Breeding Her

Written by Trukin fool / Dec 5, 2006


BREEDING HER By Trukin_fool

It was quite the party. Everybody was feeling high and most would not remember this night. But I would. And so would my future ex-wife Ann.

I'd better start from the beginning. My wife and I were not getting along very well. Our oldest son was off to a technical school in Chicago. His two sisters were married last summer. This left Ann and I alone at home. She didn't deal with the empty nest syndrome very well. Ann never had to work. I make good money at my job. Sex to Ann was more of a chore than anything else lately. Although she always got very wet and even ejaculated many times to her harsh embarrassment. She was brought up to believe sex was basically only for procreation. Not something she should enjoy.

Ann was still a young MILF, having married me when she was just eighteen. She became pregnant on our wedding night, and had all our three children in quick succession after that. Her body was still very appealing at 41. Her huge tits were the pain of her existence. She worked out at home on the cross trainer I bought her for her birthday, two years ago. Her women friends were mostly all divorced. They were almost all ex-wives of my co-workers. The main topic of discussion was always male bashing and how men are pigs. I agree. I am a pig. The reason I agree with that, you shall soon learn.

Sex for me at home was occasional, if not rare. There was always some excuse. Mostly it's that time of the month or it's unsafe. Ann cannot take birth control pills and she was not at all in favor of any other type of protection. Even condoms were dismissed as disgusting and gross.

I had wanted sex the night before the party, only to be told she was just entering her fertile period. Sex was out. Over the years I had flings with other women who were not as uptight about sex as my wife. But I thought I still loved her, and I stayed with Ann, mostly for the sake of the kids. Getting back to the party. One of my past flings was present at the party with her new boyfriend. He was a co-worker of mine and she was an ex of a previous co-worker. I've known everyone at the party for more than ten years. We were all great friends.

At about eleven o'clock everybody was having a great time. The drinks were flowing to excess. Ann was having way to much fun with the help of her alcohol intake. Belinda, my last fling, was also feeling no pain. Although married herself, her husband was not along tonight .She made eye contact with me throughout the evening and now was getting more bold, also with the help of alcohol. She was off in the corner a couple of times and lifted her skirt a little, flashing me her thighs with a wicked smile. Other times she would cup her tits and lift then as if offering them to me. She was teasing me, and making me hard. She knew the right moves.

I excused myself to use the bathroom. As I left the room, Belinda was following far behind. I went upstairs and ducked into the first empty room and waited. I could hear Belinda coming down the hall. She hadn't seen me because of the darkness of the room. As she passed the door, I grabbed her and pulled her into the room. She melted into my arms and we were soon petting heavily. Our fondling and kissing was so erotic that neither of us realized we were being watched from a couple guys inside the room. Bob and Mike. They were there to make a deal on some pot. I heard a snicker when the lights came on,and we knew we were busted. "Hey, what would Annie say if she caught you trying to bang Lindy?" One of them spoke. With the "deer in the head lights" look, I froze. "You guys jealous?" Belinda snapped back, as if she were doing nothing wrong. "Well we were just thinking about getting something, and here you are, getting something extra." Bob said, looking at me. Without missing a beat, Belinda said. "There are plenty of drunken women downstairs. Go have a ball." "Is Annie up for grabs?" Mike asked boldly. I don't know why or what possessed me to say it, but the words came out as if I had practiced. "If she's game, go for it." I said. A smile came over both their faces as they left the room and turned of the lights behind them.

Belinda molded to me and whispered. "You really wanted to offer your little wife up to those letches?" "Not really," I said half heartedly. "But if they think they'll get something, let em try." "You are so evil, I like that." She giggled and kissed me deeply. As she broke our embrace, she asked. "Want to have some fun?" "I sure do." Not quite understanding what she had in mind. "Let's go." She said, dragging me back downstairs.

As we entered the room, the two guys were standing very close to my wife. She was engaged in babbling to someone and hadn't noticed. Belinda walked right over to Annie and pulled her away, right in the middle of Annie?s conversation. The two went into the kitchen and talked. Out of sight and beyond earshot, I started to get nervous. I slowly worked my way to the kitchen door. I could hear Belinda saying something about getting Annie another drink. I peeked aroud the door and saw Belinda fixing my wife a drink. As she turned around, she asked Ann if she ever did pot. Ann said she tried it back in high school, but never got into it. "Why don't we go upstairs and take a few hits. Mike has some good stuff and he'll share with us." Belinda said. Before my wife could answer, Belinda grabbed her elbow and dragged her past me. "Excuse me." Belinda said to me as they passed. Belinda dragged Ann over to Mike and whispered in his ear. He smiled and followed the women upstairs.

