Wife Brings Her Lover to Our Marital Bed

Written by The cucked one / Oct 10, 2006



As I pulled up into my driveway I saw his big white Cadillac. It was a nice car ! I got out of my piece of shit Ford Probe and walked into the house. My wife was in the kitchen fixing some drinks. She was bare ass naked ! Hi Honey! she said as she saw me. Are you ready to meet him? My wife was about to introduce me to her black boyfriend! She had been fucking him for over a month but this was the first time I would actually meet him. Here I made you a drink. I took the drink and gulped it down in one big swallow. You're naked? I finally said. Yeah he's been fucking me deep and hard, Wow! I knew she was fucking this guy but here.. in our house?! My wife kissed me and I could taste sex on her. I backed off and said "You've been sucking his cock". "Well of course I have" said my wife. I love sucking his big black cock! I love the feel of his thickness between my lips. Come on, I'll introduce you to him. She headed down the hallway and I followed her right into our marital bedroom. I walked in and watched as my wife handed her black boyfriend a drink. He was laying butt ass naked in our marital bed! I was shocked at the size of his cock. He had to have the biggest god damned cock I had ever seen. It was twice as big as mine and he was only half hard.

I stood there staring at his huge cock while my wife introduced us. Honey this is Peter. Peter...this my husband, Tom. As my wife introduced us she reached over and grabbed Peter's huge cock. And this, she giggled, is Mr. Jones. As I watched, my wife leaned over and kissed and sucked on Peter's huge black cock. Peter just calmly sipped his drink and smiled at me letting me know he was in control. I just stood there watching my wife suck off Peter. Finally my wife stopped sucking on her black's big cock, looked up at me and said."I told you he was big!" Wanna see his big cock in my pussy?? I just stood there shocked. I had never heard my wife talk like that before. She got up and grabbed my hand and told me to sit on the edge of the bed. I did. Then she climbed on the bed and straddled Albert's big hard cock, grabbed it and guided it up to her pussy. She grabbed my hand and said "Feel my pussy sissyboy...it's soaking wet!! "

I didn't move so she grabbed my hand and guided it to her pussy. I stuck my fingers up inside her and was amazed at how wet she was. I felt Peter's big cock against my hand as my wife began to stuff the huge cock into her pussy. "Help me" begged my wife as she tried to guide Peter's big tool into her cunt. Hold him for me baby, hold his big fucking black cock so I can ride the shit out of him. I grabbed Peter's huge cock and was stunned at how large it felt in my hand. Use both hands Baby. Use both hands and hold him real tight cos I'm gonna fuck the shit outta him slutboy! I reached my other hand over and grabbed onto the fat black cock and it felt like I had a hold of someone's arm! "Fuck him baby! Fuck this black's fat cock" I grunted .as I watched Peter's thick black cock disappear up my wife's well stretched pussy.

Down? down? down she slid onto that thick black cock until her pussy lips were pressed hard against my hands. I had a hold of 8 inches of black cock and there had to be at least another 4 inches up my wife's pussy. This black man had to have at least 12 inches of cock! My wife's pussy was stretched so tight it looked like it was gonna rip. Move your hands baby? I want all of it! I moved my hands out of the way and watched my little 5 ft 4 inch wife take all 12 inches of her black boyfriends huge cock. She started fucking him like crazy. Up and down up and down. My cock was rock hard as I jacked off like a crazed pervert. Just as my wife began to scream that she was cumming, I shot my wad all the way across the room! I shot off over a dozen spurts of cum and splashed a nasty trail of goo from the bed to the wall. I was finished. My dick was done for the night. But Peters cock was still rock hard and as big as ever. I watched him fuck my wife for over an hour. Then my wife sucked him off until finally he came. He had gone for over 2 hours without cumming, compared to my 3 minutes.

That night after Peter left I asked my wife where she had met him. "I thought you knew" she said "He's your mothers old boyfriend." "What?, my mothers old boyfriend? My mother fucks black guys?" "Yes,. she's crazy about big black cock" said my wife. I thought for a minute. "Well,.if she's crazy about big black cock then why did she let you have him?" "What?" asked my wife. "You said he was her old boyfriend right?" "Yeah." "Well why did she introduce you to him? How come she let you have him??" "Oh !! Because she found herself an even bigger black cock." "Bigger? Oh fucking shit!" "Yes,. I've met him and he's really hung!" "You mean you've already sucked him off too?" "Well of course silly! Your mom's getting a little on the older side. She needs my help in her old age." I kissed my wife and said "No wonder Mom told me to marry you, good night?"
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