White Girl

Written by Anonymous / Jan 10, 2007



They called her "breeder bitch", and "white whore", and made her crawl at their feet. What could be more exciting? Just out of high school, Darya, despite being straight, gets involved in a kinky lesbian relationship with a lovely Asian girl, then agrees to join her, her mother, and aunt on a sailing trip to the Caribbean. Yet when she is discovered naked and chained to the bed by the older women, they join her lover in sexually using and abusing the lovely girl. Darya must remain naked, and is subjected to degrading verbal abuse and painful punishments as the three lesbians taunt and torment her. ?What if your mom comes!?? Darya panted, pulling at the straps, raising her head as Selina slid backwards. ?The door is locked,? she said reassuringly.

She spread Darya?s legs to the corners of the bed and strapped them tightly in place, as well, much more tightly than usual. Darya?s body was tautly stretched out in four directions, her arms and legs absolutely straight and unable to move even an inch.

She licked her way slowly up Darya?s inner thigh and began to tease her bare, moist little sex. Before too long Darya forgot her objections, gasping and moaning, writhing and pulling at the straps holding her in place as Selina?s talented tongue made her clitoris throb and burn with hunger and need.

She grinned and reached down, opening a drawer built into the bed, and drew out a pair of fat vibrators. Darya groaned in denial as she first worked one deep into her rectum, then teased her clitoris with the second before shoving it through her straining pussy lips and jamming it down her sex to the hilt.

Then she resumed her careful licking, teasing the gasping, panting, moaning girl, licking along her belly and inner thighs when she got too aroused, intent on keeping her hot but not letting her climax. ?Lick meeee!? Darya groaned. ?Beg me, slut,? Selina teased. ?Please, please!? she moaned. ?Please mistress,? Selina insisted. ?Please lick me, mistress!? Darya moaned.

Instead, Selina slid her soft, warm body up along Darya?s, licking at her nipples and breasts, then sliding her own breasts over them as she exchanged deep, passionate kisses with the panting blonde girl. ?You need to work on your begging,? she said with a smirk. ?Please, mistress!? Darya groaned.

Instead Selina straddled her shoulders, spreading her knees wide, gripping Darya?s hair as she jammed her sex down against her mouth. She rode her face harshly, ignoring the blonde girl?s gasps and moans, twisting her fingers in her hair as she bounced and ground herself against her.

She came, finally, crying out in pleasure, bouncing wildly atop the blonde girl?s face as her hot juices slipped through her sex lips and coated Darya?s face with a glistening layer of girl cream.

?Oh yeah!? she moaned, easing up at last, then falling backwards along Darya?s body. ?You?re becoming a good little pussy licker,? she said, panting.

She threw her legs over the edge of the bed and sat up. ?God it?s hot in here. I need to get a drink and some air.?

She pulled on a short, satin robe and winked at Darya. ?Don?t go away.? ?Don?t you dare leave me like this!? Darya gasped.

Selina grinned and walked back, then pulled a gag from the drawer beneath the bed and shoved it quickly into the blonde teenager?s mouth. It was a pump gag, and she smiled as she began to inflate it, watching as Darya?s mouth was forced wider, her eyes going wide too as the tough leather inside her oral cavity grew wider and forced her jaws even further apart.

?Now don?t make any noise, dear,? she said. ?We wouldn?t want to wake up mother or Hiu-Ling.?

She left, and closed the door behind her. Darya lay still, moaning, chest heaving, sweating in the warm air. Her body was still gripped by passion, heat and lust, and the buzzing sex toys in her belly were teasing her cruelly. Her arms and legs were growing stiff and cramped, and she pulled feebly against the straps, gasping and moaning into the inflatable gag before going limp again.

And then there was a knock at the cabin door. She jerked her head up, eyes wide, heart pounding as she heard a voice calling Selina?s name. She pulled frantically at the straps, but to no avail, and then the door opened and Hiu-Ling looked in. The woman did a double take as Darya lay back, closing her eyes, utterly mortified. She heard a soft gasp, then opened her eyes a bit, hoping the woman had left. Instead she was coming forward into the room, frowning oddly. Darya moaned and turned her head away, her face flaming, desperately wishing Selina would come back immediately and the woman would leave.

