Open Marriage Chapter 2

Written by Karen Kaye / Apr 17, 2007


OPEN MARRIAGE Chapter 2 By Karen Kay

The rest of the week flew by and it was Friday afternoon and Mark was searching through his collection of wine. Faith had gone out to a nail salon and had her new things laid out on a chair in their bedroom.

Mark finished with the wine and checked the time and decided to look at the things Faith had bought. There was a new green dress across the back of the chair. Faith had bought a new thong to match a black bra. It appeared as if she had a second dress which was much more revealing. It was pink and there wasn?t enough material on it to cover a child!

Mark checked out the tag which stated it was bought at an erotic adult shop just outside of town. Faith had two pairs of spike heels on the floor and a new corset. She was prepared for everything!

Late that afternoon, Mark could smell the scent of Faith?s perfume in the front room as she prepared for their meeting with Hank. Mark had just returned from the drug store with a pack of condoms. He walked into the bedroom and put them on the night stand and saw Faith with her leg up on a chair as she fastened her buckle on her heel.

Mark saw her wearing the green dress for the first time and thought she was hot! Faith?s long blonde hair flowed down nearly to the floor as she bent over to buckle the second heel.

The doorbell rang and Mark?s heart skipped a beat. Faith was just about ready as she applied her lipstick. Mark adjusted his shirt and walked to the front door and opened it. Mark recognized Hank immediately and invited him inside.

Mark had a few minutes to speak to Hank while they waited for Faith. ?Mark. Your wife is very beautiful. Do you remember what we talked about that first night on the phone??

?Uh. I think so! We talked about different things if I recall.?

?Do you feel comfortable having me here with your wife in your own home tonight??

?Um. I think I?m a little nervous.?

Hank chuckled. ?I figured you would be nervous. Faith and I have had long discussions and she told me her concerns about you. A few of the husband?s show jealousy once an affair begins. If you?re true to your word and have a desire to allow Faith to date another man then I see no problem.?

Mark remembered how he told Faith to answer the question about dating the very first night on the phone. Mark assumed this would only be a one time affair. It would be an experience they both would remember.

?Well. I?m not jealous.?

Hank chuckled. ?I believe in developing a relationship with the people I meet. I don?t believe in a one night stand. Luckily. Your wife agrees with my philosophy and we?ve seemed to hit it off over the phone.?

Mark felt relieved in a way that Hank wasn?t just here to pull his wife into the bedroom and knock off a little piece. Mark wondered, on the other hand, where was this going to lead?

Faith walked out smiling, Mark saw how nervous she appeared as she shook Hank?s hand. God! Faith was so sexy in her new green dress. Hank was getting an eye full of cleavage as he smiled and greeted Faith. Mark was seeing the dress for the very first time and saw how it clung tightly to her curved body. It left nothing for the imagination with its plunging neckline and short hem.

Faith looked so tiny and dainty standing next to Hank who was tall and well built. Faith?s heels made her taller but she was still much shorter then Hank.

Faith sat down on the sofa on an angle so she could face Hank and talk. Mark watched how she seductively crossed her legs and leaned back in the cushion. Well. Maybe it wasn?t deliberate but Hank was sure getting an eye full of Faith?s thighs in that angle.

Mark was seated across from them and listened to Hank as he chatted about rel-estate development. He owned a large company and Mark learned that he had holdings in the area near them. Faith sat fascinated as she listened to Hank talk about his business. He mentioned about how he piloted his own plane which fascinated Faith even more.

Mark served drinks before they left for dinner. Dinner was very formal and nothing like Mark had expected. Mark had this guy pegged as just another black man after a little white married pussy but that wasn?t the case at all!

Faith was intrigued listening to Hank since she was involved in the real-estate market herself. They talked all the way through dinner about business and Mark was beginning to get bored wondering when it was all going to take place.

They arrived home as Hank kept Faith?s mind occupied on his work. Faith stopped in her tracks as they entered the house and abruptly cut Hank short and said. ?Hank. Do you need any help bringing in your bags into the house??

That was it! Mark finally got the sign saying that Faith was interested in more then just talking!

?Well. Yes. I have several in the car if Mark would help me bring them in.?

Faith kissed Mark on the cheek. ?Honey. Help Hank bring his things into the house and show him our guest room and the bathroom while I make us drinks.?

Faith held her arm around his waist and gave him another kiss before he walked outside with Hank. Hank opened the trunk of the car and gave Mark a couple of suit cases while he searched in the trunk for something else. Mark laughed to himself wondering if Hank was looking for his toys! Instead. He brought out a photo album.

?Mark. I promised Faith I?d show her a few photos? I took while I was flying over the Grand Canyon last year.?

Mark took Hank to the guest room and pointed out the bathroom and everything he would need. That room had a king size bed for Faith?s parents when they visited them. Hank seemed to like the fact that he would have plenty of room.

Faith was sitting at the bar when they returned with her legs crossed and sipping a drink. Mark couldn?t help but notice how much her thigh was exposed. It appeared to Mark that Faith deliberately hiked her dress up so she could give Hank a clear look at what he might be enjoying later that evening.

Hank placed the album on the bar and sat next to Faith on the next stool as they glanced through the photos?. Mark stood around the back of the bar, fumbling with the bottles of whisky while Faith gushed over Hank?s photos?.

Faith was starring at the album and started to laugh. ?I didn?t know you were a football player??

Hank chuckled. ?Yes. I played for four years in college. I could have turned pro but my father had this business waiting for me when I finished school.?

