Wife's Slow Seduction

Written by First But Not Last / May 19, 2006


Wife?s slow seduction

By: First but not last

Hi my name is Reena and until 2 weeks ago I was a shy, inhibited Indian wife but that all changed when my husband Balram and I took a trip to the United States. I am 24 years old 38D-25-35 shape and have long brown hair and full lips and sexy green eyes. My husband who is very wealthy is 41 and we got married because he saved my family when they were having financial difficulties. I have always been a faithful and proper although inhibited wife to my husband until this trip to the United States that is.

We were at a rather high class party in Las Vegas with some business associates of my husband about 4 weeks ago when my whole life changed. My husband was over talking to his associates and I was standing by the window looking out over the bright lights of the city when I heard a deep sexy voice say? I had to bring a drink to the most beautiful women I have seen at this party?. I shyly turned around to find a tall 6?-5? and extremely good looking black man holding a glass of champagne. ?Hi my name is Tim and yours may I ask? my name is Reena I said shyly.

Tim and I talked and even though I did not drink normally I found that I had drank the glass of champagne quickly and Tim soon had another in my hands. Tim was a NBA basketball player and was invited to the party to shake hands with some investors so he was rather bored as I was. Tim was easy to talk to and he made me laugh well him and the champagne. ?Hey you want to dance? Tim blurted out, ?they have a dance floor set up upstairs. At first I said I had better not but Tim grabbed my hand and said come on it will be fun.

I looked over at my husband and he smiled ands mouthed have some fun and went back to talking to his friends. Well the next thing I know there I am in the arms of this tall black man I just meant dancing. Tim?s body felt very powerful as we danced. Tim was a great dancer and I was really enjoying myself as I did not get to do this back home at all. As we danced I had another glass of champagne and was feeling pretty good. A slow sound came on and Tim held me close and wrapped his arms around me, he smelled so good and moved so gracefully I was very impressed.

As the song continued and are bodies rubbed against each other something began to happen to me that I could not believe. I was becoming aroused, my nipples were as hard as rocks and I could feel the heat building between my legs. What was coming over me I thought to myself, this had never happened to me? We continued to dance and I could feel a huge bulge rubbing against me. Oh, I thought he is excited as well, I had never felt another mans manhood besides my husbands before. We continued to dance and I continued to become more and more excited. Tim?s manhood felt huge compared to my husbands as he rubbed against me surely that cannot be real I thought, no one is that big.

Tim grabbed us another drink and as we continued to dance and rub against each other my mind was becoming clouded as the heat between my legs continued to build. ?You are so beautiful? Tim whispered in my ear. ?I would make love to you every morning if you were my lady? I was flattered by his compliments and said thank you and smiled at him. Tim was an extremely good looking man and I found myself staring into his eyes as we ground our bodies against each other. I had never been as sexually excited in my life as I was dancing with this black man. My womanhood was very wet and beginning to ache for attention.

I felt Tim?s hands slide down to my ass and begin to caress it and as bad as I knew I should stop him I could not. His large and powerful hands felt so food as the caressed my firm ass. ?You are so incredibly beautiful I would do anything to make love to you even for only one night? Tim whispered in y ear. ?Your lips are so soft and full I want to taste them? Tim said as we ground against each other. My mind was turning to putty as Tim continued his verbal and physical assault.

My body was betraying me now as the combination of champagne and the aching between my legs was beginning to overrule my sense of right and wrong. ?Whew it is getting hot in here baby, lets find a place to cool off a bit? Tim said as he took my hand and led me up a flight of stairs and through a door. ?This is the penthouse Reena, we can have a little privacy up here? he said as he turned on some soft music. ?Come here beautiful he said with a handsome smile? I walked over to Tim and we started slow dancing and his hands began to explore my innocent but needing body.

I knew I should get out of there but between the champagne and the throbbing between my legs I could not leave and really did not want to. We continued to slow dance as our bodies began to grind against each other more and more like sexual moves than dancing. I could feel Tim?s hands as they caressed my ass and breasts and I was beginning to let out soft moans as he touched me. ?God you are so gorgeous Reena I want to taste your sweet lips? Tim said as he began kissing my neck. I moaned as I felt his warm lips kiss my neck. Tim slowly moved closer and closer to my lips with his and before long we were locked in a passionate kiss as our lips and tongues explored each other.

I was past the paint of return now I had to satisfy the intense fever burning between my legs and as wrong as I knew it was I had to have Tim. Tim started undressing me and I started undressing him, soon Tim had me completely nude and was sucking on my hard nipples. I could feel the juices between my legs as Tim sucked and caressed my 38D breasts. This was so wrong but it felt so right. Slowly I undid Tim?s pants and pulled then off. Oh I gasp as Tim?s manhood sprung loose from his pants. I had never seen anything so thick and long in my life. I was not sure I could take him inside me but I was sure going to try.

?Bet you have never seen a cock like that before have you Reena?? Tim said with a smile as he saw me staring at it. No I said hypnotized by its shear size, as I started in amazement at his huge black cock in front of me. ?Go on baby feel it? Tim said, ?Feel that big black cock that is soon going to be buried in your tight young pussy?. I reached out and began to stroke he enormous cock, it felt so heavy and so powerful in my hands. It took both my hands to get my fingers all the around it, it was so thick. ?That is 11 inches of black cock you have in your hands baby, if you were mine I would make love to you every morning with this?. Tim said as I continued to stroke and lick at his huge cock.