I must explain. The company I work for is very strict. Drug use is not tolerated. We all know there are a few potheads that work there, but we decide to live and let live.

As the two women disappeared upstairs followed by Mike and Tom, I got a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I soon found myself at the top of the stairs. The room we were in earlier had the door closed now. I quietly walked to the door and listened. I heard giggling and then the door opened. Belinda was coming out and gave me another wicked smile as she kissed me on the cheek, closing the door behind her. "I'll be right back." she whispered in my ear. She gave me another quick peck on the cheek and went downstairs. I listened intently as I stood outside the bedroom. Soon, Belinda was back beside me with another glass. "She spilled her drink." She said and disappeared back into the room.

Dazed and confused I stood there for another minute or so before Belinda reappeared. Closing the door again, she smiled and said, "let's go someplace. We can come back later." As we went downstairs I grew concerned about Ann, and asked what was going on. Belinda asked. "Do you trust me?" Pangs of guilt immediately clouded my brain. Here I left my wife in a room alone with two lecherous potheads, and I was off to who knows where, to do who knows what with an ex-affair. Unable to speak Belinda led me out to the garage. Upon arriving, she immediately turned, grabbed my crotch, and said squeezing my cock. "Now that wifey is being entertained, I want this fucker inside me." While still holding my love muscle in a death grip, with her other hand she started to push down her slacks and panties. As she turned around and leaned over the car hood she whimpered. "Come on you bastard, shove it in me. I need cock now!" Knowing that a stiff dick has no conscience, I quickly got behind her. "Ram it in you fucker." She pleaded. "Tear my hole up." Without any further hesitation I lunged forward hard, burying my cock fully into her hot juicy twat. "Ungggg." She grunted breathlessly."That's the way my pussy needs to be fucked. pump me fast baby. I want you to get your rocks off. Empty your nuts into my horny hot hole." Having not had sex for a while, it wasn't long before I felt my balls tighten. Belinda felt it too as my thrusts became erratic. "That's it fucker! Fuck me deep. Spray my uterus full of your baby makers." She moaned. Her filthy talk had me gushing, what seemed like gallons of sauce, into her depths.

As she kept gyrating her hips with me planted firmly inside her, she whimpered. "Oh baby! I just know you're knocking me up. Your big balls are squirting me full." "Oh my God!" I thought. "Knocking her up?" Suddenly another panic attack took over and I tried to pull out. as I stepped back to pull out Belinda followed me and three more steps backwards she had me still buried in her with my back up against the wall. I was never a wimp, but being totally drained by my orgasm, I had all I could do to push her off of me. As my cock sprung free of her lips she moaned again. Turning to me she hugged me hard and kissed me deeply. Breaking the kiss I asked "What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to get pregnant?" With a sly smile she answered, "No, I just wanted you to get it over in a hurry. That way you'll last longer next time." "What do you mean next time? When?" I asked thoroughly confused. "Wait and see." She said as she wiped herself with a rag she found on the workbench next to us. When she finished she pulled up her panties and slacks and said, "Let's go. The party should be about ready to start. Belinda grabbed my hand and dragged me again into the house and upstairs. As we reached the bedroom door she turned and whispered into my ear. "I hope you enjoy the show." As she slowly opened the door, I followed her into the room. She turned to lock it. Then she proceeded to the bed where Ann was laying.

Mike and Bob were sitting on the floor still smoking their pot. My wife looked dazed, but awake. Belinda sat on the bed next to my wife?s head and started talking. "Hi, honey. Feeling OK?" Ann slowly moved her eyes over to Belinda. She had a strange placid look on her face. "Honey?" Belinda continued. "You are going to do what ever I want. I guarantee you'll enjoy it." She glanced at me with an evil grin. "She's taken some drugs I put in her drink. She is conscious, but in the morning she won't remember a thing." Belinda explained. "You me a date rape drug?" I asked. "Something like that." She went on. "I got it from an old friend who was just over seas. He brought back a bunch. I had to blow him for the one your wife took." "I heard that they are dangerous." I said. "These are supposed to be top of the line. No different than a strong sedative. It relaxes her but she is aware of everything going on with her and around her. It contains anobarbital, which is an hallucinogen and a mild truth active drug. "You mean like a truth serum?" I asked. "On that order." Belinda replied. "It makes her relaxed, it lowers her inhibitions, and sensitizes her. She will not resist, but also she will reach an excited state very easily."

