Cheating On My Husband

Written by Boomer / Aug 31, 2000



(M+/F, inter, cheating Navy wife, Gang Bang)

Cheating On My Husband (Not By Choice) By Boomer

I'm a twenty-one-year old brunette who's been happily married to my husband Bob for two years. Even though I wasn't a virgin when we married, I had only been with one other man before my husband. I would have never imagined I could get into the sort of situation I now find myself.

Bob's in the Navy and obviously travels a great deal. Although I hate being alone, I've resigned myself to the fact that this is our life and attempt to support him to the best of my ability. Six months ago Bob's ship on a three-month deployment and as usual the ship organizes functions to keep the wives occupied as well as bring us up to speed on any changes to the ship's status. It after one of these functions when a number of wives had gathered afterwards at a local bar for drinks that I'd first met Trudy whose husband also serves upon the same ship as my husband.

We immediately hit it off. Later that evening as the other wives began slipping back to their homes, Trudy and I were just getting warmed up. We were both too drunk to feel lonely anymore and were dancing with some of the guys at the bar who for the most part they were also in the Navy.

Around midnight one of the men invited us back to his place for drinks. Had I been alone I never would have gone but Trudy twisted my arm so thirty minutes later we found ourselves in Al's apartment along with eight other sailors. As Trudy and I were the only females we commandeered a majority of their attention. It felt good being around others, and we continued drinking for another two hours.

I was barely in a condition to stand when I looked around the room for Trudy. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was french kissing one of the guys, and her halter top was pushed above her breasts exposing them to everyone's view as yet another guy was nursing upon one of her exposed nipples. At this point, I knew it'd gone way to far and attempted to leave but couldn't lift myself out of my chair.

Even as Al kissed me deeply on the lips I remained unable to move. I felt his tongue invading my mouth but I was powerless to prevent him access. He told me that "my friend was a 'party girl' and well known to the guys." He asked me "if I was a 'party girl' too," as his hands pulled my legs apart against my will.

Although I could feel I wasn't able to resist as his fingers traced over the outline of my pussy lips through my silk panties before using his larger finger to pull crotch of my panties aside giving his fingers access to slide into my now unprotected pussy and began sawing in and out of my body. Although I attempted to disengage his hand, my body betrayed my wishes by responding to his manipulations. I began gasping as my hips humped up against his fingers.

I heard him tell the others that "the bitch liked it," as he continued with his invasion of my pussy. Unable to do little else I closed my eyes as my body revolted against my wishes. I felt hands removing my blouse and bra and felt lips encircling my nipples. My hands moved up to cup my breasts offering them to the men. I heard and felt the rip of my panties as they were ripped from my body exposing my sex to all eyes. I heard praise over my pussy, then felt Al remove his fingers.

Unable to actual believing this happening I never opened my eyes. I felt a man's weight atop me and then a large cock striving to enter me. Although I wanted to scream "no,"" I couldn't as the cock suddenly thrust into me, nailing my ass to the sofa. The men continued sucking my breasts as Al hammered his into me. I heard him telling the others that "I was tight, and he was going to enjoy filling me full of his sperm." I began to react again, meeting his thrusts with my own, driving him deeper into my womb.

"Here it comes, bitch," he yelled and buried himself balls deep into my pussy, his fingers digging into my ass as he struggled to get it even further into my womb. I felt his cock spewing it's hefty load of pecker honey into my guts. He seemingly came forever before removing his cock. I thought it was over.

"Sloppy seconds," yelled another and I was mounted again. He came in seconds then was followed by the next and the next and the next. I don't know when I passed out, but I awoke the next morning in Al's bed. I felt ashamed and felt even worse when I noticed that the guys had shaved my pussy while I was out.

Al said, "I was a good fuck and related he had enjoyed hosing me." He also said each of the other men had fucked me numerous times until roughly 7a.m. and that he himself had dumped a load in my cunt three times, and even once in my ass because I'd got too sloppy to really pleasure him with my cunt. I told him "that it had been a mistake and wouldn't happen again," but he just laughed holding up a video tape, "this is you bitch," he laughed. Just try to keep my cock out of your cunt and this goes straight to your husband. I begged him for the tape, but he wouldn't give it to me.

That was six months ago. Since that night I have all but become Al's sex slave. I go to his place when as he commands doing anything and everything he desires. I've estimated that within the last six months close to 300 different men have nailed my ass. Al continues inviting men off various ships in port to "drop some tapioca in me," as he likes to put it.

I'm really worried about getting AIDS because Al won't allow any of them to use a condom with me. Every morning after my husband is gone I have to be at his place by 6.30 before he wakes as enjoys a good knobber after he's woken. Often he cums in my mouth enjoying keeping my lips sealed tightly his organ as he empties his morning load of piss down my throat. I don't like any of this but I feel that I have no other choice since I love my husband so. Another BOOMER original
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