High School Reunion

Written by April / Jan 3, 2007



I left school five years ago when I was 18. A couple of weeks ago I left my husband at home and went to the annual reunion of my year at school. I thought it would be a boring affair, but I had some fun which your readers might like to read about.

A lot of my old friends were there, and I recognized a guy called Mark. He was the first boy I'd ever given a hand-job to. He was there with his young wife so we just exchanged a knowing grin and I had the sense to keep away ! As we sat through the dinner I was getting hotter and hotter thinking about my time with Mark.

We had both been 18, and I was walking back from school across the park one summer afternoon with Mark. I was in one of the really short mini-skirts I wore in those days, with bare legs, and a tight white blouse. We were holding hands. I was letting Mark's hand brush against my bare thigh from time to time and I could see his big cock was sticking out so hard it looked like it was going to burst out through his pants. We headed for some bushes where we used to go for a kiss, and moments later we were kissing passionately, Mark's hand was round my waist, and I could feel his large rock hard cock jutting against my belly, just below my belly button. Mark was usually rather shy, but this time he was ravenous! He started to fondle my bottom through my skirt, his fingers following the line of my panties, then his hand slipped down till he was caressing my bare thigh. He put his hand up my skirt to run his hand over my thin white cotton panties tight over my bottom. I could feel my pussy tingling with excitement, and then he plucked up the courage to slip his hand down the back of my panties to explore the bare flesh of my bottom. I was wild with lust and I stopped kissing him for a moment to whisper "go on, feel my pussy". I could feel his hand trembling as he pulled a girl's panties down for the first time, till they were taut around my spread thighs, then he cupped his hand over my pussy mound, running his fingers through my pubic hair and along my vagina lips. I undid the clasp and zip of my skirt and let it drop so he could see my cunt. He crouched down, kissed me right on my bush of pussy hair and slipped the tip of his tongue between my vagina lips. I was really hot and I opened my blouse and pulled my bra down for him.

He stood up to play with them, and then he pulled my hand to the ridge between his legs. I unzipped him pulled his shorts down. His penis was almost vertical, and really big and stiff, with a little drop of semen on its tip. I'd watched my brother masturbate so I knew what a boy likes. I fingered his penis and balls lightly till his shaft was bending back on itself with erection, enjoying his moans of pleasure as I fingered his cock. Then I wrapped my hand gently round his stiff smooth shaft and stroked him up and down, sliding my hand over the ridge around the base of his knob as I ran my hand full length from his thick mat of pubic hair to his head. Knowing boys better now I can imagine how he felt, having his first hand-job from a girl with her tits out, her panties down, with his hands exploring her naked bottom, breasts and cunt. I still remember how he thrust his cock forward as he was about to come, and the way his cock stiffened and jerked in my hand as his semen shot across our little hideaway and covered my hand. After that we'd dressed quickly and made our separate ways home.

We had a wild summer of sex after that before we went our separate ways to college. The memory got me so excited I was throbbing between my legs and I started to make my way to the girls' toilets where I had often gone to pleasure myself. But on the way I met my old school head teacher, Richard. He was a guy in his late forties, and the most lecherous man I've ever known. He was always trying to see up our skirts in lessons or when we went up the stairs, or between our blouse buttons. "Hello Lucy" he said "you are looking well" I knew that what he really meant was "You are looking just as sexy as ever and I can't keep my eyes off your breasts and legs" I could feel him mentally undressing me and imagining me in filthy poses.

I don't know what came over me, I was just so hungry for sex. I leaned back against the wall with my knee up like the way a prostitute stands, showing him my black stockinged thigh and giving him a glimpse of my white panties, arching my back so my breasts jutted against my blouse, and I said "Do you still want to see up my skirt ? Let's go to your office and I'll show you everything you want". He put his hand on my knee and ran it up the inside of my thigh until he was stroking my cunt through my panties, then we went to his office and he locked the office door behind us. Richard unzipped my dress at the back, then slipped the thin shoulder straps over my shoulders so my dress fell round my feet, leaving me in my bra, panties and stockings. He wanted me to strip for him on his desk, so I climbed onto his desk and slowly stripped, leaving my stockings till last, posing in ways that stuck my breasts and bottom out and got my legs really wide. I did the splits for him on his desk, leaning back on my hands behind me so my nipples were pointing straight up.

He stripped naked, revealing a masculine body with a huge cock as stiff and upright as Mark's had been and which had obviously taken a woman to her pleasure many times. My husband was not as large as either one and to tell the truth I missed getting fucked so deep by Mark. Richard ran his hands over my body while I performed for him, I thrilled as I sensed that as an older man who'd been fucking his wife for years he knew just what a woman wants. His fingers played with my lust swollen labia in ways that almost made me scream with pleasure, he knew all the places to touch me between my legs that got me begging him to fuck me, and he knew how to catch my nipples with the tip of his tongue till they felt they were going to explode with arousal while he fingered my pussy.

Then he sat me on the edge of his desk with my legs wide, my feet on a couple of chairs, and licked my throbbing gorged pussy. I was panting with wild arousal, so excited it was all I could do to keep my fingers away from my pussy to seek the relief I craved in masturbation.

Then he stood between my spread legs, had a play with my breasts, then held my waist and his big cock and slid it between my longing vagina lips. He was the oldest man who'd ever fucked me, and instead of the boys who'd so often just climb on top of me and pump me for a couple of minutes till they came, he took ages working my clitty with his big prick. He was making me moan like a slut when finally one of the most exquisite orgasms I've ever had built up slowly then burst while he was still pumping me hard. I cried out and writhed in his hands, and wrapped my legs round him. I held him tight as I felt his big cock swelling inside me. He pulled away and spread my legs wide ramming that fucking prick deep inside me. I reached up and gripped him tight, I had never wanted to feel something as much as I wanted his cum inside of me. He began clawing at my ass cheeks and he yelled and I could his prick jerking deep inside of me. His hot cum felt so good as he filled me with his oozing cock. If I would had known he was this good I would have fucked him high school.

My pussy was still glowing with pleasure as we dressed. He poured us both a whisky from the bottle he had in his desk, and he thanked me that I'd now fulfilled the fantasy he'd had for years about fucking me on his desk, and that he'd often masturbated over the years thinking of the times he'd seen up my skirt. I felt so good being able to please a man that much!
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