My Son's New Friend Pt 3

Written by TC / Aug 9, 2006



As Jamie slowly came down from her orgasm, Keith said, "Clean me up, baby... and quick, before your mother catches us..." as he shot a knowing glance at Mrs. Stuart. The mother turned and fled quietly, quickly down the hallway towards her bedroom while her 23-year-old daughter took Keith's softening cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. The large, flaccid cock was 6" long fully limp and quite a mouthful, but Jamie cleaned it with gusto. As it twitched, ready to harden again, Keith pulled it out of her mouth and put it away, pulling his boxers and jeans up.

Her pretty, cum-coated face blushing, the young college coed grabbed her sweatshirt and fled to the bathroom, her heavy cum-soaked breasts bouncing wildly. Keith followed her out of the room more slowly and headed down towards the master bedroom. As he heard the shower start up, he opened the door... finding Mrs. Stuart sitting before her vanity mirror, crying softly.

She turned and faced him as Keith closed the door behind him, "You... you little bastard... treating my daughter like that... get out of my house!"

Keith ignored her, stepping closer. "Why? You enjoyed as much as she did... didn't you?" He asked with a knowing grin. Mrs. Stuart blushed furiously, "That's not true! How could you say such a thing, you filthy cretin?" "Because it's true." Replied Keith calmly, reaching down suddenly and slipping a hand up under her dress, "That's why your panties are soaking wet" Mrs. Stuart slapped his hand away, but he was already reaching for his pants, unfastening them and dropping them and his boxers to the floor. His hardening cock flopped out, lengthening, rising higher and higher... "Touch it, 'Mom'."

She stood frozen and horrified, her eyes locked on the obscenely huge thing on the black teen before her. Fascinated. She shook her head and Keith persisted. "Touch it NOW," he said, calmly but in control.

Hesitantly she reached out, took hold of it, wrapping her hand lightly around the fat black snake. It throbbed lightly in her hand. "Take your panties off." He said, seriously staring down into her eyes. Confused, humiliated, angry, lust coursing through her, Mrs. Stuart dazedly stood, still holding his cock with one, while her other hand slipped up under her dress, pulling her panties down. A large wet spot stained them. Keith took them from her, holding them up to his face and inhaling deeply, "Mmmm... yeah... you got real hot and wet watching your daughter get off with me, didn't you?" Crying again, Mrs. Stuart pleaded, "Please, this is wrong." "Turn around." Keith told her, "Bend over." Her eyes widened. "Do it."

Finally, after a long pause, she meekly obeyed, turning and bending over, putting her hands out and grasping the end of the vanity table. Keith reached up, unhooked her dress and pulled it down, exposing her breasts. While smaller than her daughter's, Mrs. Stuart's breasts were well rounded and still without sag, in spite of being in her early 40's. "You bastard." She moaned as he lifted her dress to her waist, then cupped her breasts, rubbing them while thrusting his cock between her legs, along her wet slit. Her moist pussy lips left a wet trail along the top of his big, teenage cock. "You want it, baby? You want me to fuck you....?" Mrs. Stuart closed her eyes, her mouth partly open emitting a silent sigh. It had been too long since her husband had been intimate... in spite of her revulsion to this boy, her body responded. "Answer me, 'Mrs. Stuart'. Do you want it?" prodded Keith, poking at her entrance with his cock.

The feel of his cock drove her wild, and knowing such a large, powerful fuck tool was poised at the entrance to her deprived pussy overcame her disgust. "Yessss...." she hissed. "Then take it, Mrs. Stuart..." and with that, he rammed it deep inside her, right to the hilt, piercing her sopping wet cunt with his monstrous teenage cock. "Oh yeah..." he grunted softly, holding it still deep inside her, savoring the feel. The woman, his friend's mother more than twice his age, felt good impaled on his cock. "Yeah...." he repeated, finally beginning to move, pumping slowly inside her. He teased her, fucking her with the full length of his cock, rubbing it along her clitoris as he squeezed her breasts. As her quim flooded down his cock, soaking his groin, a moan escaped her lips. "Ohhhhh....." Keith grinned in victory, his conquest complete, "Yeah, baby... you DO like it... the same cock that I pounded down your daughter's throat, then spurt on her chest, now fucking deep into you...." "Oh, gawd.... oh gawd yessssss....." she moaned heavily, her full butt beginning to push back onto his cock as he fucked her faster, harder. "Yeah... yeah, baby... take it... take my cock!" Grasping her full, wide hips, he began to pound into her, ramming her mercilessly. She moaned loudly and continuously now, "Yes, yes, yes...." "Does your husband fuck you like this?" She shook her head negative, too busy moaning to reply verbally. "Does he take you up the ass?" Again she shook her head. "Well, 'Mom', there's a first time for everything." Replied Keith and, before she could protest, he slid his wet cock out of her pussy and pressed it at the entrance to her asshole. "No!" she cried out in panic, "Don't!". Fear flooded through her lust as she felt the fat head pressing insistently at her butt. She hadn't had a cock up her ass since before she was married, when she was her daughter Jamie's age.

Keith ignored her and shoved it in, the fat head popping into her tight butt. "Uhhnnnn!!!" she cried out in pain as Keith grunted, "Yeah...". Her pussy quim had his cock soaked, letting it ease in without tearing her. Still, she was tight and his forced entry hurt. "Yeah, momma... take my big black cock up your fat white ass. Ohhhh yeah...." Mrs. Stuart grunted as he bottomed out. He paused to let her adjust to it, then panted heavily as he began to pump in and out of her butt, fucking her. She began to moan, long and low, "Uhhhnnnn ohhhhhhhhhhh......" "Yeah.. you DO like it.... don't you?" "Uhhnnn ohhhhh... ohhh yessssss...." Keith pounded into her butt, his big teenage cock pumping her repeatedly, rapidly, heavily, his fat cum-heavy balls slapping into her pussy. Her whole body jerked with each thrust, her breasts swinging wildly. "Cum for me baby." "No?no, I won't..." she moaned softly, one last bit of resistance. "Oh yes you will..." he replied, twisting her nipples and fucking her madly. "Come on, baby.... you know you want to cum.... your body needs it...." "Nooo..." she whispered ever so softly, even as her body began to tremble, shaking violently as her orgasm overtook her, "Ohhh, ohhh god... I'm cumming!" "Yeah, baby! Cum on my big black cock!" He came, suddenly, spurting yet another load deep up inside her bowels. Mrs. Stuart was still cumming, her body shuddering in orgasm.

Keith's fucking slowly eased off... slower, shorter, until finally his cock pulled out of her butt with a slurp and a gasp from her. Hearing, the shower stop, he stuffed his softening prick back in his pants, zipping up and pulling her skirt down.

Grinning widely, he left the room, pulling the door shut behind him. As he reached Todd's room, he saw Jamie step from the bathroom in a robe. She looked at him, blushed with a small smile, and continued on to her room, right about the time he heard the front door open and shut downstairs.

By the time he was back in Todd's room and returning Jamie's disc to the case, Todd appeared at his bedroom door. "Heya Keith... have fun while I was gone?" he asked innocently. "You bet." Replied Keith with a shit-eating grin, "You bet I did."

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