Mark looked at the clock and saw how late it was getting and was starting to wonder if anything was going to happen tonight. Hank said he didn?t believe in a one night stand but surely he must have interest in at least touching or kissing Faith!

It wasn?t until another hour before Faith mentioned it was getting late and wanted to turn in for the night. Mark was surprised if not disappointed! This was it? Faith was only going to sit out here in a sexy revealing dress and just talk and get acquainted with this man?

Mark watched for some sort of sign that maybe something was going to happen but Hank got off the stool and gave Faith a tiny peek on her cheek and said he would see her in the morning! Mark felt kind of dumb standing behind the bar as Hank told him, good night!

Mark didn?t feel jealous at all, in fact he was angry! He felt like yelling at Hank saying, ?Didn?t you come here to fuck my wife?? Mark cleaned up the glasses and put the liquor away and followed Faith into their bedroom. She had just walked out of the bathroom but still had her dress on. ?Honey? I don?t understand? Didn?t you hit it off with Hank tonight??

?Yes. I thought Hank was a really nice man and handsome too!?

Mark was flustered as he hit his thighs with his hands. ?Why didn?t you let him make a move on you tonight??

Faith was peeling her dress off over her head as she replied. ?Mark! Hank just got here!?

?I know, but!?

Faith had the dress completely off and was standing in her high heels and thong. ?But! What did you expect out there??

Mark took the dress out of her hands and laid it on the chair as he held her hands against his chest. ?It?s just that I thought something was going to happen tonight!?

Faith smiled. ?You?re not going to tell me you?re disappointed that Hank didn?t escort me to his room??

Mark starred down at her breasts. ?Well. I expected something to happen tonight between you two!?

Faith leaned out and kissed Mark on the lips and turned around and started to comb her long blonde hair. Mark thought she was sexy as hell standing in only her thong and heels and walked up behind her and put his arms around her tiny waist and kissed the back of her shoulder as he starred at her eyes in the mirror.

Faith smiled into the mirror and touched his hands. ?I thought you?d be more concerned about not wanting anything to happen tonight. I made it very clear to Hank last week that I wouldn?t do anything unless I thought you were comfortable with it.?

Mark was surprised. ?You mean that you didn?t do anything because you were worried about me tonight??

Faith turned around and reached out and put her arms around his shoulders as Mark hugged and rubbed her back.

?I wasn?t going to allow Hank to make you feel uncomfortable tonight and you appeared very nervous watching us tonight.?

?Honey. I was waiting for something to happen tonight and got disappointed!? Faith giggled as she rubbed Mark?s shoulders. ?I didn?t know you felt that way. I thought we?d talk about it some more.?

Mark back away far enough to hold Faith?s shoulders. ?Honey. We talked about this for weeks. I thought you wanted to experiment and see how it was making love to a black man??

Faith was rubbing his shoulders and starring into his eyes. ?Your really disappointed tonight, aren?t you??

Mark smiled as he pulled Faith back into his arms and held her tight. ?Honey. What do you think??

Faith moved her face away and starred into his eyes. ?Think of what??

Mark swallowed hard. ?Well. You could go to his room??

?Mark! Isn?t it kind of late??

?Honey! Look how beautiful you are! Don?t you think that Hank is thinking the same thing right now??

Faith kept starring into his eyes looking for some sign that he was joking. ?Now??

Mark kissed her forehead and rubbed her arms and starred at her like a little puppy dog waiting for a treat. Faith started to comb her hair again as she turned and starred into the mirror. She put the comb down on the vanity and walked over to the dresser and began searching though her lingerie.

Faith pulled out a long transparent black gown and pulled her arms through it and adjusted the collar. Mark was getting undressed but stopped to stare at his wife in the mirror. He saw the sexy black thong from the back and her breasts in the mirror through the thin transparent material. It traveled almost down to the floor, just above her heels.

Mark kept undressing as he watched Faith leaning over the vanity as she applied lipstick to her lips and opened the gown to dab a little perfume on her tummy. Mark was standing in his boxer shorts as Faith turned around and smiled.

?How do I look??

Mark smiled. ?Sexy as hell! If Hank saw you in that I don?t think he?d be talking about his business!?

Faith walked seductively toward her husband and held out her hands. She held his fingers tight and leaned over and kissed his lips gently not to mess up her lipstick. ?I?ll let you know if he does!?

Mark was shocked! Faith turned and walked toward the door and smiled at him just before leaving the room. Mark?s heart was beating so hard he could feel his chest pounding. He actually heard Faith knocking on Hank?s door and heard it open and shut.

Faith had been waiting for Mark! He?d thought it was Faith that was afraid. Mark glanced at the clock as he wondered how Hank reacted when she entered the room. What did he saw? Would they just talk and would he send Faith back to her room?

It was wishful thinking on his part! Mark had mixed feelings about this! It was excitingly stimulating but felt left out. He wanted to be there as Faith kissed and touched this man for the first time.

Condoms! Hank never used them! God! Faith wasn?t taking anything! Mark started looking through his drawers hoping to find just one but there wasn?t any. It had been years since he had to be concerned about getting Faith pregnant. Five years since he had his vasectomy!

Faith wasn?t stupid. She wouldn?t allow herself to be put in jeopardy! Faith would most likely just jack him off or possibly suck on him tonight.

Mark sat on the bed then walked around the room then went into the bathroom to pee. He was too nervous to sit still and decided to look through Faith?s purse. He had a glimmer of hope that maybe she saw a doctor about getting birth control pills! What would she tell their doctor? He knew that Mark had gone through a vasectomy!

