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Written by Mark Mirage / Apr 23, 2007



My wife is in her mid thirties and has just returned to work after having time at home with our children who have now started school. She looks after herself, eats properly, runs, swims and goes to the gym, so she is in great shape and has curves in all the right places with gorgeous 34DD breasts.

She had been an office worker, and did some secretarial courses before going back to work, initially as a ?temp? moving from office to office covering short term absences. She has just received a permanent job offer from a company that she worked for last month for a couple of weeks. I am sure I know why they want to hire her, and we could do with the money, but I don?t know whether she should take it or not.

The office has about 30 staff in total, with about 20 being male. The boss and most of the male staff are black guys, although all of the women are white. After she had been there for a week, she was invited to a party being held to celebrate the company?s performance in the previous financial year. They seemed to be a good crowd, so she accepted. One of the other secretaries said to her ?you will have to be careful, they will want you to dance?. She didn?t really know what this meant but some of the other girls asked her ?are you going to dance?? and a couple of the guys told her they were looking forward to seeing her dance. Eventually she asked her boss what was all the fuss about her dancing.

It transpired that there had been a ?tradition? developed over the past 3 years. One of the previous new secretaries had been really drunk at her first office party and had done a bit of a strip tease, so each new secretary since had been asked to do the same! The Boss always hired white secretaries as he said the guys found they were generally more fun.

When she came home and told me, I couldn?t believe it. ?tell them to sod off, or don?t go? was my response, but she said she still wanted to go, it was just a bit of fun and wouldn?t go too far. Apparently the first girl had been really drunk and had done a full strip, but she had since left and the others since had just done a bit of teasing, flashing their underwear etc. Two had stripped down to their undies, and only one had actually flashed her breasts. She seemed keen to go and confident that it would just be ?a laugh? so I couldn?t really object.

On the night, she looked great. She had on a quite formal button up, fitted polka dot blouse and a knee length grey skirt. She looked like a very sweet secretary, but underneath she had on no stockings and her best lacy black underwear. ?Well?, she said ?if they are going to see my undies, I might as well look good in them!?.

I wasn?t allowed to go, but she told me all about it later. She was really excited and obviously had a ball, it seems to have opened up a whole new side to my previously shy wife. The evening started off with cocktails and people chatting etc as per usual. Then there was a bit of a thank you speech from the MD a few other senior managers with champagne toasts. Then the music and dancing started. Initially, it was just like a regular party and Anne thought they had all forgotten about her ?dance?. After a couple more drinks she was having a good time with her new friends.

Then, the office manager stopped the music and took the mike. ?now, ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our traditional ?new girl? dance, in keeping with the previous traditions. I give you Anne? he said and pointed to my wife who immediately became the center of attention.

Nervous as hell, she approached the front of the dance floor and everybody gathered around to see what she would do. She had mentioned that she was a bit of a Marvin Gaye fan, so somebody put on ?Sexual Healing? and she started to dance. She said she felt great, slowly popping the buttons on her blouse, until eventually, she was able to take it off and show off her wonderful breasts in her black bra to massive cheers. Then she turned her back to the audience and started to pull her zip down, allowing her skirt to fall apart so that they could all see the back of her panties. She had planned beforehand to stop at this point, but she was enjoying the clapping and cheering and the song was only about one third through so she thought ?what the hell? and let her skirt drop to the floor before turning around so that everybody could see her in just her sexy underwear. She has only been seen in that state of undress by myself and one old boyfriend before and only ever by one person at a time. She said she felt really excited acting so sexily in front of a crowd, she could tell from the calls that she was turning them on and she was really enjoying it.

Then she says, she couldn?t help herself, she reached behind unclasped her bra strap and allowed the shoulder straps to fall from her shoulders. The office guys were going crazy, so she just let the cups drop, exposing her breasts to a whole bunch of horny strangers. She enjoyed it so much that she decided she might as well finish the job. Still facing forwards, she slid her panties off her behind, then slid them off her hips before letting them fall to the ground. There she was, my shy wife, totally naked in front of about 20 other men all whooping and hollering. The audience were all cheering and clapping, then some of the other girls stepped out of the audience and picked up her clothes for her, bundling her off to the ladies to get dressed. Now she is grateful that there were some other women present as she is not sure what would have happened next if there had been only men there. Afterwards, loads of people complimented her on such a terrific dance and ?being a good sport?.

Her temp placement finished the following Friday. Now she has this offer of a post in the same office, does that mean she is the new girl again if she joins? I really don?t know if she should take it, what do you think?
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