Tim stood me up and then picked me up and carried me over to the silk bed and laid me down. I slid back in the bed and opened my legs open revealing my dripping wet pussy. Tim crawled between my legs and positioned his black muscular body over me and began rubbing his huge cock up and down my aching pussy. I had never wanted to have sex more in my life than I did at that moment. The aching inside me was unbearable. Tim paced the enormous head of his cock at the entrance to my womanhood and slowly began to penetrate me. I could feel my pussy lips begin to spread wider and wider as they encased Tim?s thick cock. My sweet pussy lips were stretched paper thin around this mans huge cock as he penetrated me.

My pussy continued to stretch more and more as Tim pushed more and more of his huge rod into me. Oh, oh I moaned and screamed as I felt the head of his cock work deeper inside my hot aching moist pussy. I never knew something so large could slide inside my small pussy, I loved the feeling of being stretched. Slowly Tim worked more and more of his huge cock inside me. The sensation was so intense and so pleasurable that I cannot describe it to you. I was feeling pleasure and sensations in parts of my womanhood I never new existed. Tim had managed to work nearly 7 or 8 inches inside me and my entire pussy felt like it was on fire as every nerve was being stimulated.

Time was thrusting in and out of me wit his huge cock and I was beginning to have mini orgasms wit every other stoke of his huge tool. I had never felt such pleasure in my life. This gorgeous black man was giving showing me what really good sex was suppose to feel like. Oh yes I screamed as another inch or so worked deeper inside my womanhood. ?Damn baby you are so tight? Tim grunted as he slid in and out of me. My pussy was being stretched more and more with each stroke now and the pleasure was so intense so amazing. Every inch of my pussy was being stimulated by his big cock.

I was grabbing Tim?s firm muscular ass as he thrust in and out of me, moaning and whimpering like a virgin being taken for the first time. Oh, oh yes I screamed as my body began convulsing in a huge orgasm. Oh baby, oh baby I screamed as I grabbed Tim?s muscular ass and wrapped my legs around him, driving all 11 thick inches balls deep inside me. Oh, oh, oh I moaned and whimpered as I felt some pain as Tim stretched my tight pussy to the extreme. I tried to catch my breath and to come back to earth, oh baby you are the best I love your big black cock I told Tim as I kissed him.

Tim held all 11 inches deep inside as we kissed and he sucked my hard nipples. Fuck me more baby, I pleaded I want to feel that huge black cock of yours fucking me again I moaned. I felt Tim thrust hard inside me, the fire between my legs was growing again as Tim began to thrust his huge thick cock in and out of me like a jackhammer. I could feel his huge black balls slapping my wet pussy juice covered ass as he thrust balls deep inside me over and over again. Pounding me harder and harder, the room was full of sounds of our sex. Bodies slapping together over and over again as I me moaned and whimpered from his powerful strokes it was so intense.

Tim?s stamina was incredible as orgasm after orgasm ripped my once na?ve and once innocent body repeatedly. Our bodies were covered in sweat as we fucked each other as hard as we could. ?I am about to cum baby? Tim grunted ?Where do you want me to cum?? cum inside me I screamed, Tim fill my body with your hot juice. I want to feel you cum inside me baby I moaned and started thrusting my pussy harder and harder against Tim?s huge cock. ?Oh shit yes? Tim grunted as I felt his huge cock swell and begin spewing stream after stream of his hot seed deep inside my stretched pussy. For the first time in my life I could feel the streams of cum hitting the back of my pussy. I exploded and screamed Tim?s name as I had the most intense orgasm of my life. I told Tim I was his forever, I love your big cock, I love being fucked by it I moaned.

Tim held his cock, balls deep inside as I milked every drop from him with my throbbing pussy. My life had been turned upside down no longer was I the na?ve and innocent girl; I had experienced amazing and incredible sex and knew I had to have more. I knew my pussy would grave big black cocks from know on. Tim and I caught our breath and to my amazement he stayed hard. Tim put me on all fours and with one thrust buried all 11 inches in me and began fucking me doggie style. The feel of his hands on my hips as he drove in and out of me was fantastic. Soon I was whimpering and moaning loudly as he pounded my helpless pussy from behind.

?You love big black cocks don?t you baby? Tim said as he smacked my ass hard and rammed deep inside me. Yes I whimpered as I felt his thick cock open me even more. ?You are a slut for big black cock?s baby, your pussy will be craving for one from now on? Tim said as grabbed my hips and began fucking harder and harder. Oh yes I am you slut I love that big black cock baby, I need it. Tim fucked me long and hard and we were both dripping with sweat and I had cum numerous times when I felt him explode inside me again.

Stream after stream of hot cum filled my pussy again and I loved it. Tim held his cock deep inside me as he emptied his huge balls. I could feel his cum as it began to ooze out around his cock as he held it inside me. Tim pulled out and lay on his back catching his breath. ?Man you are incredible Reena? he said as he caressed my hard nipples. I kissed him and slowly made my way down to his semi hard cock and began sucking him clean. I was amazed that after a few minutes Tim?s cock was hard again and I stroked it with both my hands and licked up and down his long thick shaft.

Soon I had climbed on top of Tim and was riding that huge cock I could not get enough I was addicted and had to have it. As I continued to ride my black lover?s huge cock I heard a noise behind me and tuned around to see my husband Balram standing at the door smiling. I should have been shocked and stopped but the pleasure was too much and I just continued to ride that big beautiful black cock and moan. My husband walked over and sat in the chair and watched as his once innocent and proper wife acted like a complete slut. I moaned and whimpered and told my husband that I was now a slut for black cock and that I had to have as mush as possible.

I spent the rest of the weekend at the penthouse and my husband watched and even video taped me fucking Tim and several of his black friends. I was a complete slut for these men. Before the weekend was over I had been in my first gang bang, taken my first cock up my ass. I was addicted to big black cocks much the same way a person is addicted to drugs. I could not stop thinking about being taken by a big black cock and when I did I became hornier and hornier. I was a black cock slut and would be forever and my husband loved it.
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