My son's new friend

Written by Voyeur Mailman / Jul 10, 2006



Cynthia Roland hummed quietly to herself as she puttered through he kitchen. It was a beautiful day out and she wanted to finish in the kitchen so she could get out and enjoy some sun beside the pool.

It was a fine Saturday morning, the kids were out with their friends, and the husband was off on another of his usual business trips. She had the house to herself.

Within the half hour, she was finished and disappeared up to her bedroom to change into one of her swimsuits. It was a small, sleek bikini she had bought as a surprise for her husband. The small black cloth of the suit contrasted with her pale skin, but matched the wavy black hair she wore just below shoulder length. The top just contained her rather large 38Ds, which thanks to her workouts had only just begun to sag due to their size on her otherwise trim body. "Not bad for a 38 year old..." she thought to herself as she looked herself over in the mirror.

Nodding, she headed back downstairs and out onto the back deck. A dive into the deep end of the pool had her soaked in seconds, and she swam several laps before pulling herself out and lying on a lounge chair near the pool. She let the bright sun dry her, then applied some suntan oil. It was time to start working on her tan....

She must have dozed off, because the sun seemed higher in the sky when she was woken perhaps an hour later by sounds within the house. She looked up through her sunglasses to see her 16 year old son John come out the back door onto the deck with several friends in tow. Most of them she recognized as friends of his, but there was one she didn't recognize. He was a tall strong black teen who looked to be much more physically mature than the others.

"Hi, mom!" said John, "Is it okay if we use the pool?" Cynthia smiled, "Sure, of course John. You and your friends are always welcome." She smiled warmly at the kids. John had always kept such good friends, and she encouraged him. John was about to turn away when he said, "Oh, by the way, this is Keith." He said, indicating the black teen, "He just moved to the neighborhood. Keith, this is my mom." "Hello Keith, nice to meet you." Keith smiled almost smugly, staring at her intently, "Hi." He said softly, his eyes roaming over her body. She grinned to herself; it happened a lot. Sometimes she wondered if she were teasing these kids by wearing a bikini around them. She remembered how boys were at that age. But it was harmless. It's not like they'd ever seen a girl in a bikini before, and it wasn't as if she were deliberately teasing them.

The boys hustled back into the house with their bags, coming back about five minutes later in their suits. Cynthia sighed to herself as she relaxed back into the lounge, enjoying the sun as the boys all leaped into the pool, splashing and whooping, and enjoying themselves. They made good use of the diving board at the deep end. Cynthia watched them have their fun, and noticed Keith seemed to be looking at her a lot between the horseplay. When he climbed out of the pool to head for the board, she couldn't help but notice his baggy swim trunks clung wetly to his body, showing a firm strong butt and a rather noticeable bulge in the front. She wondered if the 18 year old was getting a hardon to make such a bulge...

Cynthia shook her head, chasing away those thoughts. What was she thinking? This was a young teenage boy, one of her son's friends. She should be ashamed. She glanced once more at Keith as he stood on the diving board. He was looking straight at her with an intensity that surprised her. She wondered if he'd noticed her looking? No, don't be silly... she had sunglasses on, he couldn't see where her eyes roamed...

Suddenly, Cynthia got up and headed for the house. She let the boys have some privacy. She went back into the house and pulled on a light robe over her bikini, not bothering to tie it up front. After a while she heard the boys get out of the pool and grab their towels. After a while, they were back in the house, and John was offering out some snacks she always kept on hand for when her son had friends visiting.

As the boys headed for the rec room in the basement, she saw Keith lingering. She decided maybe she should get to know him some, make him feel welcome. "So, Keith, how long have you been in the neighborhood?" "We moved here a couple weeks ago from Cleveland." he said a little more open and animated than he had been with the other boys around. "Is our school very different from your old school in Cleveland? Are you adjusting well?" Keith moved a little closer, leaning on the kitchen counter. Cynthia could feel his presence very near, "Oh, the classes are tougher, but I can handle it." He said rather off-handedly, "Meeting lots of new people." Cynthia smiled, "Well, I'm glad to hear that. Sometimes kids don't like moving, especially teenagers. My one nephew was quite upset when he had to move; he left a girlfriend behind that he loved dearly. Did you leave a girlfriend behind?" Keith smiled, rather cockily she noted, "Oh, yeah, a couple... but my mom always says 'there's greener pasture on the other side of the hill.' I never knew what she meant till I moved out of the city." Cynthia nodded, "Have you found a girlfriend at school already, then?" Keith snorted, smirking, "Naw... the girls in high school are just so... juvenile. I date older women." He said, his bright eyes boring into hers.

