Testing The Wife

Written by Boomer / Sep 7, 2000


Testing the Wife Part 1 By Boomer

Story Content: (M/F, infidelity, impreg)

My name is Bill. I'm twenty-seven-years old and am married to Alicia whom at twenty-five is the picture of beauty itself and way to nice for me. At least that's what I've always thought.

Alicia and I married when she was only nineteen. Although she wasn't a virgin -- a year earlier she'd had a badly judged one night stand with an older man who stole her virginity.

No man could ask for a more loving and supportive wife. My problem began once I started questioning "why/how she could be satisfied with me." Whenever we're out she never fails to turn heads and I'm happy to have her on her arm as all these men's jaws drop at her beauty. Even though she'd frequently reminded me she loved me, I still have a great deal of self-doubt. As ignorant it may be I think there may be a number of men out there who know what I'm trying to say.

I'd begun wondering if she were truly happy, whether she ever fantasized about other men or not. She'd get extremely irrate whenever I mentioned any this so most of the time I attempted to keep it to myself.

To be perfectly honest I didn't really want her to make love to another man, I just couldn't stop myself from thinking about whether she would or whether she wouldn't.

When I couldn't stand wondering any longer a situation at work finally presented an opportunity wherein my wife's fidelity could be tested. Everyone in the firm was aware the company was planning some heavy layoffs. Even though I knew my job was secure, I was in the minority. Everyone was on their best behavior awaiting the decision on whom would be let go. I already knew my boss Randy found Alicia very attractive. He'd made no secret of the fact that I was a very lucky man telling me "he'd suck the exhaust pipe of the truck carrying her panties to the laundry just to be near her." I took it all in stride as Randy always talked that way. For a man around fifty Randy has a very firm body. During one such conversation with Randy I asked him if he'd really go after Alicia. He told me if "I wasn't in the picture he'd be all over her in an instant." I told him, "I wouldn't mind if he tried but I didn't believe Alicia would fuck around on me." Although he didn't believe me I finally convinced him I was serious and once he'd calmed down we formulated a plan to test my theory and find out once and for all whether Alicia would betray me.

Although Alicia was aware of the uncertainty at work regarding the layoffs she wasn't aware of my protected status so I spent the next couple of weeks prepping her for the big news. I told her I'd heard rumors Randy was considering letting me go and I was in a very perilous situation at work. By the time I had finished prepping her she was very concerned, we had a good standard of living with lots of bills to go along with it. Finally I set the stage by announcing I was inviting Randy over for supper and drinks to get into his good books. I continued prepping by telling her this was a very important dinner, that my career in the company rested in Randy's hands and we had to ensure everything went just right. She agreed.

On the big night Randy arrived as scheduled. After a fantastic we retired to the living room for drinks. Randy asked for red wine (something we'd agreed on before hand) and of course we didn't have any. I promptly agreed to run down to the store and pick some up. The store is about 30 minutes from our place in the country so the stage was now set for Randy to be alone with Alicia, giving him the opportunity to ply his attention upon her. Already having a bottle of wine in the car I parked just up the street before sneaking back to our house. I planned on driving back to the house after the obligatory hour was up.

I moved around the house to the living room window where I'd purposely bent one of the venetian blinds to allow me unimpeded view into the house. The window was open so I could hear every word they were saying.

Randy told Alicia, she was "a very beautiful woman" as he asked her to sit down beside him, which she did. She was obviously very uneasy. Randy moved very fast, snaking his arm up and around her shoulder. When Alicia started to object he told her it was just a friendly gesture. Alicia blushed as he continued telling her what a lovely body she had, while all the time massaging her neck. Slowly but steadily his hand was sliding down her front until he cupped her breast through her dress. She jumped up telling him "she was a married woman and she didn't fool around on her husband."

"Pity," said Randy, "you could have helped you husband's chances of avoiding the layoffs."

Alicia looked at him in disgust then in response to his patting the seat beside him retook her seat. Randy smiled realizing she was his.

I couldn't believe my eyes as his hands moved down her blouse to fondle her breast. Although she was really blushing now, she didn't utter a word in protest as Randy continued skillfully manipulating her breast as he leaned over kissing my wife deep on the lips. I was surprised to see her returning the kiss, I knew their tongues were entwining. His other hand snaked to her knees and I watched them continue kissing as he slowly pulled her dress up until it was bunched about her thighs exposing her pretty pink panties. Once again he complimented her outstanding body and then told her to remove her panties.