?Well, well, well,? Hiu-Ling said in amusement. ?I never would have thought it of you, dear child.?

Darya cringed as she felt the pressure on the bed indicating the woman had sat down. Then fingers gripped her chin, forcing her head around, forcing her to look into the woman?s smirking face.

?How strange and perverse,? she said. ?Is this the kind of thing you and Selina do when alone in her bedroom? I do not think her mother would be happy to know how you pollute her innocent little girl with your perverted sexual practices.?

Even in her shame Darya felt indignation, wanting to protest that it was all Selina?s idea, but she had a feeling her mother would indeed think that Darya was a perverted blonde whore who had sullied her innocent little daughter.

Hiu-Ling looked down her body and then, smiling, reached down and slipped her finger through one of Darya?s nipple rings, pulling it up, painfully stretching her nipple.

?I see you have nipple rings,? the woman said. ?Are they painful?? Darya tried to make no sound, but as the woman continued to lift it up she could not repress a gasp of pain.

The woman let it drop, but rubbed the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. ?I heard they make nipples more sensitive,? she said. ?Is that true? Only prostitutes would wear such things in China, of course, but you westerners have very ? different ? morals.?

She kneaded Darya?s breast, her fingers squeezing softly and rhythmically. ?You white girls often have such large breasts,? she said.

Darya moaned into the gag again, but the woman was looking down along her body, and her hand followed her gaze until it was between her legs, fingering the ring there, pulling on it, stretching her labia, then circling the base of the vibrator shoved up her pussy.

?I do not like penetration,? Hiu-Ling said, pulling on the vibrator, then beginning to pump it in and out. ?The major nerve endings are in the female clitoris, yes? So what reason is there for having things pushed into you like this? I think it is all in your mind.? She smiled at Darya as she pumped the dildo in and out. ?I am a lesbian, you see. Do you know what many lesbians call heterosexual girls? Breeders. Is it unflattering to you? I think you breeder girls like the thought of being penetrated too much to give it up, even when you are fucking a girl.?

She pulled the vibrator completely out and let the head rub back and forth across Darya?s clitoris, and the blonde girl?s hips jerked involuntarily. ?See? Isn?t that much better?? she asked coyly.

She continued to rub the vibrator in slow circles around Darya?s clit, now and then running it directly across.

The door opened and Selina stood there, holding a cup of juice, gasping in shock. ?Well, well, look who?s here,? Hiu-Ling said with a smile. ?Come in, dear, and close the door. We don?t want your mother knowing what a perverted little girl you are, do we??

Selina quickly closed the door, looking anxiously at the woman. ?Take that off. Let?s see what kind of a pretty little body you?ve been hiding from auntie Hiu-Ling.? ?But - .? ?Or should I go and get your mother??

Selina shook her head rapidly, then set down the cup and reluctantly opened her robe, peeling it over her shoulders and off. ?Very nice,? Hiu-Ling said. ?What a pretty little girl you are. Come here, Selina.?

Selina moved forward hesitantly, and Hiu-Ling reached out for her, sliding a hand between her legs, thrusting two fingers up into her pussy as she pressed her thumb against her clit. ?You two must be punished, of course,? Hiu-Ling said, ?for being such bad little girls. But if you are good then perhaps I will not have to tell mommy on you.?

She pulled and Selina gasped, falling forward into the bed. The woman then gripped her hair, pulling tightly, guiding her face in between Darya?s spread thighs. ?Show me what you two little girls do when you are alone,? she demanded. ?Go, lick the blonde whore until she comes. I want to see a blonde orgasm.? ?But I don?t - .? ?Now! Or I call your mother.? Selina squirmed, but then leaned in and began to lick at Darya?s clit as Hiu-Ling looked on. ?Do you like that, blonde slut?? the woman cooed, leaning back and stroking Darya?s hair. ?Do you like having the little Chinese girl licking your pussy??