Cynthia felt strange. Suddenly, her heart beating a little faster, "Oh, you date girls from college, huh?" she asked with a grin. Keith laughed lightly, "Not older GIRLS, older WOMEN." He said meaningfully. Then grinned again, "You know, John never said he had such a hot mom. You're very pretty, Mrs. Roland." He said with all the sincerity a teenager could muster.

Cynthia's heart fluttered. Was this young boy flirting with her? She fought to speak calmly, "Well, Keith, that's very nice of you to say. Thank you.?

Before it could go any further, John called from downstairs, "Hey Keith, c'mon! We got Mortal Kombat going on the play station." Keith grinned and disappeared.

Shaking her head to clear it's sudden fog, Cynthia headed upstairs. She had an urge to relax and enjoy a good book.

She was several chapters in when she heard the boys rustling around in the kitchen again. "Hey mom!" she heard John call, "Where's the Doritos?" Sighing good-naturedly, she set down the book and headed back down stairs.

The boys were hanging out in the living room, dressed again in their street clothes: mostly jeans and tee shirts, or sweats. John was rummaging through the cupboards. "Over here, John..." she said exasperatedly, smiling. "Oh, kewl." He said. "Hey John, can I use your bathroom?" asked Keith from the living room. "Sure, dude! It's upstairs, second door on the right." "Thanks!" Footsteps disappeared upstairs.

"Anything else you need?" Cynthia asked. "Naw, we're kewl. We got the soda from the downstairs fridge."

The boys filed back down stairs, and Cynthia headed upstairs. As she walked down the hallway, she could hear Keith in the bathroom urinating. The sound was distinct, and as she approached she realized why he'd left the door open. She couldn't help herself... she glanced in as she passed... and stopped in surprise. Keith was standing before the toilet, facing parallel to the hallway. She could see him from the side through the door. His jeans were undone and open, and he was holding a very large cock in his hand, pissing. It had to be 8" long, fully limp, just hanging there. She couldn?t believe it. Here he was, only 18 years old, and his limp cock was as big as most men's erect penises were.

Keith looked up, staring at her, and did nothing... just stood there with it out, not attempting to hide it or shut the door or anything. He met her eyes and stared at her, face calm, betraying no emotion. She looked away from his eyes, back down at the cock, then away, mumbling, "Sorry." And heading back to her bedroom in a hurry.

She had just sat down on the edge of her bed, trying to still her beating heart when Keith appeared at her door. She looked up at him, then blushed and looked away, not sure what to say. She didn't really notice as he closed the door and walked up to stand before her, staring silently at her. "Uh... er... Keith, I.. ummm... I'm sorry I...." Her stuttered apology trailed off as she noticed his hands moving to his jeans. He unclipped them, lowering the zipper and sliding them and his boxers down to his hips, where they dropped to the floor.

She gasped as his big, limp cock was exposed, hanging just in front of her face. She tore her eyes away enough to glance up, see the serious and intense look he was aiming at her, then looked back at his cock. It was growing.... His cock swelled up, stiffening, getting larger and beginning to stick straight out... angling up, higher and higher.... Bigger and bigger. Her eyes widened as she watched this amazing show. Within 60 seconds, the 18 year old's cock was fully erect. It was huge.... At least 10" long, and very thick... a huge black rod that throbbed and pulsed just inches from her face. Her husband had an average 6" dick, which had always satisfied her. But this strong black teen had a monster black cock that dwarfed her husband's. It was making her heart pound in her chest, her adrenaline flowing. She couldn't avoid the gasp that escaped her lips.

Keith grinned and grasped the massive cock at the base. He leaned forward and rubbed the fat, blood engorged head over her face, her cheeks, and her mouth. Then it pressed insistently at her lips....

"Keith, I don't think-" she was cut off as the boy took advantage of her protest to slip his cock into her mouth as it opened to speak. "mmff!"

Instinctively, she began to suck, the huge rod filling her mouth. He slowly pushed it in, further, inch by inch and she relaxed her throat as she felt the fat head press at the entrance to her throat. Keith placed his hands on her head, the fingers wrapping and tangling in her long hair as he held her head still, pushing his cock further. She gagged as the huge thing entered her throat, and Keith made his first sound, a soft low moan as he entered her throat. "Ohhh, yeah......" he said, shoving more as the entire cock plunged into her mouth and throat.

Cynthia fought the gag reflex and relaxed more, then began to suck. Her lips squeezed tight as her mouth became a vacuum, her tongue licking under the huge cock. Her one hand grasped his balls and stroked as she began to bob her head. The boy began to fuck her face, his cock plunging in and out of her throat and mouth. "Uhhnnnnnnmmmmmmm ohhh yeah!!!!" he cried out softly, tensing up. He shuddered, his cock swelling, then held her head tight and jammed his cock as deep down her throat as he could get it and emptied his load, huge thick gobs of hot teen boy cum shooting down her throat.

