My Girlfriends Mom Seduced Me

Written by The cucked one / Sep 25, 2006



I was 20, in the Navy and on leave during the Christmas holiday when I met a nice girl. She had just turned 18 and was gorgeous. I began traveling on weekends to see her. She lived in the next town from where my Brother lived so I stayed with him for the weekend, and drove over and see my girl. We had done some heavy petting but nothing more. She told me that she was a virgin and she didn't want to rush it.

On the second weekend I was there, I was feeling her nice big tits and nipples under her bra but when I tried for her pussy she would stop me. It was getting more and more difficult for her to do so though.

I had to be back to my ship by Monday morning and had about a 6 hours drive to get there. I would have to leave on Sunday night to get back in time. We had gone out and ate and then stopped by our favorite place to park and neck. I got to suck on her nipples this time, but she wouldn't allow it too long. I even got to feel her pussy through her slacks. Every time I tried to slide my hand down into the waistband she would pull away.

So Once again, I dropped her off at her house and started to head back with an aching hard-on and a case of blue balls big time. I knew that soon I would have to stop off and relieve the pressure.

Once I got to the end of her street, her mom was standing at the curb, flagging me down. She was carrying a load of groceries and I thought she wanted me to give her a ride home. I stopped the car and she got in.

Her Mom was in her early 40's and had a boyfriend that was a lot older. She was knocked up by him and had recently had the baby before her daughter and I met. She was a little overweight and graying hair, but nice looking with a huge set of milk filled tits.

She asked me if I had a few minutes to talk before I headed back. I told her I did and she directed me to drive down one of the near by dirt roads. She made small talk until we got to a small drive in the road, which she directed me to take. The drive lead into a wooded area and then came to a circled turn around where other cars had turned.

As soon as I got the car stopped, she dropped the big question on me. "Have you and Connie been having sex?" I was kind of stunned and just looked at her without answering. "You can be honest with me, I won't be mad if the answer is yes, its just that she is still so young, and I hope you'll understand my concern." I told her that I didn't and that we had necked some but had not gone all the way. She seemed relieved and turned slightly towards me and put her hand on my thigh. "I realize it must be very tough on you to hold off." With that her hand slid over into my lap and cupped my still semi erect cock. The warmth of her hand started getting me hard again. "If you'll just hold off, I promise to help you." By then she was slowly stroking my full hardness, which was running along my thigh. "I can tell that you need some relief." She accentuated the word "Relief" with a firm squeeze of my shaft, which caused my pre cum to release into my shorts.

As I sat there I watched, as she took both hands and unzipped my fly, reached in and with difficulty, managed to free my hard cock. I wasn't gifted with a horse cock, but had a respectable 6 inch, thick uncut cock. She moaned as she slid her hand up and down it. "Slide the seat back some." As I slid the seat back she moaned, "Mmmmmm, you have such a nice one." With that her head lowered into my lap and I felt her hand slide my foreskin down as she enclosed my cock in her mouth.

I was in heaven. God it felt so great! I had my cock sucked once or twice before, but never to completion. I knew I would cum soon if she kept that up. My hand went to the back of her head as she bobbed it up and down on my cock. Her one hand was masturbating my shaft as she sucked. Then she snaked the other hand into my zipper and played with my cum filled balls. I could feel my balls tighten and knew I was going to explode. So I warned her that I was about to go off. She stopped, raised her head and looked me in the eyes with a lust filled look. "I love to swallow, let it go in my mouth" With that she dove back down and began sucking even faster as her head picked up speed.

My head went back and my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt the first spurt launch into her hot sucking mouth. "Mmmmm PPPPffffffff!" was all I heard as I felt her back off until just the head was in her mouth and her tongue went crazy around the head as she began to jerk the shaft more and more. As each spurt came out she would Moan "Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm," and there were a least 5 more good strong ones. She nursed it until there was no more cum left.

My cock stayed hard as a rock and even seemed to get harder as she continued to suckle. Just when it began to feel like I would unload yet another load into her mouth she stopped and sat up. "Was that good for you?" God was it????? She laughed as I told her how good it had felt. "Well you can feel that many more times, if you'll promise to leave Connie a virgin for now." I promised her I would. She seemed pleased with my answer.

"Have you ever tasted a woman's milk?" I confessed that I hadn't. "I'm late for my breast feeding and my breasts are aching because they are so full, would you help me?" She didn't wait for an answer as she unbuttoned the top of her dress, revealing a nursing bra. I gasped as she pulled the pads away from the nipples. They Were HUGE! At least as thick as my thumb and almost an inch long. Her Daughter took after her some also; she had nice long nipples just like her mom.

My hard cock lurched under the steering wheel as I watched her reach under her dress and pull off her panties. Then she turned to me and held out her arms. "Come her and suck my aching nipples" I moved over and took one of the huge nipples into my mouth. As soon as I did I felt a warm sweet squirt go into my mouth.

As I continued to suck and drink her milk she moaned and reached under her dress and fingered herself. When she moved my head to her other nipple I caught a whiff of her sexy scent coming from under her dress. My cock began to hurt again as I thought I was going to get to fuck her.

