It Was Our Wives Plan

Written by Charlie Drifter / Apr 11, 2007


IT WAS OUR WIVES PLAN By Charlie "the drifter"

I still can't believe we did what we did that three weeks ago. Connie and I have been married about a year and a half, our neighbors Tom and Alice have been married just a year. We decided to get together for more or less our one year of togetherness. We have also lived next door to each other for one full year. They moved in right after their honeymoon. We had lived her for six months at the time.

We became close friends having been married so close together. Connie and Alice became very close friends. Of course Tom and I also were. We helped each other and each others wives when they needed it.

I had seen Alice in next to nothing in her tiny bikini that just covered her nipples and her pussy slit. Of course he had seen Connie dressed the same way. We often joked about how much they looked alike. Except Connie was dark hair with dark eyes and Alice was blond with blue eyes.

We had even joked, when we had a couple of beers about swapping for a change in color. Of course our wives joked about changing husbands just for the change and something new.

We never talked seriously about swapping wives. That is until that night that we decided to celebrate together.

Both Tom and I had been working lots of hours and days and when we could take a break we did. Both of us had taken a two week vacation and just planned on staying home and lazing around.

Our wives got onto us for not wanting to do anything or go anywhere so Tom and I decided to take them out to dinner, drinks and dancing.

As Connie got ready, she began joking with me about maybe we should swap wives for the night just for something new.

I jokingly as her "why, did she want to try it with Tom to see what it was like with someone else? She just laughed and told me "well maybe so, you might like to try it with Alice for something new too. You might like it."

That set the scene for the evening. I still think Connie and Alice had it all planned so they could see what it was like with another man. After all even just a year of the same thing night after night can get boring no matter how much you like it. Of course they both denied it. But damn they just kept joking about it all night.

They even talked about maybe it would even be exciting watching each other with the others husband.

Both girls were dressed almost alike. A blouse you could make out their dark nipples and firm breasts, and a skirt that was just barely mid thigh maybe even a little shorting, stopping just short of showing their bare asses because they were both wearing thong panties that just covered their front and back holes.

Both Tom and I were shocked at those two when they told us about their thong panties and they both raised their skirts showing both of us. Instant hardon. Not just for Alice but from Connie showing Tom her panties or almost panties.

They laughed at the look on our faces and told us what the hell, we had both seen both of them in their bikini bathing suits and they didn't cover much more. Which both of us had to admit. But it was a lot more exciting seeing them in their thong panties.

We rode in one, car, Tom drove, he lost the flip of the coin. As we traveled to the night club restaurant we were going to go to Connie and I stole a few kisses and I copped a feel or two. She even spread her legs and let me slip my hand up to her pussy.

Then she whispered to me that maybe I should treat Alice the same way.

I ask her if she wanted Tom to treat her the same way, she giggled and said it might just be exciting.

I was beginning to get the idea that our two wives actually did want to swap husbands, the way they were talking and acting.

As we traveled the few miles to the club, they suddenly surprised both Tom and I when they told us that for the night we were married to a couple of sluts and they were going to act like it.

With that, giggling, Alice climbed over the back of the front seat into the back showing her bare ass. Connie then climbed into the front seat baring her bare ass.

Alice cuddled up to me and Connie cuddled up to Tom. Both of them were giggling. Tom and I didn't know what to think.

I almost panicked when Alice took my hand and put my arm around her and reached up and pulled my head down and kissed me with a kiss that was full of passion, her tongue slipping into my mouth to caress my tongue.

"Like we said," she whispered to me, we're sluts tonight, treat me like a slut, as she pressed the palm of my hand against her firm breast with no bra.

Before I even thought, my hand squeezed her braless breast. I then went to jerk my hand away from her breast but she held it there and told me to enjoy it.

I looked in the front seat and saw Connie cuddled up to Tom, his arm around her. Looking at the reflection in the front window, I could see her holding his hand on her braless breast. I could also see the worried look on his face.

Connie and Tom couldn't kiss but she made sure his hand was squeezing her breast. Well they were doing what they said, they were acting like sluts.

When Alice took my hand other hand and held it on her bare thigh high up almost to her almost bare pussy, I knew that they did really mean to do what they said. I was almost sure that they were wanting to act like sluts and swap husbands for the night.

When we got to the restaurant and went in, Alice sat with me and Connie sat with Tom. Tom and I just stared at each other. and our wives sitting with each others husband.