No Pills! No Condoms! Nothing!

Mark looked at the clock again. It had been an hour since Faith walked out that door. He had to peek! Mark opened the door and walked into the hallway. Yes! The guestroom door was cracked open!

Faith knew Mark all too well and must have left it open a crack so he could peek inside and watch! Why hadn?t he come out here to check sooner? Mark tiptoed toward the door and saw a dim light inside the room. Mark could see the gown Faith was wearing on the floor along with the heels and thong nearby.

Mark heard the bed squeaking but could only see the footboard from this angle. He?d have to prop open the door further if he wanted to take a look. Mark eased the door open hoping he wouldn?t get caught and saw Hank?s legs. A little further and he saw Faith?s feet locked behind Hank?s thighs.

A little further and he saw it all! Hank was screwing his wife! Mark could hear Faith groaning and purring like a kitten under the big man. Her nails were digging into his back as Hank hammered away inside her pussy. Wet sounds filled the room and Mark tried to get a clear picture of the huge black cock disappearing inside his wife.

Mark could see the shaft! Hank was rotating his hips like a pro! Faith moaned and purred with every little twist of his hips. Mark looked near Hanks face but couldn?t see Faith. Her face was hidden behind Hand as he rammed himself inside Faith?s pussy.

Hank began moving faster as his hips slapped against Faith?s upturned ass cheeks. Hank made a grunting noise as if he were choking but Mark knew the big guy was going to cum any second. Hank lifted his head off the pillow and Mark watched as he listened to Hank begin to grunt and watched as the big man pulled his cock out of Faith?s pussy and saw the cum shoot out between her breasts and land on her belly.

Faith had a grip of Hank?s meaty arms as he finished squirting his load of cum on Faith?s belly. Mark watched the big guy smearing his cum around her belly with the head of his cock. Mark felt relieved knowing that they remembered she wasn?t on the pill!

Mark watched as Hank kneeled straight up as Faith handed him a towel to wipe off his sweat and watched as hank wiped his cum off her belly next. Mark seen enough! He felt relieved and satisfied that Faith?s fantasy had just been fulfilled and she remembered to have him pull out when he came.

Mark walked back to their room and laid down in bed stroking his cock. He?d wondered how he?d feel watching his wife actually screwing another man and found it stimulating. Mark had read stories where husbands liked to watch their wives with other men but those were just fantasy! He just lived the real thing!

About an hour later, Faith entered the bedroom and climbed right into bed. Mark immediately pulled her close as they kissed and held each other. She was completely naked and smelled like she just had sex. Mark could smell the scent of masculine cologne on her body with the smell of sex.

Faith put her leg on top of her husband?s as he pulled her on top of him as they kissed. Mark was wild with passion as he pulled her up to suck on her tits and furiously licked and sucked them into his mouth.

Mark felt Faith searching for his cock and lifted herself enough to place it between her pussy lips and guided it home. Faith slowly lowered herself on her husband as he held onto her waist. Mark noticed the difference in tightness almost instantly from having Hank inside her.

He remembered what Hank had told him on the phone that first night but wasn?t that concerned because he knew she would tighten again to accommodate his smaller size once Hank was long gone.

Mark bounced Faith above his thighs as she held onto his chest until he shot his load up into her pussy. Faith wiggled her ass above her husband until every last drop of cum had been emptied inside her pussy.

She slowly got off and laid down beside him and held her arm around his chest as she kissed his neck. Mark held her tight as they slowly fell asleep.

Mark woke up the same time as Faith and they got into the shower together. Mark was rubbing her back with the cloth as the water hit her face. He slowly pulled her back and hugged her waist as she wiggled her ass back at him and reached around to hold his cock.

Faith turned and kissed Mark on the lips. ?You watched us from the hallway last night, didn?t you??

Mark laughed as he wiped off her tits with the cloth. ?Yeah. I was a little late and only saw the tail end of it!?

She laughed as she wiped the lather off his shoulders and pushed him under the water. ?I suggest you don?t wait as long next time, Mister!?

Mark let the water hit his face as he took in what Faith just said! Next time? Was Faith suggesting that there would be a next time?

Faith cooked breakfast and Hank casually talked to Mark as if nothing took place the night before. He talked about his plane and living in New York and investing in land around where he and Faith lived. It was a fairly normal Saturday as if Hank were a normal guest staying in their house.

Mark noticed that Faith changed again after breakfast into a white top without wearing a bra. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin white material. She wore white matching shorts because of the hot humid temperature outside.

Hank drove them around to where his company planned on building condos?. It was a pleasant day and ended with a casual dinner at a restaurant at the water. Mark began to feel as if Hank were an old friend who came to visit.

Later that evening, Mark excused himself to use the bathroom and when he returned he stood outside the kitchen and could see Faith embraced in a heated passionate kiss with Hank at the sink.

Mark took a few steps back and cleared his throat and pretended he didn?t see them. When he entered the kitchen, he saw Faith wiping off a dish while Hank lifted a glass of wine to his mouth. ?Honey. Hank was just telling me about his last trip to Mexico!?

Mark stood near the frig getting a beer. ?Hank. Would you like one of these cold ones??

?Yeah. Mark! One of those sounds, great! It was getting sort of hot in here.?

Mark saw the grin on Faith?s face as he gave the can to Hank.

?So. How many times do you travel to Mexico during the year??