Alicia slowly brought her ass off the sofa sliding the panties to the floor before finally kicking them off her feet. Randy's fingers were now exploring my Alicia's exposed cunt. I watched his large fingers tracing down her labia and then skillfully manipulating her clit until her hips were thrusting against his fingers in response.

"Open yourself for me," he told her. I watched in disbelief as my beautiful wife reached between her now widely spread legs pulling her labia apart exposing her tight pink and obviously very wet hole allowing Randy's finger to slip easily into her cunt causing her to moan. Rejoicing in her responsive thrusts against his actions Randy continued finger fucking her for several minutes before removed his hand and standing up.

As Randy faced Alicia he dropped his pants and underwear ordering her to suck him as his cock sprung forward. Randy knew where I was because he moved sideways so I could see my wife's lips as they surrounded his blood engorged member. My wife sucked his cock like a twenty dollar whore while Randy encouraged her by telling her what a ""marvelous cock sucker she was." It was obvious Alicia wanted him to cum in her mouth but Randy had other plans. He suddenly withdrew from her mouth and moved between her legs. She had slid down on the very edge of the sofa and now Randy was between her thighs telling her how much "he'd wanted to fuck her" while rubbing his cock up and down her slit.

"Let me get one of Bill's condoms," she told him trying to get up, but Randy pushed her back down telling her he never fucked a woman with a raincoat.

"But it's a bad time for me," said Alicia. "Even Bill uses condoms. We don't want kids just yet." I knew this was true, Alicia couldn't handle the pill so I always sheathed up before taking her.

"Well, fuck it then," said Randy, standing up and making like he was going to leave. "I'll just fire the bastard and then you'll have no fucking money for condoms." This surprised me because I'd made sure I gave Randy a condom and he'd promised me he would use it.

"Ok!" said my wife, "but please pull out before you come."

"OK, sure," said Randy smiling. "Don't worry baby I'll look after you." I watched in shock as Randy moved back between my wife's legs and began push his cock into her receptive cunt.

This was getting out of hand. I thought about rushing in there and pulling the old bastard off my wife but then I'd have to explain why I was outside watching. I was trapped. I watched in shock as Randy bottomed out inside my wife before his powerful hips began thrusting in and out as he truly fucked Alicia. I could see my wife responding to his invasion, and heard her telling him to "fuck her deeper." Randy told her, "she was one wicked fuck" as he increased tempo until he was fucking her like a madman. I could see her pussy lips clinging around his shaft on every complete out stroke and his large hands fondling her breasts roughly as he steadied himself. I knew it wouldn't take Randy long.

It took Alicia even less time, before my eyes she was climaxing under the incessant pounding of my boss's cockmanship. Beneath his onslaught she groaned as her whole body vibrated as Randy took her through several long and virtually continuous orgasms.

"I'm gonna cum, bitch," Randy suddenly announced, "and I'm not gonna pull out, bitch. OK?"

I think I saw Alicia's head nod in agreement, but by this time she was too far gone to worry anyway. With a sudden thrust Randy buried his root fully inside my wife's belly and then grunted. I could see his ass checks contracting with every spurt hot cum he ejected into Alicia's womb. "Fucking hell".... he screamed continuing to fuck her for about a dozen more strokes before her womb had totally drained his seed from him.

When he removed his shrinking cock from my wife's cunt, it gaped open in testament to the pounding he'd given it. As he moved to sit beside her to relax, I saw cum dripping from her hole down across her ass to pool upon the sofa cushion. She looked as if she'd been truly fucked well. As I moved back towards the car to prepare for my entrance while giving them time to dress I was aroused at what I'd witnessed but I was also extremely pissed off Alicia had allowed him to probe her womb unprotected.

Of course they were dressed and acted as if nothing had happened upon my return. I tried to fuck Alicia night but she told me she'd a headache.

Six weeks later Alicia told me we were pregnant. Although I know the baby isn't mine I can't tell her. As pissed off as I was, at least it was over... or so I thought!

More to come if you want it..

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