The Baby Maker

Written by Boomer / Aug 24, 2000


The Baby Maker

Story Content: (M/F+, preg, infidelity)

Ok standard warning to all the fuckin' Puritans out there!


The Baby Maker Part one (Boomer) March 30, 1996

I'm a twenty-eight-year-old male who can honestly say I was put here upon this planet to make babies. It's true! I've already got at least a dozen bastards out there. I've pledged to make it my life's mission to bring dozens more into this world. You may ask how? Actually it's simple... lurking beneath social graces and niceties most women are raw sensual creatures, who serve no other purpose other than procreating. Once they receive my virile seed it's usually not long before they're with bastard. I'm a good-looking guy and have never had a problem in the women's department, however, the thought of fertilizing a woman with "my" sperm, creating a child she'll have FOREVER is arousing. To think even if she ends up hating my guts, she'll have a living breathing visual reminder of myself for the remainder of her life turns my crank.

When I was fourteen I knocked up my first woman (actually she was still a child) when she was thirteen. Naturally there was hell to pay, but what the fuck, you can't get blood out of a stone. I remember being scared of her father and afterwards decided to stay away from the younger girls. It was also the first indication that my sperm were outstanding swimmers. Even though it had been our first fuck in retrospect I count myself fortunate I'd managed to seed her upon our first and only coupling.

In my mind she'd asked for it, she was a real bitch and I only fucked her because she'd begged for it.

That incident left me gun shy for the following six months, but then around fifteen I began noticing the next door neighbor was kinda' sexy. She was in her mid twenties, married with one child already, a girl of two. Anyway she was the one who came on to me. I just played along, until one day we were alone in her house talking when suddenly I reached out and latched onto one of her big tits. Even though I hadn't expected her to get upset, she didn't move, so I began fondling her breasts which caused her to moan. I enjoy being dominate over a woman, so I just reached up under her dress and slid her panties to one side rubbing her clit, before sliding a finger into her wet cunt.

She must not have been getting enough at home because she sorta' collapsed onto my finger and the next thing I knew she was leading me upstairs to her bedroom where I quickly stripped her naked, marveling at the adult body of my first real woman. She seemed impressed with my slightly larger than average sized cock stroking it until I was so hard I thought I'd explode.

Trying to mount her as I pushed her onto her back, she stopped me saying I'd have to wear a condom. She passed one to me. I didn't think it possible to tell her I didn't want to wear one without causing her to change her mind, so I took it saying "I first needed to take a leak."

In preparation she began masturbating as I headed toward the bathroom. My cock was so hard I couldn't have pissed if I'd wanted too. In the bathroom, I quickly rummaged through her medicine cabinet until I found a pin which I repeatedly pushed the through the condom until I was sure it would be sufficiently comprised before rolling it on, then sticking another few holes through the reservoir I folded the tip back so the rips weren't visible before returning to the bedroom. She was ready for me when I arrived. Her hand guided my cock to her cunt and with a single thrust balls deep. She began humping as I responded to the sucking clench of her cunt and began fucking her in earnest. It took a few minutes to cum as I held my cock buried deep inside her dropping my load knowing my cum was shooting directly into her womb. Even though she wanted to continue I pulled out confident I'd seeded her and my job was now done.

Even though she never saw the burst condom, nine months later when she gave birth to my son she sure as fuck knew something had happened. Dollars to donuts she'll remember us fucking forever.

That experience taught me housewives could be impregnated with little or no consequences, and better yet no financial responsibility. I learned she couldn't tell her husband without causing him to go ballistic. Even though I only bred her once, it had been more than sufficiently to accomplish my task.

After that I decided to go after other lonely housewives in the neighborhood. Some of which were on the pill and wouldn't be available for breeding. However, a surprising number of women can't use the pill, and even more surprisingly they're willing to rely upon the strength of a condom to prevent conception.

Quite naturally these women were the most attractive. I had to bed thirty-year-old Mrs. Ambrose four times before finally confirming she was with child. Already having three children, her husband obviously wasn't all that surprised.

You could say I seeded her with my fingers, each time we coupled I would cum in the condom then after withdrawing she would lay in ecstasy as I continued manipulating her cunt. Unseen by her I'd squeeze my sperm from of the condom into her cunt before using my fingers to push it into her.

