Something So Nasty And Hot

Written by Arieboy / May 15, 2007



After Dee and I got divorced I was hooked, hopelessly addicted to creampies, watching her fuck and waiting for her to cum home with interesting hot stories about her evenings out with other men. Naturally, being an addict means just that, I was addicted and had to find another woman to fulfill my needs and fantasies, and perhaps the only way I could really get off now.

I went through a few girlfriends but they were hopeless, some would be reviled at my suggestions that they get some strange cock, and especially black cock that it caused immediate break-ups. Others would talk about it while having sex, but would never do it once the heat was gone and they had gotten their so nice for strange cock pussies off.

Then I met Lil, she was 33 years old 5' 8? 123 and had nice round tits whose nipples stood out like tiny cocks, She was blond, truly blond above and below. When we fucked her cunt lubricated like a running sieve. Christ her turn on?s were a bed flooding experience. I knew after about two weeks with Lil that she was a prime candidate for fucking other men, but was not sure if she would be into black or brown cocks. Lil was the kind of woman you just wanted to get so fucking nasty with that it was boundless for the mind to really get a grip upon. And I am very nasty and was soon to find out that Lil was no piker when it came to being nasty as well.

One evening Lil and I went to an adult bookstore where for $10.00 you could go into an area where all the movies were shown in small rooms with a makeshift cot on the wall which was padded and big enough to lay on comfortably and fuck or view movies. The thing in this bookstore was that if you wanted company you would leave the door open and go to the toilet and leave your woman in there for a few minutes. If when you came back (And sometimes you'd have to do this a few times to catch a stranger or two) then when you returned, lock the door and go at it with whomever had entered the room.

I went to the toilet a few times and on the third trip Lil had caught a fat mangy looking Mexican fellow and a somewhat tubby black man. Neither were Adonis for sure, but they both had fairly good sized 7-8 inch cocks and were very nasty men. When I entered the room I locked the door and one of the men began sniffing ?Rush? with one hand and playing with Lil's erect nipples with the other. At the same time the black man was reaching beneath Lil's loosely fitting dress which had no undergarments beneath it. The first man, the Mexican began sucking Lil's titty nipples like the little cocks they were as the black man was rubbing his full hand over Lil's whole crack, ass and soaking cunt both. Fuck my cock was so hard it hurt as I watched this and wondered how nasty these two guys would get with her.

I let the show go on for quite a while, as the black man dropped to his knees and began sucking Lil's juices which were now flowing from her pussy down her legs. The Mexican had her dress hiked up and was rubbing his cock on her stomach as Lil was giving him a little help stroking the top of it as he rubbed it in her cunt hair and up to her bellybutton. Finally the Mexican guy moved Lil to the padded porn bed and forced her down on her ass upon it, whereupon he grabbed the back of her head and literally forced her mouth on his cock. The black man behind her was reaching around and massaging her tits as she sucked the other guy all the way down her throat.

I all of a sudden had a great idea, which was, both of the men in her pussy at the same time. I told the guys what I wanted and explained that Lil would have to lay on her back on top of one of them as the other mounted from the front and both worked their cocks into her pussy. The men were more than happy to cooperate with this hot scenario and soon Lil had both of the cocks into her sloppy wet and mushy noisy pussy, she took both cocks so easily. As the men fucked her simultaneously I maneuvered around and managed to get my cock into Lil's mouth using an odd and uncomfortable position but who cared? I told the men to hold their cum as long as possible as I wanted them to cum at the same time, both shooting their loads into Lil's pussy at the same time. The men acknowledged my request and just kept fucking her as they struggled to grope her tits as they did.

