Evan's Wife Goes Black

Written by Anonymous / Oct 18, 2006



My wife has had a fantasy to make it with a black guy for a long time. Mind you, my wife has gained a few ponds but is still a real looker (5-2", 136lbs, 38-28-36, blonde) and gets howled and whistled at a lot. Last night we were at a club having drinks and she was getting quite tipsy and flirting big time with two tall black guys in the piano bar. Her flirty ways were turning me on big time but I didn't think she would do anything. Having had quite a few beers I had to go take a leak. When I came back to the room she was gone and so was one of the guys she was eyeing up. At first I panicked and wasn't sure what to do. I sat down and sipped my beer again eyeing the place looking for her. I figured she must have gone to bathroom.

After about 10 minutes, my heart began racing as I realized not only was she gone but one of the black guys she had been flirting with was gone to. The other guy looked over at me and smiled and I though my heart was going to stop. My mind started racing with thoughts like, What hell had we done, Was my wife with the other guy, Was she safe, Was she fucking him? I sat there immobilized in a state of panic.

About a half hour later she comes strolling back in with the guy and they were both laughing. She sat down next to me acting very horny and grabby. I asked her nervously where she had been, she nonchalantly said "outside for some air." We had a few more drinks and I finally calmed down and wanted to leave. She had other ideas though and was almost getting out of hand with the grabbing and such. She grabbed my hand and we went for a slow dance. I asked her what was up, she laughed again and whispered to me that she had been out with the guy in his car and had sucked his big black cock and let him come in her mouth! My angst shoot up beyond believe and my dick began to grow hard. My wife grabbed it and kissed me. I could taste a salty definite flavor on her breath. She looked at me and said, "I see you like that your wife is a cock slut". I fumbled to say something and she kissed me again and in my ear "buckle up for the ride cucky boy".

The song was over and she told me to go sit down and walked over to their table and sat down. I didn't know what to think anymore, my head was swirling, I tried to calm down but all I could see in my head was that big black cock in my wife's mouth. Somehow I thought I would be more in control when this day came. But I wasn't and had to trust her. She came back and said she wanted to go to their apartment and fuck, so lets go! I hesitated for a moment and she looked at me sternly and said, "look, you wanted this, if you want to stop, we will but this is the end of it now". God her demeanor almost made me blow a load! I just got up and we went back into the piano bar, I paid our tab while she told went over to them and told them we would go. I realized after paying the tab it would be both of them

We went outside and she told them I could drive. I unlocked the SUV and she got in the back with both of them. I could see her in mirror while trying to drive moving back and forth kissing them. Soon her head disappeared and I could hear sucking sounds. I could see her head pop up every now and then as she moved back and forth between them. One of the guys at one point said "suck that cock bitch, you know you came into that bar looking for big black cock and now you're gonna to get it"! His tone made me nervous but I heard her moaning louder after he said it.

Once we got to their place they were pretty much ignoring me so I just followed along like a puppy dog. Once inside they were all over her. Stripping her clothes off and she let them. She was so eager; I could not believe what was happening. My wife and I had fantasized about this for six months and now it was happening. She just dropped to her knees and began unzipping their pants like a hungry bitch in heat! She took their cocks out and devoured them into her mouth moving back and forth like she had done this before.

I felt like an idiot standing. I didn't know what to do and it was obvious she didn't want me to do anything. The one fellow that said she had gone out to the car looked over to me and said what's you name? I didn't realize her friend was talking to me at first then he raised his voice and said, "I asked what your name was"? My voice in a very nervous tone blurted out of my mouth e, E, Evan. Your wife told me in the bar of your fantasy but she said nothing would ever come it. What do you think now of this little black cock craving slut? He didn't wait for me to answer and proceeded to tell me my wife asked him in the bar if he minded flirting a little to tease me. I was dumbfounded as he grabbed my wife's head and shoved his cock deeper in her throat. "You see Evan I knew this bitch wanted to be a black cock slut the moment I saw her, all she needed was a taste" he said laughingly. He went back to fucking my wife's mouth.

He looked back over to me and said "when we went outside and it was only to tease you, I knew once this bitch saw this big black cock she would want it". Her plan was to wait about 10 minutes and then go back inside and just tease you the rest of the evening. After we got into my car I asked if she wanted to see it. She laughed nervously and I just took my cock out of my pants and I could see the look in her eyes Evan. You had been training this bitch well. I asked her if she wanted to kiss it and touch it. She didn't say a word and leaned over and went down on me. I let her kiss it and suck it for awhile to get use to the size. She obviously had never seen a cock this big. Then I grabbed the back of her head and fucked your wife's mouth and told her I was going to cum in her mouth and she had better take it all down her throat. This little whore swallowed it all. Then she got up and I reached between her legs and she was soaked and I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her. She responded in a real low voice Evan, "yes" and I said speak up slut I can't hear you and she louder said "Yes" and I said, "Yes What Slut"? Do you know want to know what your wife said then Evan? He didn't wait for me to answer again and told me she said, "please fuck me with your big black cock".

Your wife was begging me to fuck her in my car Evan, what do you think about that? He didn't want me to answer he just wanted to humiliate me. He was enjoying himself toying with me. He looked back over to me and said, "but I am principled man Evan and I would not fuck your wife without your permission". So I told her the only way I would fuck her is if she fucked me and my friend with your permission. Now wasn't that nice of me Evan? he asked in a sarcastic tone. He was looking straight at me now and I knew he wanted an answer and I said in a low voice, "yes". He said, "Yes What Evan"? I don't know what came over me but "Yes Sir" came out of my mouth like I had been saying it all my life. He said "that's better Evan it's good to know your place".

He ordered my wife to get on the couch and lean over the back. He walked around the back of the couch and stuck his cock back in my wife's mouth. His friend was standing behind my wife now with his cock in his hand. He said to me, "Now in order for us to fuck your wife Evan your going to have to prove to us that you really want us to fuck her". You have a choice Evan, you either pick her clothes up and come and take her off this couch and take her home or you come over behind me and lick my ass, which is it going to be Evan? he said in a loud manner.
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