Hank sat on a stool as he clicked open the can of beer. ?That was actually my first trip in about three years. I had to go to take a couple of prospective buyers on a short vacation.?

?Oh. Did it pan out for you??

?Yeah. I made them a good deal on several condos for their company.?

Faith gave Mark a kiss as she passed by the bar. ?Honey. I?m going to change into something comfortable.?

Hank continued talking about his deal with the condos until Faith returned wearing her bikini. Hank turned around and smiled when he saw how attractive she was wearing the tiny black suit.

?Why don?t you two guys change and come swim with me??

Hank took a swig of his beer and smiled at Mark. ?I think I?ll take Faith up on her offer.?

Hank walked out of the room while Faith wrapped her arms around her husband. ?Aren?t you coming in for a dip? It?ll make you cool off??

?Uh. I might come out there in a few minutes. Why don?t you swim with Hank for a while? I need to call one of my clients before it gets too late. We have an appointment on Monday and just want to confirm our meeting.?

?OK. Honey.?

Mark watched Faith?s little ass wiggling out of the room. Mark felt so lucky! She never lost any of her sex appeal after all these years! Mark got up and walked into his office and called his client. They ended up talking for an hour on the phone. Mark hung up and yeaned as he stretched his arms over his head. He wondered how Faith and Hank were doing at the pool and got up to take a look.

It was dark outside and the pool light was turned off. Mark didn?t see any sign of them as he turned around and walked back into the house. Mark checked the bedrooms but they weren?t in there and walked out to the family room and saw the back of Hank?s head on the sofa.

Mark started to walk into the room and realized that Faith was kneeling on the floor between Hank?s legs. She was sucking on his cock. Mark backed away and stood near the far wall to get a better look.

The room was dark except the light shining in from the window. Mark could only see her blonde hair as her head moved around above Hank?s legs.

?Mm. Baby. That?s so good. You didn?t tell me you could deep throat!?

Mark listened as he heard the wet sounds she was making and the noise coming from her throat which indicated that she was taking him deep. Mark saw Hank lean forward and stroke her shoulders but Faith never stopped sucking. Hank then worked his hands along her arms and held one of her hands while she held his cock with the other.

Mark could barely see the bikini but knew she was still wearing it and listened as Hank began to grunt and knew the man was going to cum at any moment. Mark listened as Hank tried to retain himself from making too much noise and grunted and stiffened and whispered out loud.

?I?m going to cum!?

Mark listened as Faith held her mouth around his cock. Mark could tell she was swallowing his load because her face stayed put on his lap. Mark heard his wife?s mouth as she licked and cleaned Hank?s cock then got up off her knee?s and helped Hank put on his swim suit. Mark ducked around the corner and stood against the wall as he listened to them kissing.

They started to whisper. ?We should go before your husband finds us in the dark.?

Mark still heard the kissing as she replied. ?Mark?s busy on the phone with a client. Why? Are you getting tired of me already??

Mark heard them both laugh as they continued to kiss. ?I can tell you want more of this cock, don?t you??

Faith laughed and giggled as she held Hank around the waist. ?I think you ought to be careful not to get me spoiled! I might cancel your swingers ad on that web site!?

Hank chuckled as he replied. ?Are you telling me if I can spoil you that you?ll have me come back regularly??

Faith giggled. ?Maybe!?

?Mm . . . That only gives me one more night to get you spoiled, doesn?t it?? Faith giggled as they kissed again.

Mark picked a good time to walk back out into the kitchen because they were right behind him in a matter of seconds. Faith walked behind the bar and started mixing drinks.

?Mark. Do you want something to drink??

?Yeah. Sure. That would be fine.?

Faith playfully passed Hank?s drink to him over the bar and turned around and gave Mark a passionate kiss as she gave him his drink. Mark remembered what he?d just saw and actually thought he could taste Hank?s cum when they kissed. It could have been his imagination but she hadn?t drunk anything since swallowing his cum.

?So. Did you two have a good time out at the pool??

Faith took a swig of her drink as she glanced over at Hank and pinched his waist. Hank laughed at her and looked over at Mark to reply. ?Your wife snuck up on me and pushed me into the pool when I got out there.?

Mark smiled. ?Yeah. She has a tendency to get naughty sometimes.?

Faith laughed as she extended her arm out for Mark to walk around to her side of the bar. She kissed him again and rubbed his back. Mark thought about Hank?s cum she swallowed again and sipped his cocktail.

?Honey. Hank has to leave early tomorrow morning. He has to fly back to New York to meet a client tomorrow afternoon.?

Mark looked surprised as he sipped on his drink and starred at Faith. He knew she was going to ad to her statement. ?Um. Honey. I thought I?d walk Hank back to his room before it gets too late.?

?Uh. Yeah. Sure. Why don?t you do that? I?m just going to have one more of these and maybe read or something.?

Mark was looking for guilt on Faith?s face but she kissed him again and rubbed his back before walking behind Hank toward the bedrooms. Mark watched her little ass wiggling and just as she started to turn the corner she turned around and silently moved her lips. ?I?ll see you later.?

Mark walked around behind the bar and fixed a double drink. He didn?t mind allowing Faith to have a little fun tonight. He liked Hank but wished they had met under different circumstances. Mark finished his drink and walked back to the bedroom and noticed the guest room door wide open with the light on.

Mark decided to take a peek and looked inside the room. There was Faith riding Hank?s cock. They had the brighter light on the night stand and Mark got a really good look at his cock this time. God! It was thick! Faith was straddling Hank?s legs and her tits were dangling down while Hank sucked on them. She was moving very slowly up and down his long shaft.

