My Drunk Wife

Written by Tim / Nov 5, 2006



I always took my wife out Saturday nights to a great little dance club. She was only 22 and would dress up in the shortest little skirts. After we were married for a year I won a bet and she had to go out for the next month to the club in her shortest dresses and no undies. My wife always like to drink a blot and as we were married longer she would drink more and more when we went out each week. The first three weeks I took my wife out dancing and she had to wear no undergarments, everything went fine. Towards the end of each night she would be so drunk I would usually have to get someone to help me take her out to the car. Then I would drive her home, carry her in the house because she would be passed out, and fuck her until I couldn't do it anymore.

The last Saturday she had to go without undies we decided to go to a different bar. We thought the band started playing at 8pm but it didn't start playing till 10pm. We got there at 8 and really wanted to see this new band play so we stayed there and drank. We met a couple of guys and all four of us sat around and drank for two hours. By 10pm my wife was gone. She could barely keep her eyes open and was leaning on me or would fall off on the shoulders of the guy next to me. I didn't know it but under the table her short skirt had ridden up to her waist and the guy next to her could see everything just perfect. The band started playing at 10pm on schedule and I was really getting into the music. My wife was passed out and the waitress saw she was having problems staying in her seat. She wondered if we would like to take my wife back to the office and lay her down on the couch till we were ready to leave. I said no at first, but after she nearly fell out of her chair, I motioned to the waitress to come over and told her I would take her up on her offer.

The two guys help me guide my wife back to the office and there was a desk and a couch in the room. We laid her on the couch and she was out cold. I told the waitress I would come back after the band finished their first set and take my wife home. She said no problem and to take my time. The two guys and I went back to the band and listened to them and chatted for about 10 minutes. Then the guy that was sitting next to my wife said he had to go to the restroom. I sat and chatted to the other guy for about 10 minutes when the one fellow finally returned from the restroom. He whispered something for about a minute to the other guy and then they again started talking with me. After a couple minutes, the other guy made an excuse and went to the restroom. About 15 minutes later he came back and both guys said they had to get up early and go to work. They left and I finished listening to the band's first set. I then paid the bill and went back to get my wife from the office. She was laying there just like I put her and I got her up and helped her to the car. She was still stone dead to the world. I got her home, carried her to the bedroom and started removing her clothes. I was going to have another marathon fuck when I noticed something unusual. She had stuff all over her cunt. Her cunt is half shaven and it looked like there was something on it. I turned on the overhead light and I was shocked beyond belief. She had a ton of some guy's cum dripping out from her pussy. I got closer and I could see it just seeping out. It wasn't a little, it was a lot. I knew now she had been fucked at the club but by whom, how many, and was she awake. I went and got some towels and cleaned her up.

I thought about it all night. The next morning when my wife finally woke up I asked her how she felt. She said great. I asked her if she remembered anything about the club and she said yes, she remembered everything up until the point the band started playing. Then after that, nothing. I was afraid to tell her she had been raped at the club. I didn't know who, how many, etc so I wasn't going to say a word. We have gone back to that club many times but I never got to see the two guys who probably fucked my wife. I have never told her anything about the incident and probably never will. I keep trying to get her to bet with me again but so far no luck. I was just glad she was on the pill and that she didn't catch any diseases. This story happened with my first wife around 15 years ago. We divorced about 5 years ago. But I have many fond memories.......
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