I looked over to Mike and Bob who were listening intently. I felt uneasy and uncomfortable with them leering at my drugged wife. Belinda picked up on my fear and tried to reassure me. "Don't worry." Belinda said with a wink. "Wifey will not be made to do anything without your approval or knowlege." I glanced over at Ann again, feeling sorry that she was being ignored in the conversation. Her eyes were almost dreamy. As she lay on the bed, I noticed her short skirt had risen up enough for Mike to get a good look up her dress. Bob noticed the show also. I was still uncomfortable with those druggies oogling her. "Let's put her up on the bed." I said. "She looks awful uncomfortable in that position." Belinda answered. "Hubby worried about Wifey now? You weren't so worried about her 10 minutes ago while you were slamming your cock up my pussy." I began to feel sick. Knowing my wife could hear everything that was going on. Belinda reassured me again. "Don't worry lover. She won't remember anything tomorrow morning." "I'd still like her up on the bed farther." I stated pointedly. With that I went over to pull her limp body up on the bed resting her head on the pillow. Doing so I also pulled her short dress up farther. The show was not lost on Mike or Bob as they looked up to catch as much of Ann's naked thighs as possible. Belinda turned to watch and gasped. "She's in the perfect position." She went on to ask Ann some personal questions. "Ann...have you ever messed around on your husband?" She asked. "Ohhhh....only once. D D Dave felt my breast at last years forth of July picnic." Ann spoke slowly. "Did you fuck him?" Belinda asked. "He..he only felt my breast." Ann mumbled. "How many guys have you fucked?" Belinda inquired. "Oooonly one." She answered. Belinda looked at me quizzically and asked. "You popped her cherry?" I nodded the affirmative, feeling too embarrassed for Ann to answer. "You ever get it on with another girl?" Belinda pried. " high school....Maryyy...twice." Ann said, still answering truthfully. "Did you like it?" She asked. "It was fun... but bad... shouldn't do that." Ann replied. All of a sudden a light went on in Belinda's brain, and she smiled wickedly like before. "Wanna lick me?" Belinda asked excitedly. "It.. it's fun but wrong..." Came the reply. "It's only wrong if it hurts. And then sometimes it's right even then." Belinda chuckled. With that Belinda wasted no time on niceties or shame. She stood, kicked off her shoes, and peeled off her slacks. Her panties were stuck to her nether lips from the left over semen I pumped into her earlier. As she tugged at the crotch of her panties and removed them she spoke. "Wifey ever swallow your load?" Too stunned to speak I shrugged my shoulders. Here was my wife answering all her intimate questions in front of an audience. As Belinda crawled on top of the bed she asked Ann. "You ever swallow your ol' man's cum?" "Tastes bad... can't swallow... wrong..." She answered. As Belinda lowered herself onto Ann's face she groaned. "It's not wrong. It's so right. It's fun. It makes your man happy. Go ahead sweetie. stick you hot tongue up my cunt."

At first I heard a gurgling noise and then to my utter astonishment I saw Ann's tongue working feverishly on Belinda's crotch. She was even swallowing. It was my seed she was swallowing. Belinda was in bliss. She started moaning and then let out with a virtual triad of obscenities. "Ohhhhh Yessssss you lovely fuck toy. Suck my cunt. Suck your husbands sweet sperm out of me. He must have pumped a cup full of cock snot up my fuck hole. Ohhh that's it you little slut. Tongue me. Tongue my swampy twat. Suck it out of my pussy. Your husband pumped it deep inside me. Get it all out. suck it out of my horny hole." At that point Belinda was at fever pitch and ready to explode. She bounced up and down on Ann's wet face, darn near suffocating her.

My peripheral vision caught movement at the end of the bed. Bob and Mike both had their cocks out and stroking like crazy. It was then I realized I had a hardon also. My ego was having fun too. I noticed Bob's prick was only about 4 inches long. Mike's was only a little bigger than Bob's. Maybe 5 inches. I started to wonder if pot smoking made a difference in formation or penis size when I heard Ann gagging. As I looked I heard Belinda say, "Suck it up honey. Drink it down." Oh my gosh. Belinda was pissing in my wife?s mouth. My wife, although drugged and sort of ambient was desperately trying to reach her own crotch, to play with herself. Belinda noticed this and said harshly. "Suck her cunt you fucker. She deserves a good cum too." As if I were a robot. I moved mechanically on the bed. Reached up under her dress and pulled her panties down. I pushed her hem up and surveyed the pussy I hadn't had in months. Ann involuntarily spread her legs slowly. "Oh you little minx. You're gonna get eaten good. You deserve a good cum. Go on fucker...suck her snatch." Belinda moaned. As I assumed the position for eating, I noticed that Belinda had moved down a little more. She leaned over and forced my head between my wife's legs. "Oh babyyyyyy... that's it. Stick your tongue up my asshole." Belinda cried out and started jerking heavily. She was orgasming with my wife's tongue up her ass. "Fuckingggg lovely bitch... don't stop...sucking...ass fucking with your ....tongue." She continued.