Mark saw how her stretched pussy clung to the large black shaft like a vise that wouldn?t let go. Hank held his hands on her ass while he moved her tiny body above his legs.

Mark was hard as rock as he watched Faith feed her tits to the large black man. He saw her body stiffen as she quietly laughed and figured Hank must have bitten one of her nipples.

Mark stood quietly outside the door and heard every little sound they made. Faith moaned as she stretched her head out and looked back at the wall. Hank?s tongue was sticking out as he licked little circles around each nipple.

Mark saw Faith tilt her head down and whisper. ?That?s it. Fuck me nice and slow. I want you to take your time.?

Mark watched how she moved her hips around as Hank controlled her body with his big hands. Mark was playing with his cock now and watched quietly as Hank screwed his wife. Mark closed his eyes as he imagined having his cock inside Faith at that moment. He wondered how tight she felt to Hank since he was so thick and huge. She must feel like a virgin to his size!

Mark opened his eyes again once he heard them start kissing. Hank hand both hands holding Faith?s head near his as they kissed and she bounced above his lap. Hank moved his hands down and grabbed her ass and twisted Faith around on the bed without dislodging his cock from her tight pussy.

Hank began screwing Faith again as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Mark could see her toes curled up as her heels rested on his ass. Mark watched them for ten more minutes until Hank started to grunt and quickly pulled himself up and slid across Faith?s chest. She helped potion herself and grabbed his cock with both hands. Hank held onto the bed as he shoot his load into her mouth.

Hank grunted and flexed his body a few times as Faith licked him clean. Mark turned around and walked back to their bedroom figuring Faith would be in shortly. Mark actually fell asleep waiting for Faith but woke up when he felt her warm body touching him in the middle of the night.

Mark held her tight as she kissed his mouth. Mark thought about Hank?s cum again and decided to just pull her tight against his body. Faith had that freshly screwed smell on her body and felt limp and tired. Mark assumed they screwed again and she was too tired to have sex with him. Mark was surprised when he felt Faith?s hand on his cock. She was stroking him as she starred into his eyes. ?Baby. Get on top of me and give me a quickie!?

Mark couldn?t resist. He was horny so he wasted no time getting on top of his wife and guided his cock inside her stretched out pussy. Mark felt her legs wrap around him and started to screw her hard. Mark noticed how much Faith?s pussy had stretched this time. It didn?t matter because he was horny and wanted to cum. It didn?t take very long before he was shooting his load inside his wife.

?That it. Baby.?

Faith rubbed his back and kissed his neck. ?Did you cum good??

Mark was trying to catch his breath as he quickly answered. ?Yes. ?

Mark and Faith woke up early and said goodbye to Hank. Mark helped load his bags into the car and shook his hand and waited while Faith gave him a little kiss.

Sunday was a day that Mark and Faith took to catch up on their rest. Mark sat around lazily reading a book while Faith took a nap. Hank wasn?t mentioned during the busy week ahead. Hank had emailed Mark that Monday and said that he had a nice time and looked forward on getting together again.

It was Thursday evening and the phone rang and Faith shouted out from the bedroom that she would answer it just as Mark picked up the other phone.

?Hey. Baby. What?s my girl up too in Florida??

?Hi there! I didn?t expect you to call this week after you told me you had a busy schedule!?

Hank chuckled. ?Well. I was able to get out of a few things this weekend and thought I?d give you a call and see if I could fly into town this weekend.?

?Oh. That sounds really nice but isn?t that pretty far to come all this way for the weekend so soon??

?Hey. Are you trying to tell me your not ready to see me this soon??

Faith laughed. ?Hank. You know I?d like to see you again.?

?How is Mark doing? Do you think he?d mind if I flew down for the weekend again??

Faith laughed. ?Since when are you worried about my husband??

Hank laughed. ?I just didn?t want to cause any problems between you two!? ?Hank. If you were causing problems then I wouldn?t have met you in the first place.?

?Well. That nice to know and hear. How is your husband doing??

?Oh. He?s fine. Would you like me to call and see if he wants to talk to you??

?Yeah. Sure!?

?Wait just a moment!? Faith covered the phone as she yelled out to Mark. Mark panicked then he thought he?d just lay this phone done gently.

?Honey. I?ll be right there!? Mark put the phone in its cradle and almost ran into the bedroom.

?Honey! It?s Hank. He wanted to speak to you.?

?Hello. Hank. How are you doing??

?Just fine. Say. I wanted to ask you about coming down this weekend.?

?Yeah. Sure. Have you asked Faith about it??

?Yes, but I wanted to clear it with you too.?

?Well. I appreciate that, Hank.?

Hank laughed. ?Anytime. Buddy.?

?Uh. Let me put you back with Faith. I?ll see you this weekend.?

Faith reached out to grab the back of her husband?s head as she took the phone back from him and kissed him passionately as if to thank him.

Faith said a few words to Hank before telling him to have a safe trip and hung up the phone. Mark sat on the edge of the bed and held Faith?s hand.

?I really didn?t expect Hank to call so soon, did you??

?No. I was surprised by his phone call.?

Mark leaned over and kissed Faith while she hugged him in return. ?Honey? Are you sure you don?t mind having Hank come to visit us this weekend? I can always call him back!?

?No. I don?t mind. He?s sort of an interesting fellow, isn?t he??