Cynthia swallowed, gagging again as she ate his cum. She felt her body burn with lust and shame, both at her longing and how she let this young boy do this to her. She?d swallowed and sucked his cock clean, till he pulled it out of her mouth wetly.

Keith stepped back, stepping out of his pants and taking his shirt off. He stared at her, his face and eyes bright with lust and intensity, "Take off your swimsuit." Cynthia blushed more, "Keith, I don't think we should-" "Take off your swimsuit." He said calmly, insistently, as if expecting his orders to be obeyed. And what was worse, Cynthia thought, was that he was right.

Oddly enough, she felt herself letting her robe fall off her shoulders, then untied her bikini, exposing her huge 38Ds, then slipping off her bikini bottoms, showing the neat trimmed patch of hair she had between her legs.

Keith looked her over appreciatively, "Now lay back." Cynthia mutely obeyed, her mind in turmoil but her traitorous horny body obeying. She lay back provocatively, legs spread some, arms to her sides. Keith grinned and laid down beside her, "You need this, don't you?" he asked. Cynthia just stared at him in shock and disbelief, but non-resistance. He grinned, "I know.... You white housewives always being left alone, and when your husband IS here, he's no match.... Not for this..." he said confidently, grasping his cock briefly.

He leaned down and kissed the submissive housewife, lightly at first then harder, lips mashing, tongues swirling. He kissed her hard and hot for several minutes, stroking her breasts, then began kissing down her neck, onto her chest. He sucked on her big sexy breasts for a while as his hands slid down her body, stroking her thighs and her pussy. As his fingers slipped into her steaming hot cunt, he found her wetness, "Oh, yeah.... You need it...." He said arrogantly, cockily... and much to her shame, Cynthia agreed.

Spreading her legs, Keith climbed between them, aiming his huge cock at her cunt. Grinning at her, eyes meeting, Keith watched her face as he plunged his cock into her cunt in one hard, single stroke. Her eyes bulged out as she gasped, "Uhhnnn!!!!". Cynthia had never had a cock so big in her before, and she was a tight fit for it. Only her excessive wetness eased it in at all. "Ohhhhh goddddd..." she moaned softly. "Fuck, yeah..." Keith replied and began to pump, slowly at first, long deep strokes, then faster as the tension grew, "Damn, that's good pussy....." he said, and Cynthia blushed in shame but kept moaning, her lust-crazed body responding, hips rising to meet his thrusts, her pussy clenching and releasing his cock repeatedly. Faster and harder he fucked, "Tell me, baby... tell me how you want it...." Cynthia resisted for a while, but eventually caved in, "Yesss... oh god yes.... Fuck me... I need to be fucked sooo bad... fuck me, Keith!"

Keith grinned in triumph, "Fuck yeah, baby..... all my friends' moms like it, they all want it.... Tell me more... tell me you want my black cock, you white bitch....." Cynthia cried softly in shame, but replied, "Yes.... I want you to fuck me with your big black cock!" "What are you, bitch?" asked Keith, surprisingly dominant and filthy, "Are you my white slut? Tell me!" "Yes!!! Yesss!!!!" Cynthia cried back in mortal shame, "I'm your white SLUT! Slut to your huge black cock! Fuck me! Fuck your white slut bitch, you black boy stud!!!" "YESSSS!!!!!" cried Keith, pounding her violently. Cynthia was being fucked harder and faster than ever before, her white pussy being hammered by the huge black cock.

Suddenly, her body began to tremble and shake, squirming under his murderous heavy pounding. She was cumming! Oh, god... the final brick to her humiliation, she was having an orgasm... one of the most intense ones ever, in fact, "Ohhh god, I'm cumming!!!" she cried, in shame and humiliation and depraved lust. "Cum, bitch! Cum on my black fuckrod!" he said, feeling his balls tense as they slapped her ass, "Yeah!!!!" he cried as he came, shooting even more thick hot wads of black teen cum deep into her pussy. "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" "Ohhhh fuck godddd yessss!!!" Cynthia cried back.

Several minutes later, their orgasms fading, Keith picked himself up off of her, gave her one last long, hot kiss, then said "Kewl.", got off the bed, dressed, and left, without saying anything else.

"Ohhh god...." Whispered Cynthia to herself, ashamed and humiliated, knowing she should say or do something, vowing never to let it happen again.... And knowing deep in her heart it would happen anyway, and she wouldn't fight it.... Pulling a cover over her naked, cum-filled body, Cynthia slowly fell asleep.....
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