kristy: An English Teacherís Dark Secret

Written by First But Not Last / May 17, 2006


Kristy: An English teacher?s dark secret

By: First but not last

I have surrendered myself to my dark and lustful fantasies over the past couple of weeks. My name is Kristy Chandler and I am a high school English teacher for a large public school. I am 29 years old and stand 5?-5? tall with brawn hair, blue eyes with a 36c bust and weigh 110 pounds. I have had a fantasy about being taken by a well hung black man but have never acted on it, just kept it as my dark fantasy.

Over the past several months I have become increasingly aroused around black men and often find myself staring at them and checking out their bodies and wondering what it would be like to be in bed with them. I have fingered myself to some pretty amazing orgasm fantasizing about a well hung black man stretching me with his big black cock. Damn getting hot just writing this.

Well my mind was sent racing about 2 weeks ago at lunch. I had walked down to the teachers lounge and grabbed my lunch from the refrigerator and was going back to my classroom to grade some papers when I heard noises from the class room beside mine. Who could be over there I wondered as Mr. Henson?s class was on a field trip today. I slowly walked over to the door in between our classes and looked thru the small glass window. My heart nearly came out of my chest at what I was seeing. Vince Johnson our star quarterback who was as black as midnight was standing buck naked behind Teresa Spitler our head cheerleader, thrusting his muscular ass back and forth against her naked body.

Oh my god I gasped, they were having sex. Vince had Teresa bent over a desk and was taking her from behind. I was hypnotized by the sight in front of me. Teresa was throwing her head back and moaning load enough I could hear her at the door. Vince had a hold of her hips and was thrusting back and fourth like a machine. His 6?-3? muscular body was flexing and bulging with every stroke. I should have stopped it but I couldn?t my eyes were locked on the two of them as the continued to pleasure themselves.

As I continued to watch I could feel the heat building between my legs and I found myself picturing myself in her place. Just then Teresa let out this deep whimper and moan and you could see the unmistakable signs she was having an orgasm a huge orgasm. Vince help his hips pressed against Teresa as her body convulsed and quivered from the pleasure she was experiencing. A few minutes passed and saw Teresa say something to Vince, Vince them moved away from Teresa?s ass.

Oh my god, I nearly blurted out as I saw Vince?s manhood for the first time. This boy, hell this man?s manhood was incredible. From where I was he was nearly twice the length and thickness size as my husband?s manhood. Vince sat back on the edge of Mr. Henson?s desk and Teresa quickly got up and proceeded to suck Vince?s huge rod. Vince had a hold of Teresa?s head and moving it up and down on his long thick rod.

The ache between my legs was almost unbearable now as I could feel my juices flowing inside me. I was slick inside and every time I moved I could feel my red swollen pussy lips sliding past each other. I looked over at the door and saw I had locked it, the hell with it I said to myself I cannot resist anymore. Slowly I pulled my long dress up and slid my hand inside my wet panties. Oh god I was soaking wet and felt as though I was on fire.

I slipped my finger inside my aching pussy and nearly feel to my knee?s in pleasure. I began rubbing my clit and sliding my finger in and out of my burning pussy as I watched Vince and Teresa. God I would love to feel Vince?s huge black cock in my pussy I thought. Several minutes went buy and I saw Vince?s body begin to tense and knew he was about to fill Teresa?s mouth full. I heard Vince grunt loud and knew he was cumming and at the same time I came as well and nearly collapsed to the floor.

Teresa pulled her mouth of Vince?s cock to catch her breath and I watched as a huge stream of cum shot all over Teresa?s face. I had never seen so much cum in my life I thought. I had given my husband lots of blow jobs but I he had never came that much. Teresa then took her fingers wiped cum from her face and then licked her fingers clean. The two of them then began to get dressed and I tried to gather my senses.

Just as Vince was finishing getting dressed he glanced over at the window and gave me a wink and mouthed your next. I quickly moved away from the window and went back to my desk, my heart pounding out of control. The rest of the day I was a nervous wreck how long had he known I was their and just what did he mean I was next. That night at home despite my worries I was incredibly horny and made love to my husband 2 times. But I have to admit I found myself fantasizing about Vince being inside me several times as my husband made love to me.