Faith smiled as she put the phone on the night stand. Mark watched his wife combing her long blonde hair from the bed later that night. She was absolutely gorgeous and couldn?t keep his eyes off her even after all these years. He wondered about Hank. He found it erotic allowing that black man to come visit his wife. Mark knew his wife wanted that thick cock inside her again. He could see it in her eyes all evening as she got ready for bed.

Faith turned out the light and crawled into bed and snuggled next to her husband. Mark stroked her face as they laid together on the pillow. Faith was wondering why Mark was allowing Hank to swing with her and not wanting to experiment with another woman.

?Honey? Why don?t we check out those ads and see if we can hook you up with another woman??

Mark laughed. ?What?s this all about all of a sudden??

?Mark! I really mean it! I feel so guilty seeing Hank like this. I t would be nice if you had another woman you could see when Hank visits me.?

?Faith! I don?t know about this. Why are you bringing this up now??

?Mark! It?s just that I?ve been concerned about you when I?m with Hank I don?t want you to feel jealous or left out!?

?Faith! I don?t know. I?d have to give that one some thought. Besides. I?m aroused watching you with Hank.?

Faith kissed Mark. ?Honey. You know Hank will want to come back again if we allow it. What should I say and how far should I let it go??

Mark hesitated before giving her an answer. ?How do you feel about Hank? Do you like his personality or is it just sexual??

?Mark. I think Hank is a really nice guy and he stimulates me sexually. I guess if I were a woman wanting an extra-martial affair then Hank would be a very good choice for me.?

?So? Would you consider this an affair with Hank? Perhaps you consider him your boyfriend??

Faith laughed. ?Mark. He?s not my boyfriend. I don?t know what I?d consider him as!?

Mark held her hand. ?Honey. Yes. I would consider Hank as your boyfriend. It?s like we have an open marriage and you have a relationship going with another man!?

?Mark! Where is this coming from tonight? Is that what you want? An open marriage??

?Faith? You just mentioned to me that I should look for another woman! I might just do that and start looking tomorrow while Hank is here.?

Faith kissed her husband before things got out of control. ?Mark. I don?t think we should argue over this silly thing. Our original plan was to seek out a black couple to begin with and we ended up finding Hank?s ad.?

Mark pulled her closer until she moved her leg on top of his. ?Your not going to get mad at me if I start looking while your out with Hank tomorrow??

Faith laughed. ?Out? I?m I going out alone with Hank tomorrow? Is that what you want, Mark??

?Well. He?s certainly not making another trip down here just to see me this weekend. He?s got the hots for you!?

Faith took a deep breath and sighed as she stroked Mark?s face and played with his nose. ?I guess this would be considered an open marriage. You know. Mark. Hank is going to eat himself right into this situation.?

Mark kissed her forehead. ?Honey. We already talked about this. It?s not like we?re out cheating behind each other?s back. You?re fulfilling your curiosity about black men and I?ll start checking out the ads tomorrow.?

They were getting sleepy but Faith made one last comment. ?OK. I?ll consider our marriage as open.?

Mark was exhausted and didn?t reply. He let that last comment sink in as he fell asleep. All he remembered after that was feeling Faith Kiss his forehead and saying goodnight.

Mark got home a little before six that evening. He?d been out showing houses that afternoon and had a long day. Mark found Faith in the bedroom getting ready for her date with Hank. She had her leg propped up on a chair as she fastened a garter hook on her nylon.

Mark kissed her shoulder. ?Wow! Sexy! A garter belt and nylons!?

?Honey? Can you look in the closet and hand me my red heels up on the shelf? I?m too short to reach them!?

Mark got the box down off the shelf and opened the lid. He checked out the six inch heels on these shoes and put them on the floor. ?Holy smoke! Could you find a taller pair??

Faith laughed. ?I bought a new skirt and top to go with these today. Wait until you see it on me, it?s cute!?

Mark yeaned as he sat on the bed and watched Faith finish dressing. Faith lifted the skirt around her waist and twisted it until she had it where she wanted it. It was black and she picked up a black top that she slipped over her head. Mark stood and helped her get into the spaghetti straps as she adjusted it around her boobs.

Mark felt the material. ?It feels like satin!?

It was a small top with a built-in bra with a plunging neckline that dipped down between her boobs leaving the inside and top of her boobs exposed. The skirt was low leaving her belly exposed.

?Honey? You look fantastic tonight! You could pass easily in your twenties!?

Faith sat on a chair and Mark kneeled down and hooked the tiny clasps on her heels. He kissed her feet making Faith giggle as he hooked the last clasp. Mark realized Faith wasn?t wearing any panties and stood up and smiled.

?No Panties tonight??

Faith smiled as she stood in front of the mirror and applied her makeup. The doorbell rang and Faith began to rush. ?Honey. Tell Hank I?ll be out in a second!?

Mark greeted Hank at the door who was holding roses in his hand. They shook hands while Hank stepped into the house. ?Faith said she would be right out.?

Hank laughed. ?Yeah.. I know how women are. They like to take their time and get everything perfect.?

Hank sat down still holding the flowers. ?I got a call from Faith this morning and explained your situation to me.?

Mark looked surprised as he turned around and said. ?Um. I?m not so sure I know what you mean??

Hank laughed. ?Oh. I?m sorry. Faith told me you wanted to have an open marriage so you could see another woman? She was a little concerning about it but I figured you both got things straightened out.?

Mark was just as surprised by Hank?s remark as ever! He thought everything was settled and she was fine with it. Hank made it appear as if it were all his idea.?