Although she had no knowledge of this, I suspect she realized something was up once she had my baby girl in her family. "To fuckin' late bitch." Some of these so-called prim and proper housewives are manipulated with ease. There's far too many fish in the sea to fuck around with pregnant whores so usually I don't fuck with them again after they've been seeded once.

When I was eighteen, I started coming on to Sue. She was about twenty-two and had only been married about a year. Because her husband traveled on business a great deal she was a prime candidate for some TLC.

Although it had taken almost six months, her husband had been gone for a month before I made my move. She proved to be EASY! Quicker than you can say "slut" we were buck naked and I was tonguing her sweet cunt.

She was also a condom whore telling me "I'd to wear a condom." But I got her so damn hot before adamantly refusing that she finally just gave in. Although she was scared, she said "it was ok as long as I pulled out before I came." I told her, "I would," as I slammed the meat to her. I fucked her hard, getting her so hot tittering on the brink of an orgasm until she was begging me to bring her off. I told her I wouldn't do it unless I could cum inside. I stopped, but remained manipulating her clit. She cried out several times before she was finally unable to stand it no longer she told me to "fucking do it if I'd too." Smiling as I once again began fucking her, bringing her over the edge while my cum was spurting directly into her unprotected womb for the very first time. Later as I still laid atop her with my spent cock still inside her she cried, saying over and over "what have I done."

Telling her "the damage was already done so we might as well continue," reluctantly she agreed. Over the next month I spent every available moment in her beautiful cunt. By the time her husband returned she was pregnant with my child. After some very skillful due date manipulation on her part to get away with it. She gave birth to twins. My best result to date! Unlike many other others I've continued fucking Sue on a regular basis. Shit, she was nine months pregnant when I fired another volley of sperm up her slick cunt. She's a good fuck. Her husband is a lucky man.

The Baby Maker Part Two By Boomer March 30, 1996

As I told you in part one, Sue's husband believes the twins are his. Shit, when you look at any baby, they all resemble something out of "Alien Autopsy." I've continued fucking whenever I want Sue in my spare time. She's even told her husband, "she was running to pick up some milk" as an excuse stop by my place for a quickie so I could spray my special milk against the walls of her womb. She's a great fuck and I think we'll have a few more bastards together. That fuckin' wimp husband of hers should thank me for taking such good care of his wife's needs.

It was six months after the twins were born when as I like to put it I began feeling the "need to seed," Let me say, it's not difficult to locate a willing a sperm receptacle. The reality is women are all fuckin' whores. I finally decided my next mommy candidate would be Jenny who although a tad bit on plump side was otherwise fuckable. I began my well-rehearsed introduction to her, readily learning her husband was put off by her recent weight gain.

Shit, I didn't mind, all I wanted to do was add some more, say nine pounds or so of bouncing baby bastard to her womb. I played her like a violin, telling her I admired ample women (I almost choked as she was quite a fat bitch) and I couldn't imagine her husband treating her like that.

It didn't take long before I'd the fat bitch eating out of my hand (except in reality she probably would have fuckin' eaten it :))

I was at first base. We kissed and I was permitted to slip my fingers inside her panties or fondle her enormous breasts but it was time to steal a base. Jenny already had one two-year-old kid so she was adamant she didn't want to get knocked up again. She told me she also only used condoms and couldn't take the risk she might get pregnant again. I laughed and told her I was sterile and couldn't have kids. I think she believed me, but still she was cautious so I asked her if I got a note from my doctor would she believe me then. Finally she agreed.

This would not be the challenge I would have thought. When I went down to a nearby doctor's office the nurse had left her desk unattended so I simply reached over and grabbed her medical pad complete with the doctor's letterhead on it before walking out. That evening I typed the letter from the doctor on my computer, printing it out upon the letterhead and finally scrawling an illegible signature on the bottom -- you can't ever read a doctor's handwriting so I was confident it was realistic.

The next day I presented Jenny with the letter. It pretty much said as the result of a childhood groin injury "I was unable to produce the necessary sperm to impregnate a woman." It further announced this was "irreversible and there was no way I could father a child." Jenny fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Fifteen minutes later I was balls deep in her flabby cunt, hammering away at her unprotected womb. For a fat bitch she put a lot into it. She bucked and groaned until I thought she was gonna' buck me off. I bit her breast as I bottomed out inside her and spilled what I knew was an enormous load of sperm into her waiting womb. Twice more that day I fucked her, and then every day for a month thereafter I'd stop by to fill her womb with my seed. When her period was late, she of course blamed her husband for not being careful enough. Of course it couldn't have been me!

