Cross Country Trip

Written by Charlie Drifter / May 1, 2007


CROSS COUNTRY TRIP By Charlie "the drifter"

My wife, Cindy, and I were traveling across county. Headed to her parents for our vacation. We had stopped at a restaurant for something to eat. When we headed out again and were on the on ramp to the freeway, we saw a young man standing beside the road hitchhiking.

I still don't know why we did it, but we stopped and gave him a ride. It was late in the afternoon already. Sso it was quickly dark.

Cindy and I are not heavy drinkers, but we do imbibe once in a while. This was one of those once in a whiles. Cindy took out the bottle of wine we had brought with us and we began to take a few sips, then a few more. I did not drink as much as they did because I was driving.

Cindy soon became tipsy and generally when she does that she also becomes hot and horny. Well this time was no different. The talk soon turned to sex. We talked about all different kinds of sex, swinging, changing wives, threesomes, with both a man and a woman, incest, even with the family pets.

The man talked about some of the women he had fucked and I could see that Cindy was becoming really hot and bothered, sexually excited at our talk.

Not that I planned it, but I had fantasized with her about watching her with another man and fucking her after the other man had fucked her and filled her with his hot sperm. I wanted to fuck her, while I watched her suck his cock.

I could see that her skirt had ridden up, showing her creamy white satin skin of her upper thighs. I could even make out the pink panties that she was wearing.

Her blouse had come unbuttoned a couple of buttons and as she was not wearing a bra, it showed almost all of her tits at times. The way he was looking at her I knew he could see a nipple once in a while.

Damn the thought made my cock hard. I began to fantasize about watching her sucking and fucking this compete stranger.

Well I decided to go through with it if I could. As the car had bench seats, and all three of us were sitting in the front seat, Cindy between us, I put my arm around her and pulled her up tight against me. I gave her a quick passionate kiss, keeping my eyes on the road and at the same time. I slipped my hand inside her blouse and fondled her sensitive nipples and tits.

I could always make her almost cum just from playing with her tits, they were so sexually stimulating to her. This time was no different. As I fondled and played with her tits. she became more and more aggressive. I knew she wanted fucked.

I finished unbuttoning her blouse and exposed both of her tits to this stranger. I could see that he couldn't believe that I was exposing my own wife's tits to him.

Cindy reached down and grabbed my cock, squeezed and played with it just like we were alone. If she had not had anything to drink she would never have done that.

I pulled my arm from around her and put my hand on her bare thigh and began to caress it higher and higher between her legs, caressing her inner thighs. She opened her legs even wider giving me plenty of room to caress and finger fuck her. Her eyes were closed and she was almost consumed with passion.

Seeing this, I pressed my hand against her wet pussy, slipped my finger under her panty leg and began rubbing her wet pussy lips. She gasped when I slipped my finger into her wet tight pussy and began finger fucking her. Her sex aroma soon filled the car.

Glancing over at the man I could, even in the dim light, see him staring and her tits and her wet pussy with my finger sliding in and out of it.

I pulled my hand away, and put my arm back around her shoulders.

I fondled her tits, making sure they were fully exposed. I went so far as to even slip her blouse off of her leaving her naked above the waist. She didn't seem to even realize what I was doing. Or she wanted it too. Either way, my cock was so hard I could hardly stand it.

Looking at the man sitting next to her, I reached over and took his hand and put it on Cindy's bare breasts. "Go ahead," I told him softly. Play with her tits. Go ahead and do it, I want to watch her with another man.

I could see the man was shocked. Cindy, didn't say anything, she just smiled at me and squeezed my cock hard. I knew from this that she was so sexually stimulated that we could do anything we wanted to with her and she would love. it.

God, I almost came when for the first time I saw another man cup her bare breast in his hand and fondle her small firm breast.

I watched him suddenly lean over and suck her tit into his mouth. Cindy gasped with the pleasure of having those sensitive tits played with and her nipples licked and sucked. When she did not resist and let the man fondle, lick and suck her tits, knew that she would now go through with it. She was to far gone sexually to stop now.

But I didn't want to do it in the car. I wanted a bed and room where I could strip her and watch her suck the other man's cock and watch her straddle him and plunge his cock up inside her pussy, then fuck herself on it until he cum in her filling her with his hot sperm.

Well, just as luck would have it, I spotted an turn off that advertised a nice motel. I pulled off and quickly rented a room for the night. I pull up in front of the room and we went inside.

I did not hesitate, I did not want to take a chance on her suddenly changing her mind. We didn't even turn the light on. There was a dim light on and it was great. Romantic light, but enough that I would be able to see his cock in her mouth and in her cunt fucking her.

I quickly stripped her and lay her on the bed. I gave him the go ahead to strip also. We both stripped and I could see that his cock was about the same size as mine.

I told him to go ahead as I wanted to watch first. I explained to him very quickly that I wanted to watch her suck and fuck another man, then fuck her with his sperm inside her.

He gave me a strange look, then lay down on the bed beside her. I watched as they kissed and hugged and fondled each other.

We had not even ask his name and had not given him ours. I wanted to keep him a complete stranger. I watched as he fondled and squeezed my wife's firm tits and nipples. At the same time I watched her grasp his hard cock and slowly work her hand up and down on it, while she run one finger all over the head of his cock coating it wit his own precum.

After just a couple of minutes of petting and playing, my wife looked at me and moved down to his waist. She looked like she was examining his hard cock, then leaned down and staring at me, she licked her tongue around and around his cock. Then without hesitation, opened her mouth and slipped it down over the head of his cock.

