Cheating Wife

Written by Boomer / Aug 24, 2000



(M/F, infidelity, preg)

Cheating Wife By Boomer

Standard Warning: Fuck off puritanical Bastards!

Hi there. My name's Mike and I'm twenty-three-years old. I'm happily married to Shelly whom at twenty-five is just a little older or at least I thought we were. We'd been married for just over a year when once night as we laid in bed after sex, Shelly said "she'd often wondered what it was like to make love with other men."

Shelly had been a virgin when we married and although I'd read a number of stories in this newsgroup about men that get off watching their wives fuck other men, I'm not one of them. I told her that we had too much of a good thing to risk on crap such as that and shortly after. When she cuddled up to me and I'd thought that was the end of that.

I have a very good friend named Al who for obvious I have always referred to him by the nickname "Horse." Early on in our relationship Shelly asked me why and I explained that he had a cock like a horse. In fact its probably twelve-inches long relating how I used to dread dressing beside him in the locker room, because at only 5 inches I was extremely embarrassed.

Horse, however, was very proud of his cock and many of the young ladies around town were very familiar with it. This thing is so thick that I often wondered exactly how he fit it inside any woman's cunt.

Like I said earlier, I had thought that Shelly had forgotten about our earlier conversation and I was at home in the den when I heard the phone ring. "I'll get it," yelled Shelly and before I could pick up the extension in the den it stopped so I figured she had it. After a couple of minutes I wondered who it was and so I picked up the extension making sure to cover the mouthpiece so Shelly wouldn't think I was spying on her. I was surprised to hear Horse's voice on the other end. He and Shelly were chatting rather nicely which surprised me since she's never really liked him. She had often told me that he was a neanderthal with only one thing on his mind. I was about to announce myself on the line when all of a sudden I heard Shelly ask Horse if he would like to come over on Wednesday for supper. This surprised me as I was due to be in Toronto on Wednesday. Horse knew that too and he reminded her that I would not be home.

"That's the point," answered Shelly. "Wouldn't you like to be alone with me?"

I couldn't believe she would say that and by the pause on the line neither did Horse.

"Do I understand you correctly?" asked Horse.

"I think you know exactly what I mean," answered my wife. After another pause, Horse told her he would love to be ALONE with her.

"Good," answered my wife. "Not a word to Mike. I'll tell him you are on the phone. Can't wait." My wife yelled for me to pick up and I clicked the button on the phone and answered as if I had not been there before. Horse mentioned nothing of the conversation with my wife and I didn't think he would. There was no change in my wife's behavior and I knew that I could not mention my knowledge of this without her getting pissed off at me for spying on her.

I suffered through the next two days and arranged covertly with my boss to be replaced on the Toronto trip. Wednesday morning I packed my bag and left the house with a kiss from my wife, supposedly headed for Toronto.

When she left for work I snuck back into the house. When Shelly came home after work she was unaware that I was there but I saw her every movement as she changed into more casual clothing. I couldn't help noticing that she changed her underwear and was now wearing a pair of her nicest pink frilly kind.

I guess Horse couldn't wait as she had just changed when he showed up at the door. I moved position to avoid detection as they moved into the living room. I could hear everything they said. Horse was obviously very uneasy obviously wondering whether he had misunderstood her intentions as I hoped I had. As soon as he sat down, Shelly kneeled between his legs and told him that she wanted to be his for the night. I just about shit and I could see by the smile on Horse's face that he was glad to oblige. What he asked for confirmation.

"I want you," said Shelly looking at him. "I want to experience that huge horse cock I've heard so much about."

"Take off your clothes, then," ordered Horse, smiling at his good fortune. Shelly stood and dropped her clothing. Then she stepped out of her underwear to stand naked before him.

"Oh, baby," he said pulling her crotch to his face, "I've dreamed about this for a long time."

"If you're as big as they say," she said, "you can have me any time you want."

He sucked at her cunt as she groaned at his touch. Now her head was hanging back as he ate her with a passion. Then he stopped and stood, removing his clothing too. As he pulled his underwear down his enormous cock bobbed up to her view for the first time. She gasped at the size of it and I knew at that time that I had lost her.

"Its so much bigger than Mike's," she whispered fondling it and then dropping to her knees to run her tongue along its length.

"Suck it, baby," he ordered and she allowed it's bulbous head to enter her mouth. It was too big for her to suck. "That's all right," said Horse. "Just suck the head, baby."

She was happy to oblige. Under her excellent sucking Horse grew fully erect.

"Now, baby, I'm gonna fuck you hard," he said, moving her head off his organ. Shelly reached beneath the sofa and passed him a condom. They were mine. She must have put them there earlier. "What the fuck are these?" said Horse.

"Condoms," answered Shelly. " I don't want to get pregnant."

Horse played with the condoms and them passed them back to Shelly. "I don't use condoms, baby," he said. "I fuck my woman raw, not with some fucken plastic bag on my johnson."

"But you have to," begged Shelly. "It's the worst time of the month for me.'

"No fucking way," said Horse standing and reaching for his underwear. "I ain't never bagged it yet and I ain't about to start now."

"Please," she begged, holding the condom out to him.

"NO!" yelled Horse knocking her hand and sending the condom flying over the living room.

"I gotta go, baby. When you really want my cock inside you, then you just give me a call." He started to pull on his underwear as my wife sat dejected on the living room floor with her mouth wide open.

"OK," whispered my wife.

"OK, what?" answered Horse stopping in his dressing.

"OK, you don't have to use anything," she whispered. She was shaking as Horse once again removed his underwear and moved toward her.

"That's my baby," he told her as he pushed her to the floor. "Horse is gonna fuck you good, baby." He was now between her legs with his cock poised at her cunt hole. "Put it in, baby," he told her and I couldn't believe I just watched as my wife reached between her legs and guided his cock head to her opening. Then, Horse pushed slowly and I could see as his enormous cock began to force its way into my tight wife's hole. She gasped at the enormity of it but she continued telling him to give her more, to fill her completely. I couldn't believe she could take him as inch after inch of his cock disappeared from view to hide within her body. When he was about half way in her he suddenly grunted and thrust strongly. His cock buried fully inside her knocking the air from her in the process.

Now that he was fully embedded inside my wife, he stopped, allowing her to adjust to his large size.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Uhmmmm," was all I heard from my wife and them he began to truly fuck her. He fucked her hard, he would pull it almost all the way out before slamming it back into her and I could see my wife's hips grinding up against his onslaught begging him to fuck her even harder. He fucked her for a good ten minutes. I saw my wife climax at least 3 times before he announced that he was going to fill her tummy full of his seed. He reminded her as he pumped her body that she was unprotected and he asked her whether she wanted him to pull out. I don't think she had control of her own mind at that point. She kissed him deeply and told him that she wanted him to come inside her. This made Horse even more horney and although I wouldn't have thought it possible, he sped up and attacked her cunt with even more vigor. Then he grunted and buried deep within my wife's cunt. I saw his ass cheeks tremble as he pumped wave after wave of his seed into my wife's womb.

She came, too, begging him for more as he continued fucking her, pushing his seed further into her womb. Horse collapsed upon my wife with his cock still buried inside her cunt. I could see some of his sperm seeping between their union and then he pulled his long soft cock from my wife and I saw a the rich consistency of their union clinging to his cock and hanging in a sperm string to her pussy. Horse patted my wife's tummy asking her if she was pregnant now. She looked at him like a zombie and told him that she probably was. I didn't know what to do at that point so I left the house.

When I returned the next day my loving wife acted as if nothing had happened.

Six weeks later she announced that we were going to have a baby. Even though I know that it's really Horse's kid I still love her.

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