My wife's cuckold vacation

Written by Dr. Bone / Aug 27, 2006



?Don?t look at me that way, it?s what you have been wanting me to try for years now and I am going to do it. In three hours me and my black-lover-to-be are going to get on that plane and I will be his for the entire week.? my wife told me as she tried on the bikini she was going to wear on the beach, the one she was going to wear as she took a vacation with another man.

Let me back track a bit here. For years I had fantasized about my wife trying a black cock, and for years she had rejected it, then she had changed her mind about it. She started to tease me about it and saw how crazy it drove me. Finally a few months ago she started to bring up the vacation idea. She was going to take a week?s vacation with her black lover. They were going to go out in public together and fuck every chance they got. Man! My cum almost hit the ceiling as she told me about it as she jerked my cock off. I thought it was just a fantasy. How wrong I was!

One day an envelope arrived, in it was some airline tickets. I asked my wife what they were for, were they a mistake? I did not have any vacation coming up. She told me that she had decided to take that vacation and they were for her and her black lover to be. I was in shock. I felt scared and betrayed. Before it was just talk but this was for real. But underneath it all was a strong sense of arousal. My cock throbbed at the thought of my big titted redheaded wife going away to some resort with a huge cocked black man.

The day of her trip I still did not believe it. She put on a tight blue dress and that made her tits stand out even more than they normally did. She did not tell me where she had met her stud. Was she having an affair? As it turned out they met through an on line dating service for cheating spouses.

The doorbell rang and I got the door. Her stud came in, he was every white husband?s nightmare, buff, bald and well over six feet tall. I showed him in. ?You almost ready to go?? he asked her, she told him yes and called a car service to take them to the airport.

?Before I go I want to show you something. For this trip he is my man. Not you. She went into his arms and gave him a big sensual kiss. Then she took off her wedding band and handed it back to me. ?For the week.? she said. Then she unzipped his fly to show me his cock. It was huge. ?I am going to be sure to shove this in every hole every chance I get. Now here is a present for you.? she said handing me a small box after telling me not to open it until she told me to.

The car service came and drove them away to the airport and I stood there at the door with a throbbing hard-on. I did not hear from them for a couple of hours, until their flight had landed.

?Hello honey. We are here now. The flight was okay.? she lowered her voice somewhat and said ?We made out the whole flight, I let him squeeze my tits and then we ordered a blanket and I jerked his fat cock off under it into a tissue which I am going to mail to you later. What a load he shot. Like a bull! Well our taxi is here see you.?

I did not hear from her again until some hours later. My phone rang. There was an email message with several photo attachments. They were at some nightclub dancing. She was shaking her big tits in his face in one photo and they were dancing close together in others. My cock was throbbing with no relief in sight.

Then I got a call from her around ten pm, ?Honey well we are back at the room. I have changed into my night gown, black, sheer, clingy and I am wearing black stockings and a garter belt. I am going to leave the phone off the hook so you can hear everything. Just one thing. He forgot his rubbers and now I want you to open that box.?

I opened the box she had left me with fumbling hands. It was this month?s birth control Pills. I could tell by the prescription label. And it was not opened. ?Yes honey I am going to hump his cock not only bareback but without the pill.? I was stunned, then there was a knock on the door. She went to get it. I could hear them kiss.

?Oh yeah! Slide out of those pajamas. I?ve wanted to suck on that big thing all day.? she said in the distance. I could hear the sound of her kissing his cock then a slurping sound followed by his groaning. I had it at that point and pulled out my own cock and in my lonely living room started to jerk off.

?Where do you want it? On my tits? Okay. Oh fuck! Its so big. Come on splash that hot cum on my tits baby. Yes! Its so hot.?

?Oh baby you are driving me crazy licking it off your tits like that. Let me do something for you.? I head him say and then she got on the bed. From what she else she was saying I assumed he was licking her pussy.

After several minutes of listening to my wife moan and groan she picked up the phone again and said ?He is going to stick his fat black cock in me honey. My pussy is not yours anymore you small dicked fuck! Oh! He is spreading my legs wide. I gotta put it down now.? She put the receiver down by her. ?Oh yeah push it in. Uggh! Push! Harder! That?s it. Slide it into me.? She picked up the phone to say ?His big black cock is in me now. I hope you are happy.? she put the phone down and for the next thirty minutes I listened to them fuck.