The next day at school I found a note on my desk, my hands were shaking as I opened it. ?Hope you enjoyed the show teach I will be by your classroom at lunch today if you would like to talk about what you enjoyed watching so much. One other thing before I let you go, my cock is 11 inches long and over 2 inches in diameter just in case you were wondering. I sure would love to slide my big cock in you teach bet you are hot right now thinking about me stretching you wide open with my big black cock. I saw it in your eyes baby you got it bad and you want it, hell you crave it baby. Give in baby live your secret fantasy. See you at lunch if you want it.?

Oh my god what the hell should I do I thought? He was right though I was soaking wet thinking about feeling him inside me. The morning went by so slow I kept looking at the clock and looking at the clock. In between classes I walked down the lounge to get a drink and as I was standing up from getting my coke I feel these powerful hands grab my hips and then feel a huge bulge pressing against my ass. ?Just a little reminder teach of what waiting for you if you show up in your classroom at lunch.?

I turned around quickly and saw Vince smiling as he was walking out the lounge. It was 2 hours until lunch and I could not keep from thinking about Vince. My pussy was dripping wet all morning, every time I took a step or moved I felt my slick pussy lips sliding against each other. I was climbing the walls. I knew I should leave and go home for lunch but the aching and craving to feel that big black cock was too much. So at 12:01 Vince walked in my classroom and locked the door behind him.

Vince walked up close to me and asked me if I had enjoyed the show. Yes I mumbled barely able to breath. ?So tell me were you picturing yourself in Teresa?s place?? Yes I said quietly, ?What I can?t hear you? Yes I was imagining myself in her place. Vince then began touching my arms and hips ?So tell me teach what do you want?? My heart was beating so hard now I could barely hear anything above its pounding.

I want you Vince, I muttered. ?You want me to what baby?? Vince said as his hands cupped my breasts. I want you to take me Vince I moaned as his lips kissed my neck and his hands slipped under my blouse. Vince took my hand and put it on his crotch, ?Is this what you crave baby?? ?I want to hear you tell me you crave this big black cock teach? Vince slowly undid my blouse and slid of my bra and began sucking my hard nipples.

Oh I moaned as I felt his warm mouth wrap around my sensitive nipples. ?Tell what you crave baby!? Vince said as he undid my long skirt and it feel to the ground. Slowly I felt Vince slide his thumps in my panties and then with one powerful motion he ripped them off me and threw them on my desk. ?What does my little white slut crave more than anything right now?? he said as his fingers began working over my dripping wet slit.

Oh god, oh god I want you to fuck me Vince with your huge black cock I nearly screamed. Vince slowly slid off his shirt revealing his sculpted chest and arms, then slid of his pants and out sprang the biggest cock I had ever seen. Like a moth to a flame I quickly dropped to my knees and began to suck and struck his monster cock. I had never felt something so powerful and so large in my mouth and hands. It literally took both my hand to wrap around him.

?That?s it baby suck that big black cock, taste a real mans cock for once?. I hungrily devoured his manhood licking and sucking it as much as I could. I could not believe I was doing this here I was buck naked on my knee?s sucking this students 11 inch black cock in my own classroom. I had never felt more alive and excited in my life my juices were flowing.

Vince told me to get off my knees and to bend over my desk. I quickly did as my black stud told me to. Vince slide put the head of his cock right against the entrance to my pussy and slowly began to push forward. Oh fuck, oh fuck my pussy was being stretched open more than it had ever been. I felt my pussy lips stretch tight around Vince?s thick cock. More and more of Vince?s cock worked deeper and deeper in me and I was stuffed full of more cock than I could have ever imagined I could handle. I felt pleasure and a little pain in parts of my pussy I never new existed.

I grabbed a pencil and shoved it in between my teeth and bit down to keep from screaming to loud. Deeper and deeper Vince worked his cock deeper than any man had ever been. The pleasure was beyond description as I felt my entire pussy being stimulated at once. I began to experience small orgasm?s one after the other. Then with one final thrust I felt a pop inside and nearly fainted from a huge wave of pleasure and little pain.

I could feel Vince?s huge black ball resting on my firm white ass. ?Damn teach you are one tight lady?. ?So how?s that big cock feel teach?? So damn good Vince, never new sex could be this good. ?Baby I am going to turn you into my personal slut, this pussy is never going to be the same? With that Vince drew back all but a couple of inches and slammed back inside me, nearly knocking the wind out of me. Soon Vince was fucking like I had never had been.