Faith walked out smiling and walked straight over to Hank who stood and gave her the roses as she kissed him on the lips. ?Thank you, Hank! They?re beautiful! Let me go put them in water.? Faith walked past Mark who wanted to mention what Hank had said but figured it could wait. ?So. Do you have a place all picked out for dinner tonight??

Hank chuckled. ?Yes. I have a friend who owns a yacht down at the marina. I hired a chief to cook on that boat tonight and we?re going to take it out into the harbor to watch the sunset.?

This was the first time that Mark felt a little jealousy and swallowed hard as he replied. ?Oh. That sounds nice.?

?Uh. Mark. You wouldn?t mind if we spend the night out on the boat tonight, would you??

Another shock! ?Well. Uh. I guess its ok as long as Faith wants to stay there.?

Hank walked near Mark and put his hand on his back. ?I understand your going to be checking out the ads tonight??

?Uh. Yeah. I?m going to be looking them over. I really haven?t got any definite plans.?

Faith walked out before their conversation went any further. She was carrying a little bag with her and Mark assumed it was to stay on the boat overnight.

?Mark? Did Hank mention about us staying on the boat tonight??

?Yes. Honey. He just told me.?

Faith laughed. ?I sure hope I don?t get sea sick.?

Mark looked over at Hank who was holding his keys and ready to go while Faith put her arms around Mark and gave him a kiss. ?Honey. Give me a call if you need anything. I should be back around noon tomorrow.?

?OK. Honey. Be careful on the water.?

Mark smiled as he watched them walk out the door. He stood in the silence of the house with Faith?s perfume scent still lingering in the air.

Mark made himself a pot of coffee and sat down at the computer. He logged onto the swinging site and glanced at the local ads. He checked out the black couples but couldn?t find what he was looking for and started to look through the white couples.

Mark began working on placing his own, ad and found a few photos of himself they took on a weekend trip last month. Mark had it finished and on line within an hour and started to look through the ads again. He wrote several couples and gave them his link. He then started checking out the single women and found more then he thought would be available.

Wow! Married women wanted to date with husbands? approval! This was right up his alley! They were already married and wouldn?t have to worry about commitment! Mark spent hours answering ads, hoping he?d get a few responses back. Just for fun, Mark checked out Hank?s ad and found out it had been deleted. OK. Mark wasn?t going to panic. He figured that Hank found somebody he could see on a regular basis! His wife!

Mark felt upset but shouldn?t. Mark?s mind began to wander as he pictured Hank and Faith out in the bay on that yacht. He looked at the time. It was after eleven! Surly they were docked for the night. Mark starred at the cell phone. Faith told him to call if he needed anything. Did he want to act like a jerk and bother her in the middle of their romantic evening?

Mark had a devilish grin on his face and picked up the phone and speed dialed Faith?s number. The phone rang several times and just when Mark was about to give up, Faith answered.


Faith?s voice sounded weak or tired.

?Hi. Honey. It?s, me!?

?Oh. Hi, Mark . . . ?

?Honey. I just called to see if you were, OK!?

Faith didn?t respond right away and Mark thought he heard Faith make a sound. ?Honey? Are you there??

?Yes. Mar . . . K.. I?m . . . Here.?

Mark paused and listened. Faith was breathing hard. ?Honey. You?re not sick, are you??

?Ah . . . No . . . Not . . . Sick . . . ?

Mark kept listening and heard Faith breathing into the phone. He heard Faith?s voice give out a short high pitch, somewhat like a kitten begging for milk.

?Honey. I know it?s late so I won?t keep you on the phone long.?

?Oh. God Yes . . . !?


?Ugh . . . Mark . . . Wait . . . yeah . . . That?s it . . . ?

Mark could hardly hear but he thought she said to wait. ?OK. Honey.? ?Ugh . . . Yeah . . . Mark? ......You . . . There . . . Ah . . . ?

?Yes. Honey. I?m still here!?

?Ugh....God....Mark....I?ll see the morning....!?

?OK. Honey. Be careful and I?ll see you tomorrow.?

?Ugh . . . OK . . . Yeah . . . Bye . . . ?

Mark heard the phone go silent and flipped it closed. He had a really good hunch they were making love at that moment.

Hank opened the car door for Faith and gasped as he starred at her legs and got a glimpse of her garter strap and exposed thigh. She took his hand as he helped her get out of the car. They walked to the dock and board the boat. The captain took them out into the middle of the harbor and anchored the boat.

It wasn?t long after that the chief started to serve dinner. They stayed anchored until the sun set and waited for the captain to dock the boat. The chief pack his things and shook the captain?s hand and went back down into the large spacious cabin where Faith was waiting on the sofa. Faith was holding two glasses of wine and handed one to Hank as he leaned over and kissed her lips.

Faith had her legs propped up onto the cushion with her garter strap and thighs visible. Her long blonde hair flowed down her shoulders and contrasted with the red cushions of the sofa.

?I?m a very lucky man to be sitting here with one of the most gorgeous woman on the planet!?

Faith smiled at the compliment as Hank leaned over and gave her another kiss as he sat down next to her. Faith was smiling but Hank knew she was upset with Mark.

?You shouldn?t worry about Mark tonight. I bet he?s already hooked up with another woman. He might even be talking to her at this moment.?

?Hank. Our original plan was to meet a black couple but we somehow got derailed when we noticed your ad.?