Darya didn?t. She was humiliated. On the other hand, her body certainly did, and despite the anxiety and shame flooding her mind her body was rapidly warming to the feel of the girl?s tongue and the buzzing of the vibrators. Then Hiu-Ling leaned in and began to knead her breasts idly, fingering and pinching her nipples. ?That?s it, lick. Lick harder. Pump the vibrator. I think this whore loves to be penetrated hard and deep.?

She bent and mouthed one of Darya?s nipples, sucking and chewing and licking, then raised her head again, watching Selina licking at her clit. ?Harder, bitch. Don?t you want the little white girl to have her come??

Abruptly, she shoved Selina back with her foot, almost shoving her off the bed. ?Get out,? she said dismissively. ?Go wait on deck. I?ll deal with the white whore.? ?But Hiu-Ling she - .? ?Now!? Hiu-Ling snapped. ?Or I go straight to your mother.?

Selina dropped her eyes, then turned away and reached for her robe. ?No! Go out naked. Go!?

Selina left, and Hiu-Ling turned dark, hungry eyes on the helpless blonde. ?I always want to fuck a blonde whore,? she said. ?But you must be punished, also, for seducing our pure little Asian flower into your perverted ways. Her mother would be most upset if she found out her baby was polluting herself with a cheap white breeder whore.?

She sat up, then moved to the foot of the bed and undid the straps around her ankles. She pulled one of the straps completely free of the bedpost, and then slid up Darya?s body, undoing first one wrist, then the other. Darya?s arms were stiff, however, and she groaned as she bent them for the first time in well over an hour.

By the time she even thought of doing anything else the woman had rolled her onto her back and pulled her wrists back together behind her back.

She then sat on them as she straddled the gasping blonde girl, and slipped the strap beneath her arms and around them, pulling it into a loop and tightening it.

Darya groaned in discomfort, then pain as the strap was tightened even further, as her arms were forced painfully back, her shoulders on fire. The leather strap forced her arms back still further, and the woman jammed her knee into the small of Darya?s back to hold her in position as she ruthlessly forced her elbows back until they were actually pressing together, then buckled the strap in place.

Darya?s wrists and hands were free, but since her arms were locked together behind her there was little she could do with them. She moaned in pain as the woman grasped her hair and forced her up and off the side of the bed, spilling her to the floor on her belly, then yanking on her hair to force her onto her knees.

?Move, white whore,? the woman ordered, pulling on her hair, forcing Darya to move forward on her knees, gasping and moaning, eyes tearing at the pulling sting against her scalp.

She was forced to move around to the far side of the bed. The woman then made her bend forward over the bed as she picked up a strap and wound it around her fist. ?I must punish you, blonde whore, for involving poor, little Selina in your sick perversions. Now hold still.?

Darya gasped, her arms and shoulders burning with pain, her jaw aching around the inflatable gag. Then she yelped loudly as the strap cut across her bottom with painful force. ?Stop whining, blonde whore. You get what you deserve,? Hiu-Ling growled.

She suddenly put her bare foot against the base of the vibrator protruding from Darya?s anal opening and shoved hard. Darya cried out in pain, shoved forward, the head of the vibrator jamming into her gut like a punch. Then the belt slashed across her bottom again, bringing stinging pain in its wake. ?I teach you not to seduce our pure little girls, blonde whore,? the woman said, laying the belt down hard across Darya?s burning buttocks.

Darya rolled her head in pain, moaning and sniffling, then crying out again at another blow, then another, then another. ?Keep that white bottom raised, blonde whore, or I whip something more painful, like those big boobs of yours,? Hiu-Ling snapped.

Moaning and whimpering, Darya raised her bottom and another blow cut across it, then another, then another, each blow making her jerk violently, bringing tears of pain to her eyes. ?You must learn to learn to reform your ways this trip, blonde whore,? Hiu-Ling said, lashing her bottom again and again.