The girls got up and went into the ladies room. Tom and I looked at each other, then at the same time, we ask each other if we thought they really meant to swap wives for the night.

We both had to kind of laugh at our same thought at the same time. Then we ask each other, what do you think if they do? Should we do it? Should we at least once, do it to see what it was like. To be able to say we watched our wife with another man?

Just as they came out of the restroom, we agreed to go along with them. If they decided they did want to swap for the night we would do it as long as we done it together in the same bed.

I know that once we decided to do it if that was what they were trying to do, we both relaxed a lot knowing that we were not making the other mad.

We had a very exciting dinner, my hand on Alice's, another man's wife's bare thigh most of the meal. Of course I knew that he had his hand on my wife's bare thigh too.

I decided to see just how far they were going to go and slipped my hand up to press against Alices almost bare and wet pussy. She caught her breath but didn't push my hand away. She just squeezed my other hand, living my hand pressed against her throbbing pussy.

After the meal, we went into the night club and found a table in back where it was quite dark. Alice again sat with me and Connie with Tom.

It went from there. I kissed Alice and as I did I fondled her breast in the dark. I knew that Tom could see my hand on his wife's tit but I could see his on my wife's too.

Our wives did not try to stop either of us.

When we danced, Alice melted against me pressing her body tight. As we danced I asked her if they were going to be sluts all night. She kissed me, smiled and ask me what I thought. I told her that I thought I was soon going to have her in my bed with me naked and I was going to enjoy her sluttish way, to the ultimate climax and with Tom and Connie laying right beside us and Tom enjoying Connie to the ultimate climax.

I kissed her and told her I was going to enjoy her tightness as I pumped her full at the same time watching Tom pump Connie full. She knew exactly what I was talking about. She kissed me, and told me yes, yes, she wanted me to enjoy her to the ultimate climax. She then told me that she and Connie hoped to be very sluttish from time to time with us. She was telling me that my wife wanted to swap us to swap wives once in a while so she can enjoy sex with another man.,

I told her as long as she was ready to be with me so. I then told her that she better not mind it, but I never used any protection and wouldn't be using any with her. She giggled kissed me then told me good that made it even more exciting. From that point on the evening got even more exciting as our wives turned even more sluttish giving other men in the club a good look at their thong covered pussies.

They even danced with a couple of other men and let them fondle their breasts for a short minute. Just enough to tease them.

Finally Tom and I decided it was time to go home and see if our wives were going to actually go through with it. We decided to go to our place because we had a king sized bed.

On the way home I enjoyed Alice's body. Fondling her breasts and even slipping my hand up under her short to message her cunt through her thong panties. She gasp but did not push my hand away when I slipped my finger under her thong and touched her bare pussy, then slipped my finger all of the way up inside of her. She just spread her legs a little more and let me enjoy her hot, wet, tight pussy. I could feel her cunt muscles pulsating around my finger.

With what Alice and Connie had to drink, they got even more sluttish. Partway home, they both unbuttoned their blouses and bare their breasts to anyone that may see them. I stared at Alices bare breasts then cupped one in my hand and leaning down sucked the nipple on her other one. Damn her nipples were stiff and tight. She moaned as I sucked her nipples and I felt her hand press against my stiff cock through my pants.

She squeezed my cock through my pants. As I sucked her nipples she whispered in my ear. "Oh god I'm going to enjoy being a slut and feeling this inside of me coating me inside with its hot cum. Oh god, keep fingering me. Yes, finger fuck me." she whispered in my ear. Oh god I'm going to enjoy you fucking me and cumming in me."

I couldn't believe she was coming right out and telling me she was going to enjoy having my cock in her cunt fucking her and cumming in her.

When we got to our house we never even turned on the lights. We were all so excited and with what we had to drink we went right into the bedroom.

It seem like in a matter of seconds or wives were standing there naked in front of us. In the back of my mind I couldn't believe that my Connie was standing naked letting another man look at her. But at the same time I had the obsession of slipping my cock up into the other man's wife.

Suddenly the thought of watching my own wife being fucked by another man while I was fucking his wife became overpowering to me.

As if we were having the same feelings, Tom and I stripped quickly and each reached out and pulled the others wife's naked body tight against us. Suddenly it thrilled me to see Connie naked in the arms of another man while I had his wife naked in my arms.