Hank laughed. ?I feel lucky that I had such an impact on you. I wanted to mention that I took my ad off that site this morning.?

?Oh? Really??

?Yes. I remember what you said about getting spoiled last weekend. I figured you must be interested in seeing more often if you allow me here two weeks in a roll.?

?Oh. You sound very confident about this!?

Hank laughed. ?Well. I told you how much I liked seeing a woman wearing a garter belt and your wearing one for me tonight.?

Faith smiled. ?Oh. I was in a hurry and saw the first thing in my drawer and slipped into it!?

Faith slowly got up and unhooked her skirt and wiggled her hips and seductively lowered her skirt down her legs. Hank watched as she stepped out of the skirt and tossed it on a chair. She spun around slowly and put her hands on her hips at the same time turning her head to smile at Hank.

?Do you like what you see??

Hank took a deep breath as he sighed and smiled at Faith. She slowly lifted her long blonde hair with her hands and shook her head making her hair fly in different directions like a stripper would on stage. Faith still had her back turned as she began lifting her top over her head and tossed it with the skirt.

Faith turned and seductively danced and leaned forward to allow her breasts to hang down near his face and pulled back to tease him as she held her arms out. He quickly grabbed Faith and pulled her onto his lap. She straddled his legs as they began kissing. She was working on his shirt and helped him undress and stood while he slipped his pants down to the floor.

Faith pushed the big guy back down on the sofa and straddled his legs again as she planted an open-mouthed kiss on his lips. Hank?s cock was pushing up next to her belly. Faith reached down and began stroking him.

Faith kept kissing him as he starred into her eyes. Faith lifted herself and rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy slit. She was wet and ready for him as the head popped inside. Faith gasped then gently started to settle herself down on him.


Faith leaned forward as she moved her hips and felt Hank take hold of her ass. Faith was breathing heavy as Hank controlled her movements. Faith?s phone started to ring. She wanted to ignore it.

Hank reached out and handed her the phone as they continued to fuck. Faith flipped open the cell phone and said. ?Hello.?

?Hi. Honey. It?s, me!? Hank pushed hard inside her pussy as she gasped and tried to respond to her husband.

?Oh. Hi, Mark . . . ?

?Honey. I just called to see if you were, OK?

Hank shoved himself inside Faith again until his cock pushed hard against her cervix. She closed her eyes as her pussy stretched for Hank?s cock.

?Honey? Are you there??

?Yes. Mar . . . K.. I?m . . . Here.?

?Honey. You?re not sick, are you??

?Ah . . . No . . . Not . . . Sick . . . ?

Hank pulled all the way out and shoved himself back inside only this time Faith yelped like a kitten from the extreme pleasure Hank?s cock was giving her. She was breathing heavily into the phone as Hank shoved inside again.

?Honey. I know it?s late so I won?t keep you on the phone long.?

?Oh. God Yes . . . !?


?Ugh . . . Mark . . . Wait . . . yeah . . . That?s it . . .?

Hank watched the expression on her face as he pushed deep inside her belly.

?OK. Honey.?

?Ugh . . . Yeah . . . Mark? ......You . . . There . . . Ah . . . ?

?Yes. Honey. I?m still here!?

Hank was holding onto Faith?s ass tight as he slammed her down hard again on his cock.

?Ugh . . . God . . . Mark . . . I?ll see you . . . in the morning . . . !?

?OK. Honey. Be careful and I?ll see you tomorrow.?

Hank repeated the stroke and slammed her down again. ?Ugh . . . OK . . . Yeah . . . Bye . . . ?

Faith shut the phone off and let it fall onto the cushion as Hank kept pounding her tight pussy. She was gasping and trying to catch her breath as Hank starred into her eyes.

?Did that turn you on? Talking to your husband while I?m inside you? Mm??


?Did it? Did you feel my cock deep inside your pussy when you heard his voice??

?Yes! ...Please . . . Just fuck me!?

Hank kept pounding her pussy until she finally screamed out loud that she was going to cum. Hank held her tight as her body quivered and shook as she screamed out so loud that Hank was afraid someone would hear her.

Hank started to pound her hard again as Faith leaned back to let her hair fly around as Hank screwed her hard. Hank was about to cum. He grunted as Faith quickly lifted herself off his lap and took hold of his thick cock as he began to shoot his hot load into her waiting mouth. He grunted several times as his body jerked.

Faith swished her tongue around until every last drop had been cleaned off. She began kissing his thighs and pushed his legs apart as she lifted his cock and sucked his balls into her mouth. Hank groaned as he lowered himself on the cushion to give her better access.

Hank lifted his legs on the cushion as he watched Faith lick and suck each of his giant balls into her mouth. She started to play around and laughed as she popped them in and out of her mouth making a loud pop each time and looked up at him and laughed.

Faith got off her knees and gave him another kiss. Hank held the back of her head as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Faith climbed back onto his lap and sat across his legs as she put her arm around his neck.

?I wanted to shoot that load inside your pussy this time.?

Faith rubbed his neck. ?Oh...I know darling but I don?t want to get pregnant.?

Hank starred into her eyes. ?Faith? Why don?t you start taking birth control pills??

Faith groaned. ?Oh. Baby. My doctor told me my system wouldn?t do so well on those any more.?

She laughed. ?My doctor did the vasectomy on Mark and would want to know why I needed to those now!? Hank began rubbing her tits as they kissed. ?Have you tried a diaphragm??

Faith kept kissing Hank. ?Darling. We?ll see. Let me make arraignments with another doctor.?

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