Wild wife - the beginning

Written by mister softee / Aug 30, 2006



My wife and I are in our early fifties. She is a very attractive woman whose figure has turned men's heads for as long as I've known her and although it's a bit fuller now, I think the extra voluptuous inches make her even sexier.

Until a couple of years ago when I lost my job,ours was a marriage of equals. We were both moderately successful in our careers and our sex life was ok I thought. Although Belle's business was beginning to take her away more often,which made her decide to employ a couple of assistants who could take some of the load from her.

Well, when I lost my job, I couldn't cope. Our sex life was never adventurous. It withered in direct proportion to my dick while my wife became much more sexually aggressive, especially after she had been away for a week or so and it didn't take long for her to begin to complain about my lack of performance in bed.

All I could do was to lick her pussy while she sat on my face calling me names like "pussy boy" and "pathetic wimp". Teasing me about looking for hard, young, black cocks. Like those she reckoned her new assistants had.

"I'm sure they'd fuck me if I asked,"she said. "They're always looking at my tits and legs when I'm close to them and from the bulges in their pants they must have massive cocks."

Her business was now bringing in big money and she decided, without consulting me, to buy a much larger house and to spend on a new Mercedes and designer clothes. All for herself. Because she was now away so much and I was still unemployed, she left me to manage household matters and make appointments for her expensive beauty treatments. Which she told me were needed for the increased business ?socializing?.

To celebrate moving to the new house she decided to throw a party and invite some of her business associates. No expense was to be spared and her assistants and their friends were asked to come along to act as waiters. She even insisted on buying me new clothes so that I wouldn't let her down when I met her guests. "After all" she giggled,"you're the boss's wife?s ?sorry husband?. You have to look good when you're with me. "

Well, the big night came and before getting dressed Belle insisted that I help her get ready. She told me to lay out her expensive black and silver bra with matching garter belt and thong, her dark stockings, black patent leather 4" heels and a very short black dress which hardly covered her tits and stocking tops.

With her heavy makeup she looked every inch a slut. When I suggested that her clothes might not be appropriate for the occasion, she laughed. Then stroking my limp dick and coo'ing, she asked me if I thought her guests would like her outfit. Then she walked away swaying her ass like a whore.

As the guests arrived it took me some time to realize that, apart from a few guys whom I subsequently found out were gay, all were women. Mostly in their forties and fifties, I guess, but very attractive and all dressed slutty like my wife. It was an even bigger shock to find that the waiters were all broad-shouldered, good looking boys. Not one over 21 by the look of them? and all black!!

Well, the wine flowed as they all got to know each other and some people began to dance. Politely and sedately at first but as the alcohol and weed began to have an effect, the female and some of the male guests were beginning to grope and be groped in turn by their black dance partners. Hands running up and down tight young buns and along the tent poles which were sticking out of their pants. The women's dresses were up over their stocking tops exposing garter belts and soaking panties to strong young hands.

My wife was dancing, if you could call it that, sandwiched between two men, their hands fondling her tits and ass. Her hands squeezing their throbbing hard ons. I was speechless. I stormed over to stop them but Belle broke off and took me aside before I could get to them, saying "Listen Rob,my friends and I work hard and we play hard. You've not done anything for me in the bedroom for ages. Remember I'm the one who's keeping you in style here so be a good little cuckold and leave me to my pleasures, pussy boy. I can see you've got a hard on watching me so go get one of the gay guys to give you a wank or suck you off and leave the young studs for me and my friends."

With that she turned back again to her stud and looking straight at me, slid her dress up her ample thighs and ground her pussy into his erection. She was right of course,it was turning me on and I stood back stroking my cock while my wife knelt on the floor with the top of her dress down at her waist giving her boy a blowjob and wank while her wedding and engagement rings sparkled with his jizz.

I couldn't take any more humiliation in spite of the turn on. Especially when some of the guests began to point at me and laugh. I ran upstairs to our bedroom and throwing myself down on our sacred marriage bed, spent the rest of the evening crying and wanking into a pair of my wife's discarded panties.

All night I expected her to come up to me but she never appeared. I got up the following morning to look for her. In every room I entered there were party guests in beds or on them. Their mature tits and asses were being fondled and plowed by the hands and cocks of the black guys they had paired off with the evening before.

I eventually found Belle on all fours, still in her stockings and garter belt, being fucked doggy-style and sucking cock. "Be useful",she said between gobbles,"go and make breakfast for us. This is giving me an appetite.?

Later,after the others had left and she had cleaned herself up,she sat down with me. "We need to talk, Rob. We've been together a long time. You're the father of our children and I don't want to hurt you but you must understand that I have needs that you can't satisfy. I crave sex,especially with hard young black cocks. My money, not yours, keeps us in the style we both enjoy, so for all these reasons, I'm happy for us to stay together but you must accept my new lifestyle. From time to time I 'll be entertaining my business associates like last night and my sexy studs will continue to service me both when I'm away and here in our own home. When that happens you will be on hand to look after our comforts and to offer respect to their position as my studs. In return, I'll make sure you'll be well looked after and I'll even jerk you off from time to time and let you lick me clean. Do you agree?" I hung my head and nodded.

That's how it all started, friends. She's off to London today on business. With her black studs. They'll be clubbing and then fucking all night.
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