Blackmailed By My Neighbor’s Son

Written by Barbi / Dec 12, 2006



I never thought I would be the victim of blackmail. I guess you would call it that. Due to the fact, I now must do whatever my black neighbor's son wants of me. You might say, I kind of had it coming to me. It all started when I had just come home from shopping. I had on a very short summer dress, the kind that if I bent over, you could see I had neglected to wear any panties. I had teased a lot of guys that day, let me tell you. But getting back to this particular story. As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that we had new neighbors moving in next-door. They were around the age of forty something I would guess. When they had noticed I had arrived home, they asked if the moving truck would be in my way. I responded by saying no, and welcomed them into the neighborhood. I also told them, that if there was anything they needed, to just knock on the door. They seemed to be a really nice black couple. I had yet to meet their son. But that would soon change.

I was inside getting dinner started when I heard a knock at the door. I went to the door to answer it. It was a black kid about the age of eighteen. I asked if he was with the couple moving in next-door. He said he was, and that he needed to use a phone to find out where the other moving truck was. I told him to come inside and he could use the phone in the kitchen to make his call. I noticed the entire time when he was talking on the phone, he was checking me out. I was too caught up putting the groceries away to notice I was giving this kid glimpses of my bare ass and pussy every time I bent over to put something away in a lower cabinet. After what seemed to be about ten minutes, he ended the call and said thank you as he headed outside. I said, "You're welcome and if you need to use the phone again, you?re more than welcome to just come over."

I didn't think he would take what I said for word, but thirty minutes later, he would return. This time he didn't even knock, he just opened the door and entered the condo. I hadn't even heard him come in. I was on the phone talking to one of my members of my website. I was setting up a members gangbang party. I never saw or heard my next door neighbors' son in the condo. He heard every thing I was saying. How I wanted to be taken by at least six guys. How the whole gangbang party would be filmed by my husband for my website. I had even told the member on the phone that I would meet up with each of them individually so they could each get one-on-one attention. Just as I ended the call, I saw out of the corner of my eye, my new next-door neighbor's son. I was taken back a little, but after regaining my composure, I asked what the hell he was doing in my condo! I was scolding this kid out, but he continued to approach me. I asked him how long he was standing there listening to me on the phone. As he took the phone out of my hand, he responded by saying, he had been there long enough to find out what kind of slut I really was. I was surprised that this young kid was talking to me in such a dominating way. He continued to tell me that he couldn't wait until his parents found out that they had moved next-door to an adult website star. I told him that they could never find out. The fact was, I had kept my website a secret from everyone I knew. He then asked if he could see the site. I responded, "I don't think it's a good idea." "I'll be the judge of that" he continued to talk in a dominating way, "What do you think? I'm asking or something. Look, just show me the website; you must have a computer on-line, right?" I tried to ask him what he had originally came over for but he started to reach out his hand and lift the front of my summer dress up. I asked him to stop. He continued to lift up the front of my dress until the hem line was about to my waist. He now had a clear view of my trimmed pussy. He just stared, then said in a sharp tone, "Now show me that website, you little slut, now!" I told him I really didn't like to be spoken to that way. He just laughed and said if I didn't do what he asked, he would not only tell his parents about my website, but all of my friends and neighbors as well. I was pissed that this young kid was talking about blackmailing me! I had to show him the site, but I didn't want him seeing me in all my slutty adventures. What would he do if he saw them? What would he say if I didn't show him? These questions and so many more were going through my mind, as I started heading down the hallway to my computer room. He was following me, and kept raising my dress to see my ass. I could hear him laughing, as I sat down to show him the website. He told me to let him sit down in the chair. He wanted to be the one using the mouse to navigate through the site.

As he started to view a couple of the pages, he commented about how much I really was a slut. "I bet you're wet just thinking about me seeing you in all these slutty poses. Right! Now get over here, and let me see if I'm right." I did as he said. He just reached out and put his fingers in my wet pussy. "I told you! That is one wet pussy you have there," he said. "Now get out of that sexy summer dress and show me what kind of slut you really are." I just did what he asked, and removed the dress. Now here I was, naked in front of my new neighbor?s son, and guessing what he had planned for me. He commented again on how the site was really slutty, but in a good way, and how me and him were going to make each other happy neighbors. As I went to pick up my dress, he pulled it out of my hand. "You aren't finished yet! Now get over here and start sucking my big black dick you slut!" I told him again I didn't like to be spoken to in that tone. He just laughed and responded, "You better get used to it, cause I'm going to be your master from now on! Now just start sucking!" I started to go down on this kid, thinking that as soon as I get him off, this nightmare would be over.

He grabbed the top of my head and made me take more of him in my mouth. I started to choke, but he just kept me down on his black cock. I started to use my hand to stroke his balls. I could tell he was going to cum soon, by the way his balls tightened up. After sucking his black cock for what seemed like fifteen minutes, he started to arch his back and I could tell he was seconds away from cumming. I started to pull my head off of his cock, but he then grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock further into my mouth. Again I started to choke, and as I started to try to pull my head off of his cock, he started cumming with great force. He started to really fuck my mouth at this point and just held my head down on his cock. He was cumming so much and he wouldn't even let me come up for air. I heard him say that I better swallow every last drop, or else. I had no other option but to swallow the cum. He had my head so far shoved down his cock that I really had no other option. As his orgasm ended, he released my head and now I could at least catch my breath. I had a little bit of his cum on my chin, so he took his finger and wiped it up. He then put his finger in my mouth and said, "Every drop, from now on!" I asked him what he meant by that? "You are now my slut! You will do whatever I want from now on, or I will let your secret be known by all, is that clear?" he said with a smile. I then told him that I would let him have his fun, but under my terms, not his. He just responded back, "We'll see."

He then told me he needed to get back to his parent's condo to help with the move. I asked him what it was that he had originally stopped over for. He responded by saying he didn't need anything, just wanted to come over and see me bending over some more in my dress. He laughed and said, "To think, I actually didn't think you knew you were showing off that sexy little body of yours, I should have known better, but I got better than that. Now, I have my very own white slut." I told him to keep it quiet or he would get nothing. He then stepped out of the condo and went back to his parents place. I didn't see him for a week, but when I did, he had brought over four of his black buddies to have their way with me. He introduced me to them as his white slut milf. I have since then been made to service about forty of his friends. Sometimes he doesn't even come with them, but he calls me during the escapade and I have to tell him that I'm doing it for him, that I'm his little white slut toy, and I will continue to be at his control for what ever he wants me to do. I am starting to like the whole control thing; in fact, I think it's pretty sexy this young kid lends me to his friends for the sake of being fucked.

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