By now Ann's pussy was really wet. She too was showing signs of eminent orgasm. Then it happened. She came in my mouth. That sticky clear fluid was literally spraying my face. Belinda saw that and screamed. "She's pissing in your mouth." With Ann's orgasm subsiding I looked up with a smile and told her that Ann is a squirter. It is not urine. It is female cum.

It was then that I noticed the two potheads looking over my shoulder to make sure. They were staring directly into my wife's pouty pussy. I felt embarrassed for her at first, but then something happened. My dick was ready to burst. I can't ever remember it be so hard that it hurt. It was then that Belinda leaned over to inspect it for herself. After a thorough visual inspection of my wife's charms Belinda looked me in the eye and without speaking grabbed my shoulders and kissed me hard. Her tongue swirled around for a while. When she broke the kiss she smacked her lips and said. "It doesn't taste like piss. In fact it doesn't taste like anything. Just a little sweetness if anything. It was then she noticed my raging hardon. "Looks like somebody wants relief. I could go for a nice fuck right now." With that she pulled me over to the other side of the bed and mounted me.

Her pussy was hot but amazingly tight after that huge orgasm. She worked her muscles like a pro. It wouldn't take long now. During this time I had forgotten completely all about Ann laying next to us. She had turned her head and seemed to dreamily watch us fornicate next to her. A guilt pang shot through me momentarily, but soon left as my own orgasm mounted. Belinda sensed my impending orgasm too. She suddenly stopped moving. She looked me in the eye and said, "Wifey's missing out on some cock, lover. Don't you think that as long as you're getting strange stuff, she should get some too? After all, she hasn't gotten anything but a tongue up her snatch." I nodded my head in agreement. That was all it took. I assumed she wanted me to fuck my wife. Wrong. She started moving her hips slowly and then I noticed Bob crawling up between my wife's spread legs.

Without ceremony he lunged forward hard and buried himself roughly into my wife. I heard a grunt from her and then a sigh. He started pumping and was soon jerking, and then he went stiff. He was cumming in my wife. He collapsed on my wife for only a second when Mike came up and pushed him off her. A groan escaped her lips as Bob disengaged his cock. Mike got between her legs. He lifted her knees for deeper entry. Like Bob, Mike slammed into my wife in one thrust. He started getting verbal as he pummeled my wife. "Oh sweet married cunt. Hot whore wife. Take my fuckstick. Gonna whitewash your guts with my sperm."

I hadn't noticed that Belinda was speeding up her movements and was getting me close again. As she swiveled her hips for effect she started to get verbal also. "Oh honey, look at your fucking whore wife. She's watching me fuck you. I'm gonna take your sperm up in my uterus while she takes another man?s cum in her slut cunt. She watching us mate. Fuck me baby. Give it to me. Bathe my womb with your potent sperm." Then it hit me, like a ton of bricks, potent sperm. Ann was not protected. Neither Bob nor Mike was wearing a condom. She's getting bred. There was probably an egg inside her waiting for some eager sperm to attack it.

I watched Mike stiffen and collapse much the same as Bob. It was over. She was truly fucked if she was fertile. My thoughts didn't have time to linger. I was on the edge myself. "Here it comes baby." Belinda whispered hoarsely. "I can feel you swelling. Time to make a baby in my empty womb. Give it to me deep and hard. Pump your load all the way up my tubes. That's it breed me you fucker. Fuck my horny twat. What a nice big cunt wrecker you have. Blow your wad now!" With that being said I released my jizz up her pussy. She simultaneously orgasmed. After I shot off 5 or 6 spurts I lay there exhausted. I lazily looked over to my wife. There was tear rolling down her cheek. I felt guilty as sin. As Belinda collapsed on me I heard my wife whisper. "Happy for you."

