The Night My Wife Went Too Far

Written by Tim / Nov 5, 2006



My name is Jack and this is a story about what happened to my wife about 18 years ago. I married my wife when we were about 20 years old. She was a cute young girl with very nice breasts. She had long dark hair that hung down over her shoulders. She loved to dress up nicely and I noticed after a year of being married that she liked to put on small little shows for guys. It didn't start out as much but as time went on she would show a little more, then a little more. I never said anything to her about it but I could tell she enjoyed it. We married during the 70's when short little skirts were all the rage. We liked to go out and drink at the bars every weekend. We had another couple that would go out with us and we always had a great time. My wife?s name is Jean and by the time she was 25 she was a total knockout, and also loved to show as much as she could. I remember one day Jean and her friend went shopping at one of the malls.

That night we were going out drinking and when my wife came downstairs, my eyes popped out of my head. She was wearing a tiny little red skirt, a white blouse, and I could tell even from this distance she was not wearing a bra. As she started to walk down the stairs I also noticed that she didn't have any underwear on. I just whistled and asked what the occasion was. She just laughed and said this was her new party outfit. I wasn't about to complain because it really did look great on her.

I didn't really notice how short the skirt was until my wife got in the car and sat down. She couldn't get the skirt to cover her pussy. You could see the bottom of her cunt when she sat down. I asked her if she would be OK with this at the bar, but she blew it off and said it was just because of the way the car seats were. I didn't say a lot else, I just enjoyed the view as I drove to the bar. When we got to the bar we met our friends there. His wife had gone shopping with my wife, and when I looked at her, she too was in a very sexy and revealing outfit. We found a booth and started to sit down, but before we could the band started playing and both wives wanted to dance. We put our stuff in the booth, ordered some quick drinks then went and danced to a couple of songs.

When we got back we just stood around the booth and drank our drinks. I don't know why we didn't sit down, but for some reason, we stood around and chatted and drank beer after beer. My wife liked wine and white russians. So she would keep switching between the two.

About and hour after we got there we were all feeling pretty light headed. We danced a few more dances and got back to the booth and ordered another round. We chatted some more and drank another couple rounds. By now we had been at the bar about three hours. We hadn't sat down once since we had been there. Everyone was pretty loaded by now and we decided to sit in the booth and listen to the band awhile. The two girls slid in and both of us guys got in next to each of our ladies.

Like I said, we were all pretty much wasted now. I had forgotten how short my wife?s skirt was. My friends wife?s skirt was also just as short. When they slid in, the skirts were so short, that if you were to look from above the table, you would be able to see half way up their cunts. But because we were in a booth, we didn't take notice of our wives skirts. What we didn't know was every other guy in the bar was watching. From the front of the table, anyone looking over our way could see the two girls cunts as if they were both nude. We were drinking and having a good time when this young guy comes up and asks Jean if she would like to dance. It took us by surprise. Before we could answer another guy came up and asked my wife?s friend to dance also. I just laughed and told both girls to go dance with them and us guys would sit and chat. The girls slid out and went to the dance floor with the guys we didn't even know. The song was a moderately fast song and they danced about a minute before the song ended and the band started playing a slow song. Since they had only danced about a minute, the girls told the guys they would dance this one last song with them. The guys pulled the girls close and started slow dancing. I wasn't paying that much attention, but everyone else around the dance floor was.

When my wife put her arms around this other guys neck, her short skirt shot up and was riding half way up her butt cheeks. It was easy to make out most of her butt. The same was happening with her friend. They were so wasted they didn't even try to pull the skirts down. Everyone was watching and I didn't even notice. I didn't really pay attention until a guy turned on his video camera and the light on top of it caught my attention. I looked to see what he was filming and then my eye caught the sight. It was my wife and her friend. Their skirts were halfway up their waist and it was a sight to behold. I wasn't sure what to do and it was very exciting at the same time to see my wife put on a show like this. I should have gotten up to stop things but instead I just sat and watch until the song ended.
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