Her buttocks were on fire, and Darya was sobbing openly before the woman stopped. Then her eyes bulged and she cried out in even greater pain, for the woman had leaned forward, gripping her long hair to pull it backwards. At the same time she put her foot against the base of the vibrator sticking out of her pussy and put all her weight on it.

Darya?s head was pulled back, a thousand needles stabbing into her scalp even as she was punched painfully in the gut, the nose of the vibrator forced past her cervix and jamming against the back wall of her pussy tunnel.

?Breeder slut!? Hiu-Ling sneered. ?You love to have big fat, hard things shoved up into your belly. Do not deny it!?

She straddled the moaning girl, forcing her head back by the hair, leaning over her, looking down. ?You love it, blonde whore. Admit it!? She slapped at one of her breasts, then again, twisting at her hair as she did.

She abruptly gripped the pump gag and deflated it, then pulled it out of Darya?s mouth, yanking on her hair at the same time, twisting her around. She stepped back as Darya moaned and sniffled, working her aching jaw, and then stripped off her own long robe, revealing that she was nude beneath it.

?Now, blonde whore, you can reward me for all the trouble I take to teach you your place.?

She gripped Darya?s thick hair, forcing it into two thick wads at either side of her face, then pulled her head into her groin. ?Show me what Selina has taught you, breeder slut.? She jammed her pussy against the moaning girl?s mouth, pulling on her hair until Darya began to lick. ?Yes! Show me what you can do, breeder slut!? Darya licked her, and licked her, and licked her, frantic as the woman pulled and twisted her hair, moaning and whimpering in pain as she sought to please her. Her arms and shoulders continued to burn, but were starting to go numb now as she knelt and licked. Her shame was easing, as well, for now that the woman was a participant, had revealed her own sexual lust and motivation, she felt less like a schoolgirl who had been caught doing something nasty.

It was obvious now that the woman?s motivation was largely sexual, and so Darya did not need to feel so low and shamed. She was still uncomfortable, still mentally squirming at being the woman?s sex toy, but then again there was something a little ? kinky and hot ? about it, too. Hiu-Ling was a beautiful, sophisticated woman, and very strong, very ? mannish ? in some ways, though she knew the woman would hate it if she were so described.

Being forced to lick her pussy was degrading, but not nearly as degrading and humiliating as being caught tied up naked with vibrators in her pussy and anus. And even that shame was beginning to fade now as she realized the woman was less shocked, less disapproving, than aroused by what she had discovered.

She felt a sense of relief as the woman stiffened, groaned in pleasure, then began to buck against her mouth. But apparently, one climax was not enough. The woman sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs, and guided Darya?s mouth to her pussy again. She alternately fondled and slapped at the blonde girl?s breasts as Darya licked her, calling her names and telling her how filthy and perverted she was. But Selina had done much the same when she was bound, and Darya thought this was more for effect, more a game, more an act, than a demonstration of real contempt. It even aroused her a little, for she was feeling quite the victim, the prisoner, forced to perform sexually on a virtual stranger.

It had aroused her immensely when Selina had done this, but having Hiu- Ling do it was so much more ? real, that her body was beginning to burn with passion even as the woman cursed her and roughly groped and slapped her breasts. ?Lick, blonde whore,? she sneered. And Darya licked, moaning, helpless, naked, the vibrators buzzing inside her belly. After her second climax Hiu-Ling eased her grip on Darya?s hair, but her face was still a mask of contempt. ?Filthy, weak minded little breeder slut,? she said.

She gave her a shove with her foot so she fell back onto her back. Then sat up and looked down at the open drawer of toys. She snorted in disdain, but reached into it, looking over the things there, then pulling out several straps. ?Strap-ons,? she said in disgust. ?Breeder girls use strap-ons. I think you love them, yes??