I could feel his heavy black balls slapping my ass with every stroke of his huge cock. I was almost cumming continually now as he grabbed my ass and manhandled me, I was like his own personal sex toy. My pussy was making popping noises as Vince continued to pound my pussy with his huge black cock. Vince pulled out and told me get on the edge of the desk and put my feet on his shoulders and then he slid back inside me with one hard thrust. Oh fuck I moaned as I felt the air leave my lungs nearly.

Vince began power fucking me like a machine, his cock was slamming in and out of me like a jack hammer and his body was covered in sweat. Vince?s thick and long cock was opening my pussy up like no man ever had. My body continued to explode in pleasure as this young black stud took his little white teacher and showed her what sex was all about. Vince started to tense and I know what was cumming and as bad as I knew I should tell him to stop I didn?t. Fuck baby empty you big black balls in my pussy I whimpered.

God help me I wanted to feel his hot cum shooting inside me. Vince grunted and thrust several forceful times and ten I felt it, an explosion and hot cum deeper inside me than I could have ever imagined. Squirt after squirt I felt as it hit the back of my pussy. I came so hard I started to black out. Vince held his cock balls deep inside me as I milked every drop from his magnificent manhood with the walls of my throbbing pussy.

I knew my life had changed for ever, never again would I be able to resist the aching inside me. I would grave big black cocks for the rest of my life, I had experiences the best sex ever and I wanted no I graved more. My pussy was sore I had to admit but it still ached for more. We got dressed and Vince grabbed my hair and gave me a passionate kiss ?Meet me at your car after school so I can stretch that tight pussy of mine out a little more.? Vince said with a smile.

I quickly grabbed some paper towels and headed for the bathroom. As I walked down the hall way with no panties on I could feel Vince?s cum oozing from my pussy. I made it to the bathroom and cleaned my self up. I had never seen so much cum before in my life, my thighs were covered and my pussy was oozing my black studs cum. I had to make several trips that afternoon to clean myself up, as the cum continued to leak all day long.

The end of the day finally arrived and true to his word Vince was waiting by my minivan after school. Fortunately all the other teacher?s and students had left so no one heard my screams of passion as Vince fucked my hard and long emptying 2 huge loads into my red a swollen pussy. I had never been so horny in my life my pussy continually ached for more of his big black cock. Before Vince left he told me that he wanted me to shave my pussy and that he had a surprise for me Friday night.

Luckily my husband was working late when I got home because I looked a mess. My hair was all messed up and I smelled like hot and sweaty and like cum. I ran a nice hot bath and soaked my aching and sore pussy. My god Vince was incredible lover he had made me come more today than my husband had in the last 5 years. His huge cock hit places and made my pussy feel so good inside god it was so great. After soaking awhile I got the razor and shaving cr?me out and shaved my pussy just like Vince asked.

The whole time I was shaving I kept seeing Vince?s huge 11 inch cock as it slid in and out of me and I got hornier and hornier. My pussy lips were red and swollen and aching for more of that big cock of his already. What was happening to me I was turning into a nympho maniac. I finished shaving and ran my hands over my now smooth pussy, very nice I said as I dipped my fingers inside myself and then licked then clean. I then fingered myself to another orgasm as I pictured Vince taking me again.

Well the next 2 days were uneventful as Vince was busy with practice and I was busy with tests and teacher meetings. But Friday morning I got another note telling me to me Vince at the field house around 5 for my surprise and he said don?t wear your panties. Well the day was finally over and I went to the bathroom and removed my panties and noticed my pussy was already very wet.

I walked down to the field house and went in and found Vince waiting for me with nothing on but a towel. ?Join me in the shower baby? Vince said as he dropped his towel revealing his hard 11 inch cock standing at full attention. I quickly stripped down and joined Vince in the shower. We kissed passionately under the hot water as Vince squeezes my ass and breasts. I was so horny it hurt inside I had to have that big black cock inside me. Vince picked me up and pinned me on the wall of the shower and slowly slid that monster cock inside me.