What the hell, I thought why not share this beautiful sight with any other men in the porn store theater, so I unlocked the door and left it ajar as the action continued. It wasn't a minute and I had three other men in the room, all of them very unsavory looking, overweight and with cocks out stroking them. Lil was paying no attention to her audience as she was enjoying the double cock fuck she was getting. Knowing I had other men to fuck her one an older black man of about 50 with a 10? cock but a big tummy and two white guys, I decided to orchestrate the two fucking her to cum and hopefully at the same time. As luck would have it, both of the guys did shoot their loads at approximately the same time into Lil's totally saturated cunt. It was so hot, and Lil was in a trance of hot sexual ecstasy, as I said to her, ?Baby, you are getting two different loads at once in that hot wet pussy.? Lil grabbed the man on top her ass and pulled him harder down upon her as he shot his load and she was cumming too; in quarts, I think. When the men stood up and Lil lay on the bed mat, I told her to clean her strange lovers cocks off and they both as in her twat, both stuck their cocks in her mouth as she grabbed the shafts and balls and cleaned the cocks off as I fingered her nasty, filled with sperm pussy, it was so wet it is hard to explain, her ass crack was totally saturated as it was leaking onto the mat.

The two freshly fucked men backed off and Lil spotted the others standing there stroking their cocks, and said, ?Ohhh, I want that black one in my mouth right now, come here daddy.? The older well hung black man approached and Lil reached out sitting up and grabbed his ass and pulled the big black dick into her mouth and began sucking wildly. The other two new strangers, both came over and began groping her and one got on each erect nipple as they each had a firm tit in their hands. Now the room had all of us again locked in, me, Lil, and five strange men. One of the men sucking her tit asked if she did golden showers and asked her to piss in his mouth. At first Lil was a little reluctant but soon the man lay on the floor as we all watched. She squatted down and he lapped up all the juice from her cunt, as Lil tried to piss into his awaiting mouth and on his face. It took her a while but eventually as we all watched Lil let loose with a stream of piss into the man's mouth, and he was swallowing it as fast as it streamed into his mouth, at the same time he was jacking off. When Lil had completed pissing, he got up, thanked us, and left. I locked the door after him, but not before another black guy came into the room. This guy was young and studly with quite the large fat cock, again the room still had five strangers, two of which had already fucked Lil's pussy.

The black guy Lil was sucking when the guy wanted the golden shower refreshment, again stuck his cock back into her mouth and the one of the other men was jockeying to get a mouth full of Lil's wet dripping cunt. The guy being sucked declared that he was going to cum, Lil removed his cock from her mouth and grabbed it and jacked his load off on her face and into her mouth, swallowing his load, which was very large as it dripped down her chin unto her tits.

Then Lil saw the young black stud and said, again, ?Ohhh wee, I want that big black cock in my cunt right now, get over here and fuck me stud man!? The two previously fucked men seemed to watch in awe as the one unfucked guy wanted to jack off on Lil's face. I guess he was just too hot to hold his load.

As the big young stud had Lil's legs back over her shoulders, the 'yet to cum' man got on his knees and stuck his cock into Lil's mouth and soon retracted it and jacked off a big creamy load all over her face. The black stud was pumping her pussy like a machine as she screamed wildly and kept trying to raise her ass to meet his thrusts. Soon, he got all tightened up and I could see that he was ejaculating his load into Lil's cunt. Holy shit, it seemed as though he came for 40 seconds and then took out his cock and moved over Lil and milked the remainder of his cum into her waiting mouth.

Everybody had gotten a nut except me, and I asked all the guys to leave as it was finally my turn. I had Lil stand before me and told her to spread her legs wide and see if any of the sperm would just drip from her cunt, it did, small drops were hitting the floor as the rest was running down her legs. I placed my hand over her hole and just felt the wet warmth of the cum dripping from her cunt. Then I laid her on the matted bed and plunged my cock into her very open wide pussy where no friction existed but it felt so good, so hot, warm wet pink velvet pussy, freshly fucked with lots of strange semen inside. I fucked Lil four times and each time got off a great nut and many good loads. I ask Lil if she had enjoyed it and if she had came a lot. She told me she had never had so many orgasms in one night in her life. Yes, Lil was nasty and hot just my kind of girl.
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