She stood up, pulling the straps up her legs and buckling them in place. ?All right, breeder girl. I?ll give you what you love.? She took the big black dildo out of the drawer and fit it in place in front of her groin, then dropped to her knees between Darya?s legs. ?N-No, please,? Darya panted. ?Quiet, breeder slut.?

She rolled her onto her knees and jerked on her hips, raising her bottom into the air, then dug the vibrator out of her pussy and forced the somewhat thicker dildo into her in its place. ?This is what breeder sluts live for,? she said, as she forced the dildo deep into the groaning blonde teenager?s belly.

She began to ride her, slapping at her bottom whenever it lowered, forcing her knees apart, reaching under to fondle her breasts as she pumped the dildo in and out. ?Show us your orgasm, breeder slut,? she said.

And oh God did it feel good! The hard, deep thrusting of the fat latex cock was making Darya?s head ache with the steady throbbing and pounding of sexual excitement. Every deep thrust made her gasp as a ripple of sexual pleasure rolled through her body and mind.

Still, she tried to hide her arousal, tried until the woman picked up the vibrator and slid it between her legs, rubbing it back and forth against her clitoris. That was simply too much, and the orgasm rose up around her and then crashed down upon her like a tidal wave, swamping her mind with orgiastic pleasure so intense she could not even think to hide it.

Her cries of pleasure were quickly muffled as the woman put her hand over her mouth, but they continued as her body jerked and bucked and twisted to the wild sexual energy coursing through her system. ?I knew you would love that, blonde whore,? Hiu-Ling said with a sneer.

She slowed her pumping as Darya went limp, then pulled the dildo free and eased back, grinning. ?I think you?ve had too much pleasure, though, and not enough punishment for your perverted abuse of our poor little Selina. So I?m going to have to punish you further.?

Her bottom still stung, and Darya moaned weakly. ?Please,? she panted. ?Do not fear another strapping. I give you time to think on your wicked ways.?

She pushed her onto her stomach, and then, much to Darya?s relief, released the strap pinning her elbows back together. She cried out in pain as her stiff arms and shoulders sprang apart, but the pain soon gave way to relief as the deep ache began to ease.

Before she could make any use of her arms, however, Hiu-Ling had fit leather restraints around both wrists, then around both ankles. She locked the wrist restraints together behind her back, then did the same to the ankle restraints. She shoved the dildo deep into her pussy again, laughing as the blonde girl squirmed with discomfort.

She found a narrow cord, then, and forced Darya?s legs back, lifting her feet up and pressing them back against her buttocks. She pulled her wrists down and then fit the cord through the links in them, pulling, tightening so that Darya?s back arched and she groaned in discomfort.

She tied off the cord then and shoved the inflatable gag back into her mouth. She pushed it deeper than Selina had, though, and when she inflated it the leather filled Darya?s mouth without hurting her jaw. She then pulled Darya?s long hair into a braid. Another cord was tied to it, and she pulled it back sharply and tied it to her big toes. ?You spend night like this,? she said, ?think of what a nasty, dirty whore you are.?

Darya moaned and rolled her eyes, but the woman was not kidding. She left her like that on the floor, then returned with Selina. Selina was allowed to lay on the bed, but then her wrists were shackled above her. ?I come and release you in the morning,? Hiu-Ling said. ?Have a nice night, and no fooling around together.? She chuckled to herself and closed the door behind her.

Darya stared at the foot of the bed. She could not see Hiu-Ling up on top of it, but that hardly mattered. She knew Selina could not release her. She tried to twist and roll herself into a more comfortable position, but nothing eased the growing ache in her back for long. Whether she was on her belly or her sides her back was arched sharply, and the longer she lay there the more it hurt. ?God, I hope she doesn?t tell my mother,? Selina said in the darkness. That was almost all she said, and before long she seemed to fall asleep, leaving Darya moaning softly into the gag, her back burning with pain. She got no sleep at all, though she was sweating and exhausted by the time the sky began to brighten through the narrow window above the bed. The sun rose, and the room brightened, but still she lay there, feeling as though a knife had been driven into her back.
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