I've never told her and to this day she still thinks I'm sterile, even though since our initial daughter was born she's had two more of my bastards. She still allows me to fuck her unprotected, even when she is ovulating because I'm SAFE!

If she only knew, the dumb bitch. It is amazing the faith people put in a piece of paper with a doctor's logo on it. Her husband may have to wear a condom, but I've been fucking her unprotected on and off for the last six years.

While Jenny was knocked up with our first child, I went after Gloria, the bitch lived in the same complex as Jenny. Gloria was about thirty-six, and had been married for thirteen-years. Her husband had a vasectomy after they'd had three sons so they didn't use condoms at all. I also told her I'd had a vasectomy and showed her my doctor's note to prove it.

It took less than a week to get into her panties. She was wanton, her husband had been neglecting her for several months and she was ripe for some of my special brand of TLC.

I played her well and soon found her hanging off my dick like a mad woman as I pounded her cunt. I enjoyed fucking her. She was so fertile I managed to impregnate her after our first fuck. She was absolutely in shock as to how this was possible and I assured her I was too. Even though she wanted to have an abortion I managed to talk her out of it, telling her I was prepared to stay with her and support not only her but her other three rug rats. Believing me, she didn't tell her husband until it got so obvious she had no other choice and by then she was too far along to have an abortion. That was when I told her I was leaving, thanking her for being such an excellent fuck. Naturally she cried, but fuck her, there's no shortage of fresher unused wombs out there. She finally broke down and told her husband. Of course he went ballistic but he's a little wimp so I never heard from him. He divorced her and the last I'd heard she was living in a trailer park on outside of town. After Gloria I decided to leave town as I was starting to gain a reputation as a pussy hound and besides I needed some fresh pussy having already fucked most of the neighborhood stock.

The Baby Maker Part Three By Boomer March 30, 1996

Standard Warning: If you don't like sexual stories then FUCK OFF NOW!!!!

I chose a family oriented townhouse complex about fifteen minutes away from my last place to move into because after all it is my goal in life to make families, and this place had a phenomenal number of hot cunts just waiting.

I met my next door neighbor Samantha as I was moving in. Sam introduced herself saying "if I ever needed anything all, I had to do was ask." I could tell by the way she emphasized the word "anything" that "anything" meant "anything" at all. A day later I'd unpacked and had invited Sam over for coffee so we could get acquainted. She was a twenty-eight-year-old drop dead blonde. She told me her husband worked as a construction worker and they had a seven-year-old boy who was at school. It didn't take long before she was talking about their sex life or rather the lack of it and I knew then she was mine. I listened patiently, I'd long ago learned I could get most women by simply listening, allowing them to spill their guts so to speak. People like to have the floor, and I know people. I found out she had never cheated on her husband but she had thought about leaving him.

I knew this man's wife any time I wanted. I suddenly asked her if I could eat her cunt. At first she seemed to be taken back by my crude remark but then blushed deeply before saying "her husband never did that, and she'd always considered it kinda' nasty and dirty." I assured her I didn't and told her I loved to eat a woman's cunt -- deliberately using the word cunt to startle her and it worked. She said "she was a married woman it wouldn't be right." I assured her no one but us would ever know then adding no one would be hurt. At this point she admitted she wasn't on the pill saying that "if it led to intercourse I'd have to use a condom." I told her "I didn't have a problem with that, but I that I didn't have any."

She blushed again saying, "her husband had some in their room." I told her to go grab a couple of them. When she returned, I led her like a lamb to the slaughter up to my room where I quickly undressed her while complimenting her marvelous body.

She was obviously scared but made no move to stop things as I laid her down on my bed and spread her legs. She had a very tight cunt. Her pussy lips puckered closed on what I knew would be a very tasty prize. A thin covering of blonde pubic hairs adorned her cunt and I honestly admitted she had the prettiest pussy I'd ever seen. I gently pulled apart her labia exposing her clitoral button and began stroking it which almost immediately caused her to moan in anticipation while saying "she shouldn't be doing this." I told her, "to shut up and enjoy it" as I leaned forward gently sucking her button into my mouth using my tongue to skillfully manipulate her clit until she was humping madly up against my face. I could tell she would soon cum so I thrust my tongue into her warm cunt as she came practically ejaculating cum as she orgasmed, it tasted wonderful. As her orgasm began subsiding I continued massaging her clit as I fingered her tight hole, keeping her on the edge as I told her I was going to fuck her.