I kissed Alice as Tom and Connie kissed. I pushed Alice back on the bed and lay down beside her and began making love to her.

I kissed and caressed her naked body as I watched my own wife's body being caress by her husband. I moved down, licking and sucking her breasts and nipples. I then moved down toward her hairless pussy. She cried out when I licked my tongue up and down her wet pussy.

I felt her grasp my cock and I moved with her hand and looking up I saw her stare at my cock and then lick her tongue around its head. Then looking at me she slipped my cock into her mouth and began fucking her mouth on it.

I stared at her. For the first time I had another man's wife sucking my cock. I glanced over at my own wife and felt a chill sweep over me. My wife had another man's cock deep in her mouth. She was fucking her mouth on another man's cock.

I watched her as I licked Alice's hot cunt lapping up her juices. I knew that Connie was watching me just as much as I was watching her.

I could also see Tom licking and sucking Connie's tight pussy. I knew what he was tasting.

I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled my cock out of Alice's mouth and moved around until I was between her legs. I moved up between her legs and she grabbed my cock and guided it to her wet throbbing cunt. She rubbed it up and down her slit, biting her lip as she did.

Then she guided it to her tight entrance. "Oh god yes put it in me, I need it, put it in me, fuck me, fill me with your sperm like you said you were going to do." She whispered to me. "Oh god, I want your cock inside of me cumming in me. Fuck me, fuck me all night." She whimpered only loud enough for me to hear.

I lunged forward and buried my cock in her tight cunt deep. I could feel my cock pressing against her vaginal wall and her cervix. She was milking my cock with her tight cunt muscles as she fucked herself back at my cock. She was one damn good fuck.

As I plunged my cock in and out of another man's wife. I looked over at my own wife laying beside me. She was laying there with her legs spread, another man between them. I could even see his cock plunging in and out of my own wife's tight cunt. I knew she was milking his stiff cock just like his wife was doing to mine. I could see Connie fucking herself back at another man's stiff cock as he plunged it in and out of her and knew that she was also watching me fuck another woman.

It was quite an experience watching my wife sucking and fucking another man, but I found that I was not upset at watching her, in fact I found it exciting and found that I enjoyed watching her sucking and fucking another man. And I found I really enjoyed fucking the other man's wife while I watched him fuck my wife.

As I pounded my stiff cock in and out of Alice, she suddenly screamed out with pleasure as her first orgasm of the night and her first orgasm from another man's cock swept over her.

As her tight cunt muscles spasmed around my stiff cock, I drove it up into her hard and pumped my cum up into her, coating her vagina and cervix with it. God I was pumping another man's wife full of my cum.

Then I looked over at my own wife and knew that Tom was now pumping her hot cunt full of his hot cum. But damn I was enjoying the hell out of fucking my neighbors wife and even watching him fuck my own, pumping her full of his sperm.

After we fucked each other's wife, we lay there holding them in our arms. It was really something seeing my wife in the arms of another man and watching her hold his cock in her hand after seeing him fucking her and watching him cum in her unprotected cunt.

Well, all four of us were now excited at the erotic feeling we were having fucking each others spouses and having the woman's cunts filled with the other man's cock and cum.

After the first time, we all spent most of the night fucking the others wife. I fucked Alice three times and added sperm to that already inside of her those three times.

I also watched my own wife being fucked and having three orgasm, knowing I was watching the other man was cumming in her each and every time.

By morning, we were enjoying what we were doing and decided to spend the entire weekend with the others wife. Fucking her when ever we wanted too. And we did. From Friday night until Sunday night we fucked each others wife and watched our own wife being fucked.

By the time they left and went home, we had decided that we really enjoyed what we were doing. we also decided that we would continue doing it.

That night as Connie and I lay in our bed alone, we cuddled and talked about what it was like to each of us. She told me that she loved seeing me with my cock fucking in and out of Alice with Tom's cock fucking in and out of her. I admitted to her that I had enjoyed it all too.

For the first time that weekend I fucked my own wife and enjoyed the hell of it. I really enjoyed fucking her knowing that she still had a cunt full of Tom's cum. For some strange reason, fucking her with her cunt full of another man's sperm made it even more exciting.

I guess Tom and I have our wives to thank for one hell of an exciting weekend.

But damn I do wish that our wives would have told us about their plan for the weekend.

Charlie "the drifter"
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