Within minutes Belinda was moving. She slowly got of my now limp cock and put her finger to my lips. As she moved towards my wife I knew what she was going to do. By this time Bob and Mike were dressed and left us to our own desires. Belinda again mounted my wife's face. Instinctively my wife knew what to do. She went to work on cleaning Belinda's used twat. I could hear sucking sounds getting louder and louder.Then a moan escaped my wife's mouth. "Oh, such a nice slut you married. I have to have her do this all the time. Maybe tomorrow." Belinda moaned. "That won't be possible." I said. "She'll be down from the drugs by then.?

Then I was really shocked to hear my wife say in between slurping sounds, "Maybe....Then again....Maybe not." It shocked me that Ann's speech suddenly changed from slurred and slow to normal. My fears were now realized. My wife was totally conscious, alert, and aware of everything. Stunned could even begin to describe my reaction to this new change of events. Belinda was fast approaching another orgasm at my wife's hand, er tongue. "Take a look at you. You stud. Hard again?" She quipped through ragged breath. "Why don't you give this whore a good pounding so she can get her rocks off again.?

Thinking I was busted, I tried to make sense of this all. Without realizing what I was saying, I spoke. "But I don't have a condom?. Both women half chuckled through their sex play. Belinda spoke, while riding my wife's face raw. "You stupid fuck. There is already two healthy loads of cum crammed up her snatch. What damage is one more going to do. Shove the meat to her. Ravage the married whore slut. Pump her full until it runs out her ears." Looking down I couldn't believe my cock was still hard. It only took a second to debate before I crawled between the legs that were just spread for Bob and Mike. I positioned myself for a smooth entry when I heard Belinda... "Ram it home hard. She likes it rough. She'll beg for more. That twat needs a good fat cock fucking it and tearing it up. Ohhhhhhh give it to her now you muther fuckerrrrr.?

Without delay I rammed home. Hard and fast. I could swear I entered her cervix slightly as Ann winced, then settled back to sucking Belinda. I was never so horny and wanted to pump her raw for allowing Bob and Mike to fuck her unprotected. I was a madman. I lifted her legs up and placed them over my shoulders as I reamed this whore of a wife. I was still pumping furiously as Belinda regained her composure and dismounted my wife. She came to my side and whispered in my ear. "You'd better hurry. That whore has two other dumps of cum inside her, fighting for her eggs. You better pump it fast and deep to make sure she doesn't bear someone elses bastard kid. Pump it quickly. She's fertile as a turtle, right now. If you don't cum in her soon all you'll have is a knocked up wife with a belly full of strange sperm." I could hold out no longer. I know I wouldn't spurt too much, but I needed to cum. I was now totally drained. I had never cum that much in a short period of time. I lazily rolled off my wife spent and tired.

"Well honey?" Belinda said. ""You get enough pussy today?" Groggily I answered, "Yes I did." "I hope your the daddy." My wife said. As I surveyed her face, she smiled. "Will someone please tell me what's going on?" I asked sternly. "Belinda and I have a confession." Ann said. "No." Belinda said. "You, you slut, have a confession. I caught my husband boning little miss neighborhood whore here." "You fucked my husband first." Ann said. "I only fucked him once." Belinda answered. "I didn't get banged everyday for six months." I looked at my wife. "Six months?" I asked. Ann hung her head and spoke. "It wasn't everyday. I found out from Bill that you fucked Belinda. He blackmailed me into sex. He said fair is fair." "So what is this about tonight?" I asked. "I found your little sluts juice all over my bed and forced her to play along tonight. There really wasn't any drugs used. She was feeling guilty and I was exacting revenge. I had Mike and Bob fuck her to humiliate her. I wanted her to watch us fuck." I looked at Ann. " no might be......" I stammered. "I am on the shot. I got it last month. No side effects. I couldn't fuck you at home, because you would have realized I was having an affair. Bill usually left just before you get home." Ann confessed. "Yeah." Belinda interjected. "She served you dinner every night with Bill's semen dripping from her cootch. I can't say sperm. Bill shoots blanks. Something to do with his genetics. Anyway I wanted to get a fitting revenge on both of them." "How is tonight making up for six months of revenge?" I asked. "That's where I came in." Ann said. "Bill knows what is happening tonight. Except for Bob and Mike. That was Belinda's plan. The rest of the plan was to make Belinda pregnant. She want's a baby, but Bill is sterile." "That's why you said you were happy for me?" I asked. "That's right." Belinda said. "We made a deal. If I'm not pregnant tonight, we have six months to get it right. Right Annie?" My wife just smiled and nodded.
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