?Cum in my pussy! Blast it deep into me! I want to have your black baby! I want to have your black baby! Own me! Own me! Own me!? Yeah!?

I could hear them both panting in the background then she picked up the phone. I hope you loved that baby! I know I did.? She hung up on me. Then my cell went off. There was a picture of her pussy with his cum dripping out of it. I jerked off looking at it until I was sore.

The next day I called out sick from work. How could I go in with this going on? I did not hear from them all day until I got an email from her. ?Hello honey. We had a great Day! We toured the island, making out and making white couples nervous. One really uptight couple could not take their eyes off of us. I let them see him giving me a quick feel that must have blown their minds. We are going back to room for some more fucking and sucking. Hope you can still fit in my hole when I get back. Love Susan.?

The next day I had to go to work. When I got home there was an email on my computer. My wife, her stud and a blonde older woman were in the room together in one of the photos. ?Isn?t she cute? She is an airline stewardess he picked up.? The next photo had my wife and her sucking on his cock as he sat on the bed. ?Share and share alike.? was the caption on that one. The next had my wife riding his fat black cock while the blonde sucked her tits. The caption said, ?What the world needs now is love sweet love.?

The second to last one had my wife sitting on the blonde?s face holding her legs wide while he fucked her. The last one had my wife and the blond licking each other?s snatches with the caption ?There is always room for desert.?

That Wednesday I did not hear from her except for one short call saying to check my email in the morning.

?Sorry I could not talk to you. We went on a diner cruise. Hope you like the photos. We met some of his friends and you know.? My hands trembled as I opened the email attachments. The first one was entitled ?friends?. My wife was dancing encircled by several black men. The next one pulled no punches. Fully dressed in some room they had ducked into, the picture, a close up, showed her surrounded by a sea of huge dicks. She was pulling on two of them as she sucked off one while others hung over her head or rested against her tits.

I hesitated and drew a long breath before opening the last one entitled ?A mess!? I sat there stairing at the screen for over an hour. She was covered in cum. It was all over her face making her close her eyes. Her chin had a beard of it. It stuck to her hair. It stained her dress.

Two days later a box came marked ?souvenirs? in it was the dress she had worn on the cruise, full of stains, the stiff handkerchief from the flight and a pair of her panties. All ruined.

?Well this is our last night together before coming home so I thought I?d do something special for you.? she said. I clicked on the video file. It was a short ten second clip of her inserting his cock into her pussy. I watched her cunt stretch to take it and heard her utter sigh of contentment as it slid in. I jerked off for hour watching that clip.

The next day even she was late coming home. The car service let her out right in front of our house. She kissed him deeply where all our neighbors could see. I wondered what stories and gossip would come out of that.

After he drove she off came in. ?You liked the trip honey? I sure did.? she said getting on her knees, she sucked my cock nastier than it ever had been before. ?I?ve had a lot of practice with dicks far bigger than yours.? she said as she shoved it back down her throat. She played with her tits as she milked my cock for all it was worth. I had a million questions to ask her but right then I had to grab a table to steady myself. She took my load in her mouth and signaled me to open mine and then she spit every drop out into my mouth. ?Sorry baby my tastes have changed. I only swallow for black now.?

We got on the couch and she got on top of my cock having only removed her panties. Her cunt was wet and sloppy. She told me they fucked in an airport toilet before coming home. I could feel his cum dripping inside of her as she humped my cock with her smelly used pussy.

?I loved this vacation. My pussy got so much use. I still love you but my cunt loves black dick.? she said riding my cock. ?You loved me being used by all that black meat, Didn?t you! It turned you on to know all those cocks, much bigger than yours were fucking me. Right? I loved every second of it. And I hoped they knocked me up so I can be totally theirs! You hear that! I hope they made me pregnant!? she screamed and I came in her so hard I thought I would pass out.

She had me lick her pussy out as she told me her black lover and her were going away on a weekend getaway. ?After all, it?s what you wanted. Right?? she said as she had me suck on her tits. What could I say? I got what I had wanted.

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