I was mesmerized at the sight of my own wife wrapping her lips around a complete strangers cock shaft. I watched her slowly slip her mouth up and down on the head his cock. I watched his cock going deeper and deeper into her mouth. I knew she would be taking his entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. I wanted to see that.

Well she did and it was beautiful. I actually loved seeing my wife with another man's cock buried in her mouth and throat. I wish I had a camera so that I could have taken pictures of her.

She did not suck his cock very long. She pulled her mouth off of it, the straddled him. I watched as my very own wife, rubbed another man's cock up and down her cunt lips slipping it between them. I watched her tickle her sensitive clitoris with his cock. She gasp as she rubbed his cock head over her sensitive clit back and forth. She guided his cock down her slit, sliding it between her pussy lips to her tight hole.

I will never forget the look on my wife's face as she watched me, the look on my face, as she slowly, oh ever so slowly down on the strangers cock forcing it up inside her cunt. I knew that my wife had never had any man's cock in her pussy other than mine, up until now. It was almost like watching my wife lose her virginity to another man.

I saw her bite her lip as she settled her hot tight pussy down on that strangers cock. She was biting her lip with a look on her face that said a couple of things? That she couldn't believe that she was fucking herself on another man?s cock, a complete strangers. That she was loving every minute of fucking someone else and that she loved the feeling and it was exciting to her, especially with me watching her.

I could see that it excited her having me, her husband see her with another man's cock in her mouth and in her cunt.

I watched her bounce her self up and down on his cock. She fucked her self up and down hard and fast, then slowly and tenderly, the around and around. Boy did she give that stranger a ride he will never forget.

Before my wife came on that strangers cock, she had actually caused him to cum twice in her hot, tight talented cunt.

After he was completely fucked out and wilted, I lay my just fucked wife down on the bed beside the man that had just fucked her. I spread her legs wide so I could see her fully exposed, just fucked cum filled pussy.

Her cunt lips were coated with this man's sperm. His abundant load of sperm was slowly trickling from her gapping cunt entrance. When she saw me looking at her pussy, my wife smile at me and softly ask, Do you like it, do you like what you watched and what you see now?

I leaned down and kissed her, telling her I loved her more than ever and that yes I loved watching her sucking and fucking another man. That I loved seeing her pussy, gaping and leaking another man's sperm. When I plunged my cock into her.

I smiled at her as my own cock slowly drove into her already fucked cunt. Oh god it was exciting. I always loved fucking my wife anyway, but the feeling I got as my cock slipped into her sperm filled cunt that night was something I will never forget and I hoped to do again sometime. I knew that the way she sucked his cock and then fucked him that we would be doing this again sometime.

I actually hoped it would be with someone we knew or even a relative, mine or hers, so that whenever we would see them, both she and I knew.

I knew that in the future I would be trying to get her to not only let me watch her suck and fuck another man, but suck and fuck a friend or relative. I would even love to watch her suck and fuck her own brother, I thought.

I fucked her just fucked, sperm filled cunt, slow and easy and then fast hard and furious. As we fucked, we hugged and kissed and caressed tongues. I squeezed and pinched her nipples all at the same time. Damn I couldn't get over how her pussy felt on my cock, her wet sperm lubricated tunnel and entrance. Lubricated with the other man?s two abundant loads of hot fertile sperm.

No Cindy was not using any protection. We had not brought any with us because we had not planned on having her fuck another man or men, what ever the case may be. In fact she had always told me "No" when I would tell her how much I wanted to watch her suck and fuck another man.

While I fucked her sperm filled pussy, I was hoping that she would now in the future, let me watch another man fuck her. Maybe even two or three men, at least once in a while.

We climaxed together, at the same time. It was great as she came, her body and cunt muscles spasmed around my plunging cock, milking my own hot sperm out of me. To mix with that of the stranger that was lying beside us. Who was watching a husband fuck his wife after he had fucked her and filled her with his sperm twice.

I knew he thought us strange, but I also knew that it would be a long time and a lot of fucks before he would ever forget the blow job and fucking my wife gave him that night.

The next morning Cindy and I slipped out of the motel room while the stranger was still asleep. We had awakened early and not only wanted to get away from the stranger but to get on the road so that we could get to her parents as soon as possible.

I know both of us were wondering if there would be other hitch hikers that would need the ride of their life as we traveled the rest of the way.

Driving down the freeway, Cindy cuddled up against me, her hand caressing my cock through my pants. I had my arm around her fondling her bare breasts as her blouse was now unbuttoned and exposed to the other drivers that happened to look in our direction. I could tell already that her attitude toward letting me have some of my fantasies had now changed. We talked about what happened and she described in detail how she felt when she sucked the other man's cock and lowered herself on it, letting me watch it slowly slide up into her cunt tunnel. She described to me how it felt to her as he cum in her filling her pussy with his sperm.

She now admitted that she had enjoyed it and had also admitted that she would enjoy doing it again with me so I could watch her.

We drove on toward our destination, both of us hoping that we would see another hitchhiker, even if the stop over for a night at a motel would delay us a few hours. We both figured it would be well worth the delay.

Oh, at the next place we stopped to eat, I also purchased several of the disposable cameras so I could record our eventful cross country drive to her parents.

Cindy was excitedly agreeable with my wanting photo's of our trip.

It did take a couple of extra nights to get to her parents and about five disposable cameras. but it was well worth the delay and the expense.

Charlie "the drifter"
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