Oh god yes, I moaned as I felt my pussy once again stretching wide open for his huge black cock. Soon Vince was thrusting in and out of me making me moan and whimper in pure pleasure. ?You like that big black cock don?t you teach? Oh god yes I whimpered, I love it feels so good inside me Vince. Oh yes, yes fuck me I nearly screamed as Vince fucked me harder and harder. My pussy was on fire and I was as horny as I had ever been when Vince said ?Who?s pussy is this teach? all yours Vince all yours.

?That?s right baby all mine and you will do what ever I want won?t you baby? God yes Vince anything you want I moaned. ?Well then I think you ought to help entertain my friends here, ain?t that right guys? he said. I looked around I saw 6 huge black football players standing behind us all naked and sporting large hard cocks. Vince thrust hard and harder ?You going to fuck my boys for me aren?t you baby? Yes I screamed as I will fuck them all for you baby.

Vince continued to fuck me as he carried me back into the locker room where I saw a mattress spread out in the middle of the floor. Vince laid me down and began pounding me hard as I wrapped my legs around him. The guys were all watching and stroking there big cocks and to tell you the truth I was really getting hornier being watched. After a few minutes Vince tensed and emptied a huge load of cum deep inside me as I exploded as well.

That?s when my first gang bang began. In no time the guys had me on all fours and I had a very thick and long cock sliding in and out of my pussy was sucking another. I was in heaven getting it from both ends. My pussy was aching to be fucked and these guys were not going to let me down. I could hear the guys cheering on their friends ?fuck her, fuck her hard give that teacher what she needs? I was going crazy moaning and whimpering in shear ecstasy and loving all the attention. It did not take long before I had my first mouthful and another pussy full of cum.

As soon as these guys finished another 2 took their place, come on guys I moaned fuck me hard give your white this white slut what she needs. Soon I was riding one cock and had one in my mouth and one in my hand taking turns sucking one and stroking another. The room was full of moaning and groaning and bodies slapping together. I was cumming over and over as these guys fucked me hard with there big black cocks. Soon I had another mouth and pussy full of cum as I came again.

I was riding one of the guys as I straddled a bench when I heard Vince behind me telling me to lie down on the guy?s chest. I lay down as he kept pumping his cock in and out of me. I felt Vince?s hands rubbing something warm all over my ass and asshole, and then felt the head of his huge cock press against my asshole. Oh my god, I can?t take him up my ass I thought. Oh shit I screamed as a few inches of his huge cock slid into my virgin ass.

Oh fuck I whimpered as the pain was quite intense ?Going to bust this cherry ass for you baby? Vince grunted as he pushed several more inches up my ass. The pain and pleasure were felt so good that I was approaching another orgasm. After several minutes the pain eased and I began to enjoy the feeling of having two big cocks in me at the same time. Soon both guys were working back and forth inside and it felt fucking great. I was a true slut now as I screamed from a huge orgasm.

?Bring out her next surprise guys? I heard Vince grunt as he continued to open my tight ass hole up with his huge black cock. I looked up to see my husband duck taped to a rolling chair being rolled in from the coach?s office. The coaches office had a reflective coating on it, you could see out but not in. Also I noticed the head football coach also black had been recording the entire episode.

I looked at my husband and could see a bulge in his pants and knew he was enjoying the show. I began to buck harder working Vince?s huge cock deeper and deeper in my ass. I started acting even sultrier, telling the guys how I wanted them all to fuck me in the ass and to use me. I love big black cocks I screamed, I want to be fucked all night long guys. Soon I felt both guys began shooting deep inside me, my first load of hot cum up my ass.

The guys fucked me in every position that night and I came over and over again. I was such a slut that I was actually begging for the guys to fuck me again and again I could not get enough. Even coach Smith fucked me a couple of times with his huge black cock. They untied my husband right after they brought him out and he filmed and cheered me on as I got all the cock I wanted. At the end of the night I laid down on the floor of the shower and all the guys including my husband jerked off and came all over my body covering me in hot cum.

I showered and cleaned up and my husband took me home. We did not say much on the way home and I was worried he was mad. But when we got home I knew h was not because he ripped my clothes off and his bent me over and shoved his cock right up my ass. ?So you like it up the ass? he grunted? ?That was amazing you are such a slut baby, never been so turned on before, when can we do that again?? he asked.

I guess I have a new life now: a mild manned English teacher by day and a black cock loving slut by night.

The end
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