She didn't appear able to respond as I moved up the bed until my cock was aligned with her cunt. She gasped with the sudden violation of when with a single thrust. I was buried fully inside her body. As if she was out of control she began humping back against to meet my every thrust, fucking me hard! Her pussy sucked my cock deeper into her cunt with every thrust. She was extremely talkative saying, "she adored my cock, it was the best she had ever had" before begging me to "fuck her harder."

I rooted that bitch like a dog in heat extracting my cock almost completely before once again burying it deep within her womb! When I was getting ready to nut I asked her "if she wanted me to pull it out." She told me "not to," telling me "to cum inside of her." If truth be known, I wouldn't have pulled out anyway. With one final grunt I buried myself to the root unloading volley after volley of my potent sperm into her eager snatch. I could feel my heart literally pounding as pulse after pulse of sperm ejaculated inside her. Afterwards I collapsed upon her when after about a minute she regained her senses asking me to pull it out before it softened and the rubber came off.

As I dislodged myself from her sex a thick glob of my sperm clung to my cock as it plopped from her tight hole. It was then she saw I wasn't wearing a condom.

"What the fuck?" she screamed. "You were supposed to wear a condom!"

"I know," I replied, "but things just got too hot, too fast."

"Oh no," she whispered. I could sense initial fear returning. "How could you?" she asked beginning to weep.

"I asked you if I should pull out," I replied.

"Yes, but I thought you were wearing a condom," she cried before leaping from the bed and running into the bathroom. Following her a few minutes later I found her squatting in the bathtub splashing water up her well-fucked hole.

"You bastard!" she yelled while attempting clean my boys out of her used snatch. I laughed telling her, she looked extremely sexy fucking finger fucking herself like that. With fire in her eyes she continued her task while staring at me. I knew it wouldn't do any good. I'd planted my boys way too deep for her to retrieve.

"What are you worried about?" I asked her. "Is it that bad?"

"Yes," she cried. "I'm ovulating. It's fuckin' bad!"

"You shouldn't have allowed me to fuck you," I replied. "You're a married woman. You fuckin' whore."

Not surprisingly, I didn't ever fuck Sam again. In fact she doesn't even talk to me. I've since gotten very friendly with her husband Phil which only served to piss her off. Several times I've visited her place to visit Phil watching her care for our daughter. Naturally Phil thinks it's his.

Another time, I decided to fuck Mary who lived a few houses away. She's white, around thirty. Her husband Rod is black as the ace of spades. Because they've already got two children together and the fact that I'm white I knew if I impregnated her Rod would surely know but the challenge was too great. A party for mutual friends would provide the opportunity I needed. I spent the night chatting Mary up while her husband who has quite a reputation himself as a something of a lady's man hit on all the other ladies present. Toward the end of the evening Mary was extremely drunk and was beginning to flirt back.

Anyway, although she was ready to go home her husband wasn't ready to go so I graciously volunteered to escort her home. She was extremely drunk and kept falling against me providing an excellent opportunity to cup her breast or etc., so I didn't mind. About 100 yards from her place she finally collapsed so I carried her the remaining distance home where I fumbled in her purse until I located her keys before opening the door and carrying her upstairs to their bedroom. Dropping her unceremoniously onto the bed, I was amazed she didn't stir. With the knowledge her husband would still at the party for a while longer I moved over her gently shaking her. She still didn't wake. Moving her dress aside enabling me to fondle her large tit's, I was feeling confident she was out to the world as I raised her dress pulling her panties off before inserting my finger into her cunt. Seeing the condoms on the night stand I knew she didn't use the pill so I pulled my cock out before fucking her unconscious body. Thinking she might wake any second I started off slowly, but when it became apparent she wouldn't I began putting the meat to her in earnest. I was so turned-on I was only able to last a couple of minutes before spewing her womb with my seed. I withdrew and wiped away any telltale signs of our coupling before putting her panties back on. Then confident she would never know, I left her sleeping with my sperm relentlessly attacking the egg in her womb.

