Daughter Bred by Blacks Continued

Written by Peg69 / May 17, 2006


Daughter Bred by Blacks (Continued)

By Peg69

The second day I was at my daughter's home at about one o'clock. William, my daughter's black lover, and his uncle Willie came in. Paul, my white son-in-law, was preparing to take their black son Jake out to a movie and afterwards to the park so we could have the house to ourselves. Willie was a rather large black man about 40 or so. William had told me and Mary confirmed that he had the largest cock of all of the black men that William brought her to make a black baby.

As soon as Jake and Paul were out the door, Willie was all over me. So you are Mary's fucking Mom he says. I guess you prefer black dicks just like your daughter does. Yes, I try to reply as he is smothering me. He is trying to kiss me and grope my ass, tits and pussy all at the same time. I look over at Mary and William and they are just sitting there taking all of this in. William tells Willie to slow down and treat me like a lady. Willie says, this is no lady, this is a white fucking bitch whore just like her daughter. Willie then backs off and drops his pants and shorts and says whore what do you think of this. Truly to god, one of the largest cocks that I have ever seen starts to rise. He says, come here bitch and suck on this as he strokes it to make it even larger and harder. By now, I am a little shaken by this but I do as he tells me. From the moment I saw his big black tool I knew that I wanted it to fuck and suck. I said, Willie, you are so big. He answered, just like you like them I bet! I get on my knees before him and I try my best to get as much of his cock in my mouth as possible. He tells me to just suck the head and lick around the shaft and to suck his balls. I try to make loud sucking sounds so that he will know that I love licking and sucking black cocks. I want to please him, so I try to lick and suck his cock just like he tells me to do.

Next, I am ordered to get out of my clothes so he can see what kind of white pussy I have. I start removing my clothes without ever taking my mouth off of his dick. He says that's it whore suck my shaft as you get naked. I stand back for him to look at me as I finish undressing. Do you like? I ask. You see it's OK, come here and let me feel the pussy. First two fingers and then three and four and then all of his fingers are into my pussy. Just sucking his dick has me so hot and open for him. He says, I can tell that you have had a lot of black dicks inside you. My only answer was a smile.

I took Willie up to my bed as William and Mary goes to her bed. This may be the largest I have ever had but I knew that I wanted it and could take it all. Willie removed his clothes while I laid on the bed with my legs spread wide open inviting him to come inside my pussy. Please Willie, fuck me real good. I need you inside me, pump me full of your black cum. Let me feel all of you, I moaned. Fuck me, fuck me please. Let me be your whore, I shouted. God, It felt sooo good. It didn't take long for him to start cumming inside me. I could feel his hot streaming cum hitting the back of my pussy as he shot it several times. When he withdrew, there was just enough cum on the tip of his cock for me to lick off as I tasted the mixture of my juices and his cum. Yum I said. Willie commented, too bad your old man is not here to see that you get cleaned out real good. Without even thinking, I replied, he would like that. Willie smiled.

Later, we were joined by William and Mary back downstairs. William looked satisfied and Mary had that just fucked look on her face. Paul returned with Jake at about five thirty and we all decided to go out and eat. Even with that just fucked smell, I felt comfortable with the two black men and Mary with her black baby Jake.

Jake had had a big day. At about seven thirty, Paul took Jake upstairs and gave him a bath and prepared him for bed. He brought him back downstairs to say goodnight. I gave Jake a kiss and told him what a big boy he was. William took Jake up in his arms and spun him around. Jake liked this and I was glad that William and Jake could get along so well.

At ten o'clock, Willie let me know that he was ready for another fuck. Needless to say, I was ready too. He told William that he was going to take the mother whore back upstairs and give her a good fucking. I told Mary that I was going to hold him to it. Willie's endurance now was like a stud bull. After twenty minutes or so, I tried everything I could to get him off but he wouldn't cum. I cried, told him I was his slut whore to do with as he liked. I would be his woman in every way. Tell me what you want me to do. Please use me, fuck me hard. Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my tits. Tell me, tell me oh please. God, his fucking was soo good. I pleaded on and on until finally, I got another load of his cum inside my pussy.

About eleven when we were all downstairs, William's cell phone rang. Hi guys, he said. She's available, come on over, he said. I wondered what this was about and who was he talking to. About ten minutes later, two black guys walk in. It was obvious, that Mary knew the guys. This must be some of the blacks that aided Paul and Mary in making her black baby. There was a gleam in Mary's eye as she introduced them to me. This is my mother she said and she knows all about the baby. One guy says. we love your daughter. The other one says glad we could be of service. I tried to shock the guys when I asked, did you all come to meet me or to fuck my daughter.

Oh, were her to see Mary no question. One of the guys says "I know that it is my baby". I had to be the one to knock her up. William came up into the guys face and said, "look here, the baby belongs to all of us and no one is to get or take credit, you understand". The guy answered, "Sorry". Paul took Mary by the hand and with the two blacks behind led them upstairs to their bed. Paul understood Mary had needs and did everything to help her get the black cocks to suck and fuck that she desired.

Willie and I went back to our bed and couldn't help but listen to the sounds coming from Mary's and Paul's bedroom. William had joined the group and would be spending the night. I heard the two other guys leave about one o'clock. I am sure that Mary took care of their needs before they left. I completely, understand Mary's desire to feel the needs of her black friends and know how to fill that need. I was staying until Wednesday and would be fucked many times by Willie before I left. Peg
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