Once I had suckled the other nipple for a while she pulled my head off and once again gave me that lust filled look as she said. "Did you like what I did to you with my mouth?" I said I sure did. "Would you do that for me would you suck me?" I told her yes but I didn't have much experience with it. She laughed as she pulled up her dress, exposing her hairy pussy to me. "Don't worry I'll guide you." She directed my head down.

When I got close enough, I stuck out my tongue and penetrated her pussy hair. God she smelled so fresh and sweet, it was intoxicating to me. I began to lick all over her slit like a wild man. She began to moan and thrust her hips. "God you don't need much coaching, mmmmm sooooooooo gooooood." Then she reached down and spread her lips and put her finger on her clit and said, "Suck my little nub, right here" It was at that moment that I learned that this was a woman's real sensitive part. As I sucked her clit into my mouth her hips thrust forward and her breathing began to be heavy gasps as she moaned and screamed out her release. I sucked her clit gently as she came down. Finally she pushed me away, saying that it was too sensitive.

By now my cock was like a steel bar! I got up on one knee on the floor and slid my hips forward into her pussy hair. But before I could enter she stopped me! "NO Don't NO Intercourse!" As she put her hands on my chest and pushed me back. "You save that for Connie someday" As I was facing her on my knees on the car seat, she moved forward and took me into her mouth again.

This time I felt her slide my foreskin completely down, then she laid her tongue on the head and pulled the foreskin over her tongue. The she began to swirl her tongue around between the foreskin and the head of my cock! I had never felt anything like it and I moaned as I felt myself empty once more into her talented mouth. I know it doesn't seem possible but it felt like I shot even more into her mouth than the first time.

She needed to get back home to the baby so we left the wooded area. All the way back she was slowly stroking my cock which had finally gone soft after her second blowjob. But by the time we got a couple of blocks away from the house it was fully hard again. She told me to drive slow as she jerked me off and told me to let her know when I was about to cum. I pulled over to the side of the road about a block from the house as I announced I was about to cum. She moaned and took me into her mouth again, swallowing what I had to offer. I couldn't wait for the next weekend.

It was my lucky day that following Friday. We got off the ship for the weekend early. Connie worked at the local hospital and would not get out until after I got there. So I was to pick her up when she got off. When I got to her house, her mom was sitting on the couch nursing the baby. But instead of just having one breast exposed, she was topless and wearing a skirt, with nylons and high heels. We talked while she fed the baby. It didn't take long for me to get hard seeing her tits like that.

"Does seeing me nurse excite you?" I nodded yes. "Stand up let me see." I stood and walked over to her and stood in front of her with my cock tenting my pants. She moaned and said, "Take it out! I've been wanting to see it in the day light all week." I unzipped and took out my cock in front of her. Being exposed to this sexy woman made me even harder. "Jerk it for me, let me see you stroke it."

I wrapped my hand around it and began slowly sliding my foreskin back and forth. She watched for a minute then said, "I'll milk you while the baby finishes." She leaned forward and with me holding my cock for her, she began to suck me off. She stopped several times and took her other breast and squeezed warm milk onto the head and then took it back in her mouth. I knew I was about to unload a weeks worth of hot cum in her sweet mouth.

Suddenly she stopped and got up and took the baby to the bedroom, saying she'd be right back. When she came back in she said, "Take your clothes off I want to see it all." I quickly stripped and stood there in the middle of the living room naked in front of her. She was still topless and her heavy breasts were both leaking milk, as she looked me up and down. Then she walked over to me and reached down and cupped my balls in her hand. "Have you jerked off since I sucked you last week?" I replied no and she gently squeezed my balls and said, "Mmmm. Feels like a nice load you have in those cute balls, lay down on the couch.?

I laid down on the couch and she straddled my chest backwards and lifted her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties. She lowered her pussy to my face as I felt her mouth engulf my cock. I began sucking and licking her sweet pussy like a starved man. I felt her moan around my cock. Then her thighs trapped my head and she pulled off of my cock gasping for breath as she came. Her juices slightly squirted out onto my tongue as I tried to keep licking her clit as she came.

Her moaning and thrashing stopped and her thighs eased up around my head. Then I felt her hot mouth on my cock and in just a few sucks she was gulping a huge load of my cream. She continued to suck long after I finished shooting, keeping me harder than before. I thought she was going for another load when she suddenly spun around and grabbed my cock as she squatted over it.

She had a lustful look in her eyes as she lowered herself down on me. "Okay here is the new deal, before you put this into my daughter I'll get her on the pill," Then she moaned and sunk down completely and began pumping like crazy. "Right now I have to have it! Oohhhhhh I'm almost there!" Then she began to climax. Her pussy went in huge spasms around my cock, causing me to arch up into her and release another load. It was without a doubt one of the best fucks I've ever had. After she came down from her orgasm, she kissed me and then raised off of my cock, slid down, and sucked me clean.

It was only about another week and I was fucking her daughter also. But every now and then, I'd still get a nice blowjob or a fuck off of mom also. It was like heaven!
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