Nine months later I learned her husband was furious when she'd given birth to an all white child. They divorced shortly there after, word on the street is she swore she was never unfaithful. Her all white baby, is however a contradiction to her assertions. What a whore! Thank god neither Rod nor Mary ever thought anything of my walking her home that night.

The Baby Maker Part four By Boomer March 30 1996

Hopefully you're enjoying my tale so far. Not long after I knocked up the white woman with the black husband I ran into a little situation that once again forced me to move. I was balls deep in some guy's wife up the street when the little weasel came home. I was lucky to get out of there with only a black-eye. Anyway, I figured it was time to move on since my reputation was starting to catch up with me. After departure I mailed an anonymous note to the aggressive husband telling him what a pleasure it had been fucking his wife, and wished him luck caring for my child. Even though I don't have any idea of whether or not she conceived I thought the note was a rather nice touch. I did hear later he was arrested for spousal abuse and now has an order of protection against him to stay away from the bitch. Can you blame her?

Anyway, I would next found myself in Southern California. I like the weather out in Cali and the bitches wear less which is a big plus. For the first time since I'd been fucking I broke my own rules and actively went after a single woman I'd met in a bar. Of course I'd told her I'd had a vasectomy before fucking her raw. I fucked her for almost three months before she finally got knocked up. I was beginning thinking she couldn't conceive. She was of course a little shook-up (despite the phoney ID she was only eighteen) and I had to play her carefully to ensure she didn't abort my hard work. Even though she wasn't attractive she was an extremely good fuck so I continued to fuck her while promising her the world until she was too far along to have an abortion at which time I naturally dumped her ass. She was understandably upset but like I told her, she'd always be able to look at our bastard kid for the rest of her life to have an instant reminder of what we once shared.

Even though she now despises me, who the fuck cares. The important thing is I'm forever preserved in our son.

Shortly there after I went after a great looking older woman living in my complex. She was about forty and already had two grown sons who lived on the East coast. Her husband was a fat asshole whose idea of fun was to spunk inside her before falling sleep. She called him "the two minute wonder."

It didn't require much before I was soon fucking her almost every day. Because she was still using the pill I didn't have to use a condom and even though I gave it my best effort I was never able to figure a way to swap her pills with placebos.

After three months of steady fucking I began getting bored and decided I'd supplement my income by taking some porno pictures for various magazines.

As I snapped picture after picture of her with my cock imbedded inside her cunt, of her cunt with my sperm leaking from within I convinced her the pictures were for my own personal use only and would never be shown to anyone. Meanwhile, I was selling them to a local porn rag for a tidy little profit. had taken pictures of her with everything from nudes to having a baseball bat crammed up her cunt. She was initially concerned about such pictures she soon began to trust me. Then one day after dropping a heavy load inside her cunt I told her about the magazines. She was so embarrassed and, terrified her husband might see them. I told her that "if she gave me a baby he wouldn't." She couldn't believe it, and started crying. I told her I'd send a copy of the magazine to her husband if she didn't give me what I wanted. In tears she kicked me out of the house.

After several intimidating telephone conversations, she finally called a week later me to let me know "she'd do it, but afterwards she never wanted to see me again." I told her, "I didn't want to see her afterwards either."

Her doctor took her off the pill advising her she'd probably have to wait three months to ensure she was once again fertile. I told her I wanted proof from her doctor when she was once again able to conceive. She called me two months later saying she'd just returned from the doctor and the effects of pill was out of her system.

It was an icy reunion as I read the doctor's note saying she was now able to conceive. Telling her, "she'd done well and I was now prepared to impregnate her. She disrobed before laying down on her bed. She never moved as I hammered away at her cunt. When I came, I remained buried deep inside her for several minutes allowing my sperm time to reach her egg. Having calculated her period we both were well aware that this was her optimum period for conception. She cried and called me "an asshole." She was still crying as I left the house.

I fucked her every day for the next three weeks before we had the confirmation she was indeed pregnant. Of course her husband was pissed off, but she convinced him no birth control was 100% safe. Being religious they of kept the baby, it was a girl. I was however pretty pissed off that she'd called me "an asshole" so after the baby was born I mailed the porno magazine to her husband -- we guys have to stick together and let other guys know what sluts they're married to. I don't know whether or not they ever split up -- I don't care, all that matters is I know she'll make an excellent mother to our bastard.

Baby Maker Part 5 will be posted if enough requests are received.

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